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Attempting to clean up the kitchen at the bakery you've been working at for only a few months. But you can't stop staring at Baker!Bucky's strong arms as he's working on late night treats. Your work skirt rides up as you shift around a lot, wiping down counters and washing dishes. He looks over at you and sees how enticing you are and finally just says fuck it before making his way over to you, pressing his front right up to your back. (1/?)

Baker!Bucky asks you in a husky voice, “do you know how much I want a taste of your sugar, babydoll?” To which you whimper and shake your head. His metal hand caresses your thighs as his flesh hand squeezes your breasts. “How much I want you to taste my sugar?” You moan like a woman deprived and he starts kissing all over your neck, biting too, playing with your body. Your skirt rides up and he yanks your panties down, sits you on the counter so he can eat you out. (2/?)

Your hands are in Baker!Bucky’s hair, gripping and combing through it, his eager tongue lapping you up, his metal fingers exploring your cunt, his flesh fingers gripping your ass and getting it red. When you cum hard for him, he laps it up and immediately pushes down his slacks and boxers, bending you over the counter and just pounding into you mercilessly. He plays with powdered sugar on your body, freeing your breasts so he can cover them in frosting. (3/?)

You two are just making a mess in that kitchen and neither of you fucking care. Doing every possible position, using the ingredients for all the wrong things. It’s amazing. And when you two have had enough orgasms, you’re cleaning the kitchen for real, lightly caressing each other and sharing shy smiles cause you’ve just been crushing since you first started working together. Yeah it’s backwards but who cares. (4/4)

oh my god yes - Gen

Sinful Sunday™

(Request) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @babyblues915

Could you write a one shot of Negan and Rick’s daughter playing pool and then Rick shows up wondering what the hell is going on? 😂 I love the negan x Rick’s daughter dynamic

Warnings: NSFW, swearing as usual lol


Note: Such a fun story to write! Keep ‘em requests coming! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, especially you babyblues915! xoxo

You were in Judith’s room playing with her when you heard the sound of Alexandria’s main gate being pulled open. Frowning, you went over to the window to check out what was going on. As expected, the Saviors had paid your community another surprise visit on the day that your father, Rick, and the rest were out.

When you headed downstairs with Judith, you saw Carl about to leave the house and immediately called for him.

“Stay in the house, Carl. I’ll deal with them.” You told him as you carefully handed him your youngest sister.

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Drive Safely (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/N. JEFF DESERVES BETTER! And because of this, and because I am trash, I rewrote the ending of episode 9 - Clay doesn’t leave, Hannah and Sheri don’t knock over the stop sign, and everyone is safe. I hope you guys like it, and I am more than willing to take requests. Feel free to message me guys. Let’s cry together.


Alright, enjoy!

The music was blasting, the beer was flowing, and Jessica and Justin were on the verge of procreating on the couch. (Y/n) rolled her eyes at the two sophomores and squeezed through the crowd, balancing the two drinks in her hands as she weaved around the drunk teenagers. She finally made it outside, sucking in a breath of the cooling autumn air and sighing. She was pretty sure Monty had brushed up against her ass. Horny asshole.

She looked around the far less populated, but still crowded, front yard, picking out her boyfriend from the way his poofy hair stood out above everyone else. He was talking to Clay, and as she approached she saw him roll his eyes violently, his whole body swaying with the force of it.

Damn Jensen, she thought with a laugh, you’re gonna break my boyfriend of you and Hannah don’t bang soon.

“Baby, your eyes are gonna get stuck like that.”

Jeff turned, his face changing as he looked at her. He lit up, grinned, and looked her up and down. “Hey babe! Listen, tell Clay he’s being stupid alright?”

She sighed, holding out his drink. “Coke for you, and Clay, you’re being an idiot.”

“I’m leaving.” Clay threw up his hands, exasperated.

“Woah,” (Y/n) lunged forward, catching his arm. Something was obviously wrong, he always played along with her and Jeff, and he was nervous, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. “What’s up Clay? You alright?”

“I’m fine.” He shrugged out of her grip. “I just wanna go home alright?”

“Hannah kicked him out of the bedroom.” Jeff said, crossing his arms. “And now Clay’s being a baby and won’t go talk to her about it. Go talk to her Clay.

“Leave him alone,” She elbowed his side. “If Clay is too afraid to–”

“I’m not afraid!” Clay snapped. He looked between the two of them, mouth moving soundlessly, and he growled, spinning on his heel and charging towards the house. “I know what you two assholes are doing!” He shouted over his shoulder, shoving Zach out of the way as he reentered the house, flashing you both the middle finger.

“Wow.” (Y/n) laughed softly, looking up at Jeff and cradling her Palm Bay in both hands. “He is so whipped.”

“Yup.” Jeff wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against his side. “How’re you doing?”

She tilted her face up, kissing him softly. He smiled against her mouth, teeth catching her bottom lip playfully, and she shivered. But there were too many jocks around to really get into it right now. Damn the jocks. She broke away, taking a sip of her drink to keep from kissing him again. “I’m good. You? Jessica managed to remove her tongue from inside Justin’s mouth long enough to tell me they need more beer, and Sheri’s moving the car so you can get out.”

He nodded, attention a little too focused on her mouth and not enough on what she was saying. She nudged his side and he sighed, grinning sheepishly. “Sorry. Yeah I’m good. There’s no vodka in this right?” He wiggled the red cup.

She shook her head. “You have practice tomorrow, I figured you wouldn’t want to drink anymore.”

He kissed her temple, pulling her harder against his side until she was drowning in the smell of him. She wrapped her arms around his waist. “Thanks baby.”

“Love you.” She mumbled into his chest. Booze made her sentimental.

“Love you too.” He smiled down at her. “You wanna come?”

She nodded. He slid his hand down her back, giving her ass a quick pat. She smacked his hand, laughing, and he grinned down at her, pulling her towards the car. They settled in, and his hand found her knee, tapping a beat against the side of her leg as he turned on the car and the radio started blasting. He started singing along to some country song that made her roll her eyes, but when he looked at her dramatically, wiggling his eyebrows at her, she was forced to sing along.

“OH AND I’M HIGH ON LOVING YOU, HIGH ON LOVING YOU!” He pointed to her, bobbing his head.

“I’m leaving you.”

“I love you too.” He winked at her as he pulled into the beer store parking lot. “Wait here while I run in?” He asked, getting out of the car.

“No I’ll come.” She reached for her door handle, but Jeff pointed the control at the car and clicked the lock button. The door handle jerked in her hand, but the door stayed closed. “Seriously?” She undid the lock, and he pressed the button again, winking at her. He grabbed the passenger side handle, pressed the button again, and opened the door for her.

“M’lady.” He smiled with a mock-bow.

She rolled her eyes. “You are so lame.”

He leaned forward, pecking her lips. “I love you.”

She sighed, taking his hand as he led her towards the store. “I love you too you big dork.”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders again, and her arms slid around his waist as they browsed the store, grabbing a couple six packs and some more coolers. He also grabbed a bag of chips, some candy, and a smoothie that he knew she liked. She kissed him again for that, pressing his back against the freezer. His hands found her ass, her fingers tangled in his hair and played with his earring, and they didn’t stop until he mumbled something about getting frostbite in a place that would stop this from going much further into the sensitive skin of her neck. She laughed, pushing him away and squeezing her legs a little closer together as they walked over to the cash register. He pinched her ass while they waited in line, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her back flush against his chest. As punishment, she rolled her hips backwards, grinding them against his front subtly, making him groan. Served him right, trying to tease her. Little asshole.

He payed fast, practically throwing money at the cashier, grabbed (y/n) around the knees, throwing her over his shoulder. She shrieked, laughing and kicking and smacking his back.

“Put me down you idiot!” She laughed. “What the hell Jeff?” She bumped his stomach with her knee, causing him to grunt.


“Whoops.” She said sarcastically. “Put me down.”

Don’t move so much babe, I’m gonna drop the beer.” He nudged her hip with his chin, shifting the heavy box between his hands.

“Maybe if you put me down I could help carry stuff.” She rolled her eyes at his antics, but she was blushing and enjoying her lovely view of his ass.

“Just enjoy the view babe.” He teased, approaching the car. “Shit you’re heavy.”

She rolled her eyes. “Thanks honey, I love you too.”

He put the beer on top of the car and put her down, barely giving her a second to adjust to the change in gravity before he had her back pressed against the car door, fingers tunneling into her hair as he kissed her. She laughed against his mouth, running her hands over his chest, and then pushed him away gently.

“Baby,” he groaned, bumping his hips gently against hers.

“We can’t,” she shook her head, breathless. “Gotta take the beer back, then check on Clay and Hannah, drive them home, and then we can go home and–” She ran her tongue over her bottom lip, mind wandering to why exactly they could do when they got home.

His eyes widened when he saw where her mind was going. “Really?” He asked, voice husky.

She nodded. “But we’ve gotta go fast, before I change my mind.”

“Fuck yes.” He lunged forward, gave her one more rough kiss, and then all but forced her into the car. He grinned as he got into the driver’s seat, right hand settling on her thigh. “I’m gonna get you home so fast your head will spin.” He promised, fingers tapping a beat against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. “But after, we’re doing this shit slow.”

She laughed as he jerked the car into gear, peeling out of the parking lot. The tires actually squeaked, and she heard the beer sliding in the back seat.

“Slow down Jeff!” She laughed, grabbing the door handle for support as he took a sharp turn. “You know we have to be alive to–”

Something hit the floor, glass clinking, and she swore, twisting in her seat. Jeff slowed down considerably, both because they were approaching a busier street and because she was undoing her seatbelt.

“What are you doing?”

“The beer’s gonna fall.” She shrugged.

“Don’t worry about it, put your seatbelt on.” He looked down at her as she twisted in the seat, climbing over the plastic space between the two seats to reach the back. “Seriously babe. It’s not safe for you to be doing that. Crap.” He twisted the wheel violently to make the turn onto a backroad as they drew closer to Jessica’s house.

“Shit!” she swore. “Jeff keep your eyes on the road.”

“Maybe if you stayed in your seat you wouldn’t be bumping around back there.” He shot a look at her, getting an eyeful of her jean-clad ass. “Why am I complaining again?” He turned his attention back to the road.

“It’s fine.” She groaned, twisting back into her seat, the box of drinks in her hands. “See? I got it.” She smiled at him.

“So flexible.” He winked at her, slowing down at the intersection. “Come on baby put your seatbelt on.”

“Alright alright,” she nodded, balancing the box of beer onto the dashboard and twisting to put on her seatbelt. “You’re such a mom Jeff you know that?”

“Come on you love it.” He looked at her in the mirror as he sped up again. “But I mean, I prefer being called–”

Everything happened really fast. One second he was making an innuendo, the next another car sped through the intersection, slamming into the back of the car. They fishtailed, cars sliding on the wet asphalt, and (y/n) screamed. Jeff spun the wheel, slamming on the brakes, as the car slid towards the concrete barrier. They both jerked forward, (y/n) slamming into Jeff’s outstretched arm. The beer slid off the dashboard and slammed into (y/n)’s legs. The car slid to a stop, and they both sat there, panting.

Jeff swallowed, looking over at (y/n) who was staring at him with wide eyes. She didn’t seem aware of the sticky beer splashed across her chest, stomach and lap, or the metal can balancing on her knee. Her knuckles were white, wrapped around the armrest of the door, and all the blood had rushed from her face. He lowered his arm, resting his hand on her knee. He tightened his grip on her thigh until his hand stopped shaking.

“A-are you,” Jeff swallowed, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, still looking at him with wide eyes.

“You sure?” He looked down at the beer in her lap. “Babe you’re covered in beer.”

She nodded again. “Baby, did you–” she ran a shaky hand through her hair, “did you just soccer mom me?”

“What?” He laughed, a sharp, nervous bark, but it was enough. They both started breathing again. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the headrest, and he started running his thumb over her thigh, his other hand releasing a death grip he didn’t realize he had on the doorknob. “Holy fuck. Are you okay?”

She blinked, running her hand through her hand again. “I um, no. My legs really fucking hurt.”

“Seriously?” Jeff put the car in park and took off his seatbelt, turning in his seat. “Shit what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I just– oh my god!” She pointed at the window and Jeff jumped, twisting in his seat. His heart skipped a beat when he saw an old man tap on the glass of his window. He swallowed, turning to look at (y/n), who shrugged, eyes like saucers. He turned back to the window, keeping his hand on her leg.

“Um, hi?” He rolled down the window.

“Are you alright?” The old man asked, looking onto the car with a face full of concern. “I’m so sorry! I was on the phone, I wasn’t looking, I- I’m so sorry. Are you two okay?” He leaned forward to get a closer look at (y/n), making Jeff’s grip tighten on her thigh. “Are you okay honey?”

(Y/n) nodded shakily. “Are- are you okay sir?”

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me sweetheart. Are you sure you two are alright?” The old man was practically shaking as he looked between the two of them, wringing phone between his hands in guilt. He reminded Jeff of his own granddad. “We should call 911.”

Jeff shook his head. His seventeen year old girlfriend was probably still a little buzzed, and he wasn’t sure what his blood alcohol content was. He knew he was okay to drive, and that he hadn’t done anything wrong, but he didn’t want to risk it. “We’re okay. Don’t worry about it.”

“No, listen I- I dented the back of your car. I should pay for the damage.” The man reached for his wallet. “I can–”

“That’s okay.” Jeff interrupted, but the man wouldn’t be stopped.

“Give me your home number at least. I’ll get in touch with your parents, we’ll figure this out.”

The man wouldn’t take no for an answer, and Jeff eventually gave in. The two swapped contact information, and Jeff called his parents, explaining what had happened and letting the man talk to them. Jeff turned his attention back to his girlfriend, who was sitting quietly in the passenger seat.

“Are you okay?” He asked, half inside the car, leaning over the driver’s seat to look at her. “You’ve got glass and crap on you.”

“I’m fine.” She nodded.

He couldn’t tear his eyes off the glass littering her lap, the drying beer and streaks of blood from where the glass had cut her up. “Baby–”

“I promise I’m okay.” She nodded again. “My eyes are up here Jeff.” He chuckled softly, more to humour her than anything else, and tore his eyes up to meet hers. They were wide and shiny with nervous tears, and he reached out and took her hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“I love you.” He said quietly, trying to put as much meaning as he could into the three words they had been tossing around casually all night. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She gave him a watery smile, squeezing his hand. “I’m okay. I promise.”

Four hours later, after the cops and ETM had cleared them to go home, and (y/n)’s parents had taken her home to pick up some stuff, she was in his room, lying on his bed. Their parents had allowed them to have a sleepover, the first one they knew about, after what had happened. It wasn’t even a dangerous accident, but everyone was freaked out. (Y/n)’s parents approved of him, and while her dad was obviously not thrilled by the sleepover, all four parents had agreed that the two of them needed this. And while Jeff wanted to convince everyone that he was fine and that nothing was wrong, he wasn’t going to argue with a parent-approved night spent with his girlfriend.

At first (y/n) had stood hesitantly in his doorway, her hands playing nervously with the strap of her duffel bag. “I um, I know we had… other plans for tonight, but,” she sighed.

“Hey,” He laughed softly, getting off the bed and walking over to her, pulling her into a hug with his right arm. His left shoulder was sore from the jerk of his seat belt. “You’re on a crapton of pain killers because of your legs, and I’ve got a sore shoulder, plus, you know, we almost died earlier, so get in my bed and cuddle with me.”

She smiled. “You’re not upset we’re not gonna do anything else?”

“My parents are in the other room with their ears to the door probably, so we weren’t gonna get much done anyway.” He shrugged. When she rolled his eyes and smacked his chest he pulled her tighter against his side and kissed the top of her head. “It’s fine baby. I just wanna hold you.”

“You’re perfect.” She mumbled, looking up at him and smiling. “I love you Jeff.”

He leaned forward and kissed her gently, sliding both arms around her waist and pulling her tight against him, ignoring the twinge of pain through his shoulder. Her hands slid up his stomach, grabbing fistfuls of the loose t-shirt he was wearing and tugging his closer. He felt her shiver against him and pulled away, looking down in concern. Her bottom lip quivered and his eyebrows drew together. “What’s wrong beautiful?”

“I–” Her voice cracked, and tears spilled out of her eyes. She hid her forehead in his chest. “I’m sorry,” she mumbled, “I just, I–” her breath hitched. “I just can’t shake this feeling that something really bad just happened.”

“Why?” He asked, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and holding her close. “Baby we’re fine. Everything’s okay.”

“I know but– but–” she shuddered, a sob slipping free as she slid her arms around his waist.

Jeff walked backwards, pulling her with him until they reached the bed. He sat down, tugging her into his lap, and wrapped his arms around her waist. She buried her face in the space where his neck met his shoulder and cried.

“We’re okay,” he said quietly, running his fingers up and down her spine. “We’re both fine. My shoulder’s gonna be sore for a couple weeks, and you’re gonna be kinda bruised, and probably not be able to wear shorts for a while, which now that I think about it is actually pretty terrible I take back everything I just said this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to us.”

She laughed, sniffling, and wiped her eyes. “Shut up dummy.”

He leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers. “See? We’re okay.”

She nodded, wiping her eyes. “Yeah. I’m sorry, I just, I can’t imagine losing you.”

“Well you’re not going to, so problem solved.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “I’m not going anywhere okay baby? And I promise I’m gonna drive safer, and I’m never gonna scare you like this any more okay?”

“It wasn’t your fault.” She shook her head, wiggling out of his lap and lying down. She grabbed his snuggle-pillow and wrapped her arms around it. “It was just scary you know? I thought we were gonna hit the concrete, and I could just see it, I could see smoke, and, and blood, and you weren’t moving, and–” her eyes welled up with tears again.

Jeff lay down on his side, propping himself up on his arm. “Come here.”

She moved forward so he could wrap his arm around her waist. “I’m sorry,” she shrugged, sniffling again, “I’m okay, I’ll be fine. I just want you to hold me.”

“Well that I can do.” Jeff smiled softly, laying down on his back. “Oh wait, hang on a second.” She moved back, giving him room to sit up. He tugged his shirt over his head and tossed it across the room, then winked at her. She snorted and he wiggled his eyebrows. “How much does this make you feel better?” He asked, flexing his chest and arms.

She laughed softly. “Much better. Thank you baby.”

He lay back down, kissing the tip of her nose, and patted his chest. “Come here to me honey.” He dropped his voice and wiggled his eyebrows again. (Y/n) giggled and rested her head on top of his chest, sliding her hands around his waist and hooking one leg over both of his. He wrapped his arms around her back, one hand reaching up to play with the ends of her hair while the other rubbed soothing circles against her hip. He kissed the top of her head.

“I love you Jeff Atkins.” (Y/n) mumbled sleepily.

He hummed, his chest rumbling. “I love you too beautiful. So much. And I promise I’m not going anywhere.”

Number 23

Summary: Your good friends - Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook - find your bucket list and help you fulfill the 23rd item.

Genre: PWP; Filthy, disgusting smut; (Warning: Anal; Double penetration)

Music: Heyahe by ONE (this man is a visual freak-frack-freaking it)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader, Jungkook x Reader, Taehyung x Reader (basically it’s a foursome guise)

Words: ~7,710

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

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Movie Night

A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Word Count: 2246 (I got a little carried away!)

Warnings: NSFW! 18+. Swearing, smut, fingering, unprotected sex (wrap it up!)

Request: Anon: “Hello there! First I just wanted to tell you that your writing was amazing for the 100 kinks for Bucky! I loved your stories so much and wanted to ask if you were taking requests at all? If you are, can you please write a one shot about Bucky lusting after the reader? Maybe shes an assistant at the compound or something like that. If not, it’s all good, but I think you should write because your amazing at it! Smut if you want!”

A/N: Here your go nonnie! Sorry this took so long and I hope you like it!

You were wearing it again. That damn black pencil skirt that formed perfectly to every curve. The black heels you had on made your legs look fucking fantastic. Bucky knew he should stop staring, but you always caught his attention when you both shared a room together. He watched as you smiled easily at everyone, how you flipped your hair over your shoulder when you would talk and fiddled with the buttons on your shirt when you were lost in thought. He nearly bit back a groan as you bent over the table to pass out the file folders you were holding. The glimpse of white lace underneath your white button down about ended him.

“Buck, you’re being obvious,” Steve said while punching Bucky’s shoulder and sitting down next to him. Bucky looked up to also see Sam shooting him a knowing smile from across the table.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about,” he said while trying to focus on anything other than the way that skirt hugged your ass. When you walked behind his chair, he caught a whiff of your perfume and it instantly made his dick hard. Bucky adjusted himself in his jeans and grabbed the file folder in front of him in hopes of getting his brain on the task at hand instead of what you would look like naked underneath him.

You were walking down the hallway back to your office after the meeting was over. You needed to get inside your personal space. The way Bucky looked at you earlier had left your skin tingling. That man was going to be the death of you. You felt like your brain fizzled out whenever you were near him. His quiet demeanor made it impossible to read him but his stare said enough. You couldn’t decide if you wanted to strangle him or kiss him. Oh, who were you kidding, you wanted to feel those lips on your body.

Right after that thought took root in your head, you turned a corner and slammed right into a solid chest, causing you to drop your papers and folders. You looked up after regaining your balance and were mortified to see Bucky staring down at you, his brow creased. You felt your cheeks grow hot before kneeling to pick up your papers.

“I’m so sorry Mr. Barnes. I wasn’t paying attention,” you said to his feet. You were too embarrassed to look at his face after the thoughts you were having about him. A pair of hands appeared in your line of sight. You were startled by his metal one, he normally had a black glove covering it. He was organizing the folders when you chanced a glance up at him. His hair was falling in his face and the black t-shirt he had on was stretched across his broad shoulders.

“Bucky. Please call me Bucky.” He said while straitening back up. You clutched the files to your chest and stood awkwardly in front of him. You almost jumped out of your skin when he reached out and brushed a piece of your hair away from your face. The shock must have clearly read on your face because he snatched his hand back quick.  

“Well, I’m sorry again, and thank you for helping me.” You moved to walk around him. His metal arm shot out and stilled you by placing his hand on your arm. You looked up at him with confusion.

“Doll, it was an accident, you don’t have to apologize.” He looked down at where his hand was touching you. “Would you like to stick around for movie night tonight? It is Tony’s night to pick so I don’t know if it will be good but…” he let his sentence trail off.

You were so shocked that he was even talking to you that you realized your mouth was hanging open. You closed it and mentally shook yourself out of the dazed state you were in. “Are assistants allowed to join the Avengers at movie night?” You joked. Bucky smiled and you thought for sure your heart was going to stop. God, he was gorgeous.

“I think you passed up the assistant title long ago,” Bucky said while rubbing his thumb on your arm. “You can sit next to me. I’ll even share my blanket with you.”

Wait a minute, was he hitting on you? You were sure if you didn’t distance yourself from him soon, you were going to melt into a puddle on the floor. “Yea, that sounds great Bucky. I’ll see you there.” You gave him a smile before hurrying the rest of the way to your office.

Bucky watched you until you shut the door behind you. He smiled to himself. You were attracted to him just as much as he was to you. This was good to know. After having a talk with Steve earlier, he had decided to make his move. With any luck, you two wouldn’t be watching too much of the movie tonight.


You were nervous. You had asked Wanda what time to be in the screening room. When you told her that Bucky had invited you, she was shocked but then grinned and winked at you. You smiled to yourself as you looked up at the clock. Fifteen minutes to go. You grabbed your gym bag from underneath your desk and pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. You stepped out of your shoes while unbuttoning your shirt. You pulled it off and bent to take your skirt off. As you were folding the garments, you heard the door click open. Before you could cover yourself, Bucky’s head popped in.

“Hey doll, I thought I would…” Whatever he was saying, died on his lips as he came in and saw you standing there in your bra and panties. You thought he was just going to back out, but he didn’t. He slowly closed the door and leaned back against it. Your face had to be ten shades of red as you were frozen in place. Bucky’s hot stare was setting your skin on fire. He crossed his arms over his chest and licked his lips. Your eyes darted to the floor, but didn’t miss the bulge his cock was making in his sweats.

“Do you want me to leave, doll face?” He asked in a husky voice. You looked back up at him and saw the red color in his cheeks and the way his breathing had changed. Did you want him to leave? You hadn’t had sex in a while and the man standing across from you looked like he was made for sin.

No, you didn’t want him to leave. Instead of voicing your answer, you reached behind you and unclasped your bra. You held the cups to your chest for a second before letting it fall down your arms. Bucky groaned so low that it almost sounded like a growl. He practically stalked over to you. His flesh hand cupped your jaw and his metal arm curled around your waist. The coolness against your hot skin make goosebumps rise.

“Are you sure about this? Because in about ten seconds, I’m not going to be much of a gentleman.” His words made your shiver and wetness to pool between your thighs. The look he was giving you with his lust blown eyes and his breath coming in short pants was making your anxious.

“Bucky yes, I’m sure. Now kiss me.” You said before wrapping your arms around his back and crashing your lips against his. Bucky instantly commanded the kiss. He ran his tongue along the seam of your lips, asking for entrance. You opened them and tangled your tongue with his. It was consuming; teeth clanking, lip biting, sighs and moans. You felt drugged as his metal hand made its way to your ass, grabbing a handful, pressing your body into his. His other hand was buried in the hair at the nape of your neck. Your hands found their way inside the back of his shirt and roamed over the warm muscles. He lifted his lips from yours to trail soft kisses along your cheek and landing on the pulse point below your ear. You leaned your head to the side with a moan. His teeth nipped the tender spot, causing you to gasp and score his back with your fingernails.

“Kitten has claws,” he murmured against your collarbone. Your sigh turned into a moan when you felt his tongue swipe across your nipple. He brought his flesh hand down to flick over your nipple as his tongue and lips continued their torture. This man was turning your bones to jelly. You pulled on his shoulders to bring him back up.

“Too many clothes,” you whispered as you stripped his shirt off. He chuckled at your urgency. You put your hands in the waistband of his pants and pushed them down his legs. His cock sprang free between the two of you and you nearly wept. It was beautiful. Long, thick and dripping precum. Bucky didn’t give you enough time to admire it before he swooped you into his arms. He walked across the room and laid you on the couch. He propped a pillow beneath your head and kneeled between your thighs. He ran his hands down your body before pulling your panties down your legs. After tossing them to the floor, he stopped and stared at you. His eyes took in every detail they could. He settled his hands on your thighs and spread them further apart, his eyes fixed to your pussy.

“God damn doll, look how wet you are,” he said as his thumb trailed through your wetness. You moaned and watched as he brought his thumb to his lips and licked off your essence. You nearly came right then.

“Bucky…” you whimpered. “Please, I need you.” You thrust your hips up at him. He smirked before you felt his finger enter you. He brought his thumb down again, circling your clit while his finger started thrusting in and out of your cunt. You arched your back and let soft moans fall from your lips. Bucky watched every reaction. He was a man enjoying himself. A wicked chuckle left his mouth when he found your g-spot.  You had become a writhing mess as you were nearing orgasm. Bucky added a second finger and gave your clit a pinch, sending you over the edge. Your whole body shook as you nearly screamed out your release.

“That was fucking beautiful baby,” Bucky said, brushing his lips against yours. You nudged your hips against his, coating his cock with your slick. He grunted and reached down to align himself with your entrance. He slowly pushed forward, letting both of you enjoy the feeling. When he was fully seated inside, he stopped to give you a minute to adjust. You felt stretched, almost to the point of pain, but it was amazing.

Bucky was whispering words of encouragement against your lips. How good you felt, how tight you were around his cock, how he wanted to make you feel good. You rolled your hips into his, causing him to inhale sharply. He looked down at you, adjusting his arms on the couch for leverage. You brought one hand up to tangle in his hair, while the other got a good grasp on his ass.

Bucky started a nice and slow rhythm, just enough to make you want more. He placed his lips against your neck and sucked on the tender spot he had found earlier. You gasped and tugged on his hair. He growled into your neck and his thrust getting harder, going deeper. The sound of his skin slapping against yours was intoxicating.

“Oh god… Bucky… you feel so good.” You said, biting his shoulder. His lips met yours again. Your moans began mingling with his groans.  

He pulled his mouth from yours, “Are you going to come on my cock doll?” His thrusts had turned fast and choppy. The angle he was pumping, hit your clit with every drag in and out. Your body began to tense. “Come on, baby. I want to feel you come.” he said, chasing his own release. He reached down and drew rapid circles on your clit. You flew apart, coming with a startled cry. “O-oh fuck baby… shit,” Bucky groaned. He reared back, pulled out and gave his cock a few hard pumps before he spilled himself on your stomach. His face was contorted in pleasure and sweat was dripping from his forehead. It could have been your blissed-out brain, but he was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen.

While you were waiting on both of your breathing to return to normal, you reached out and rubbed your hands along his thighs, “I’m pretty sure we missed the movie.” He laughed and got up to grab his t-shirt from the floor. He swiped it across your belly, cleaning up his mess. He wiped himself clean before sitting down and pulling you onto his lap.

“Trust me, I would much rather be right here with you, rather than watching some movie Tony picks.” He said brushing the hair off your face. He gave you a gentle kiss, “Wanna go back to my room and have our own movie night?”


Brett Talbot x Werewolf!Reader

Requested by Anon 

Word count: 2 189 (ain’t even sorry man.)
Warnings: Sexual content, it’s SMUT got dammit!

Request: May I ask a kind of smutty imagine with Brett where the reader and him are both in heat. And they make out, trying to prove they aren’t in rut (but they actually are XD) ? And it ends with sex and possibly marking each other as mates by accident ?

A/N: Thank you for your request and god how I loved to write this. It’s been one of the most funniest thing to write and it feels like something Brett would do. xD

”So you’re telling me that you’re totally in control?” Brett whispers in your ear as he dip his nose in the crook of your neck. He inhale your intoxicating scent while stroking hos nose against your hot skin, letting his fingers slid down one of your bra straps down your shoulder, smirking when you turn around.

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Go With It

You show Namjoon your dominant side.

pairing: Namjoon x Reader
genre: smut, sub!Namjoon
wordcount: 6.1k

warnings: breathplay, sub!Namjoon, dom!y/n, edging, just general filth :-)

You had lost count of how many times people described you as the ‘sweet girl next door.’ 

People associated you with sweetness, with lightness, with shades of buttery soft pink. To friends, family, and acquaintances, you were the quietly-spoken girl who couldn’t hurt a fly. 

Little did they know.

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Here we go again.. this series wasn’t requested. I have two more parts coming 

Better sit down and get comfortable because there’s going to be some swinging on the chandelier (not literally ofc) 

Warnings: Not for virgin eyes (lmao just kidding)

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BTS reaction to them being jealous of their s/o hanging out with guys


Jin would try his best to hide the fact that he was really jealous. He would get really quiet when you would bring up your other guy friends and every time you would plan to hang out with them. He would finally bring it up to you, but he would feel just really sad this happened. “I know you have guy friends, but it hurts my feelings you always hang out with them…I want to be the most important man in your life" 

Originally posted by softlytaejin


 Yoongi would be really up front about it. He would tell you as soon as he started feeling jealous. He would stand in front of the door before you left and just tell you. "Look. I don’t like that you always hang out with these other guys. You’re my girl… why don’t you stay home with me tonight?” He led you away from the door, and kissed your neck. “Next time, make sure you tell them who your boyfriend is.”

Originally posted by jeonbase


 Hobi was having a nice night on the town when he saw you hanging out with some other guys in a café. As soon as he saw, he hurried into the café and put his arm around you. He would give his small irritated smile at the other men and kiss your cheek. “Baby! You never introduced me to your friends~!” He would smile at them and hold out his hand. “I’m Jung Hoseok.” he paused a minute and then firmly saidHer boyfriend.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


 Namjoon would deal with his jealousy in a really mature way. He would let it go at first. He didn’t want you to feel like you couldn’t have male friends, but it kept getting to him. Finally he sat you down and told you how he felt about it. “Baby girl, I know you can be friends with whoever you want. I just want them to know their boundaries. I trust you, but not them.” Namjoon would pause and look into your eyes softly. “Can all of us hang out together rather than it just being you alone?" 

Originally posted by forursmiles


Jimin would be feeling a million emotions at one time the moment he saw you laughing with another guy. He would storm over to you, his cheeks puffed out slightly and take your hand. "Princess! Who are these other guys!?” Jimin would give them a glare and put his fists out in front of himself angerly. “Listen up. This is my girl. My princess. You better not try anything on her or else you’ll be dealing with me.” He would continue to yell until you finally calmed him down and gave him more attention than your friend that was just confused about the whole situation.

Originally posted by vminv


Tae would be pretty upset and try to ignore it all at first. He would ignore everything out said about your guy friends and give you a cold icy silence. He would always have a sad or angry look on his face when you went out with them. “Jagi… Why are you alywas with other guys? Am i not good enough or something…?” Tae would finally ask, a deep huskiness in his voice. 

Originally posted by chimtae


Jungkook would not like other guys being so close to you at all. He would be worried that you’d like them better or that they had something he was lacking. He’d always ask you a million questions about them and be super overprotective with you. When he finally met them, he gave them his tough guy act and would not let you out of his sight. None of them could even try to lay a hand on you. “No one else is allowed to touch my baby. No one else can have you but me.”

Originally posted by yoongguksx


Request from anon: Hey!! Could you possibly write an imagine where she is a little wary of Draco judging her whenever he walks past as she really likes him. But she is like Hermione where she has her head in books quite a lot and so quickly hides it when he walks past but he notices it and with a smirk comes and sits next to her and eventually tells her he likes her in some way with a wink?? Thankyou I think you’ll crush it

Thank you for requesting anon, I’ll be turning requests off after hitting post on this. I’m sorry if any of you have any ideas - I have a month until I take my exams and I really need to be revising. I’m honestly so sorry but I’ll obviously upload from time to time with the requests that have already been submitted and after my exams are finished it’ll get back to normal. So, I updated my masterlist in case any of you wanted to see all of my posts. 

In the meantime, enjoy ;)

Originally posted by imaginesandmoreforfandom

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Lab Partners Pt.1 (M) | Yoongi

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3

Genre: Smut + High School AU 

Word Count: 2,240

Description: What happens when your dreams get taken over by your newly assigned lab partner Min Yoongi?

Originally posted by sayjjanhae

You could feel the sweat pooling at your forehead, because of the intensity at which your bodies were connecting. You felt his teeth rake down your thighs, causing you to moan in desperation. Your fingers find his hair, and start pulling, to try and relieve some of the pressure building up inside of you.

He pulls your underwear off, and positions his face between your legs. You look down at his animalistic eyes, and you see him about to bring his smirking lips to your wetness, when you suddenly hear a beeping.

Oh god please not again.

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I Like This Game We’re Playing

Part 1

Oh Sehun x Reader

Summary: You have been working as a spy your whole life but you never expected to be the one spied on.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 2,990

Originally posted by lawlliets

You were driving for good 30 minutes, not daring to slow down, hoping they’re not following you. After circling around you finally reached your destination. You rested your head against the steering wheel and sighed. You did it this time. You got out of the car with your equipment and went to the door. You started knocking on it, louder with every bang until they finally opened.

“Y/N?” Yixing asked in a husky voice, you probably just woke him up. You brushed past him, throwing your stuff on the floor and went to the nightstand, taking his car keys.

“I need to use your garage, can you take your car out?” you asked, giving them to him.

“You come here so early and start ordering me around? Why do you think you are?” he crossed his hands on his chest. “Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be watching him?”

“I screwed up, okay? He has my phone. I need to block it before he finds out anything but my car can’t be seen in the streets either.”

“Were you followed?”

“I’m not sure…”

“And you still came here?” he spoke louder, clearly getting angrier and annoyed. “If you mess things up for me…”

“I won’t. I promise,” you put your hands together like in a prayer, hoping he will help you out. “I lost contact with the HQ, you’re the only other agent in this area.”

“Ugh, fine,” he took the keys and went outside. “Don’t blame me if I don’t park it the right way.”

“If you as much as scratch her!” you shouted after him but he had already left. Trusting he won’t take it out on your car, you shuffled around and picked up one of the many tablets from the floor filled with tons of tech and electrical devices. If Sehun manages to get into your phone, he can easily track you as well. Somehow turning off that phone is your top priority. It won’t be easy though, seeing how protected they were. You took your laptop out as well and checked the cameras. Off. Of course. What were you expecting? In a company with security like that, it’s strange he didn’t notice them sooner. Or could it be he did it on purpose?

Yixing was supposed to watch over you and was only an emergency contact but since this got slightly out of your hands, you had no other choice. Your phone was connected to his place, so you should be able to at least see where it is from Yixings’ tablets.  You glanced at the screen Great. It’s right there where you thought it would be. Sehun’s workplace. You sighed in frustration and opened up the program that should let you take over. You started typing the codes in when the screen flashed and everything disappeared. ‘No signal’ appeared on the black screen.

“Fuck,” you shouted, smashing the tablet on the floor.

“Hey now! That’s expensive stuff you’re breaking!” Yixing said as soon as he came in.

“He cut me off,” you hissed.

“Shit,” it seemed he was just as surprised to hear this as you were. “Do you think he?..”

“I don’t know,” you spoke before he could finish. He went to the table and pushed piles of papers and documents off. He sat down in his chair and turned his computers on.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to tell this to HQ.”

“But I can fix this! If you tell them I could lose my position! I have nothing besides this,” you slumped down on his bed. “I have been trained for this my whole life… I don’t know how to live a normal one…” you whispered.

Yixing looked at you with a worried expression before he stood up.

“You know what will happen if you don’t report this…”

And at that moment you’re computer beamed up. You got a message. You quickly ran to it and opened it up. It was HQ. It seemed they always knew what you were up to. Like they were watching. You read past the few short sentences over and over before you turned to Yixing.

“What does it say?” he asked.

“They’re giving me ten days.”

“For what?”

“To finish the job,” you answered.

“Are you serious? You have been watching him for more than a month and they expect you to wrap things up in ten days?”

“I have to do this.”

“Or what?” you paused for a while, before speaking again.

“They will kill me. They don’t need a spy who can’t even do it’s job right.”

“They won’t actually do it, will they? You’re the best one out there, they made you this way!” you saw how angry he became with each second you two talked about this.

“Actually…” you started. “They won’t be the ones to kill me. You will have to do it.”

“What?” he pushed you away and took your laptop from your hands, to read the letter. “Because I’m supposed to be the one who watches over you and controls your movements? That’s exactly the reason why I could never do it!”

He looked at you and his eyes narrowed. He picked you up and carried you to the bed. You were about to protest when he took out his med kit from underneath it.

“You’re hurt,” he said ripping, a piece of bloody cloth from your back. You hissed from the touch of his cold fingers and quickly jumped up. You turned your back to the mirror. Your shoulder was bleeding badly. Sehun probably scraped you with the bullets he fired at you before. From all of this adrenaline rush and panic you didn’t even feel the pain, much less noticed it. That asshole. Yixing sat you down on the bed and started patching you up.

“It doesn’t seem too bad,” he said. “At least you won’t need stitches.”

You bit down on your lower lip. Something you used to do whenever you were nervous. Which didn’t happen often because you have never messed up before you met Sehun.

“What are you planning?” Yixing asked.

“I’m going back,” you said and he started laughing.

“To do what exactly?”

“I’m getting that phone back! Besides he already knows my face so now I can approach him for info head on. Use whatever means possible to get this over with.”

You stood up, put your jacket on and started gathering your things again.

“Do you have any spare vehicles?”

“You can take my motorcycle,” he sighed.

You went to the door and turned back for the last time.

“Yixing, promise me one thing. If push comes to shove. Kill me. I would rather it was you than anyone else.”


Sehun’s POV

A few hours earlier

I spun her phone around in my hand. Maybe I shouldn’t have let her go but I know she will come get it sooner or later. Too bad this was not only multiple passwords protected but also needed a fingerprint.

“You wanted to talk?” Jongdae asked, as he walked in. I threw him the phone and he just barely managed to catch it. He looked at it.

“Is this what I think it is?”

I nodded.

“Can you unlock it? She mentioned a code of some sort 7040589. Maybe that will help you out?”

“Is that where you actually were during the board meeting? You actually went after her?”

“I got bored. I thought it would be nice to at least say hi,” I shrugged.

“And how did that turn out for you? Because I remember you saying she stood you up,” he laughed.

“It takes time,” I said coming to the front of my table and leaning on it. “You can’t get a girl to like you in a day.”

“In a day? How long would it take you then, huh?” he lifted his eyebrow and looked at me before he continued.  “Anyway, we should just catch her and finally find out her true motives. Isn’t she from ‘Anexis’? I have no idea why is Junmyeon delaying it for so long…”

“She is and I’m sure he has his reasons but she was watching me only and I must say I got pretty fed up with her being on my tail all the time and that’s one of the reasons I took action.”

“The others have to know.”

“But you won’t tell them, will you?”

We had a silent stare down before he sighed and finally gave in.

“I will help you with this,” he said, lifting the phone up. “But after that you’re on your own until you tell them.”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” I smiled and took a seat in my office chair again. “Oh Jongdae,” I shouted after him before he exited.

“What else?” he asked, annoyed.

“Ten days.”


“I think I could get her in ten days,” I smirked. He looked at me in surprise for a few moments before he chuckled.

“Whatever you say…”

I leaned my head back and looked at the spot she was usually hiding at. Only a few of my men were still searching the roof for any more clues. She was not there. Of course she wouldn’t be there, she’s too smart for this. I like this game we’re playing. We will see who gets who first.


You lied. It was actually a really big disadvantage that now he knew what you looked like. You can’t just waltz into his office like nothing happened. That’s why you hijacked this cleaning company’s van. How convenient that they came to clean the building at this hour. You undressed one of the men quickly and put on his uniform. Taking the tools, you looked around and got out of the van. The guard at the door let you in easily not even looking at the photo on the ID. Lucky you. Now you only need to get to the roof. You noticed from the outside that there was practically no lights on in the building, including his office. It was on the 4th floor from the top. You didn’t want to draw any suspicion going through the doors that will probably be locked anyway and decided that the other easiest way would be through the window. You threw the disguise you wore aside as soon as a strong gust of wind welcomed you to the roof. You took the rope out and secured it to a metal pipe. You slowly went to the edge and breathed out. You have been on higher places. Doesn’t mean this will be any easier. You gripped the rope tightly, checking for the last time if it was fastened enough and began descending, the darkness of the night covering you. Once you reached his floor you saw the ever familiar desk and chair you have been watching through your scope all this time. You thought about doing this quietly and just cutting out a piece of the window but time was not on your side and you decided to just smash it open. You prepped yourself up and bounced of the window, flying back with as much force as possible. After a few kicks you were finally in, you rolled over avoiding the shards and then quickly stood up. You unlocked yourself from the rope and let it dangle outside while you looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Yet. You ripped open the locked drawer you remembered he put something in, the last time you watched him. Everything that you needed was inside. A bunch of business plans, weapons, drugs, human imports and exports. Not a simple company after all but they must be real good at this, to hide all of it so well. You should have done this sooner. You spread the papers around, taking ever little detail in, in case something happened and you can’t take them with you. After all, you had a good visual memory, a must for a job like yours. You took out the last folder in the drawer and opened it. It had ‘ANEXIS’ printed on it in bold letters with a confidential stamp on it. What the heck? Why would something like this be here?

“I thought you were looking for this,” you looked up to see the same smug grin from before, approaching the table. He was holding your phone. “Or did you already found what you wanted?” he said, glancing at the papers. In a rush you jumped over the table in an attempt to get your phone back but he evaded you quite easily.

“I knew you would visit. After all I did tell you to come get whatever you want,” he smirked. You clenched your fists and went for his stomach but he caught your hand midway.

“Why so aggressive, dear? I never said I won’t give it back to you,” but you didn’t listen, instead swung your leg at him which he jumped over and took a few steps back, resting against a glass bookcase. You punched the shelf near his face, missing him by a centimetre but breaking the glass in the process. He was better at this then you thought.

“Sehun, what the hell are you doing in here? What’s up with that noise?” another young man walked in through the door and froze in his spot. It was dark but his eyes soon adjusted so he could see the two of you.

“Ah Jongin! Meet-“ Sehun started but you knew if one of them walked in, there are probably more. No use staying here any longer. You ran to opening you made in the window just recently and grabbed onto the rope when Sehun pulled you inside, tugging on it with such force he ripped it off. You watched it fell down to the bottom of the building, as cars alarm’s began ringing, weight like this falling from so high up will do more than just bent your roof. He pushed you to the window but you braced against the glass that was still left with both your legs and your arms. The sharp glass digging into your skin even through your gear.

“Still want to jump? Go ahead,” he mocked. You broke off one of the pieces from the broken window and slashed against his chest but not enough to draw blood. You got yourself in a pretty tricky situation again.

“Dangerous. I like that,” was all he said.

The two men began circling around you. You needed to get rid of the one who just came in first and with all your force you pushed him into the wall, smacking his head against it, hoping he passed out. You turned back to Sehun and switched the glass piece to your other hand. You attacked him straight on, evading his fists the best you could but missing the one directed at your stomach. You fell down to your knees and coughed. It was not everyday someone actually managed to land a blow on you.

“Sorry dear,” he said, coming over. You waited till he was close enough and aimed the shard at his abdomen but he put his hand right in front of it at the last second, saving himself from the deadly blow but the force was so strong it went right through it.

“Ahh fuck,” he shouted, hitting the wall. He gripped the shard and pulled it out from his hand in one go, blood started gushing out from the open wound. You smirked. He won’t be using that hand for a while. You bent down and picked another piece of broken glass, this one was way smaller, but at least there were plenty of them around for you to use. You slowly came up to him. Enjoying the feeling of finally having advantage over him.

“Give it back,” you spoke, aiming the shard to his face. “Or there goes your eye,” you said, now only a step away from him. He chuckled and pretended to pull the phone out from his pocket, when all of a sudden he smacked the sharp piece away and pulled your body to him, your hands on his chest. How he still had so much strength was beyond you. You stirred in his grip trying to get away.

“Now what?” you mocked.

“Now this,” he said, getting a hold of your chin with his healthy hand and roughly clashing his hot lips with yours. You could take in his air as he licked them and nibbled on your bottom one afterwards. You were so shocked you only pushed him away when he grinned against your mouth.

“What the heck are you doing?” you shouted, free from his grasp.

“Distraction,” he smirked and you barely noticed the man, you thought you dealt with before, swing something over your head. You fell to the ground. You could feel the blood dripping down your forehead. Sehun was at your side in seconds. He got your hands behind your back, his knee pressing into you hard and it felt like he will snap your spine in half any minute now. You winced in pain.

“Two against one is not a very fair fight,” you breathed out, a small teasing smile playing on your lips.

“And since when do we play fair? It’s more interesting if you do things dirty from time to time,” he said, tracing the skin on your neck with his fingers. “I’m sorry dear but I never thought you will be the type to like it rough,” he whispered into your ear, his voice dark and low. “And I never wanted for it to end up this way,” he said, now louder. “But you gave me no other choice…”

He pulled you up by the hair and smacked your head against the floor, knocking you out.

“Sleep well, sweetheart,” you heard him coo before you passed out.


~ Part 3 ~

A/N: Ahhh I hate when I have to reupload. Anyway, I have decided to turn this one into a series!! And you know what? I even planned out the story from the beginning to the end, something that happens as often as a lunar eclipse 😂 I’m proud of myself 😂 So I guess look forward to the other parts~~

fwb!yoongi + when you need attention 

If someone had asked you what your favorite feature or characteristic was in Yoongi you’d without a second thought say his mind. Well, not without a second thought, considering you knew what it was like to feel his hands over your body, slightly calloused and inquisitive, not lazy but languid. Then there was his mouth, dear God, that mouth that new the inside of your pussy like no other man before him did, every nook and cranny. That short tongue of his that made you cum off the top and simultaneously gush over how cute his lisp was whenever he tried to pronounce something with an ’s.’ But no, despite all of the wonderful, wonderful, dear Jesus, wonderful features of Min Yoongi, at the end of the day it was that big brain of his that had you cumming off the top.

There was something about his creative process, hell his thought process period, that got you horny. He was the self-proclaimed Min Genius, but not in vain. You had never in the entirety of your life been able to witness how music was made. It was just one of those things that existed for you. But soon after becoming friends with Yoongi he gave you glimpses into how much work and effort was put into composing just one song. Now over the years, Yoongi being the genius he is, only got better and better at his trade. Sleepless nights spent laying tracks and sampling music from artists, some of whom you hadn’t even known existed.

And to add to all of those amazing qualities, his intellect, depth, perception, he was so sexually unrepressed. One of the key factors why Yoongi was one of your best partners was how completely open you could be with him sexually, to the point where you could discuss with him over coffee about likes and dislikes.

You thought back to the first time you had agreed to have sex with him, a friends with benefits type of thing, you both didn’t have the time for the relationship aspect of sex, but plenty of inclination for the sex itself. You chuckle everytime you think about it, the way he had probed and persuaded you over one too many shots of tequila and not so subtle touches.

“So what you’re telling me is you haven’t fucked in going on half a year.” Yoongi raised his voice an octave so you he could hear him over the music, his mouth dangerously close to your own.

You nodded sluggishly, enjoying the feel of his hand, that had not so subtly snuck up to rest on the small of your back. To anyone else it looked like a friendly gesture, one to steady you as you wobbled slightly in your drunken stupor, but you could feel the heat emanating from his body as the night dragged on and he his touches got bolder and bolder with each shot of tequila.

“I’m just so busy.” You whined, “and like, one night stands are just so… bleh. I want someone who knows me and my body but relationships are so draining and I don’t have the time to teach someone new everytime, you know?”

Yoongi nodded eagerly at your words, his body crowding closer and closer to your own with each sway of the crowd, until you were pushed against a wall and his hand was resting on your hip. He was still testing the waters, trying to figure out how far he could take this, the conversation, the petting, before you pulled back.

“It’s frustrating, isn’t it? And now a days it’s hard to find someone like that. Everyone claims to be detached from everything and weighed down with “trust issues” and blah blah blah, I’m just trying to find a partner who won’t put on an act all the while deluding themselves into thinking we’re in a relationship just so they can play the victim when I don’t want more.“

“Do you ever get that?” You shuddered when he leaned down to speak directly into your ear, his chest rubbing against the hard peak of your nipples, you rested a hand around his waist, pressing your body closer to his, still under the guise of overly-touchy friendliness as you played this dangerous game with him.

“God, yes” you groaned, whether it was to his question or the way you felt his hand slip lower on your back until it was resting just on the top of your ass, his fingers thrumming lightly, a beat you felt shoot straight to your pussy.

“This feels nice.” You sighed, “I like touching you like this.”

“Like what?” He murmured, his hands venturing lower at your words, to slip into the pockets of your jeans. You shuffled closer at that, wrapping your arms around his middle to hug him. You cocked your head back so you could peer into his eyes, slightly hidden from your view by his bangs. You sent him a drunken smile and he stared, enraptured. His head lowered slightly to press against your own, your breaths mingling, his eyes telling you everything he couldn’t say out loud. You swayed gently against each other to the music, the bass pounding so hard you could feel it in your chest.


Yoongi peered over your head to shoot an annoyed glance at whoever had called out to him, only to come face to face with Jung Hoseok’s annoyingly exuberant grin.

“What do you want?” He grumbled, clearly annoyed at being interrupted at… whatever it was the two of you were doing. A standing cuddle session in the middle of a house party.

“What’s going on over here?”

You buried your head in Yoongi’s chest, feeling one arm envelope you back while the other kept a firm grip on his beer. You chose to ignore the obnoxiously suggestive tone to Hoseok’s question, and no doubt him waggling his eyebrows at Yoongi. Instead you inhaled Yoongi’s clean scent, opting to place a kiss on his chest, earning a pat on the butt.

“Yah, are you wearing lipstick?” He grumbled, peering down at his now plum lipstick stained white t-shirt.

“Oops.” You giggled, Hoseok long forgotten by now as Yoongi let out an exasperated sigh before tugging roughly on a strand of your hair.

“I wish I could hug you like this forever.” You whined dramatically, burying your head in his chest.

“You want to get out of here?” He asked, his voice husky at your ear.

“And do what?” You feigned innocence before pulling back to shoot him a coy look.

“Go to my house.” He replied, entranced by the way you bit your lip at his suggestion. He reached up to tug your lip from between your teeth and running a soothing finger over the aforementioned spot.

“And hug some more?” You played dumb.

He leaned down, his voice low and velvety in your ear, “Like hugging, only wetter.” -

And wetter was right, that night Yoongi had unleashed the most carnal of your desires, taking you to heights of pleasure you never knew existed for yourself until you were at his mercy, a trembling mess for him.

“Yoongi… I… wait I need to-”

Yoongi shoved you face down on the mattres, so lost in his own pleasure your whimpers and pleas were suddenly less of a turn on more of a nuisance that hindered his release. But you fought back, shoving at his hips behind you until he popped out of your pussy with a raunchy squelch.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He spat, it was only when he realized you weren’t being coy that he finally stopped trying to shove his dick back inside of you. “Hey, are you alright?”

“No… I.. God this is so embarrassing.” You whined, entire face flushing. Yoongi cupped your face, running a soothing thumb over the apples of your cheek, his hard on still jutting against your slit, “No… I need to pee.”

“You need to what?”

“Pee, okay? God, just give me a sec.” You moved to make your way towards the bathroom only to have your attempts thwarted Yoongis thumbs pressing into your hips to keep you firmly in place on his mattress. You let out an annoyed huff, “Yoongi, what are you doing? I told you I have to -oh!”

You gasped when you felt the tip of Yoongi’s cock slide provocatively between your lips, your pussy so wet he would occasionally bump the head against your clit. You felt your desire weigh heavy in the pit of your stomach like lead, an orgasm fast approaching. A mewl of protest left your lips when he slipped the head in teasingly, your warmth enveloping him in a way that made him want to put up a sold sign and spend the rest of his days inside of you.

“W-what are you doing?” You stammered, a little breathlessly. Even as you watched him grip the base of his cock, guiding himself into you, inch by delicious inch until you swore you could feel him in your cervix. Yoongi stilled when he had finally impaled you on his entire length, breathing through his nose and attempting to savor the way your pussy made him feel like he was dipping his cock in gold.

A cold tendril of panic slipped up your spine as you felt your labia swell, his cock hitting a particularly intense part of your pussy, so deep inside you didn’t even know it existed.

“Do you trust me?” He murmured against your neck, placing open mouthed kisses all up the column of your throat.

You nodded, mindlessly clawing at his back, drunken ‘yes’s spilling from your lips, anything to get him to hit that spot again.

“Oh fffffuck, Yoongi! Yes right there don’t move, please, please, please don’t move.” You cried out, suddenly overwhelmed by your own pleasure, the intensity of the entire situation making your legs buckle.

“Don’t move?” He whispered teasingly, “But I want you to cum for me.”

“I-I.. Please just keep pressing there, right there, deeper. I need you deeper.”

You had half a mind to be embarrassed by your sudden desperation but you had lost it somewhere amongst the nearly tangible pleasure you were experiencing. You were suddenly clawing at Yoongi’s ass cheeks, swiveling your hips up to get him as deep as he was before. He let out a curse when you clenched around, your nails digging into his behind as you physically pulled him deeper into your pussy until the pleasure was too much and you were suddenly toppling over the edge of the cliff. Stars blinked behind your eyes and your body arched off the bed, the intensity of your orgasm making your legs quiver roughly.

The sudden urge to pee was too much for you to handle, your weak and sensitized body finally giving in to the urge to push until you felt the wetness shooting from you and you had managed to push Yoongi’s cock from inside you with a provocative squelch. It wasn’t until you heard a “holy fuck” that you noticed he wasn’t seated deep inside of you like he was a minute ago.

You managed to peer one drowsy eye at the sudden shock on his face, waiting with baited breath for his protests of disgust at his now soiled bed sheets.

A gasp left your lips when he rubbed a gentle hand over your sensitive mound, watching in astonishment (and if we were being honest, lust) as he played in the small puddle of juices that was leaking from your pussy. The air left your lungs as you watched him raise his fingers to his mouth and suck.

“I didn’t know you squirt.” He said casually around the digits.

“Me neither.” -

To say you and Yoongi had an active sex life was truly an understatement. From that day on, he had devoted hours, days, weeks to learning your body, inside and out. And you enjoyed every goddamn minute.

Your relationship had somehow managed to stay relatively normal, you still went out and had a round of beers with the guys, occasionally went to catch the latest blockbuster, all while abiding by the invisible set of rules you both had set up for each other; no meddling in each other’s personal business unless otherwise asked to do so, no mutual exclusivity, and lots and lots of wild, monkey sex.

Yoongi was a great companion, and complimented your personality amazingly well. He was introverted where you were extroverted, calm and analytical where you were boisterous and impulsive. He kept you grounded while you made sure he didn’t miss out on life for his work.

And God, did he work. You sometimes had to physically pull him out from his office on the occasion where he wouldn’t even look up from his laptop long enough to notice you standing there with not a stitch of clothing on.

Tonight was definitely one of those nights. You had arrived at his apartment two hours ago with chicken and beer, only to have him grumble about how he wasn’t hungry. You rolled your eyes at that and walked over to sit next to him on the couch.

A loud, over dramatic sigh left your lips as you watched him work tirelessly, waiting for him to ask you what was wrong.

He never did.

It took three more sighs and a clear of your throat before he finally turned to acknowledge you, an annoyed grimace marring his otherwise handsome face, “What?”

“I’m really uncomfortable in these clothes.” You pouted, gesturing towards your work ensemble, a skin tight pencil skirt and a soft cashmere sweater that he had mentioned he liked in passing once.

Yoongi gestured a hand towards his bedroom before switching his focus back to his computer, “You know where my closet is, babe. Go find something to wear.”

You shot an annoyed glare at the back of his head, wondering how someone so clearly fucking dense had survived as long as he had before stomping your way towards his bedroom.

An irritated huff left your lips before you began yanking open doors, tugging at oversized t shirts before you found your favorite hoodie of his at the bottom. You tugged off your clothes letting it decorate his carpeted floor, knowing it would drive him nuts that you were so messy all the time. A pout marred your face as you stared at your reflection, the fancy black lingerie seemingly mocking now that Yoongi had decided you weren’t gonna have sex.

“Stupid Min Yoongi.” You cursed, reaching back to undo your bra before tugging his ultra soft hoodie over your head and letting the fabric pool right above your knees.

You spent another forty five minutes laid up in his bed, waiting for him to finish his work before you finally gave up and threw your phone down, making your way back to the living room.

Min Yoongi jumped, his back straightening when your threw yourself down on the open seat next to him.

“Oh, you’re still here?”

You made an annoyed sound in the back of your throat, annoyed by how cute he was even when he was being an obnoxious prick. His round frame glasses were perched on the bridge of his nose, his eyes blinking a few times sincerely in shock that you were still here.

“I just came out here to borrow something.” You shrugged, reaching for the remote on the coffee table.

“Mhm.” He murmured, his attention back on his laptop.

“I hope you don’t mind,” you cooed, your other hand reaching to lace your fingers with his free one. Yoongi gave you an annoyed look but said nothing else and let you hold his hand.

It wasn’t another five minutes before you started fidgeting, adjusting yourself so your knees were touching his, tugging your laced hands between your legs to rest on your inner thigh. If Yoongi noticed, he didn’t say anything, still reading over whatever important document was on his screen.

You cleared your throat, side eyeing Yoongi to make sure he was still caught up in whatever he was doing before you tugged your hand free of his, placing his open palm flat against your mound. It took all of your will power not to shiver at his touch, even if it wasn’t really him touching you. You moved your hand to rest atop his own, putting your fingers in perfect sync with his own until you were coaxing them to press against the now wet fabric of your underwear-

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Yoongi asked. Your eyes were closed as you shoved his two fingers deeper into the fabric of your panties and by result deeper into you, but your eyes didn’t have to be open for you to know he was probably glaring at you for interrupting his stupid work.

“I told you I needed to borrow something.” You murmured, head rolling back to rest against the sofa as you used his fingers to masturbate.

“And that somethings my hand>?” He scoffed.

You let out an annoyed growl at his constant need to ruin the mood before you yanked his laptop off his legs and shoved it onto the coffee table. Yoongi watched in annoyance and mild astonishment as you forced yourself into his lap and jabbed a small finger at his chest.

“You listen here Min Yoongi, I had a really long day at work and I brought you dinner and I came here so you could give me an orgasm, I don’t know why you’re being so fucking difficult. Literally,” you threw your hands up, gesturing wildly at him, “all you have to do is make me cum and I’ll shut up and probably go to sleep because God knows how you put me to sleep after. And then you’ll get peace and quiet and I’ll get my so desperately needed orgasm. Yoongi can you feel how wet I am, how selfish can you be man-”

You never got to finish your rant before Yoongi was tugging your underwear off your legs and unbuckling his own pants at an amazing speed, all things considered.

He adjusted the both of you so he was laying flat on the couch and you on top of him. You watched in astonishment as he tugged your (well his) hoodie up over your head to expose your breast, before sliding you down his body so you rested on his thighs.

Yoongi licked the open palm of his hand before shoving your legs apart, making you blush with the way he was staring at your pussy. You shot him a confused look when he reached a hand down to untuck his cock from his jeans.

“I’m not fully hard yet.” He explained before using the palm he spat on to lubricate his semi. You stared in awe at the provocative scene before you, Yoongi jacking off so close to you, all while staring intently at your pussy as if to torture himself. He let out a groan and you focused your attention to see what he was on about. Your juices began to trickle from your pussy and onto the denim of his jeans, drying a nearly translucent white.

You shivered when he reached out his hand to collect your juices before using it to further lubricate his cock, a trickle of pre-cum dripping from his slit.

“Yoongi.” You were so turned on you could barely see straight.

He didn’t need to be told twice and as soon as Yoongi was fully erect he was not so gently shoving inside of you.

“Yes,” You hissed.

Your pussy nearly wept at the full sensation, finally having something to deliciously clench around. Yoongi watched as you wasted no time, swiveling your hips so you could grind on his dick, too greedy to bounce and have even an inch of him leave you.

Your head fell back in ecstasy, inviting Yoongi to run an open palm down your body, between your breast and come to rest on your hips, guiding you to a slower pace.

“Yoongi,” you whined, trying to force his hands from restraining you. He sent you a gummy smile before finally reneging and letting you set the pace. You sighed in relief at having his dick at your disposal, Yoongi letting you use and abuse him as he folded his arm behind his. He pushed your body back until you were nearly laying flat, your legs wide open, Yoongi’s eyes trained on the way your pussy swallowed his cock, your juices dripping down your thigh to further stain the jeans shoved around his legs.

“I’m not gonna last long,” you muttered, “I’m too horny.”

“Shh..” Yoongi cooed, rubbing your thigh gently, “Play with yourself for me?”

You obliged, reaching a hand down your body to tweak your clit between your fingers, getting closer and closer to your orgasm with every flick. A hand snaked its way over your own until you felt Yoongi’s fingers guiding your own and he was pinching your clit using your fingers. “Do it how I would.”

“Yoongi!” You cried out, feeling him scrape that special place in your pussy with, the one only he knew how to maneuver, with a single thrust, “I’m close!”

“Are you gonna squirt for me?” He asked, his words laced with an enthusiasm you barely ever heard from him.

“I-I think so,” you nodded numbly.

“Go ahead for me. I love it when you squirt, you know that?” He murmured, tugging you closer so he could place kisses on your sticky throat, “God it makes me so fucking hard thinking about how I’m the only one who can get that from you, you know? I love how messy you are and how wet you make my cock. It’s all mine, every last drop of you belongs to me-”

The combination of his words and his hold on your throat was nearly too much and before you knew what was happening, shudders wracked your body, your pussy swelling until the familiar pressure on your urethra increased. You cried out in loss when you felt yourself being tugged off of Yoongi’s cock.

“I want you to cum on me.” He groaned and as if on cue your orgasm followed his words, flooding you with a pleasure so intense you were positively sure Yoongi had ruined you. You heard the familiar sound of slick flesh as Yoongi positioned you over his abdomen so your release could drop down his stomach in the most erotic way possible. You groaned at the wet slap your pussy made against his abdomen, still in utter disbelief that your orgasm had lasted this long.

“Jesus, are you still cumming?” He muttered, pulling back onto his lap, your lips separating so he could feel the quivers from your pussy. Yoongi guided you, making you slide yourself up and down his dick until he felt the familiar sensation tingling its way up his spine.

“Fuck. Gonna cum. Open.” He muttered, before haphazardly shoving inside of you. It only took him three or four thrust before earning a gasp from you as his hot cum splashed your inner walls. “God damn your pussy feels like heaven. I swear to Christ.”

You both laid there for a moment, unable to speak, much less make use of your limbs long enough to clean up. You sighed contentedly against his naked chest, drumming your fingers happily.

“Is the baby happy now that she got what she wanted?” He mocked.

You lifted your head to shoot him a grin, “Yes.”

He rolled his eyes at you, tapping your butt for you to get off of him, “Up. I have work to do now.”

Good Luck Daddy - Chanyeol one shot

A/N: I never understood the “Daddy” kink, and then I laid eyes on Chanyeol and I have been fucked up ever since. I feel like this goes without saying, but, uh, smut.

You were backstage before a show. It was the final show of tour, and you were ecstatic to have Chanyeol home for an extended period of time after this.

You had been hanging out with all of the guys before the show as they had hair and make up done. You were sat on a chair next to the door watching the whole process.

They had decided to straighten Chanyeol’s locks and, though you loved his bouncy curls, when his hair was done like this, it did something extra for you.

“Ten minutes until show time. Let’s get mics on,” you heard the stage manager call out. The guys started piling out of the room. You called good luck wishes after them. They grinned and waved at and high-fived you on their way out.

Chanyeol hung out behind to give you a quick kiss. You whispered, “good luck, daddy,” against his lips. He immediately straightened up; you heard the door slam shut and the lock turn.

Next thing that you knew, you were against that same door. Chanyeol was pressing your wrists against it firmly with his large hands.

Keep reading