ask hyena the huntress

((Just a quick PSA...))

((I’ve unfollowed a few people on this account. Please don’t take it personally, though! It’s not because I (or Hyena) don’t like you or anything, it’s simply because I wish to keep the amount of people’s personal stuff on Hy’s dashboard down, otherwise it makes it a little hard to get through. I’d like to keep her dashboard for the most part short and mostly L4D-related. Hope that makes sense! I swear we both still love you all! <333))

((Dropping off the radar for a couple of days...))

((Hey guys, I’m heading off to my first con with some friends later today until Sunday, so there likely won’t be any question responses until then, lol.

I’ll be cosplaying Hyena there, and n4nuk4 will be there cosplaying her Cobalt! <333 If I can get some pictures I’ll try and see if I can show some of ‘em later, haha. See you soon!))

((Sorry, sorry...))

((I apologize for the lack of any real updates here, guys. Right after I answered that last question a couple of days ago, my tablet finally died on me (I was expecting it to happen soon, I guess, it’s been having problems for a couple of months now but still, WEH). People who follow my main blog might’ve seen me mention it, but y'know…

With any luck, I should have a new one by Friday, but I felt like I should give some sort of explanation ‘cause I feel REALLY BAD when I can’t update here, for some reason…? (Especially after I was just gone for a few days too jkfhsfk) I DUNNO MAN I JUST DO WAAAAH I’M SORRY THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE PLEASE BEAR WITH ME. </3))