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What are the thoughts that crosses your mind when you see Virgil standing bedside Alan and Gordon? ( he is giant and if he hit one of them by his hand they will die XD)

“Have you ever heard the story of Gulliver?” Scott asks as he pours himself a cup of coffee. It’s his favorite cup; one his brothers saw and bought for him because they knew he’d like it.

“There’s a guy called Gulliver who gets shipwrecked and he washes ashore on an island somewhere. It’s populated by tiny people who think he’s a giant because he towers over them like a skyscraper. He’s not a giant, they’re just tiny. That’s what I think of whenever I see Virg with our little brothers.”

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JACK! Is Nell ever gonna have babies??

If she finds a horse with the right…uh…equipment.

See, most male horses get gelded, which means they can’t have kids–stallions sound real romantic an’ all, the way everybody in dime novels goes chargin’ around on ‘em, but the truth is all the romance they care about is their own.  (Picture Blink as a horse.  He’d spend so much time chasin’ girls you could never use him to get any work done.)

So, most boy horses you’ll run across, an’ all the ones at Murray’s and the Brace Farm, are gelded.  But they don’t always know that.  And whether Nell knows it or not, that don’t stop her from flirtin’, and it don’t stop those geldin’s from fallin’ madly in love with her, ‘cause she’s pretty much a saloon floozy with four legs.  (Charm runs in our family, ya know.)

Just ask Benjy, or Gulliver, or Sam, or Finch, or Ethan, or Allen, or George, or Jeff, or Dan, or Webster, or Grant, or Lee.

(Can ya imagine what a baby Nell’d be like, though?  Charmin’, impossibly cute, and more trouble than you’ve ever seen.)