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Fluff piece, Nick and Judy relaxing in a hammock. You know the pic

I, for some reason, am remember a few hammock pic, whist also remember like very few of them.  So I’m basing this prompt of this pic


Nick likes visiting Bunnyburrow.

Which was not a sentence Nick ever thought would be true in his whole life.  As he is a fox, and never once been far outside the city limits of Zootopia.

But it was true.  

He liked visiting Bunnyburrow.  It had wide open fields and sweeping breezes that Zootopia could ever dream of having.  Not to mention the air was fresh, smelled more of flowering plants and dirt with hints of fresh cut grass.  Rather than smelling like car exhausted and every type of mammal imaginable.

Nick doesn’t even care that when he visit he sometimes has to help with farm work.  Wither it be tending to the fields, harvesting fresh produce, or working the Hopps roadside stand.  He really doesn’t care.  

Usually because Judy is right along side him.  And it’s just a whole other side of her he doesn’t have in the city.  It’s softer, gentler, and calmer.  Granted that doesn’t stop her from chasing and tackling some of her siblings, but still.

It was fun.  And the Hopps understood it was still part of a vacation for them.  They were still guests to be entertained rather worked too hard.

Still, there was nothing better than working in the fields all day then lounging in the hammock next to the blueberry bushes as the sun set.  Even if the hammock was just slightly small for him.

Which was where Nick currently was.

Lounging away until the dinner bell chattered loudly through the air.  Content with breathing the fresh air and swaying slightly in whatever breezy decided to give him a bit of push.

“What are you doing?”  Judy’s voice suddenly asked.

Nick popped open an eye and turned to look at the rabbit.

She dressed in her usual plaid and faded jeans she always seemed to produce whenever they visited. She was wearing a large brimmed straw hat she burrowed from her mother, or one of her sisters.  The gray furred doe was blinking at him with her paws on her hips as she stared down at the fox in the hammock.

“Relaxing before dinner,”  Nick answered easily.

“You’re too big for the hammock.”  Judy grinned out.

“Still comfortable.”  Nick returned, turning back to the sky and closing his eyes again.

A moment passed, and nothing.  The fox didn’t hear the rabbit moved away or anything.  She simply sighed, Nick could tell she was shaking her head at him. Then he heard her feet in the grass, and the hammock dip slightly as she grabbed it.

Before he knew it, she was climbing on top of the hammock.  Well mostly, onto Nick and a little on the hammock.  Nick grinned as he felt her carefully climbed onto his torso, and straddle his waist a bit.  The hammock was maybe sized for two rabbits to cuddle up into, but with a fox it left very little room for another party.  She cuddled up under his chin easily and let out a content sigh.

“Don’t get too comfortable,”  Nick said with a light teasing tone.  “What would your father say if he saw us?”

“Don’t break the hammock.”  Judy returned with another content nuzzle into his chest.  He could tell she had her eyes closed as she laid on him.

Nick grinned, opening his eyes and shifting to get a bit of look at the doe snuggled up against him. “That sounds way dirtier than it should.”  He chuckled lightly.  Lying a paw over the small of her back.  “Especially come from a rabbit.”

“Nick.”  Judy started simply.  She paused, waiting for a response, when Nick gave her in a hum.  “Shut up.”

And Nick did.


AN: Again, I don’t know.  Let’s just always assume I don’t know!

With You

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: Shortest drabble I’ve ever wrote, but I needed it; I needed someone to feel proud of me!


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He watches you from the bed, a light blanket covering his naked body from the waist down, his hair slightly messed up; he notes how your hands strangle your hair into your fists, your eyes focused on the textbook in front of you, tears streaming down your face as you try to study. His heart goes out to you, he has never met a more dedicated and passionate person before you. His eyes wander out the window, staring onto the beautiful beach that was accessible from your holiday loft.

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Strawbana: "Is this real?"

“Is this real?”

“Happy birthday!” Ruby squeaked when Sun hugged her tightly. 

“A hammock?” He looked at her, then kissed her. “I always wanted a hammock, how did you know? Did Blake tell you?”




word count: 1,437

I walked up the rugged path of the hiking trail, following behind the others. They were ahead of me. Probably because this was not exactly what I enjoyed doing with my spare time. I had been dragged along with my friends and their boyfriends, who all did this regularly. Their boyfriends brought along their friend Shawn. I technically wasn’t fifth wheeling since he was here, but I didn’t know Shawn well enough to hang out with him the whole time.

The sights we were seeing truly were beautiful, but hiking three miles was one of the most athletically challenging things I had ever done, if I’m being honest. The weight of my backpack, containing clothes and all the other essentials for the night, made the hiking even harder. We finally made it to end of the trail where we planned to stay the night. The guys began to set up the double hammocks while my friends and I put our bags down and took in the view. I gulped down a bottle of water after the challenging hike.

“Where’s the other hammock?” Shawn asked the other two guys.

“What do you mean? There’s six of us so we only need three double hammocks.”

“What?” Shawn and I both blurted out at the same time. We had no problems with each other, we didn’t even know each other well enough to not like one another. That was the point, though. We didn’t know each other. We had only met a handful of times. He seemed like a sweet guy, he really did. He was always quiet and bashful every time I had ever been around him. I guess now was my chance to get to know Shawn better.

As we all ate and admired the breathtaking scenery around us, I tried to strike up conversation with Shawn. The more comfortable we got to each other now, the less awkward it would make tonight.

“So how often do you go hiking?” I queried.

“Not a lot, actually. With my music and touring I don’t always have time to. What about you?” I knew Shawn was a musician and I knew he was pretty famous as well. I tried to make our whole situation for tonight more comfortable and acted as if it wasn’t a huge deal.

“This is my very first time. I’m not really in the best shape for these kinds of things. ” I said while laughing.

“I felt the same way on the way up here.” Lie. It was difficult to find one inch of his body that wasn’t toned. Muscles protruded out on his arms when he wasn’t even flexing. He had hiked up the trail with ease, even with a large backpack on his back.

A while later, we all sat around together and just conversed about anything and everything. Before we knew it, midnight had arrived. After my friend announced the time, I suddenly became sleepy. I made my way to the hammock Shawn and I would share. I stood behind a tree very large in diameter to change into a more comfortable t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. I laid on the hammock and Shawn soon did the same.

“Here’s a blanket, you can have it if you aren’t comfortable sharing with me.” He spoke softly.

“Don’t be silly, we can share. I’m not letting you freeze.”

“Thank you,” he pulled half of the blanket over himself, his feet sticking out because of how long his legs were, “goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” I told him, giving him a half smile. He was near me but not too close, only close enough to feel the warmth radiating off his body and close enough to share the blanket. Listening to the quietness of the night at this time, I was asleep in no time.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning to find myself cuddling with Shawn. I opened my eyes slowly, considering going back to sleep since it was still dark outside. Then realized I had my arms wrapped around his torso and my head resting on his chest. My eyes now opened completely and I scrambled off of him. He was already awake though. Why didn’t he wake me up?

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I’m used to cuddling up to whoever or whatever is next to me during the night. I’m sorry, Shawn.” I apologized frantically.

“It’s okay, don’t be sorry. It’s not every day I wake up to a pretty girl laying on my chest.” He said, a blush creeping onto his pale cheeks.

“Oh really? I wouldn’t doubt it if you did.” I said jokingly. I realized in this moment how attractive he actually was. The blue and silver glow coming off the stars caused shadows to cast onto his face. His warm eyes contrasted the cool colors, looking like a mixture honey and amber.

“Well, I have a few times. But they weren’t nearly as pretty.” He whispered for only me to hear. My cheeks felt hot and I knew I was blushing.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I wanted to cuddle with you, I guess.” he answered with a shrug. I gave him a confused look then shook my head at him. I couldn’t say I didn’t want it as well. Since we were fairly close after last night, I decided it would be okay. I rested my head on his shoulder and dozed back off to sleep.

This time, I woke up to Shawn cuddling with me as well. His arms were wrapped around me and his head rested on top of mine. I took in the sweet scent of him while I was laying on his chest. His chest rose and fell slowly as he slept. He soon woke up because of my fidgeting and stretching.

“Morning.” He spoke. His morning voice was raspy and deeper than usual. My heart fluttered at the sound. ‘No, stop. You don’t need to catch feelings for him. He’s famous and he could get any girl he wants. You’re just a normal girl.’ I thought to myself.

“Goodmorning.” I replied. I scooted away from him to give him some space to stretch since he just woke up.

“So I feel like after this morning, this would be appropriate. Would you, uh, like to go on a date with me sometime? Sometime soon?” He asked nervously. A blush crept onto his cheeks, they were burning a bright shade of pink. His embarrassment and nervousness was adorable. I smiled wholeheartedly at him.

“I would love to.” I told him. I really would love to, but I wondered if he just felt obligated to.

The next week, Shawn and I decided an ice cream date would be appropriate considering how warm it was outside. I met him at the local ice cream shop. He looked absolutely amazing in a simple outfit. He was wearing jeans with a maroon t shirt that showed off his arms. He ordered a cone with two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and I ordered two scoops of cookies and cream. I begged Shawn to let me pay for my own ice cream.

“No, I asked you on a date so I pay for your food, it’s just that simple.” He argued with me. I huffed a sigh, knowing there’s no way I would win this. Shawn held the door open for me when we left and we walked down the street to a bench. We sat down and ate our ice cream. We caught up after not seeing each other for a week.

“I have to say, you look gorgeous even with ice cream on your face.” Shawn laughed. I felt embarrassed but Shawn then wiped the ice cream off my upper lip. We sat and talked until it was dark outside. We now sat closer than before and Shawn’s arm was around me. I looked up at him and admired how the pale moonlight made his features look. He looked back at me with his hazel eyes.

He leaned closer to me until our noses were touching. “Is this okay?” Shawn whispered against my lips. I nodded my head then closed my eyes, waiting for Shawn to lean in further. His lips met mine and I kissed him sweetly. His lips tasted like vanilla chapstick. Our lips moved together slowly and we both used just a little tongue. I could taste the cookie dough ice cream and grinned into the kiss when I realized this. We both pulled away and smiled sheepishly at each other.

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore♥

I already did 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th favorite :)

So you get the always majestic Willow, as I know you like her. 

1. Willow is a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. (see picture above)
2. She has a really nice singing voice RIGHT CLICK and open new tab for voice claim.
3. She’s very open mined, and strive never to judge anyone.
4. Her best friend is her dad, Andy.
5. Her 2nd best friend is the voices in her head.
6. She secretly has a crush on Jimmy Fallon (she likes funny guys)

I feel if the Survivor got into a relationship with Preston/Cait/MacCready/Piper/Hancock or even Danse
They’d be doing like normal wasteland survival shit that they’re completely accustomed to doing like making a fucking campfire or some shit and the survivor who is a pre-war posh ass motherfucker with a robot butler would be all???? Holy shit??? They are doing so much and working so hard to survive they do so much???? I contribute nothing????
While MacCreadys making a fire out of sheer muscle memory scratching his balls wondering if they have any snack cakes left
Or Preston is stripping a radstag barely paying attention and whistling a little tune wondering if they should stop to stock up on ammo soon
Or Cait reinforcing and checking the perimeter before they go to bed arguing about whether or not they should ask the survivor to help her fix the underwire on her bra bc it’s been stabbing her for a good week
Or Piper stringing up traps and hanging their supplies from trees so critters don’t get into them and putting up a hammock asking herself if it’s REALLY worth it to badger that Warwick girl for an interview again
Or Hancock running down a radstag and fucking gunning it down thinking about how Fahrenheit and his boys are doing back in Goodneighbor and if she remembered Charlie needs repairs
Like Sole wouldn’t know how to do any of this shit and they’d feel so bad cuz as far as they see their companion is putting in all the work to keep them alive and they’re doing jack shit
But all the companions see is them doing stuff they’re so used to doing while the survivor is running down deathclaws and fixing holes in their clothes and finding ammo and unlocking doors they wouldn’t be able to find or do
And while the survivor is beating themselves up about being useless all their companion can think is ‘damn how’d I get so lucky?’

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Headcanon that after the events of the "war", Rachel took Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Sally, and Paul on a 2 week long "mandatory rest, catch-up, and chill vacation because we've all missed each other and god knows you two look like you need one.:

Oh my gosh yes! Family vacation on the Dare black card. I am so here for this.

  • Percy, Grover, and Annabeth spending hours playing hacky sack on the beach
  • Sally and Percy walking along the beach together collecting shells and rocks like when he was little 
  • Annabeth letting Paul help her build sand castles 
  • Percy keeping Grover company while he visits nature spirits and catalogues the plant life 
  • Sally, Annabeth, and Rachel having a spa day complete with fruity drinks that have the little umbrellas 
  • the boys spend that day sleeping on the beach and eating as much room service as they can order 
  • Percy and Annabeth manage to slip out one night and go on a nice romantic walk together 
  • they all go sailing and snorkeling together 
  • Percy meets tons of awesome fish and a very welcoming pod of dolphins
  • Grover and Percy take more than one nap together in a hammock 
Newt X Reader: Fight, Cry, Make Up

Summary: Newt ignores the reader, in turn the reader decided to ignore him back. The two break up, and are miserable without each other.

Warnings: brief fight

Word Count:1012

Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @waytooinlovewithfandoms

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(Y/n) was working with her boyfriend Newt in the garden. Newt had been ignoring (Y/n) the whole day. She was starting to think that Newt was mad at her about something. She wanted to ask Newt about it but was afraid of getting yelled at so she decided against asking. She continued to work. She worked all day thinking maybe Newt would talk to her. Newt never did. She started to ignore Newt back. She went over to eat her dinner with Gally. Newt was angry about that but still didn’t do anything. That night when (Y/n) went to their shared hammock, she saw that Newt was there. She sat down on the ground next to the hammock and didn’t say a word. Newt knew that (Y/n) was there and didn’t say anything either. He was mad at her for eating with Gally. He couldn’t stand not knowing for long though.
“(Y/n) why did you eat dinner with Gally?”
(Y/n) didn’t say anything for the longest time.
“You have been ignoring me so I figured that you didn’t want me around so I didn’t eat dinner with you… Did I do something wrong to make you ignore me?”
“Then why won’t you talk to me Newt?”
Newt didn’t answer the question. (Y/n) got fed up and walked away from the hammock. Newt watched her go, wanting to call her back but didn’t. He wasn’t mad at her. He was stressed and took it out on her. (Y/n) made her way to Thomas’s hammock. (Y/n) was no longer mad at Newt, she was sad. When she got to Thomas’s hammock he sat up and let (Y/n) sit down. 
“Hey (Y/n), what’s up?”
“W-well, N-Newt is ignoring me and I don’t know why”
Thomas sat and thought. Then he had an idea.
“Maybe he is really stressed and is taking it out on you because your the closest person to him”
“Maybe… I’ll go back to the hammock and talk to him”
“That’s a good idea”
“Goodnight Thomas”
“Night (Y/n)”
(Y/n) walked back to the hammock that she shared with Newt. Newt looked up and saw (Y/n).
“Hey Newt…”
“Can I lie down?”
Newt scooted over so that (Y/n) could lie down. 
“Are you mad at me Newt?”
“No… Just really stressed”
(Y/n) put her head on Newt’s chest and closed her eyes. Newt slowly wrapped his arms around her. He did admit to himself that he was a bit angry with (Y/n) for eating dinner with Gally but he couldn’t stay mad for long. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The Next Day
Things had not changed much between (Y/n) and Newt. He again ignored her. (Y/n) was beginning to get upset again. She kept trying to talk to Newt.
“Newt please talk to-”
“I-I’m s-sorry Newt… I just wanted you to t-talk to me”
“Can’t you see that I don’t have time for you (Y/n)?!”
“Okay… I-I see. I’m sorry for bothering you”
(Y/n) ran off with tears in her (e/c) eyes. Newt watcher her run off. Guilt overtook him when her heard her distant cries. He fell to his knees and looked at the ground.
“Oh god… (Y/n). What have I done?”
(Y/n) had run to the forest. She climbed a tree and let all the tears come out. She couldn’t figure out whether she was sad or angry. She cried and cried. Hours later when it was dark (Y/n) finally climbed back down the tree. She walked and got her food and sat down away from everyone. She decided to avoid Newt. After she finished eating she asked Alby for a hammock. He was confused but gave her one anyway. (Y/n) then went to Thomas and asked if she could set up her hammock by him and Chuck. He agreed, he also set (Y/n)’s hammock up. Thomas already knew what had happened between Newt and her. Newt had told Minho and him about it. Newt was feeling very upset about it but he didn’t want to say anything to upset (Y/n) more. Thomas kept quiet about it though.

The next few days held no change. (Y/n) would avoid Newt by working with Gally.  She frequently ate dinner with Gally. (Y/n) had stopped eating breakfast and lunch. Newt almost never saw (Y/n). It angered him that (Y/n) was hanging out with Gally but he thought that she had gotten over their break up and moved on. Newt was afraid he would never have a chance with (Y/n) again. But the truth was that every night (Y/n) would cry herself to sleep. She loved Newt and wished that she hadn’t done whatever she had done to anger him. One night when (Y/n) was sitting by herself she finished her dinner quickly and stood up and ran straight into somebody. She looked up… It was Newt. 
(Y/n) made a move to leave but Newt grabbed her hand.
“(Y/n) please hear me out”
“I’m sorry I yelled at you. I didn’t mean it. I’m such a stupid shank. Please go out with me again… I love you so much. Please…”
“Newt I-”
“If you would rather go out with Gally I understand. I don’t deserve somebody like you”
“Newt, what I was going to say was I would like to go out with you again… I love you too”
Newt pulled (Y/n) into a tight hug then kissed her. He put all his love into it. He vowed to himself that he would never yell at (Y/n) ever again. That he would never let his stress get to him again or take it out on (Y/n) again. That night (Y/n) returned to Newt’s hammock. Newt wrapped his arms around (Y/n) protectively, while (Y/n)’s face was buried in his chest. 
“Are you going to come back to work in the garden with me?”
(Y/n) just nodded her head. Newt put his chin on (Y/n)’s head and smiled. He was glad to have the girl he loved back.

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Hi im moving to a new house and my mom wants to make my lil autistic brother a sensory room do you have any recommended in making a good sensory room like things to buy ty for anu tips are answer💕

Ah, it depends on what kind of sensory feels he enjoys. Does he like to move around a lot, or stay rocking on the spot, or watch other things move, etc?

But I’ll list a bunch of common(ish) stuff for sensory rooms and you could go through it & see what of it is stuff you think he might like (or ask him directly!):

  • Swings
  • Hammocks
  • Rocking chairs
  • Trampolines
  • Tunnels to crawl through
  • Ballpits
  • Exercise balls
  • Weighted blankets
  • Beanie bags
  • Lava lamps
  • Fairy lights
  • Floor puzzles
  • Big pillows (for building forts perhaps!)

If anyone else have some suggestions, do feel free to add to this post!

Cute Cecilos headcanon

Imagine that after a long day at work with Strex, Cecil comes home to find Carlos finishing putting up a hammock. When Carlos sees Cecil he just lays in the hammock and asks him to join him for a nap. Cecil tries to lie next to him, but instead ends up on top of him. He then tries to move off of him muttering an apology, but Carlos wraps his arms around him and kisses his nose and says “no, stay.” Really sleepily and he does and they just fall asleep in each others arms

In the morning


Since Thomas is a runner in the morning he’ll carefully crawl out of the hammock and get ready to go into the maze. Before he leaves he gently wakes you says “good morning beautiful, I’ll be back soon” and start jogging towards the maze, you fully wake up and run to him. You jump on his back kiss him and say “don’t get lost, and don’t be out there to long” chuckling he says “I always find my way back to you”. With the he’ll give you a another kiss or two and he heads into the maze. After he’s out of sight you jog back to your shared hammock and try and soak up the remaining body heat that Thomas left behind.


Newt is not a morning person. He’s not cranky but he loves his sleep. Since he sleep snuggled up beside you it difficult for you to get up but let’s face it, you don’t want to leave a cuddly Newt all by himself. Instead you try and wake him, you gently blow on his face, this makes him bury his face into the crook of your neck. Then you lightly pinch his bum, his makes him pop his head up, in his sleepy voice he says “morning love” and leans in to kiss your nose then your lips you reply with “good morning Newt”. He then slumps out of the hammock pulling you along with him, as you walk towards breakfast he reaches out and pinches your bum, “that’s for this morning” he says with a grin, a blush warms your cheeks and you reply with “now we’re even”.


Gally likes to get up early and start work right away, but in the morning your cold and he’s warm so you try and keep him in bed for as long as you can. The first time he attempts to get out of the hammock you ask “a few more minutes baby” and snuggle closer to him, you look so cute bundled up next to him he allows a few more minutes then he has to get going. He kisses your cheek and but as he starts to relax again you slowly stick your arm out of the hammock and push off of the ground so the hammock starts gently rocking back and forth, Gally starts to get sleepy again and right before he’s about to fall asleep he realizes what you’re trying to do, “very sneaky but you’ll pay for that” he says with a smirk. He then reaches out and start tickling you, you’re to busy laughing to realize that as he’s tickling you he’s slowly getting out of the hammock, noticing this you leap out of the hammock towards him, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck and hold on tight. Gally starts to chuckle, “guess your coming to work with me”, kissing your shoulder. You reply by kissing him under his ear and nuzzling your face in the crook of this neck.

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sterek where they meet while on vacation somewhere and have like a fling, and then they meet again in Beacon Hills again but on accident, and they're like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

“Don’t you think it’s a little weird,” Derek asks, as the hammock they’re laying in together sways gently. “That we don’t know where each other are from when we’re not on vacation?”

Stiles considers it for a moment before he brings Derek’s hand that’s wrapped around his shoulders to his lips and presses a kiss there.

“No, not really. What if we’re from opposite sides of the country? It would have ruined any hope of a future for us.”

“Do you want there to be a future for us?” Derek asks quietly. 

Stiles thinks about the last week he’s had in Hawaii. Thinks about meeting Derek in the hotel bar after his meetings were done for the day. Thinks about the afternoons and evenings they have spent together since then, getting closer and sharing so much about themselves. 

Everything, it seems, but where they’re from. 

Derek is in Hawaii for an retreat with his accounting firm. He’s the middle child in a big family who gets teased for his quiet job and quiet life. His hobbies include yoga, eating healthy, reading and rescuing dogs. 

Stiles is in Hawaii for a bakery owners conference. He’s an only child who watches out for his dad and gets teased by his best friend for his tendency to stay in and play video games instead of trying to meet people. His hobbies include running his bakery, watching Netflix, cheering for the Mets and visiting his best friend at work. 

“I’d like that very much,” Stiles admits, suddenly unwilling to imagine his life without the beautiful man laying with him that approached him in a bar less than a week ago. 

“Tomorrow then,” Derek says decisively, “at the airport, we tell each other where we’re going home to and then we’ll take it from there.”

Stiles crawls into the hammock, careful not to spill the beers in his hand as he settles against Derek’s chest. 

“You know, I really like this thing,” he admits, “even if it’s not in Hawaii.”

Derek laughs and it vibrates through Stiles where they’re pressed up against each other.

“Gotta admit, it’s still pretty great in Beacon Hills, California,” Derek offers. 

“Eh, I don’t think it would half as great if you weren’t here with me,"Stiles counters, snuggling closer into his boyfriend’s side. 

"I promised that day in the airport we’d make it work, it just made it all the better that we were from the same town.”

Nights Together – Newt

Request: Hey I have an imagine request:) so like the box brings up a bunch of building supplies, and Alby orders the builders to make a bunch of little shacks for everyone to live in, and newt and y/n share a shack and their first night in it, they cuddle and fluff


There was a reason you weren’t a builder. You hated it, and plus, you were absolutely terrible at it. It wasn’t like you couldn’t pick up a piece of wood without causing some civilian casualty. You just weren’t strong enough. So when the Box sent up a bunch of building supplies, you watched from the sidelines. 

No one ever told you what they were building, but you assumed it was just more shelter. The Builders worked on things mostly, with help from a few other Gladers that had done their work for the day, along with Alby and you boyfriend,  Newt. 

There was no particular reason the supplies came up in the Box, and nobody actually knew what they were sent up for. But everyone unanimously agreed on building something, without telling you what. 

It was a good three days of watching everyone lift heavy planks of wood and build the structures, while trying to continue your work in the gardens, before the shelters were finished. You had to admit, they did a good job. 

But even when they were finished, they still wouldn’t tell you what they were being used for. You assumed it was storage, but you grew suspicious after seeing Newt walking in and out of one of the shelters further away from where you were working. 

It was only before bed when you found out what they were actually for. You went to the hammock area, where everyone usually slept, just like every other night. But your hammock wasn’t there. You turned around, back and forth, looking to see where it’d gone. You wondered whether it was just one of the other guys playing a prank on you, but most of them were already asleep. 

You turned to find Newt coming up behind you, a content look on his face. “Where’s my hammock?” you asked curiously, not in an accusing way. 

“I moved it,” Newt said simply. Seeing your confused expression to do with his vague response, he continued. “C’mon,” he said, grabbing your hand, “I’ll show you where we put it.”

“Newt, I’m tired and really not in the mood for games right now,” you whined as he dragged you away. He took you over to the area with the shelters, to the back hut you saw him walking in and out of before.   

He smiled at you. “It’s not a game, love.” He opened the door, revealing a small, kinda bedroom-like room. The hammocks were set up in the corner, yours and Newt’s, but a mattress had also been laid out on the other side of the room. A small lantern was hung from the ceiling, and a bedside table had been built next to the mattress; it looked like a tiny house. 

“Is this what you’ve been spending the last few days on?” you asked, stepping into the room. Newt smiled and nodded, closing the door behind the both of you. “Is this for us?”

“Yeah, the Keepers get their own little rooms now and, I don’t know, I thought we could… share,” he said awkwardly, waving his hands around at the room. 

At that point, you couldn’t keep the smile off your face. You walked over to Newt, leaning up to kiss him lightly, hearing him sigh into it. You knew he worked hard on the hut, and to see that you actually liked it must’ve been a big relief for him. 

“Well,” you said, pulling back so that there was just enough space between you two to talk, “I’m tired, can we go to bed?” 

He sighed exhaustedly, slouching his shoulders with a playful smile on his face. “I thought you’d never ask.” You slumped down on the mattress, scooting over so that Newt could get in beside you. “I’m in the process of making the bed frame for us, but it’s harder than it looks.”

He laid down next to you, and you instinctively cuddled up into him, laying your head against his chest. His arm came around your waist, and he pressed a lingering kiss to your temple. “Thank you so much for this,” you mumbled tiredly. “Good night.”

“’Night, love.”

And it was the most peaceful sleep you’d ever had. 


ew gross that was so cheesy but hey short imagine bc i haven’t written anything and i have a math test tomorrow so i need to study and grOSs. 

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