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Aaahahaha oh mai these were all I could do for pone prom day two
Laaame quality but that adds to the ~comedic~ effect right
Shout out to this poor soul @pirateking-hightide who went to prom with Roni and had to wear something I designed
And to @rosa-the-pirate who made the reply for doodle no. 3
And also to @moonwish / @askstarlightsong and @ask-hexandtesla for appearing in doodle no. 4
And finally to @ask-goldenpen / @harmonscorner , @askdarlingadelaide and @ask-kashme the cute senseis in doodle no. 5

There’s so many prom senpais I still gotta doodle tho. Maybe in traditional since I won’t have the computer~


I NEEDED TO SHOW YOU GUYS MY LOVE! It’s a bit early, but I am super proud of this

So I took about 5 days of my life to do this (。◕▽◕)っ I missed people, and I am super sorry [Grey >_>] that I couldn’t cram all of my tumblr friends into these pictures, but my hand cramped up plenty of times just trying to get these guys in there X3

Everyone featured effected me one way or another, be it making a sad day into a good one, making me smile, taking the time to talk to me, and all that good stuff~

Here’s to another great year!

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10 facts about your OC

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1: Chari’s real name is Tattoo Rexy, or Tat, but Chari sounds cute! so XD if any one wanna call him that way is ok

2: He loves to eat really alot, Like ALOT!! like AAAAALOT XD he loves been chubby 

3:  He kinda doesn’t like to take stuffs way to serious, it lose fun

4: He never takes off his hat cause he thinks he looks bold without it, and he really dont need the glasses but he feels comfortable with them

5: he looks big and kinda strong but is a crybaby and scary cat most of times

6: He was going to be Pike the Kanga but i decide to make him a charizard cause i like winged dragons and most if they are fat XD

7: If you are his friend, he will protect you with his life but if you are agains his friends, he will act overprotective over his friend

8: His friends dont last more then 1 year so he tries to treasure all the time he spend with them

9: He is not a fighter but do tries to fight the best he can, and use lucha libre as fight style just cause it looks appeal 

10: he is really dumb all the time, cause he likes people to think he still childish and noble