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Just think about Young Teddy Lupin finding Tonk’s old Hogwarts uniform and walking up to his gran with the robe on and she has just stares at him because although people say he looks like his father more, she sees more of her daughter in the young boy. 

Then the first day of Hogwarts comes and Teddy gets sorted into Hufflepuff and he can’t believe that he got sorted into his dream house no matter what other students say about it. He sends and owl to his gran straight away and a few day later he receives a letter and a package. The letter just says how proud his gran and Harry is of him and how she sent what he asked for. 

He opens the package to find his mum’s old uniform, robe, tie and scarf that his Gran kept all these years. He doesn’t mind that it’s faded a bit and it has a few pin holes in from Tonks keeping he badges on it for various bands. In fact, one of them is still there on the front and Teddy refuses to remove it.

 He changes into it instantly because wants to have something that always reminds him of the stories he heard about Tonks at school. He looks down and finds a single blue hair. He sends and owl to his gran and asks about the hair and she replies back about how Tonks had it for a short while because it was his grans favourite colour. 

Next time he visits his gran for the holidays she has a tear in her eye as teddy walks up in the uniform with short blue hair, just like his mother had years before him.

Everything Has Changed | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After six years away from Riverdale, you head back to live with your grandparents. The only thing on your mind is your old best friend Jughead Jones.

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 1570

A/N: BUCKLE YOURSELVES UP, FRIENDS. WE’RE IN FOR A LONG ONE. Well, maybe. We’ll see how it goes. There will definitely be a part two that’s for sure but let me know what you guys think <3



The town you grew up in. The town that held so many fond memories. The town that you’d been ripped away from when you were nine years old.

It was still your favourite place even though you’d spent the last six years in Los Angeles. Sure, the big city life was fun but it was nothing compared to the tight knit community of your little friendly town. Even though you’d only been young, you still remembered how everyone said hi when you passed by them or how the local diner always remembered your families order and especially how all the kids made sure nobody was left out. That was how you remembered Riverdale. Full of friendly, happy, kind people.

But, the stories you’d heard from your grandparents who still lived there told a whole different tale. Your friendly little town had changed the moment Jason Blossom had been murdered. Everyone in town was a suspect and the whole dynamic had changed. Riverdale was now surrounded by mystery and secrets which made you scared to go back.

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has it ever been fully stated anywhere that toshi looked like AM 24/7 until he got his injury turned into skeledad?? because i really was under the impression that he had always had two different forms at least to some degree, and i really don't remember anyone in BNHA ever saying anything that would contradict either theory?? (i'm not trying to argue which is true, i'm just confused and don't know if i missed a panel or something where this was cleared up)

Okay so, i’ll admit that most of that was me making inferences based on the information we have so far. it hasn’t been outright confirmed that All Might looked like his muscle form 24/7 prior to his injury, but based on the info we have, i think he did, at least, look very, very similar

based on their build, i can only assume that Toshi was very similar to Izuku before he got One for All. Maybe he was slightly more muscular, but not by much. which means, his body wasn’t an ideal host and had to train and build up the muscles he needed to properly use OFA.

we know for sure that an unprepared body can’t handle OFA. their limbs would ripped from their bodies. which means, Toshi had to train his body up and up and up until he could truly control OFA without ever hurting himself in the process. and we do see a bit of this in Gran Torino’s flashback.

Look at Toshi’s body. his muscles are already much bigger than they were before. They’re not quite at All Might’s size, but leads me to believe that Toshi’s true form prior to his injury must’ve been just as buff as All Might.

(and, considering the outfit, this was during his time at UA, which must’ve been at least 15-20 years ago, given 4-5 year old Izuku calls All Might’s debut footage ‘old’)

Look at Izuku’s body. his muscles don’t buff up when he uses OFA. he just gains the strength, not the endurance. All Might has both strength AND endurance. OFA isn’t the ability to buff up your muscles, it’s the simple strength. which, again, leads me to believe that Toshi’s natural body looked just like All Might’s.

he continued to train and train and train until he had the endurance to match his insane strength.

Here, Toshi says he’s wasted away due to the surgeries that he’s gone through. This tells me that he used to look completely different prior to receiving the wound that  AFO gave him 5 years ago. nothing at all like his skeledad form. which implies that he used to look much more fit, or at least, closer to his All Might form.

all together, this leads me to believe that All Might’s true form was just as muscular as his muscle form. This is why i think he’s still able to change into his muscle form, even tho he can’t use OFA anymore. his body did, at one point, look like that naturally. but he needs the strength of OFA to access that form for longer periods of time. since he no longer has the strength to access that form, he can’t hold it for longer than a few seconds. to put it simply, it’s muscle memory on a really weird scale.

however, the one thing that does seem to truly change from All Might’s true form and his hero form (at least, ignoring his emaciation due to his injury) is his hair. his natural hair is the scruffy, long hair he has in his skeledad form. He’s had that hair style since he was a kid, as shown in the first image. but when he puts on his All Might persona, however, his hair does seem to physically change (and… who knows how he even does that idk)

it gives a visual cue to show us when he’s being Toshinori and when he’s being All Might. which is why i can pretty confidently say that Toshinori looked very similar to All Might prior to his injury, because in that flashback we see with him and Gran Torino, his hair isn’t pointed up or pushed back, it’s just regular old Toshi training up his body (and getting the crud kicked outta him)

ska;ga; okay so this was an overly long response to your ask but. y eah. that’s why i think All Might’s true form used to look like his muscle form (excluding the hair, at least)

i hope that answered your question!!

Family Reunion-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Summary: You and Stiles attend a family reunion, but with a twist. Stiles is your fake ‘boyfriend’.

Warnings: none?

Pairing: Eventual Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1561

I pull up into a car park down the street from my grans lake house and shoot Stiles a look of gratitude. If it weren’t for Stiles, my best friend and savior, I would have to endure another agonizing family reunion full of teasing and hurtful jokes aimed in my direction.

There are yearly family reunions at my grans lake house, and this year I’ve decided to bring along Stiles to end their tormenting. He’d play along as my ‘boyfriend’ and I’d be left alone once and for all.

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I'm Pregnant - Imagine

*Y/N’s POV*

Harry lay sprawled across my body, his chest resting between my split legs and his head resting on my chest, his recently cut hair tickling under my chin in such as way that I had to frequently flatten it down to reduce the irritation. Harry would bat my hand away each time, grumbling about how I was messing his hair up.

It was a Sunday afternoon, the bright but cold winter light glinted between the clouds and through the window, casting odd shadows across the floor. Harry had been home for several weeks, working on his new music and resting following the completion of a long section of filming, but he had yet to really make much use of his time off, instead he chose to invade my personal space as often as he could and in any way that he could, from lying on top of me as I relaxed on the couch, to creeping into the shower as I had my face under the water and my back turned. He still hadn’t spent any time with his family, a fact that Anne never failed to remind him of on her near daily phone calls:

“When are you coming to see me Harry?”

“Have you booked the train yet?”

“You’re Gran is asking me when you’re coming up, what should I tell her?”

Each question was brushed off with a casual “I’ll do it soon mum” which was enough to satisfy her in the beginning but an excuse which was quickly wearing thin. Something about Harry’s entire demeanour was different, he would pass the almost daily calls from his mother to me, “You deal with her” he would say before sulking out of the room, and his overly touchy-feely needs towards me were becoming more extreme than normal. It was like he could barely stand to be alone.

Harry exhaled a soft sigh from below me, letting his body relax further into mine as I realised my fingers were no longer batting his hair away, they were playing with the soft strand, tugging them gently and wrapping them around my finger before releasing them and repeating. His sigh was followed by a contented groan.

“Harry what’s wrong?” I asked gently, my fingers continuing their movement to try and coax him into talk, something he had been more than reluctant to do over the past couple of days, touching yes, hugging, kissing, sex, that was all fine, but talking was becoming more and more of a chore.

“Nothing” he said quietly.

“Don’t lie Harry, I know something’s wrong, why won’t you just tell me?” I asked. He hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“It’s my mum… she’s” his sentence was broken by the obnoxious ring of the phone echoing through the house, pulling us both from the moment and making me jump slightly.

“She’s calling the bloody house again” Harry grumbled, amending the ending to his unfinished sentence as he removed himself, reluctantly, from between my legs and padded across the room before scooping up the phone.


He was quite for a moment as whoever was on the other end replied. I could already tell from the tension in his shoulders that the assumption that it was his mother was correct.

“Yes she’s here” he said, his eyes flickering to me momentarily before falling back towards the ground. He nodded once before thrusting the phone in my direction, leaving the room quickly as I answered.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Y/N, sweetheart it’s me” Anne chimed down the line, her voice, usually chipper, was lower and slower than usual, without the usual spark of energy it carried.

“Hi Anne, how are you?” I asked, shuffling in my seat to readjust the pillow behind my back.

“I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?” She said, disregarding my question.

“Of course, what’s wrong?”

“Has Harry been a bit off with you recently, like has be been acting any different around you or towards you?” She asked. Immediately my tension was sparked, it was true that Anne was now calling on a near daily basis, but her conversations, if they could even be called that, with Harry never lasted more than a few moments, and even when they did the talking was mostly conducted from Anne’s end of the line.

“Yeah, I guess he has, he hasn’t been talking to me as much as usual but he is also being quite clingy. Has something happened?” I replied.

“Has Harry told you anything, even mentioned what is bothering him?” She asked.

“No he hasn’t said a word, which is odd he usually tells me when something is wrong”. I had shifted so that I was now sitting up properly, with my feet placed firmly on the carpet and one of my elbows resting against my leg, my head propped in my hand.

“I’m pregnant, Y/N”.

It took several seconds before the magnitude of what Anne had just told me registered. Anne was pregnant, as 47, with her third child, Harry’s new either brother or sister. My stunned silence must have lasted a beat too long as she spoke again.

“Y/N?” She asked.

“Yeah, no, I’m still here, sorry. I just… I mean wow, congratulations” I stuttered, unsure what the appropriate response should be, support Harry in his now obvious anger at the situation, or be there for Anne in what should be a very exciting time for her.

“I know it’s a bit of a shock, Robin and I just got talking about how people are having babies later and later now, and one thing led to another and here we are” she chirped, a hit of her old enthusiasm back in her voice.

“How far along are you?” I asked.

“About 8 weeks” she said.

“Wow, this is big news Anne. How’s Gemma taken it?” I asked.

“She was a little surprised which is no less than I expected, but then she was happy. She’s taken it better than Harry at least” she sighed. I hummed in agreement, Harry really wasn’t taking it well at all.

“I was hoping you would speak to him for me” she said.

“I don’t know Anne, this seems like something that should be discussed by the two of you” I hesitated, shaking my head slightly before I realised that she couldn’t see me.

“Please Y/N, he won’t listen, you know what he’s like. I was just hoping that you might be able to explain to him that this isn’t such a bad thing, him being a big brother and all, I know he’ll love it, you’ve seen what he’s like with other children. Please just try, for me?”. It took a little more convincing before I finally agreed. The gratitude flowed from Anne in quick waves.

“Congrats again Anne, this really is good news and I’m very happy for you both. Give my best to Robin” I said before we hung up.

“I will sweetie, thank you again. Bye” she beamed before hanging up.

I sighed as I hung up the phone as well before placing it on the coffee table in front of my and running my hands down my face.

“So this is ‘really good news’ then is it?” Harry asked. I jumped to my feet and turned to find him leaning against the doorframe, arms folded tight across his chest and brows furrowed low. I wasn’t sure how long he had been standing there but he’d clearly heard enough.

“Well, isn’t it? Your mum’s pregnant Harry”

“I’m well aware she’s pregnant” he spat.

“Harry stop, this is good news, you’ll be a big brother” I coaxed but clearly to no avail as he continued to glower at me.

“I don’t want to be a big brother, I’m fine with the way things are” he grumbled. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and frowned at him.

“You’re jealous. You’re jealous cause you think that this is going to take some of the attention off you. That’s it isn’t it?” I challenged. I was a little surprised, it wasn’t a surprise to me that Harry was a jealous person, often I would catch him glaring across rooms at boys would had looked at me the ‘wrong way’, but to find him jealous of a baby that wasn’t even born yet, who was barely even a person in his mothers womb, I wanted to laugh out loud.

“That’s not it” he said, the underlying anger that he had been suppressing for the past couple of weeks beginning to drip into his voice. He began to turn away from me to head upstairs.

“Then what is it then?!” I asked, my patience wearing thin with his indignant attitude.

“I’M JEALOUS BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BABY AND WE DON’T!” He yelled, spinning back to face me. “They have had three babies and we haven’t had one Y/N, I want one!” He cried.

I opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish. I wasn’t surprised to find that Harry wanted children, it was something that I had suspected many times before, but never did I think his desire for one was as powerful as this.

“Why have you never spoken to me about this before?” I asked gently. Harry’s guard was crumbling, his arms fell to his sides and his gaze softened.

“’Cause I knew you’d say no, you’ve just finished Uni and you want to find a job and start your career, a baby would ruin that” he said.

“You should have at least spoken to me about it” I said. He shook his head.

“I knew you wouldn’t want one” he sighed. The corner of my lips twitched as I watched the defeated boy in front of me. I shook my head and walked towards him, taking both his hands in mine.

“You’re wrong” I said softly, my lips pulling up in to a smile as Harry gazed at me with a mixture of wonder and slight hesitation for fear this could all be too good to be true.

“Would you like to make a baby with me Harry Styles?”


Hey everyone, first imagine in a while. I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think please!


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I like to think the 3 of them sometimes try to one-up each other in a dad-joke battle. Who would win?

PFFFTTTKSJKFGDLS I CAN TOTALLY SEE THAT. all might would probably try to impress gran torino and prove to him he’s a good mentor to izuku (IT’S HIS OWN PARANOIA) with the dad jokes. izuku is honoured and low-key fanboying regardless of how lame the jokes are, but then gran torino’s like ALRIGHT SIT DOWN AND LEMME SHOW YOU HOW IT’S REALLY DONE. izuku just watches the battle unfold, grinning to himself and wondering how he got so lucky in life :’)

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i'm imagining some school event where the kids have to invite a parent and inko can't come, maybe work or something, and toshi is called away last minute for hero duty,so izuku doesn't have anyone. then, he finds out torino is coming and says "Gran-Gran is coming! Yay!" and people are wondering who Gran-Gran is when all of a sudden torino just lands in the middle of school, full hero-gear, and keeps saying"Am I late? Where's the little brat, I can't let him be lonely today."

oh my go sh

OK SO in this MHA au i like to think that Izuku has no idea that All Might is his dad. Toshi wants to keep his family safe. he doesn’t want what happened to Nana to happen to him, so he takes precautions in order to keep his son safe, so Izuku has no idea. the media also doesn’t know that All Might has a family either.

HOWEVER. Gran Torino has no such problems. he’s not as well known as the great All Might, so the fact that he’s Gran Torino is no secret to Izuku. 

but it does come as a surprise to Izuku’s classmates.

he just comes out of the fucking air and lands in a clearing near the gathering. there’s no crater on the floor or anything, b/c he can regulate his quirk that well. plus, property damage is costly. 

HOWEVER. his entrance is still goddamn dramatic and amazing. Torino looks around for Izuku, and suddenly this little giggling green head of hair is running towards him, and he picks the adorable kid up with a big smile on his face. Izuku and Torino share a super adorable hug before Izuku turns to the VERY STUNNED AND KIND F FRIGHTENED AUDIENCE full of kids and parents, and happily announces that this is his “Gran-Gran!!” and Gran Torino gives a big proud smile in response.

any kids who still had thoughts of bullying Izuku immediately decide, you know what? it’s just. not worth it. it’s just not worth it. nope.

Bakugou is pissed because Deku has a PRO HERO FOR A GRANDPA??? while he just has his lame normal parents

tho honestly, depending on when Toshi and Gran Torino entered Izuku’s life, it’s entirely possible Bakugou’s already met them before (Bakugou knew Izuku since he was 4 after all, and the bullying only started a while after that), so maybe Bakugou is less pissed and more annoyed b/c Deku’s dumb grandpa just had to show off

Izuku is either in Torino’s arms or holding his hand all day

he’s just. so happy

Everything Has Changed - Part Three | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After a bonding session with Jughead, you think everything’s going to be fine but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Warnings: …i think there’s a curse in there maybe.

Word Count: 1991

A/N: OKAY SO IDK HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS but I really want to progress things instead of them suddenly being in love or best friends again, you know? Also, the ending of this part is something I had planned but thanks to the new episode, I had an actual place for Jug to be so it worked out. Lemme know what you think and if you want adding to the tags list hit me up <3


“A crocodile can’t stick it’s tongue out.”

Those were the first words you spoke when Jughead nodded his head at your request to talk. There were so many things you could and wanted to say but for whatever reason your brain decided not to go with anything normal and thought through and decided to throw out the most useless fact in the world. There were so many questions you wanted to ask about him, his family and what had happened since you’d been gone but for some reason, as you sat there across from Jughead, his blue green eyes staring into yours, you suddenly forgot how to think like a normal human being. It was like all the gears in your brain had stopped working and instead it was replaced with nothing but air. There was nothing going through your head, not even a witty or sarcastic remark which had grown to become your speciality over the years. Why was the one thing you could usually rely on letting you down like this right now?

However, the hints of a smile forming on Jughead’s face didn’t go unnoticed. At least you’d got something out of him. That was the first smile you’d seen from him the whole day.

“I’ll be sure to remember that,” he shook his head with a quiet chuckle. “Still got a brain full of pointless facts, huh?”

“They’re not useless. That fact could save your life one day, Jug. You’ll be thanking me.” You leaned back in the booth, arms folded across your chest and a smile on your face as you looked over to Jughead.

“You said the same when we were eight and you told me kangaroos couldn’t walk backwards,” he playfully rolled his eyes. The fact that he was bringing up past memories made you feel so giddy inside. It meant that he hadn’t forgot and that he still very obviously did think of you.

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as fleeting as a flower

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Pairings:  N/A

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:  Based off this idea.  for @athanatosora

Summary: Toshinori loved plants. They were there for him when others were not. 

“Someone once told me that if your plants are dying even when you are caring for them correctly, it means they’re absorbing curses and hurts caused by your enemies. Perhaps they’re the reason why your injuries didn’t kill you.”

Read on ao3 | Read on

Toshinori loved plants. Plants didn’t hurt you when you cared for them properly. They didn’t hurl mean insults, didn’t leave because you were worthless, useless, Quirkless. His grandmother loved plants, loved the brightly colored flowers, the cool shade under a tree, the sweet scent of lavender and the twisting of vines.

(More importantly, she loved him for him and not like his parents who didn’t want anything to do with a Quirkless child. Not like the children who teased him for his awkward limbs and looming height.)

He grew up surrounded by plants. His grandmother kept them in the apartment, in every nook and cranny. They spilled out onto their cramped balcony, soaking up the warm sun. Toshinori tripped over them at night, carefully putting them back up and apologizing them. Vines crept along his headboard, a small pot of rosemary on his desk. Without fail, he always managed to hit the hanging pot of oregano as he entered the bathroom.

It was cramped and tiny everywhere, but it was home. He loved it here.


Looking back, he lost her too soon. He was halfway through class, mindlessly listening to the teacher drone on and on when he was called out to the staff office. Then he was thirteen going on fourteen, and the police were sitting there telling him how she had been at the wrong place at the wrong time and was caught in the crossfire. There was a Pro-Hero, a woman, Nana, delivering his grandmother’s last words to him.

“I love you, Toshinori,” Nana repeated his grandmother’s last words to him. She rested a hand on his shoulder, grief and concern on her face. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Teach me,” Toshinori said. He didn’t want to feel like this again. He didn’t want anyone to feel like this. No one deserved it. No one deserved to hear that their loved one was too slow to escape a villain attack. Crime always ran rampant in their city; so dangerous to go walking out alone. He would fix that.

“That’s your grief talking,” Nana said gently.

It wasn’t. He approached her every day until she finally agreed to teach him.

(Three days after the funeral, he discovered his grandmother’s favorite lavender plant had died.)


Life got busy after that. Toshinori lost Nana, so soon after his grandmother, gained Gran Torino as a teacher and mentor, graduated from school, became a Pro-Hero, all the while learning to control the precious gift Nana had bestowed upon him.

He set out to become a pillar of peace for everyone. A pillar the same way his grandmother had been for him.

Crime fell, Sensei withdrew further into the shadows, and slowly there was a calm, a happiness. Smiles on people’s face. Less worries and fears. It was a good time to be alive.

His popularity skyrocketed and for once Toshinori felt isolated in a different way. Isolation wasn’t anything new. He didn’t exactly have friends. No one wanted to be friends with a Quirkless nobody. Later he had been so focused on becoming a hero, the loose acquaintances he made at school had fallen apart.

But there were still plants. His private office was covered in them. So was his home, cramped in every nook and cranny like usual. It became his stress reliever, the way he calmed down after a long day of work. Carefully watering each one, clipping away dead leaves and removing weeds. It was rewarding to see the life he nurtured grow a little bit more each day.


“I wonder what’s wrong?” Toshinori muttered to himself. He mourned the loss of his sunflower that had been thriving until yesterday.

He winced, feeling the dull pain in his shoulder flare up. Yesterday’s fight had been a little too much and both Recovery Girl and Gran Torino both threatened to tie him up if he didn’t take a week off to rest. He had been lucky that his only injury was his shoulder. A few more centimeters to the left and it would have hit his heart.

So he took the time to tend to his plants, rarely having a full day to pay attention to them. His long hours and injuries meant more than often he would return home to find a few of his plants dead. Toshinori refused to give up the hobby though. Instead he would always bring home a new plant after a long job.

But his sunflower… that one Toshinori knew had been healthy the day before yesterday. There was no explanation for a sudden downward swing.

He frowned. Perhaps it was time to just switch out all the soil and clean the house. Maybe open some windows and clear out some dust. Perhaps there was something in the air and Toshinori hadn’t been home long enough to realize it. He didn’t want to lose all his plants.


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Toshinori berated himself over and over again. Machines beeped quietly, a white ceiling staring down at him. Pain ran rampant over his body, the white bandages itchy. He had been so close.

“Stop blaming yourself,” Gran Torino said, taking a seat at Toshinori’s bedside.


“Kid, stop blaming yourself,” Gran said. “You got Sensei good too. Even if the bastard survived, he’s in no position to do anything. Just focus on recovering.”

“The doctors said I’m lucky to be alive,” Toshinori said bitterly. He would have to consider finding a successor at this point too. He would never get back to 100 percent.

“Of all the close calls you had, this was the closest,” Gran said. “By the way…”

Toshinori looked at his mentor. Gran looked remorseful, hesitating. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“You asked me to take care of your plants since you’re stuck here until further notice,” Gran said. “I stopped by your house and your office before coming here. They’re all dead. I’m sorry. I know how much you love taking care of them.”

“Oh,” Toshinori said. That… that didn’t make any sense, but what was done was done.

He leaned back, closing his eyes. “I guess I’ll have to buy new plants when I get out.”

Gran scoffed. “I’ll buy your first one.”


“This is your office?” Izuku asked, stepping into what could only be described a miniature forest. Every inch was covered in green.

Toshinori smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. “Yes. I love plants.”

“They look really well cared for!” Izuku agreed. He petted the soft petals of the amaryllis.

Toshinori beamed. He moved a small bonsai off the chair. “Thank you. Now, come Midoriya my boy. Have a tea. We much to discuss.”


“Was it enough?” Toshinori asked. It was a flashback from the past. Once again, he was staring up at white ceilings, surrounded by beeping machines. Only this time, it was arguably worse. The world knew the truth. The last of the embers were now gone. But there was always a silver lining.

“Yes, you did good,” Gran said. “Sensei is locked up. He won’t be escaping.”

“And Shigaraki?” Toshinori asked.

“Can’t find him,” Gran said gruffly. “But he’ll show up soon.”

There was a knock on his room door. Izuku tentatively stuck his head. “Ah, can I come in?” he asked sheepishly.

“I’m surprised they let you through the door,” Gran said.

“Detective Tsukauchi was outside,” Izuku said. He placed a small pot of iris on the Toshinori’s bedside. “I hope you feel soon. I got you a potted version since you said you love taking of plants?” He trailed off, blushing a light red.

“Thank you, my boy,” Toshinori said. “It’ll go lovely with the rest.”

“About that…” Gran said, interrupting.

“Again?” Toshinori asked. Surely it couldn’t have happened again…

Gran coughed. “I already checked. All of your plants are dead.”

“This has happened before?” Izuku asked, bewildered.

“I honestly don’t know what to make of it,” Toshinori said. He hadn’t been in the hospital for even more than 24 hours at this time. They didn’t have time to die!

“This time you can get yourself a bigger house and plant an actual garden,” Gran said. “One where it won’t die if you’re aren’t there to immediately tend to it.”

A garden did sound nice…


Toshinori hummed as he tended to his newest plant, a potted magnolia. He had seen it on sale on the way to school and picked up. It would go nicely with Izuku’s iris.

“Another one, Yagi?” Aizawa asked. “What happened to all the ones that were at your desk previously?”

“Ah,” Toshinori said, sheepish. “For some reason, they all died shortly after my fight with Sensei. They did that five years ago too. I never figured out why. It’s a little sad, but I’ll just have to rebuild my garden of plants again.”

Aizawa stood up a little straighter, a curious gleam in his eyes. “Is that so? Hmm. Someone once told me that if your plants are dying even when you are caring for them correctly, it means they’re absorbing curses and hurts caused by your enemies. Perhaps they’re the reason why your injuries didn’t kill you.” He waved goodbye to Toshinori, leaving him alone in the staff room.

Toshinori blinked, looking at the magnolia. Could it…? His plants did start dying oddly once he became a Pro-Hero.

He petted the leaf of the magnolia. “If that’s true, then you each have my thank you.”

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Good Regency/Victorian movies or shows?


Miss Austen Regrets, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, Beloved Sisters, Horatio Hornblower series.


Dickensian, Bleak House (2005), Possession, Wives and Daughters, Anne (coming to Netflix May 12 as “Anne with an E”), The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1995), and though it’s technically a few years post-Victorian, the Spanish series Gran Hotel.


Ghost: Congratulations on the baby sweetie! If only you were able to stay here forever, I’d love to be able to see her grow older.

Carolina: Thank you Gran, I wish I could stay in this apartment forever, but I doubt it will happen.

Ghost: One can only dream. Hopefully whoever moves in next isn’t a slob. You are a lovely person to haunt.

Carolina: I never thought I would hear those words from anyone, but thank you. You never tried to spook me. When I do move I will miss you standing over my shoulder as I cook.

Ghost: Hey, it was one time! I’ll leave you to your french toast now, my dear, talk to you later.

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Here's something I've been curious about for a while! Who are your top 5 Pro-Heroes from BNHA?-Kes

Oh yikes, that’s a difficult one…hmm

Most favourite would, quite obviously, be All Might. No question about that.

Eraserhead is definitely a very very close second. Because he’s super bamf, and also he adores his kids so so so much.

Gran Torino is a close third, because he is bae and I love him and he’s absolutely adorable and hilarious XD

Present Mic would be fourth, because he has exactly 0 chills, and I think that’s beautiful. He is my loud scream boy, and he must be protected at all costs.

And last but not least would be Kamui Woods. Lmao, I know he’s not a very major character, but I really do feel he needs more love. He’s a total sweetheart and I wish he had more screentime.