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Riva Tropics with her marefriend Chocolate Flowers. I actually took the time to add a background to this and I’m pretty proud of it. Riva lives in an aquarium and entertains the visitors there by doing solo shows  or ones with the dolphins. Choco happened to have been there watching and went to her tank after the show. From there it was love a first sight. So this is basic scene on Choco just coming to see her mare. So cuuuuuute.

Chocolate Flowers belongs to @ask-heathersweetfeathers

((my part of the song art trade with @ask-heathersweetfeathers

A sweet, caring and motherly pegasus who helps others see the world in another perspective.
I didn’t get a name or cutiemark cause I used my last creative strenght to make this character but I hope you don’t mind!
Hope you like it and feel free to change anything you don’t like ^^

Song: Goodbye to a World by Porter Robinson))

Okay I already did this one on my mod blog…. but I got Tagged by: @toothy-tony

So I will do one for Treat >w<

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1. Being a Flirt~ ♥
2. All the little joys of food~ ♥
3. Yellow Tulips~ ♥
4. Bunny rabbits~ ♥
5. Tall commanding stallions~ ♥

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Follower picture part 1 (there will be three parts)

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There will be more, i find this easier than doing one big picture. After all thre parts are done I’ll put one big picture but no tags on it because the three parts will be out already. This makes it easier for people to pull their pony off the picture. which is a very big one. It’s big canvas ovo.

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