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Ok but Dad Reborn raising Fem Tsuna, braiding her hair, letting her paint his nails, wearing a bracelet she made for him, Tsuna making Leon a scarf for winter. Biromantic Fem Tsuna bringing home attractive friends and Reborn being a suspicious over protective dad. With godparents Lal and Colonello-Kes

I don’t usually like genderbends but holy shit this is TOO ADORABLE!!!

And since we’re making Tsu a girl, let’s go ahead and even the odds in his guardians:

Boys: Lambo, Mukuro, Hayato, Takeshi

Girls: Chrome (obv), Tsuna, Ryohei, Kyoya

- Hayato gets really flustered the first time he sees Tsuna in dying will mode, so the first thing he does after he accepts her as his boss is to buy her some inflammable boxer shorts and a camisole bra because that’s hella better than her in her panties and the cute frilly bras she likes to wear

- Reborn raised Tsuna to be able to kill anyone who even looks at her funny, and they’ve never really been too hung up on nudity/revealing clothes, which is why neither of them are exactly disturbed by the consequences of dying will mode. It’s a necessary step to take so that her body gets acclimated to using so much sky flames in such a short time, before she starts using hdwm.

- Students at school start calling Tsuna a slut because of her running around half-naked, and none of her guardians are having any of that. They know Tsuna can look after herself, but she shouldn’t have to all the time. They see how much it hurts her, and they don’t want anyone hurting their Donna. So they fight. And they send anyone to the hospital for so much as breathing funny around her.

- Sasagawa Ryouka is captain of the boys’ boxing team because she’s so powerful that none of the girls could give her a decent sparring match. She eventually starts a movement that ends up making all the clubs in her school (and later in all of Japan) co-ed.

- Ryouka immediately LOVES Hibari because her name is Kyoko and she has the same name as Ryouka’s little sister and obviously anyone named Kyoko has to be a good person.

- Chrome is a lot more outgoing because there are other girls in her immediate group of friends and even though she’s still closest to Mukuro, she gets along better with the other guardians instead of always being grouped together with Kyoko and Haru who, while good friends, aren’t exactly part of Tsuna’s inner circle.

- Big sister Ryouka who is gorgeous and buff and doesn’t care much for dressing up (is in fact mistaken for a guy pretty often) but is so caring and protective that a lot of girls actually have huge crushes on her even though she’s also really loud and kinda annoying.

- No slut-shaming or pressuring girls into things at Nami-Chuu because if you do Hibari Kyoko will rip your fucking throat out and she’s absolutely gorgeous but everyone is fucking terrified of her.

- Tsuna still has a crush on Kyoko. And once Ryouka becomes her guardian, she also has a crush on her for like an hour because Ryouka’s so pretty and amazing. But then Tsuna learns to love her like a big sister.

- Most of the girls in Tsuna’s group are completely shameless and it’s beautiful. If Ryouka needs a pad, she will literally yell down the hall to ask Tsuna if she has one. Chrome is completely mortified at first because her mother raised her not to talk about girl things and to be docile and quiet and obedient. After spending time with Tsu and the others, she learns to get over it.

- Tsuna’s guardians totally have sleepovers at her house all the time, and Reborn doesn’t give a shit that there are boys sleeping over at his house or that they’re all so affectionate with his daughter because he handpicked Tsuna’s guardians and he knows none of them would ever do anything untowards to her. And not to mention that he knows they’re all kinda terrified of him.

- On Valentines day, they all totally pretend to be couples in order to get better deals at restaurants and the amusement park and stuff. Usually the pairings are: Mukuro and Chrome, Hayato and Tsuna, and Takeshi and Ryouka, but sometimes they mix it up just for the hell of it and it often leads to hilarious results. Everyone at school is confused about who’s going out with who. 

I’M SO SORRY KES. I know you wanted cute arco!parents and lil Tsu, but the plot bunny got away from me XDDD

This AU is from now on gonna be the genderswap AU and will be added to my AU list shortly. Ask my more about it if you guys want!!!

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Hi ! Can we get a continuation of the Vongola using the 10 yr bazooka and breaking up with their s/o but Intsead of acknowledging it and sadly moving on they try and win their s/o back ? For Tsuna , Hibari & Mukuro please ? ? Ps I would just like to say thank you to all admins running this blog. The query you held a little while ago was amazing and I took delight in reading all of it !


~I would like to thank the asker- a-court-of-nightmares- for this opportunity. Just so everybody knows I am absolutely honored to be taking this up where it left off. Admin Reborn is hella talented. Just for that I am breaking my rule of headcanons only. I can only wish that my writing this will do the ask justice. I hope you enjoy.

P.S.: In case you guys don’t know about the submission we are referring to then you can find it here:

admin Adelheid


Somehow Tsuna made it to the meeting place. He waved off the negligent attendant’s apologies distractedly and took a seat in the chair that had been reserved for him. Recklessly he ordered a bottle of brandy and a glass filled with ice hoping he could distract himself with enough drink to unsee what he had seen just a few minutes ago.

He wanted nothing more than to curl up in his chair back in the mansion with a bottle of better brandy than this shit he was being currently served and wallow in his defeat. He wanted time. Time to get over you again. Time to pick up the shattered pieces of the broken heart he now thinks he may have brought upon himself.

“Sir, the client has arrived.”

Tsuna looked up, his expression sour. His eyes widened however when he recognized the man who was now looking at him with hat in hand, shoulders and head bent in humility.

It was the man you were with out on the street earlier!

“Sir,” the escort still by your side began introducing the man. “He is the one asking for the loan extension.”

Tsuna kept his face composed and flicked his fingers imperiously, signaling for the man’s file and flipping through it half listening to the man’s pleas even as he fought the trembling in his body at being this close to the man that had been the cause of his doubt. Of his rage. Of his poor judgment.

He stopped flipping through the man’s file when he came across a photo of you. You were just sitting there at an outdoor café drinking your favorite iced latté exhibiting all the mannerisms possible on one still moment that Tsuna had remembered all too well. And again he felt like breaking down.

“I see you have a beautiful… fiancé?” he had to say the word through gritted teeth. It felt wrong, so wrong to refer to you as anyone else’s fiancé.

“Ah! Yes!” the man before Tsuna nodded eagerly. “She’s a beauty, isn’t she? Took me some time to get her but you know how women are. Give them enough time and they’ll eat right out of your hand if you tame them well enough, know what I mean?”

The insinuation made Tsuna sick and it was all he could do not to smash his fist into the douchebag himself however… another thought came to his mind.

“If I asked for her as collateral,” Tsuna began. “Will you sign her over?”

The attendant in the room stared at his Boss in barely concealed shock but it transformed into full blown disbelief when their client almost immediately nodded in agreement in a most eager fashion.

“Of course! No problem! I can get the money back in less than a month!”

The cold smirk Tsuna gave him should have warned him of his doom.

Tsuna had surveillance on you; detailing your whereabouts and habits. Making sure that your faithful fiancé did not pawn you off as collateral to anyone else which the man had tried to do several times trying to secure more money much to Tsuna’s disgust. It was only a matter of time before the month is up and not even a farthing showed up to save you from getting sold to him. He’ll take care to have the fool put in prison for embezzling later.

That night your fiancé surprised you by dressing you up and taking you out to dinner to a very fancy restaurant. It had been a while since he took you out claiming he had been busy with work. He had then driven you off to a five star hotel and you assumed he wanted to spend time with you there. You felt that nagging guilt in your heart that you were being unfaithful again. Unfaithful to the memory of the man who had thrown you away but you quashed that thought immediately. This was your life now. It did not belong to anyone else but you any longer.

The moment you entered the penthouse suite, however you were in for the surprise of your life. Because there, standing in front of the wide windows framing the city’s nightscape was the same man who had haunted your every wish every night since he broke up with you. Looking so much more mature, so much more tired and jaded and oh so handsome your heart couldn’t stop clenching painfully.

But your will was stronger now. He made you stronger by breaking up with you. So with a flaming gaze you stared right back at him with narrowed eyes.

“What’s the meaning of this?” you asked, still looking into those gold burnished caramel eyes you have missed so much. The fact that they shone with recognition of you made it hard for you to swallow the lump down your throat and keep a straight face.

“I’m sorry, my dear,” you turned just in time to see your fiancé backing out of the room looking guilty but much more anxious to get away than anything else. “But he owns you now.”

“Wha­―?” your words were cut off when the door closed behind him.

You ran and tried to open the door, wanting to demand an explanation but knowing deep inside your soul that you had been betrayed. However the door was locked from the outside. You have had your suspicions and you knew he had been having money problems. You just assumed he was over them when he took you out to dinner tonight. You never even suspected it was going to be your version of the ‘Last Supper’.

“It won’t open,” Tsuna’s voice behind you made your shoulders stiffen. He sounded so near. In your dreams it always seemed as though his voice sounded so far away from you. Like there was a chasm in between yourselves that you can never cross. “I have the only key card that will open that door from this side.”

You leaned your forehead against the door and took a few deep breaths to give you strength. Control, you needed control. You needed strength not to break down like a loser and keep at least a smidgen of dignity in this horrible, horrible mess.

“I am a person.” You finally say, straightening your shoulders but not yet turning to face him. She needed a little bit more time for that. “I’m not something you can own.”

“Really?” What happened to his voice? How could it be so low and yet still be so… Tsuna? It made every carnal part of you shiver in desire. How can he still do that after all these years? After all he’d done? “Your fiancé didn’t seem to think so. He was quite eager when I suggested he make you his collateral for the loan I lent him.”

You pursed your lips but finally managed to renege enough righteous indignation to turn around and finally face him. Your eyes defiant and stubborn, glinting in the candle light scattered across the room. “You tricked him, didn’t you? What did you do?”

Tsuna couldn’t stand being the object of your accusations. He had always been on the receiving end of your loving scrutiny. He was so shaken by your hate that his hand shook slightly as he reached for the bottle of champagne he had set on a nearby table along with a bowl of your favorite ripe strawberries. He drank an entire flute trying to avoid your gaze.

“What do you want?” you continued to question him, your voice beginning to shake with anxiety. “What are you going to do to me? Are you going to sell me into prostitution now? Are you going to make me pay you for every cent he owes you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous―”

“Then let me go―”

“I can’t do that―”

“Then what the hell do you want?!”

“I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME, DAMN IT!” he yelled as he threw the champagne flute on the floor, meeting your eyes with his burning ones, the brown disappearing in a fiery sort of gold that reflected his anger, his frustration, his unadulterated passion. “I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!”

“I DID LOVE YOU!” you yelled back, the tears hanging on your lashes now as all the pain, all the confusion, all the betrayal gushed from your chest. “I LOVED YOU AND YOU THREW ME AWAY LIKE SO MUCH GARBAGE, TSUNA! YOU BROKE ME IN PIECES WHEN YOU LEFT ME! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR ME TO PIECE MYSELF BACK TOGETHER?! DO YOU?!”


EIGHT YEARS!” you shouted back, cutting him off as you finally lose the battle with your tears, taking a step back when he took a step towards you. “EIGHT YEARS I WISHED EVERY NIGHT YOU’D COME BACK! EIGHT YEARS OF ALMOST GOING INSANE WANTING YOU! EIGHT YEARS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I DID WRONG!”

Tsuna pursed his lips in determination as he strode towards you. Teeth gritted, will resolved and heart hurting because it always hurt him when you cried. Always. Always.

“No! No no!” you tried to run away from his approach but he pinned you against the wall he caught you in front of and caught you in a kiss so filled with longing and want and need it made you lose strength in your limbs. By the time he released you all you could do was stare back at him in hopeless surrender, your tears trailing down your cheeks. Still angry, still scared to death, but still so hopelessly in love with him you could barely stand it. “What do you want from me, Tsuna? Please, I’m begging you… I won’t be able to survive this a second time. Don’t do this to me…!”

“Fuck destiny,” he muttered against your lips, breathing hard, pressing his body against you hungrily as he did so. “From now on, I’m making my own damn future.”

Tsuna then whisked you to the bedroom and took you on the bed with the urgency of a man who finally had what he wanted after a long, long time of being denied. He ignored your protests until they dwindled into moans and gasps and kisses and caresses.

To him whatever he said now was useless; he had already hurt you with words. From now on he will show you he wanted to keep you forever using his actions.


But even as he turned to walk away the images of that stranger wrapped around you so lovingly, your lips fused with someone else’s that was not him played like a mocking song over and over in his mind. It felt a lot like listening to that damn pineapple’s laughter.

It just wasn’t acceptable!

And he couldn’t help but realize he was being such a herbivore for running away when he could just get his revenge on the man who ruined his life by sending him flying off right in front of you before walking out of your life forever and end this undying regret!

This wasn’t him. This was not Hibari Kyouya.

He turned around, intending to put his thoughts into actions but the sight that played before him made Hibari’s whole being deflate.

“You son of a bitch!” Hibari heard you screech in that way that had always annoyed him back when you were together. You used it on him whenever he was ‘being particularly overbearing’ or so you might say. “What the hell did you think you were doing?! What part of “I am not interested in you that way” did you not understand?!”

“Come on! You’ve been single for as long as I’ve known you!” the man whined in frustration. “Give me a chance, damn it! Whoever it is you’re holding out for it’s obvious he’s never coming back!”

“That is none of your goddamn business!” you yelled back, voice even higher pitched than the last one before turning and preparing to walk away.

But apparently the infatuated pup was not ready to give up just yet and made another attempt to grab at you and before Hibari knew what he was doing, he had his fist dislocating the man’s jaw.

Hibari stared down at the man he had just knocked down cold, his mind a mess of jumbled thoughts of truths and facts that rendered him speechless and still now mocking him with even more malice than the sight of you wrapped up in another man’s embrace.

The truth that he made a mistake oh so long ago.

The fact that he had broken up with you for nothing.

He wanted to throw up.


He looked up at your whisper and you couldn’t help but gasp at the utter devastation you could see in his face. It was an expression you had never thought you would ever see on the visage of the Cerberus of Namimori. Your breath caught at your throat before reality caught up with you and you scowled right back at him, pursing your lips to keep them from trembling.

You didn’t want to remember anything anymore. It hurt too much.

“I’m calling an ambulance, I’ll tell the police someone mugged him. Get out of here.” You told him quietly as you took your phone out.

But he caught your wrist in his one large hand and then suddenly, his face was buried in the crook of your neck and your eyes widened at how cold his skin felt. At how much he’s trembling. His free arm wrapped around you so tight you just knew it would be impossible to free yourself from his hold.

He took your phone from your hand and dialed blindly. He then put it in his ear and waited for a familiar voice to pick up.



And this time it was your turn to shiver.  He was talking right against your skin; you could feel his lips softly brushing your neck like a new paintbrush and your tears sprang from your eyes as the memories started flooding in at how you owned them once. It was all you could do not to melt against him. It was all you could do not to surrender yourself to the feel of him so close to you once more.

Lord it’s been so long…


“Send a medical team over to the park. Someone’s probably in a coma.”

“Yes, at once.”

He dropped the phone on the ground without even bothering to end the call and wrapped his other arm around you. Just as tight. Just as desperately. And all you wanted was to revel in the feel of him, the scent of him against you and surrender everything that you worked so hard on to survive after he sent you away.

But you can’t. Because even though you were you, you will never be strong enough for this. For him.

“I think you better let go now.” You cursed at the lump caught in your throat that made it difficult for you to speak. You swallowed hard and steeled yourself up. Donning the invisible armor you had honed throughout these years. “Let go, Kyouya.”

He didn’t respond. All he did was hold you tighter and nuzzle his face against your skin like a puppy desperate for some form of affection. Wanting you to take him and give him a home.

And you understood that. You had always understood him despite his lack of words. It was the reason why you knew you loved him. Just one glance, one touch, one gesture and you knew what he wanted. What he needed.

There was once a time when you would have moved heaven and earth to make sure he got what he longed for. There was once a time when you would have offered a pinkie just to make him happy.

But it was different this time.

You understood but the wounds he left you ran far too deep; far too painful for you to risk yourself to the pain one more time. He had left you weak and wanting. He had managed to tear you apart.

“Please,” you begged him in a broken whisper even as you try to step out of his embrace, your tears already falling. “I don’t have another heart left to break.”

He clung to you and you bit your lip when he started trailing kisses against your neck in a desperate attempt to make you stay.


“I made a mistake. I doubted you,” you trembled at how hoarse his usually smooth voice sounded. It was as though he had been gargling glass all of a sudden and you felt your knees weaken at the raw emotion in his words. “But I need you. I never stopped wanting you. I never stopped loving you. I can’t let you go.”

He then pushed back a little to look you in the eye and the tortured expression on his face coupled by the grim resolution on his lips and the sheer longing in his eyes did you in. But the next words that came out of his mouth shattered you in a million little pieces and it was then and there that you knew― just knew― that you were already beyond saving from the influence of this man.

“I’m sorry.”


He made it as far as the restrooms before he felt his legs give out. Never before had he been so overwhelmed with such loss and longing that it rendered him almost incapacitated. Oh how the Skylark would have sneered at him if he could see him now.

But he couldn’t help it. He missed you.

Always, constantly, like a well worn song that was always on replay. These past ten years were a series of alternate contrasting feelings of him trying to crush your memory and clinging to it with every strength he had left.

Mukuro leaned his forehead against the mirror in front of the sink and allowed himself to wallow in the memories.

He could still remember everything clearly.

The sight of you, the feel of you, the scent of you…

Even after all these years― even after all the other lovers― he still wore your memory like a warm blanket against the cold loneliness he made for himself.

He punched the wall in an attempt to bury the emotional pain with the physical one. He failed miserably.

His contemplation was interrupted when the door to the restroom opened and the man you were with came in and went straight for a urinal. Mukuro observed him from his reflection in the mirror.

He looked like a decent sort. Not devastatingly rich but confident enough in his finances to wear branded clothing. He looked like every ordinary person Mukuro had ever seen on the street and he wondered what you saw in him. He wondered how you treated him.

The man finished and stepped beside Mukuro to wash his hands. He nodded politely at the illusionist as he ran his hands under the faucet and suddenly a furious jealousy rose like a tempest in the Mist user’s heart. Perhaps he can indulge one more time? What was one more sin on top of all the others he had already committed? Surely the universe could look away just this once?

Before he knew it he took over the man’s mind and rendered him insensate and took all his identification and keys. He sent Chikusa a text to tell his minion to pick up the man and take it to their hotel and have him stay there until further orders. Mukuro then gave the man a mental prompt to hide in a bathroom stall and lock it before conjuring up an illusion of the man to cover over his own appearance. Chikusa should be able to open the stall without any problems.

Mukuro then stepped out of the restroom and approached your patient self and his heart pounded in excitement when he saw you direct that tender smile at him again after all these years. The pleasure was so raw and aching it almost sent him on his knees. You allowed him to take your hand and Mukuro almost moaned when he felt your thumb circle the back of his hand as you both walked out of the library. He couldn’t take his eyes off you. He kept bringing your hand to his lips for lingering kisses. They still smelled so heavenly…

You both arrive in the apartment you were sharing with this man who’s skin Mukuro was wearing and again jealousy stabbed at his heart as he saw the photographs and all the little things that declared this place your love nest with that accursed stranger.

Mukuro wanted to destroy it all. He wanted to pour gasoline over every single available space and burn it to the ground.

“Darling?” Mukuro looked up at you with his eyes still in a blind rage at your call. You took a step back in fright at the murderous look in his eyes. He thought you were going to run but instead you stepped forward the way you have done with him all those years ago. And like all those years ago you held his face in your hands and caressed his cheeks soothingly. “Darling, is everything okay?”

Mukuro couldn’t help it. He looked into your tender, loving eyes and shivered like a man finally given warmth after being stranded out in the cold for too long. Your touch felt too good. Your voice made him bite his lip to stop himself from moaning out your name and letting go of his tears.

“Sorry.” He finally managed, kissing the palm of a hand still caressing his face. Taking a good long whiff of the scent that had haunted his deepest, darkest dreams all these long, long years. “I was just… Thinking.”

You pulled his head towards yours until your foreheads touched and you placed a tender kiss on his lips even as your eyes glowed with sad understanding. “Are you still thinking about my first love? The one I told you about last night?”

Mukuro’s breath caught. Were you talking about him?

“It’s alright. I made you a promise didn’t I? I’ll love you. I’ll love you as much as I can. And when we’re married I’ll forget about him. I promise.”

The words made the madness explode in his mind. Mukuro couldn’t take it anymore. With a dry sob he caught your lips in a kiss so hungry, so needy it almost tore you apart. His whole body shivered as you responded generously. Gracefully. Instinctively giving him the comfort you felt he desperately needed. He pushed you on the carpeted floor and tore at your clothes in his desperate need to devour you. To have you. To hold you. And you responded with gentle, calming caresses that drove him mad with want.

It made him insane. Insane that you would give all this to anyone else but him. Insane that he was not a good person who deserved someone as kind as you. Insane that being with you defied his law of karma.

Forget him? Forget him?

Fuck that!

“Darling…” you panted underneath him as he roughly pulled your skirt up. The straps of your dress already torn and fallen around your now exposed chest currently bruising from his kisses. “What’s going on? You’re acting strange…”

Mukuro responded by catching your lips in another bruising kiss and you arch your body underneath him, unable to control your responses to these familiar caresses… These familiar kisses… This familiar scent…


“Say my name…!” he begged against your lips as he began to slip your underwear down your thighs.

Suddenly you push him away from yourself and your eyes, no longer hazy with desire but now filling up with horrified realization, stared right back up at him. Your lips forming the only name that made sense in your mind.


Mukuro allowed the illusion over his body to melt off and showed you the need and fury on the face of the man who had never gotten over sending you away. He ripped your underwear off and pulled your legs apart before practically proceeding to tear his fly open.

He was beyond sanity, beyond reason. Before the only person he had ever wanted logic had no place in his mind any more.

“No!” you protested as you try to move away. “No, you can’t do this! Where is he?! Where’s my fiancé?!”

“He’s safe, my love, don’t worry. For now at least.” Mukuro replied, catching your thighs and dragging you back to him. The touch of insanity glinting in his eyes as he eyed your naked skin. “I should kill him for daring to even touch you.”

His smooth voice seduced you, called to you. Even after all these years of telling yourself you were over him that silky, breathy baritone still made you hot and wet and you felt shame at yourself. Because all of a sudden you now realize that no matter how much you loved the man you were about to marry you had never felt this much passion for him. He had never made you feel this insatiable fever. Never made you ache with both longing and need all at the same time in such an intense way that it felt like a descent to lunacy.

“No…!” you try to push away one last time. Attempting to salvage what dignity you have left. Attempting to save what was left of the broken pieces of yourself that you had managed to pick up after he left you, you close your eyes and try to blot out the image of him above you. Trying to deny he was here. Telling yourself you were dreaming. “He’s been kind to me! Patient with me! Don’t do this! You’ve already ruined my life once, don’t do it again! Please!”

Suddenly you stop struggling when you feel a few drops of wetness fall on your cheeks. Despite yourself you open your eyes and your gaze widened at the sight of the dreaded Rokudo Mukuro allowing his tears to fall as he stared down at you with angry passion.

“Did you think it was easy for me to make you leave?! I didn’t make you leave because I hated you. I saw a glimpse of a future and saw you’d be happier with a man who was a total opposite of me,” he hissed at you, eyes unblinking, expression tragic and breathing labored as he leaned above you. His eyes looking back at you clear and containing a raw, naked truth that pierced through you like a bullet. “I thought I was strong enough to let you go. I thought I could bear the loneliness as long as you were happy! But when I saw you earlier with him I almost died again. I’m not strong enough to forget you. I’m not strong enough to let anyone else have you. Why do you think I’m here?!

You couldn’t stop your tears from falling as another realization dawned on you.

You had always known he was a liar. You loved him despite all that. So when he broke up with you you were thrown into uncertainty. You didn’t know if he was lying about ever loving you or lying about tiring of you. Both sides of those lies hurt. Both thoughts almost brutally killed you. Now you know the answer…

But you are too scared to risk having your heart broken again.

“Please…” you beg even as you felt yourself crumble at the raw, aching emotions in his eyes, his lips, his very touch as he parted your legs even wider. “Please… If you have any mercy left… Let me go…”

“My love,” he whispered hoarsely even as he thrust himself inside you so deep he was buried to the hilt. You bit your lip as you try to hold back the pleasure threatening to overwhelm you. Your back arching off the floor like a puppet caught in this man’s strings. “You― more than anyone― should know that I am not a merciful man…”

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Hey! I was just reading through your Genderswap AU and I was wondering how the Varia would react to Tsuna and half her guardians being female? I can see the Varia doing their best to keep up with the powerful girls (Tsuna, Kyoko, Ryouko, Chrome) and the boys as well.

Hmmm. You know, I think that more than anything, the Varia would be more concerned about the fact that Tsuna is Reborn’s daughter, rather than her and her guardians’ genders. But here, some headcanons about the Varia and the rest of the mafia interacting with Tsu and her guardians:

  • People tend to underestimate Tsuna and her guardians, because both she and her strongest guardian are female so “lol that means the men can’t be that strong haha”. Cue the boys of the family just shaking their heads sadly because that is the number one way to bump yourself to the top of the girls’ kill list.
  • When Kyoko says her catchphrase “I’ll bite you to death,” please note that the correct response is not “kinky.” Because instead of a short, week-long stay in the hospital, she will break all four of your extremities and kick you in the nuts multiple times, and then as she grinds her foot into your throat while you choke, she’ll ask, “Am I still kinky now?”
  • Big sis Luss gets along fabulously with the girls, but she’s horrified by Tsuna’s terrible sense of style, so she takes it upon herself to teach Tsuna about fashion.
  • Chrome is a trans girl.
  • Xanxus literally does not give a shit that Tsuna’s a girl. He doesn’t even blink twice. He turns out to be a lowkey feminist, and he’ll smack his guardians across the mouth if they say anything sexist. It ends up being a bonding point for him and Tsuna once Xanxus gets over his whole parricidal rebellious phase.
  • Tsuna and Squalo bond over hair care hacks. Kyoko pretends she doesn’t care, but she’s always hovering a few feet away, listening intently, because her luscious black hair takes a lot of maintenance, and she sees it as a representation of her pride, so it can never look less than perfect. Ryouka still keeps her hair short and buzzed on the sides because it’s more convenient that way when she’s fighting.
  • Protective great-great-great-grandpa Gio watches over his precious grandbaby through the rings, whispering secrets in her ear that her conscious mind can’t pick up, but that sink into her subconscious and help her grow strong. Gio instills in his granddaughter the lazy confidence of a lion, the grace of a tigress, the majesty of a jaguar.
  • When Timoteo announces Tsuna as his heir, half the Vongola rises in protest. But Timoteo silences them with the ease of long practice. He’s old now, the only one who remembers anything about his mother’s reign, but he looks at Tsuna, and sees Daniela in her. And he knows she’s the Donna the Vongola needs.

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How does Tsuna and co. reunite with Ryohei?-Kes

So the Namimori guardians (Kyoya, Ryohei, and Takeshi) all happen at once, and here’s how it goes.

Before the whole incident, the three of them hadn’t really know each other. They’re in different years at school, so they never really had much chance to interact with each other, and if they had seen each other around school once or twice, they wouldn’t have remembered.

So none of them know, at first, that the others are from the same town as them.

So when they’re sent back to their birth world, it really hits them all hard, and in different ways.

Ryohei, who always found it hard to cope with losing his precious little sister so abruptly, and who always wondered if she ever got over his disappearance, or what kind of woman she grew up to be, is of course overjoyed to be back with her. The joy lasts all of ten seconds before it’s quickly replaced by a crushing grief. Because whereas before he had only had to deal with the loss of one sibling, now he’s lost seven, and the pain isn’t any less for them not being blood related to him. After decades spent looking after five younger siblings, he now only has one, and he ends up overcompensating just a little, suffocating his younger sister with his protectiveness and in turn causing her to grow up sheltered and naive, ignorant of the ways of the world.

Takeshi, who’s always been the popular kid, the one everyone wants to be friends with, but who, even at his young age, had felt so completely alone even when surrounded by a sea of people. Takeshi who had finally found people who understood him, and who didn’t care about him only for his athletic abilities. And after spending years working in the shadows as his king’s sometime spy, it’s disconcerting to suddenly be thrust back into the spotlight so completely, to never have a moment of blessed darkness in which to recover, and put his best skills to the test.

Kyoya, who’s always been so good at being independent, who never cared about forming close relationships with other people because they inevitably tried to chain him down. And who had, by some happy miracle, found people to protect and care for, who would never even dream of restricting him, people who gave him a home to return to without, in turn, imprisoning and suffocating him. Kyoya who had for years been the one in charge of keeping his kingdom safe from enemies, and who know channels that impulse into keeping crime out of Namimori.

The only reason the three of them don’t end up becoming quite as bad as Hayato is because by some miracle, they find their way back to each other a few weeks after being thrust back in time.

Ryohei is protecting his sister from a bunch of older kids who had been giving her a hard time, when he hears someone click their tongue disapprovingly, and a the familiar catchphrase of “I’ll bite you to death.”

He stumbles, his breath catching in his throat, and by the time he’s able to focus again, the bullies are gone, and there’s an older boy with raven black hair standing in front of him, staring at him with what others would mistakenly call hostility, but which Ryohei can identify as relief and incredulity.

Ryohei is somehow able to tell his sister to go back home, and wait until she’s out of sight before he breaks down crying, clinging to Kyoya’s shirt as the older boy awkwardly pats him on the head, trying to be reassuring in his own way. It’s the last time Ryohei lets himself be weak.

It isn’t more than three days later that the two of them (who have spent as much time together as humanly possible since being reunited) stumble upon a friendly baseball game at the park, and see a familiar brunet waiting in line to bat.

“TAKESHI!” screams Ryohei as soon as he sees him, and Takeshi turns around, looking as if he’s seen a ghost. As soon as his eyes land on the two of them, Takeshi abandons the game without a look back, much to the confusion of his teammates.

He’s crying and laughing as he launches himself at Ryohei, and it’s only his and Kyoya’s death glares that keep the other members of the baseball game from harassing Takeshi for leaving the game early.

The three of them form a slightly unhealthy co-dependent relationship. Takeshi especially gets really panicky if he doesn’t spend at least an hour or two with the others a day, and Kyoya and Ryohei don’t do anything but encourage this.

The three of them are still so hurt from losing the others, especially from losing their beloved king, that they’re terrified of losing each other as well.

And then three years later, very soon after Tsuna is reunited with Hayato and Reborn, Tsuna’s mother decides to move her family back to her childhood home, the little town of Namimori.

Hayato (who’s come to live with them through a convoluted series of events) is still extremely protective of Tsuna, and really prickly when anyone but Reborn or Nana comes anywhere near his king (though Nana soon loses her privilege when Hayato sees how she treats Tsuna).

Within hours of arriving in Namimori, Tsuna and Hayato unwittingly stumble across the other three and it happens like this:

Nana sends them to get takeout for lunch, since they’ve only just moved there and there aren’t any groceries in the fridge.

Tsuna remembers seeing a sushi restaurant from the car while they were driving to their new house, so he and Hayato go there.

And while they’re sitting, waiting for their order to be finished, Takeshi comes downstairs from his bedroom to let his father know he’ll be going out with some friends.

And then he sees Tsuna and Hayato sitting in his father’s restaurant, and he freezes.

He pinches himself a few times, absolutely certain he must be dreaming.

Because there’s just no way.

Then Tsuna stands up, all wide eyes and trembly lips, blinking fast like he’s about to start crying.

“Takeshi?” he asks, his voice a little raspy.

A sob escapes from Takeshi’s throat as  he attacks Tsuna in a tight hug, still disbelieving.

He doesn’t let go of Tsuna for the next half hour, even when he moves to give Hayato a one-armed hug.

Or when Ryohei and Kyoya show up to see what’s taking him so long, and Takeshi has to move so that Tsuna can have his reunion with them - Takeshi keeps a death grip on one of Tsuna’s hands, and Tsuna doesn’t complain.

The five of them spend hours sitting there in the restaurant, talking excitedly and catching up.

Hayato has to walk away for a second to call Tsuna’s mother and apologize that they got caught up in something. Takeshi watches after Hayato anxiously until he comes back to sit with them again, worried that if he goes too far out of his line of sight, he might not come back to them.

Reborn shows up soon after in his suit, prim and proper and smiling indulgently (or at least his equivalent of it) at the children as they fold him quickly into their group. He has to excuse himself for a short while to pay for the order Tsuna and Hayato had placed, and take Nana’s share of it back to the house.

Takeshi feels his throat close as Reborn walks out the door, and he finds he can’t breathe until Reborn walks back in ten minutes later.

Tsuyoshi doesn’t exactly know what’s going on, and he’d be a bit worried, but that haunted, grief-stricken look he’s grown accustomed to seeing in Takeshi’s eyes has lightened considerably with the arrival of these two strange new boys, so he doesn’t question it, just thanks whatever god is listening that his son is finally happy again.

Things aren’t alright yet, because they’re still missing three of their number, but it’s better.

And about now they’re starting to find themselves hoping that somehow, just maybe, they might one day be whole again.

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yeah! Well, where’s hibari’s past?!?!

well that just means more headcanons.

i cant believe the series ended this way. There was alot of secrets that are untold and unknown. But may god bless amano for teaching us all valueable lessons and giving us this beautiful series.

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Ok but consider: sometimes they cant get near Tsuna to arrest him because Tsuna's friends are having none of that (especially Hibari-dont-break-the-rules-Kyoya)-Kes

Ahahaha, I love this XDD And lbr, they totally would. Once Mukuro and Kyoya are able to bring themselves to admit that they actually do care for Tsuna, I swear they become so overprotective of him.

And it’s kinda creepy, but Tsuna is mostly relieved because there’s something very comforting about having that kind of raw power on your side.

The Nami-chuu police department attempt to arrest Tsuna at least once a week (if they had their way though, it would be every day, but like 60% of their arrest attempts are stopped before they even make contact, because one of the guardians intercepts them.)