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Millie please make one of those amazing posts of yours for Howon too. I love it when non-Howon biased people praise him. Also he deserves all the love but there is still prejudice towards him (thankfully it's less now compared to few years back) So let's spread Holove 💜 - infnthoya

Of course I am more than happy to make a post about our wonderful HoyaYahoHoya! Especially for you @infnthoya !

You can see the previous posts (Sunggyu/Woohyun/Sungyeol) here!


Okay but before I say anything else, this performance he did on Hit The Stage with the amazing (queen) Choi Hyojin still reduces me to tears because it is PERFECTION and it really showcases the fact that Hoya can dance in a different style to his usual go-to hip hop moves!

The theme for that episode was This Love and although everyone’s performances were great, Hoya and Hyojin absolutely deserved their win because this was ART and totally projected all this raw emotion and I will never get over it. 

Hoya is INFINITE’s main dancer and it’s not hard to see why. Over the years it’s been amazing to see him improve and build on his skills and talents. He actually dropped out of high school to pursue dance, even though his family were against this decision. He did eventually get his high school diploma, but it took a while for his relationship with his family (and his father in particular) to be mended again. 

It’s great to see that nowadays, Hoya’s name is often mentioned when people talk about the greatest dancers in k-pop. He is more than deserving of it.


Although Hoya started out as one of INFINITE’s rapper line, he’s had vocal lines in songs for a looooong long time. However, not everyone noticed how much his voice had actually improved until INFINITE’s more recent albums. In 2015 Hoya opened up his own YouTube channel and surprised everyone by posting his first cover - Zion T’s Kiss Me. He followed this up weeks later with an English cover song, an acoustic arrangement of Ariana Grande’s Problem. Although he hasn’t been as active as we might like on the channel, it’s a goldmine that shows of how wonderfully soothing and great his voice is. My personal favourite so far is his cover of 이게아닌데 (This Ain’t It) by Taeyang. But for some nice visuals, check out my second fave (and another English cover), John Legend’s All Of Me. 

Then of course, there’s the fact that he got into the composing game just like fellow member Woohyun. The song One Day on INFINITE’s 2016 album INFINITE Only was co-written by Hoya and was performed on music shows during promotions for 태풍 (The Eye). He also wrote and composed his own track 아무렇지 않은 척 (Pretending It’s Okay), which he performed on 4Things Show. This song seriously gets stuck in my head all the time and I really wish he’d upload a full version on his channel or that it might feature on an INFINITE/INFINITE H album in the future. On top of all of this, Hoya has always been involved in writing his own raps ~~


One of the first things I watched that had an INFINITE member in it was Reply 1997. And in that (incredible) drama, Hoya played Kang Joonhee. And that character was an ANGEL. He played the role so well, so convincingly. I really connected with his character and Hoya was praised a lot for his role. This is my absolute favourite scene of all time. Excuse me while I go cry. 

Hoya has also starred in: Reply 1994 (cameo as Joonhee), My Lovely Girl (alongside member Myungsoo), Mask and as a lead role in the movie Hiya. Currently he is in both Strong Family and Radiant Office. Despite the fact that Lee Howon is an awkward baby, his acting skills are A+++++ so pleeeeeease check out everything he has starred in so far. 


I feel like I got way too emo in this post, but genuinely I love Lee Howon so much and wish he was my best friend tbh. Here are some more things I think everyone needs to know about him: 

  • His sexy, R-rated solo stages. Okay so… these speak for themselves
  • His weird jokes that only he finds funny. Honestly, prime DadJoke material. 
  • Hoya’s passionate hard work. Not only does he dance and dance and dance some more, even to the point of injury (that happened because he danced too hard on an existing weak ankle to ‘impress everyone in the audience’) and well into the night, he also worked hard to speak in Seoul dialect so he could be easily understood by fans. 
  • Overwhelming love and affection for his fans. Everyone always says Woohyun is the fan service king in INFINITE and while that may be true, Hoya is definitely fierce competition. Just look at how many V Live broadcasts the boy has done, his Instagram stories and frequent updates, and the song he covered as a dedication to Inspirit. 
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members, whether it’s the gag-duo of Sunggyu + Hoya (HOBAK GOGYUMA), the affectionate Dongwoo + Hoya couple (INFINITE H), awkward bros Woohyun + Hoya, brother-like love Sungjong + Hoya…. he matches so well with every member in different ways. 
  • Those eyebrows, that jawline…. His visuals are no joke

And here concludes me pouring all my repressed Hoya feels into one long ass post. I really hope you all enjoy it and please love Lee Howon just a little bit more than you did before

INFINITE ask game
  1. Who is your bias?
  2. Who is/are your bias wrecker(s)?
  3. What is your favorite era?
  4. What is your least favorite era?
  5. Fave look on your bias? (Pls link back to the source if using a picture!)
  6. Fave look on ___? (Pls link back to the source if using a picture!)
  7. Least favorite look on your bias? (Pls link back to the source if using a picture!)
  8. Favorite non-title track?
  9. What color do you associate with each member?
  10. What fruit best represents each member?
  11. You have to spend the weekend camping out in the middle of the woods. Which member would you want with you?
  12. Blond Namu or brown hair Namu?
  13. You must go skydiving with one member. Who do you choose? Who wouldn’t you choose?
  14. You can only say 5 words to one member. Who do you choose and what would you tell them?
  15. What would you do if you could spend one day with your bias?
  16. Which song do you have to listen to at least once a week?
  17. Do you own any Infinite merch? If yes, what? If no, what do you want?
  18. Have you ever seen them live?
  19. What is your favorite moment from Infinite Showtime?
  20. Ranking King or Sesame Player? Fave moment?
  21. Hyung line (SG, DW, WH), Middle line (HY, SY), or Maknae line (MS, SJ)
  22. Woogyu (WH & SG) or Woosoo (WH & MS)
  23. Favorite title track?
  24. Favorite airport fashion your bias has worn? (Pls credit source!)
  25. Least favorite airport fashion your bias has worn? (Pls credit source!)
  26. Myungyeol (MS & SY) or Hojong (HY & SJ)
  27. Favorite live performance?
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  29. Favorite MV?
  30. What kind of cookie do you think your bias would be?
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  33. Another Me or 27?
  34. Favorite choreography?
  35. Favorite Hoya dance solo?
  36. Which members would you like to see make a unit?
  37. Favorite ship?
  38. Use one word to describe what you love about each member
  39. Favorite gif of ___?
  40. Top 3 pictures of ___? (Don’t forget to add a link to credit!)
  41. Favorite quote from any member
  42. Favorite lyric?
  43. Favorite Sungjong maknae-on-top moment?
  44. Who would you like to see collab with another artist?
  45. Favorite prank?
  46. When did you become an Inspirit?
  47. Favorite pre-debut picture of ___?
  48. Favorite derp picture of any or all members?
  49. What animal do you feel represents each member?
  50. Come up with your own question

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oooh!!!!! has anyone asked you your top 5 fave pictures of hoya?

Omg, anon OH EM GEE no one has yet, and you know what? It’s very necessary. Get ready for some I SAY HO YOU SAY HOT DAMN cause it’s about to get sexy.

1. oppa oppa he isn’t even my oppa but i would call him oppa okay, i would freaking call lee howon oppa if he asked me to ( © pray to the moon )

2. hoya’s eyebrows are very important. more specifically, his left eyebrow. my housemate struggles with this on an almost weekly basis (yep i just said ‘look at this’ and she told me she hates me)

3. his airport fashion is lowkey and comfy looking and he is soft ( © greeny and yours only )

4. look at that bodaaaayyyyy thoooo ( © pray to the moonbe my boy)

5. also he’s a cute tiny soft ball of adorable awkwardness 

god bless lee howon, love him so much


absolutely amazing 

[News] 180108 INFINITE’s Dongwoo Shares His Emotional Reaction To Hoya’s Departure

INFINITE member Dongwoo talked about his reaction to Hoya’s departure from the group, and said they respect his decision.

On January 8, the group celebrated the release of their new album “Top Seed” with a comeback showcase. This is the first album that INFINITE has released since Hoya’s departure was announced last year.

When asked about Hoya leaving the group, Dongwoo replied at the showcase, “Life is a series of choices. If you choose one thing, there’s no choice but to give up on another thing. We respect his decision.”

“I was at Sunggyu’s house when I first heard about it,” he continued. “When I heard it, I spent an hour crying while on the phone with Hoya, and Sunggyu comforted me. Since all seven of us can have different ways of thinking, we respect that choice, and think that it’s not a bad or a good thing but that we have different paths.”

He added, “We’re six members now, but I feel like we went through growing pains recently. I think those emotions are included in the album.”

INFINITE released their new album “Top Seed” featuring the title track “Tell Me” on January 8 at 6 p.m. KST.



@fluffy-nogger asked: Hoya or Lee Howon

Unnecessary explanation of my reasoning
Before I knew Howon, the only idea I had of him was “this handsome, manly guy from Infinite”. As I started following him more, I sensed his reserved personality in most times, even tho he often loves making lame jokes and tries to be loud, and I think that side of him pulled me more towards him. 
I also love how he is awkward with the people he newly met becuz that’s also how I am and it makes me realize how hard it must’ve been for him in this industry with a personality like that and seeing how far he has come makes me respect him more. I also find it extremely cute ^u^
Last but not least, in a world that women are the ones who are taken responsible for the sexual matters either regarding themselves or even men, I think he shows an extraordinary type of “manliness” and takes the responsibility of his own chastity! It makes me so happy that he thinks like that not only becuz I’m on the same page with him but also becuz it shows his strong determination! And don’t you think the fact that he canalizes this into making something creative (and perverted) is just so damn cool? :D

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i saw some other people saying this and felt like now i could say it too: i have stopped caring about infinite as 6 and am focusing more on howon now. he was my bias anyway and i find it too hard to care about the other members when they do nothing. at least howon is giving us many updates and cares for his fans. i think the others shown their true colors when they unfollowed howon. i just can't like them anymore.

Okay so, you’re totally entitled to your own opinion and if you don’t want to follow INFINITE any more that’s fine, whatever. But please do not confuse management and company rules for the boys’ own choices. Implying that the remaining INFINITE members don’t care for their fans is just cruel and wrong, especially when poor Sungjong was moved to tears when he was able to interact with Inspirits after a long time. 

It’s up to you who you follow and support. There are no ‘sides’ as far as I’m concerned, although I do understand how it may be hard for some fans to keep up with both. But seriously, I don’t want to see anyone blaming INFINITE for a lack of activities when it is their management company who make the decisions on schedules, not them. If you want to find someone to blame in this scenario, blame Woollim. But please don’t blame the boys. That just breaks my heart. 

Credit to Nikittysan for an awesome arts 😍

Well.. if these kidos go to Hogwarts, I bet they would make more trouble than the Weasley brother are 😂😂

I can see Myungsoo turn to a cat, sleeping and being clingy all days, stealing foods from the kitchen..

Bunch of complain and trouble come from Sungyeol mischievous things added with Sungjong curses victims everywhere around the school and neighborhood..

Hoya and Woohyun nonstop trouble, either because of their own bickering with each other or because of the fight with whoever have a messed up mind to dare challenging them..

Dongwoo flying nonstop with the Nymbus, because sometimes Sunggyu asked him to stop Hoya and Woohyun, or Myungsoo, (there’s no way Sungjong and Sungyeol ever can be stopped without Sunggyu direct involvement), but Dongwoo just too easy to get distracted with, so he end up literally playing and throwing everything like a kid..

.. and Sunggyu.. while busy with his prefect stuffs, wondering how his life always totally messed up every single day because of this supid kidos 😂😂😂

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Is hoya problematic? And if so, could you please show me, if you have time ofcourse!?

I don’t know too much about Infinite so I don’t have receipts handy for them like I do say, Bangtan. But from searching, it looks like:

-Said the n word while Infinite H was performing in Shanghai

-Said the n word while performing O (Omarion) during Infinite’s 2nd Invasion concert (at about 0:28)

-Has said some really fetishizing stuff about wishing he was black

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wait what? what did hoya post? i can't understand!

Hi! Okay, so he posted some song lyrics from The Same Way I Felt The First Time by Lee Sora. You can listen here (with English subs). The part Hoya posted was this:

기다림에 지쳐가는 걸 다 you’re getting tired of waiting
알고있어 i know it
아직도 가야하는 내게 넌 i still have far to go
기대할 수도 없겠지 you might not expect much of me, right
그 마음이 식어가는 걸 난 너무 두려워 i’m so scared of your heart turning cold
어제 널 보았을 때 눈 돌리던 the me who who looked the other way yesterday
날 잊어줘 forget [that] me
내가 사랑하며 사랑한단 even while loving you, instead of loving you
말 대신 instead of telling [you]
차갑게 대하는 걸 알잖아 i may start turning cold, as you know
오늘 널 멀리하며 혼자 있는 today i’ll be on my own, away from you
날 믿어줘 trust in me
내가 차마 네게 할 수 없는 here are the things i couldn’t
말 그건 say to you
사랑해 처음 느낌 그대로 i love you, the same way it felt the first time

So yeah, I think everyone is feeling super emotional about it?

Dongwoo when asked about Hoya: I was at sunggyu’s house when I first heard about it. I spent an hour crying while on the phone with Hoya and Sunggyu comforted me. Since all seven of us can have different ways of thinking, we respect that choice and think that it’s not a bad or good thing but that we have different paths.

Me: *actually crying*

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Hey this is so random but my sister told me she watched an interview of Kim Sung-kyu from infinite a long time ago where he was saying that he cried when he was younger bc he wanted to be black. I was looking everywhere for that interview but I can't find it. Idk if you watched it.

That was Hoya, but he didn’t cry, this is what Hoya said in an interview, I’m not sure if it was in a video, I think just a worded interview:

‘Because African-Americans have good physical bodies, good elasticity/flexibility during dancing, and good vibrations while singing, I was jealous and purposely went to go eat hamburgers with my hyungs who danced and learned slang that black people use.

It was to the point that once during puberty, I asked my mom, ‘Why aren’t I black?’ My mom’s answer? ‘Because I’m not black.’

Recently while filming the music video for ‘She’s Back’ I got a natural tan. Everyone didn’t like that they got burned, but I was the only happy one. I can almost say that my role models are black people.’

@hyojin__choi__ @fxxldoggssy
내가 2번 골라줬단말야..
욕하지말자 저렇게 노력하잖아

text bubble translation:
hoya: out of the two, which is better?
i’m going to post them on instagram
do i look like i’m bad at taking selcas? 
it doesn’t look that bad right? kekeke

@hyojin__choi__ @fxxldoggssy
i’m the one that picked the second one for him..
don’t insult him, he put in a lot of effort