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She’s done a surprising amount for this blog, including the old header. But did you know that it’s because of Miss Romancedy that Fluttershy’s mask is the way it is now? Not to mention the fact that Lanternshy is left-hoofed. 

So yeah, they’re one of my favourite blogs and everyone needs to go and give them so much love!))


… what?

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Ace: In greyest day, In cake-est night…

((OOC: I was meant to put this up on Ace day, but then life got in the way. [Also, my iPad won’t let me do a timezone reblog so…]

But without further ado I present: The Ace Lantern!

I really enjoy and being both an Ace myself along with Lanternshy, it makes me really happy to see this kind of stuff out there.

I’m really happy with the costume design, though the black could have been darker.))


Fluttershy: I’m a Green Lantern! And nothing will stop me from protecting those I care about! NOT EVEN TWILIGHT SPARKLE!

Werelight: Then you’re obviously not in enough pain!


((OOC: WOO! Finally got this out! I’m super happy I could even do it! And now that second trimester has started at Uni, I’ll try to be more regular around my schoolwork. (Blame Achievements alright! I got addicted)

But I have some guest stars to commemorate today, based entirely off the first two blogs on my dash when I came up to the last panel.

So please please please give some love to 

Graphite Sketch! (Freaking awesome artist!)


Palette Swap! (Actually, I’ve been wanting to do Palette art for a while since their blog was a huge influence on my decision to do one.)

And lastly, Werelight Shine. (The mod is so patient. I just always hope I do their Werelight justice.)

And by the way; 

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I passed 2000 followers!!! 

This Valentines day, eat some cake and play video games!

((OOC: In honour of valentines day, I thought I would share with you some art of the only two Asexual ponies I’m aware of in tumblrpon; Lanternshy and Ace of

The symbol on Ace’s cheek is in the colours of the Asexual flag, and the one on Fluttershy’s cheek is the colours of the Aromantic flag, with the little hearts being the opposite.

But this is a reminder that Asexual and Aromantic people exist. They are not broken, they are not prudes or freaks. They just don’t feel sexual and romantic attraction respectively. Be nice to them.))

There *are* other superheroes in Equestria, and most of them are frustrated with how flashy the lanterns are.

((OOC: I haven’t decided if this will be canon or not, but I saw someone else’s art with Octavia as Green Arrow, and loved the idea!

Also, I hate drawing back legs. Just hate it.

[I *will* do a story update one of these days.]))