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i'm right there w you on the mac debate. ppl headcanoning him as pan just because of carmen is so transphobic and awful lmao suggesting that she's not a woman and instead some other gender???? and like the writing is set up intentionally to let the audience know that mac is GAY and it's so problematic to take that from him lmaoooo

IT’S DISCOURSE O’CLOCK you are so 100% right! I personally especially hate when people erase his sexuality because Mac’s narrative about being gay is one that’s very real to a lot of gay people out there but it’s rarely represented in television at all. Usually, gay storylines about being closeted is written as a problem for gay youth, a problem that they can either get over in one episode where they come out to everyone or The One Person Whose Opinion Really Matters, and then it’s over and done and they don’t have to worry about coming out ever again. Or they try to come out, get mocked, brushed off, hurt or worse, and spend the rest of the season/show in misery (or a hospital bed).

Mac’s storyline isn’t that, though. Mac’s a 40 year old man who’s lived his whole life in the closet, who hasn’t been able to accept himself yet, not because of something external but because of himself, which is what other showrunners tend to forget; that gay character’s sexualities are something that belongs to them, and not just something that’s about how it affects those around them. Mac’s sexuality storyline is a complete reverse from what’s usually shown; those close to him are supportive of who he is, without trying to force him out of the closet, while Mac is the one keeping himself there. It’s a very important thing to show if you ask me, that the issues that come with being gay aren’t just external, but very internal and personal as well. Having a character who’s forcibly still in the closet by their own doing, who’s dated and slept with people of the opposite gender out of fear or self-hatred, whose whole storyline doesn’t revolve around being a miserable closet case but still points out that it’s because of hypermasculinity and heteronormativity that this person is suffering, is rare and real and important. And it’s deeply disrespectful and ignorant to erase it.

I have so much respect for these people; they have helped me through so much♡

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Hey dan!!!! U never answer my messages on Twitter so please can you answer me now??!!? Please will you come to my school it's in London I will tell you the name privately if u want but I just need you to come in and tell my friends that you are really my boyfriend because my friends don't believe me!! Ok ask for. Hannah in year 6 ok love you bye xxxxx

omg of course!!! anything for my fans