ask harpuia

I apologize for my downed mood, but…

It seems I was unable to spend the night with my family, as I wished I could have. Fairy, Fefnir, Phantom, Master X… none were to be found.

I did spend some time in the ‘future’, however. It was entertaining, at least. Still…
I’m not even sure how I’m able to fade from here to the time I was a biometal with relative ease. 

(( /late))

You are a mechaniloid, not a reploid. Mechaniloids lack what reploids do have, individuality and free agency. Mechaniloids are more akin to the old age robots, rather than Robot Masters.

However, we do have mechaniloids under the employment of all the armies under our commands. I do not know where you got the impression that only reploids were allowed in, when most of our forces are made up of mechaniloids such as yourself. If a position in the army is what you want, I do believe you already have a spot unless you were still on street guard duty.