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uglypony: holy mother of- …. um…. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH AHHH!! 

◔^◔ why you do dis

thank you all so darn much sdfajsdfhdsj 

these are all my fiends >3< or just people who i talked to… or just pones i admire 030 so thanks to these guys, im so happy to be a part of the fandom >3< 

thank you all so much! you mean the world to me!!! ^3^

(pff you guys look all so darn cute with a bag on your head, i say you should get one >3>….)

BTW to those i have done this, if you wish to have your pone separate, i can send it to you! just ask me!! ^3^

(do you think i forgot to say thanks?)

“I had a wonderful time… Thanks for everything. Goodnight, Cain..”

[MOD: So… It’s been a while since a new “Hearts and Hooves” post between Cain and Twisted and with Horror leaving Tumblr I figured it was time to post this.

I finished this months ago and I wasn’t sure when to post it but since the blog has been a bit quiet since my internet is off (I hope to have it back on on the 5th but we’ll see) and Horror’s departure I felt it was time.

This takes place later in the story– long story short, Cain gets badgered into asking Twist out on a date. Typical thing, she dresses up all spiffy and they have a wonderful time despite each other’s social awkwardness and they part ways for the night.. This is the two saying goodnight.

ask-horrorpony; It’s been real dude! 

Also. I just realized I forgot her wings. Yeah, I know, I’m a idiot. But I guess I was just too focused on her outfit to care. XP Too late now, gonna post it anyways.]