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From the Harry Potter universe, which character is the child of which god?

Thank you so much for this question; it was really calming to make and just what I needed! I kind of just picked the god I felt would suit them based on my own feeling and opinion as your godly parent doesn’t always define your personality like Hogwarts houses do. For simplicity’s sake, I only picked Greek Gods and if I forgot a character you’d like me to do as well, you can always send in an ask!

Harry Potter - Child of Zeus
Hermoine Granger - Child of Athena
Ron Weasley - Child of Tyche
Ginny Weasley - Child of Hecate
Neville Longbottom - Child of Demeter
Luna Lovegood - Child of Dionysus
Fred and George Weasley - Children of Hermes
Lavender Brown - Child of Aphrodite
Seamus Finnigan - Child of Hephaestus
Dean Thomas - Child of Hermes
Cedric Diggory - Child of Poseidon
Draco Malfoy - Child of Nemesis
Scorpius Malfoy - Child of Apollo
Albus Potter - Child of Hades
Rose Weasley - Child of Iris 
James Potter Jr. - Child of Hermes
James Potter Sr. - Child of Zeus
Sirius Black - Child of Dionysus
Remus Lupin - Child of Apollo
Peter Pettigrew - Child of Nike
Lily Evans - Child of Demeter
Nymphadora Tonks - Child of Hades
Percy Weasley - Child of Athena 
Albus Dumbledore - Child of Athena

- Marge

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Sorry to bug you but what are your feelings on Fleur?

I love Fleur a lot. I think she’s an overlooked badass, and the kind of person who tosses blankets over you when you sit down on her couch. 

I think she loves more deeply than Harry ever notices and wants the best for herself and her family. 

I think she takes great pride in being bilingual - and that she thinks about her history in French and her future in English. 

I think she loves Bill - not just his cool, calm demeanor, forehead kisses, and ponytail, but all of him. All the parts he doesn’t show anyone. All the parts that need the same safe harbor he offers to his family. She loves those parts and tries to be that for him. 

I think that being a Veela is something she deals with every day and her feelings on it change with the weather. 

I think Olympe Maxime took her under her under her half-monster wing the second she was registered for Beauxbaton. 

I think she’s a hell of a Beater, and a fair chaser if she can communicate well with her partners on the pitch. 

I think she loves all her sisters, blood or not, and would go to the ends of the earth for them. She values girls and female friendship, and it broke her heart initially that no one wanted her at the Burrow. 

I think she loves the smell of paint, but has no artistic ability to speak of, so she repaints the walls of Shell Cottage in varying shades of beige and blue at least once a year. 

I think she’s a terrible liar, and she and Bill decided to make Shell Cottage a safe house during the war, rather than wasting anyone’s time as spies. 

I think her house is always neat and her fireplace is always burning and she finds comfort in braiding her hair each morning and taking it out at night. 

You’re never bugging me by asking questions on this blog EVER, and I tag super liberally, so if you’re curious about feelings on a certain character, search them up! I have a lot about Fleur in her tag :) 

The first time Snape realized he was being manipulated, he was seven years old, and being goaded by his father. In his seven year old brain, albeit, a very very smart seven year old brain, he understood that what he was being told to do didn’t align with the negative consequences if he did it. It made him seethe with rage, knowing that he lost whichever move he made.

The first time Snape realized that being manipulated wasn’t a bad thing if you didn’t mind the outcome, some kids from Spinner’s End were sitting in a smallish circle on the dead grass, and Petunia, with a glint in her eye that didn’t fit with her pretty face, dared her sister to kiss the freak. He won, that day, at the age of eleven, even though she’d intended for him to lose.

The first time Snape ignored the fact that he was being manipulated, he was aware that Avery and Nott from the train were not being entirely truthful about the source of magic in a person, but they offered him a place at the long, scary Slytherin table and he was in no place not to take it.

The first time Snape lost control without thinking about the consequences of his actions, without thinking about the desired response from the boys manipulating him, he lost the thing he loved the most in the entire world. He vowed never to do it again. Vowed to examine every interaction for the source of desire, for a winner and a loser, for a long-term game.

The first time Snape needed to let himself be manipulated, was also the first time he ever manipulated someone else on purpose. He groveled, he lied, he cried, he fought, he gave up every scrap of dignity but nothing of his brain. Nothing of his love.

Even his death, even the most human moment of his life, even the moments he felt the most surrounded and doomed by the lifelong love of a woman he never got to gaze at the way he gazed up at her eyes  now - even that was not on his own terms. The last manipulation.


where are my bisexual hufflepuffs?

where are my asexual ravenclaws?

where are my trans gryffindors?

where are my genderfluid slytherins?


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Rowena: Okay WHO put a giant squid in the lake?!

((OOC: I can’t come up with a good enough gender bent name for her so I’m sticking with Godric and for arguments sake I’m going to keep the other founders in their canon genders… my creativity is minimal today but come ask questions!)) 

I and a number of other people have been having fun imagining some fun Harry Potter AU shenanigans, so here’s a group shot of my characters (and a couple other peoples’) in a “History Club” at Hogwarts.

From left to right:  Grisaldara (”Grisalda Pfau”), Tomo (“ Tomás Danta”), @ask-wiggles ‘s Coffee Talk (”Katherine Talkerton”), along with her Pygmy Owl, Speedee, Terracotta Jade (”Tara Jade”), Amber Jade, @technomod ‘s Mumbles (”Nizar Popplewell”)(wasn’t sure if he should be here but I felt like drawing him so here he is) and Ward (”Elias Ward”)

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it would be really cool to see some headcanon stuff on pansy parkinson (hopefully, positive?) if you've got any!

Pansy Parkinson, Pansy Pansy Pansy Pansy Pansy….JK’s anti-Hermione, Draco’s so-called groupie, Snape’s worst nightmare, Ernie Macmillan's “best lay,” Filius Flickwick’s best student, Dolores Umbridge’s best spy, the girl with the world’s coldest hands, the owner of the cat that keeps the peace in the Slytherin girl’s dormitory, nocturnal writer extraordinaire, manicure mogul, and, most shockingly of all, a real human being and so much more than the mystery girl, or the bitch she’s so often called.

  • She’s the blazer-wearing prank mastermind of her summer theater troupe, and has gotten Snape good more than a few times, too. 
  • She smells perpetually of hairspray from all the sticking charms she uses on everything. It’s part of her lifelong goal of using magic for absolutely everything, whether her hands can accomplish the same task or not. 
  • She gets migraines once a month, at least, more when she’s stressed, and they can only be helped by a day in bed and a charm her favorite teacher, Professor Flitwick, taught her first year to calm her whirring skull. 
  • She’s actually the most talented witch in the room at any given moment…at least, until a certain bushy-haired Gryffindor draws her first breath from Pansy’s air. 
  • It’s a little hot, to be quite honest. How exciting to be rivaled for once. 
  • The only one who knows about this…infatuation…is Narcissa Malfoy. She has a closer relationship with Draco’s mother than she does with her own. She admires every single thing about the Malfoy Matriarch, and spends quite a bit of energy trying to emulate her. She wants to run her own estate and family name with the same grace and sharp competence. 
  • She’s not a kind girl, not a sweet girl, not a empathetic girl. But she’s interesting as hell, and infinitely more than anyone expects. 

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Aro Harry hates that he is expected to participate in the yule ball, but can't quite figure out why. He knows that everyone's eyes are on him and the other triwizard tournament contestants, though, so he plays along. -H

‘I didn’t even choose to be in this tournament, why do I have to follow the worst of its rules?!’ Harry wondered.

Everyone seemed to have Yule Ball Fever. He couldn’t walk through the halls or have a peaceful moment in the common room without hearing about who everyone wanted to ask or who they wanted to avoid. Harry just wanted to focus on passing classes and not dying in the next task, but both were impossible at this point. It seemed that everyday he didn’t have a date, the pressure grew stronger. And everyday another Triwizard Champion found a date seemed like a death knell. At last Harry Potter was one of the last left (Champion or otherwise) who didn’t have a date for the dance on Christmas.

One day in the library, Harry scratched out a short list of everyone he knew who didn’t have dates yet. He only had one good friend still on the list, Ron, and Harry couldn’t ask him because they were both terrible dancers. He needed someone who would help him make it through the opening dance and who would understand that they were only going to the dance as friends.

Harry looked out the window hoping to see something that would end all this, like the Beauxbatons carriage and Durmstrang ship leaving the grounds. Or a giant meteor. Instead, he saw dancing. 

A group of Ravenclaws and a few Gryffindors were showing Roger Davies how to dance. The Triwizard Champions and their dates had had plenty of practice, but Roger was like Harry. Nervous with two left feet. Padma Patil dragged him over, gave him a lot of instructions, adjusted his hand on her waist, and… Roger danced more gracefully with Padma than Harry had ever seen him do in practice. They switched partners, Roger spinning off with Marietta Edgecombe and Padma joining up with her sister. Parvati and Padma outshone everyone else at the impromptu dance. 

The Patil twins were on Harry’s list, and he had even heard Parvati give an impassioned speech at the dinner table about how it’s wrong to think that everyone wants or needs a romantic relationship. He would be able to explain himself to Parvati, and hopefully she would still say yes. She was his only hope.

Harry swept his quills and papers into his bag and practically sprinted out the library doors.

- Ravenclaw Mod