ask gunblr


As is my way; I’d like to ask something of gunblr, and of the tumblr community as a whole.

In this taxing time for our fellow humans, under attack by ideological extremists who would willfully and rampantly kill others for disagreeing with them, I ask you to not fall into the same trap that others driven by fear, driven by the sharp intake of breath that follows such a painful experience, have fallen into.

Do not sacrifice your morals, your ethics, crowing victory, or calling for violence; and instead extend hands of compassion in this time of hardship. There are hard lessons to be learned by this occurrence, but these must be assessed with a cool head and a calm demeanor, and that cannot occur is we blind ourselves, collectively, with fear and indignation. 

Do not mistake me, though. The people that committed these acts, and those that support such actions, are monstrous in both thought and action, and merely considering the harm they’ve caused makes my blood boil. I have to restrain myself, calm as I normally am, from the very same things I implore you to not do. I am not a machine, and I feel, deeply, frustration and sorrow for the people hurt and the apparent powerlessness of all people against such determined and fanatical assailants.

But it is too easy to cry havoc and loose the dogs of war, it is too easy to scream deus vult and don the guise of a crusader, it is too easy to petition to the state to protect you. 

It is a greater challenge to be the mountain. To sharpen your spear and temper your shield and to carry with you always a desire for peace. To stare at the frothing, rabid people who call for you to be beheaded, for your arms to be broken upon the altar of fear, for your freedom to be cast into the wind, whose origin lies within all corners and avenues of life and say to them thus;

“If you desire my arms, my head, my freedom, come and take them. I will wait in my land, and you will find her bosom a thicket of blades.”

To those of you who live where you cannot carry yourself arms for your defense, I implore you to reconsider those laws which steal from you the surest route to securing your own liberty and safety; but if you, in considering the costs and merits, desire instead to carry no arms to your defense, know I have no hate for you, no more than the mountain hates the plains.