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ok why do Junior and Bambam look like they’re gossiping in class & got stopped by the teacher:

junior: “bitch let me tell you the TEA on what that hoe JB did the other day – yes he’s still fucking youngjae! i KNOW!”

junior: “girl YES he really tried to act like he didn’t take me out for meat just last night…”

bambam: “bitch wait! I thought he took you for Ramen, don’t lie!”

junior: “that ain’t the meat I was referring to!” [insert loud ass class-disturbing cackle]

2 minutes later…

teacher: “okay imma need ya’ll to shut the fuck up and focus on these F’s yall got instead of that “T” or whatever cus ya failing”

junior: [is hurt af] “….he really didn’t have expose us like that tho.”

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I'm not the type to ship anyone tbh, but I came across a gif of JB staring at Youngjae for a good while that I got a twist in my stomach as if I was the one being stared at by my crush. So I went on Youtube to search for Youngjae AND Jaebum and that's when I discovered 2JAE. I spent a good day looking up 2jae fmv and from that day on, I became a 2Jae dump truck. I've also been creepin on ur Tumblr (I love ur fics btw) and other 2jae biased tumblr. Sorry, I just had to tell someone lol

My adorable anon,

Ahh! I’m so glad you came to tell me!! This is such a precious story and it fills my soul with joy!! The fact that 2jae got to you even though you don’t really ship is so significant to me, and I’m so blessed by you sharing this!!

Honestly, I didn’t really ship very much before 2jae either! I enjoyed seeing members of the other groups I knew interact and act like couples and I thought it was really cute and fun, but I felt like it was all just fanservice… until GOT7 debuted and I saw the interactions between 2jae! I mean… how can staring like this be nothing but an act for fanservice?? Ahh, I truly understand what you mean about the twist in your stomach, anon~

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Even from the beginning when I first started watching Real GOT7, I couldn’t get over the way they interacted, because even though there was a lot of fanservice between other members, something about the exchange between 2jae just made my heart stop. The way they looked at each other and smiled at each other just felt so… real? It felt like there was something more to them than just friendship! Even in the first episode, the way they smiled at each other was so adorable and precious and shy and just…

Jaebum even runs into the railing because he’s too busy being cutesy toward Youngjae to pay attention. And if you watch the video, his voice just sounds so different when he talks to Youngjae compared to talking to the other members! But it was the “Girls Girls Girls” making video that made me into true 2jae trash and fully dragged me into the world of shipping. Because they were obviously playing and it was a joke when they called themselves the “Vocal Couple”… but the chemistry they had in these exchanges was just too powerful for me to ignore!

Seeing them together just gave and still gives me such a fluttery feeling, and even though they interact a bit differently now, there’s still something so real between them! Maybe it’s not actually romantic love… but they definitely have something between them that shows so clearly when they look at each other that makes it so easy to become trash for the 2jae ship! 

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So hello, my adorable fellow 2jae dump truck! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and let’s continue being trash together!

It’s Much Better This Way | Mark Tuan Scenario

Anonymous said : Hi there! May I request a medium length fluff scenario with mark tuan from got7? Maybe something along the idea of…him visiting the reader in the states bc theyre in a long distance relationship? Thaaanks

Hello anon! I hope this is what you were looking for, I made it a surprise visit because I thought this was cute =^^= Enjoy!

You and Mark managed to Skype every day, whether it was until 3 am or for just a few minutes. So it was pretty obvious you would have concerns when he hadn’t come around to call you and it was already almost midnight. Still, you waited for your boyfriend, hoping he would at least send a text. Turns out he was on a plane to New York City right now, but his flight was delayed. Mark was excited to surprise his girlfriend, but time and his busy schedule had prevented the big date he had planned for them. Nonetheless, you two hadn’t seen each other in 3 months and he had enough of it. By the time Mark was at the airport, you had fallen asleep on your laptop waiting for him. Your mind was full of intrusive thoughts : is he in trouble? Is he hurt? Is he tired of me? Is he cheating on me? It was only one day, but it felt like he hadn’t spoken to you in a year.

Finally, there was a knock on the door. When no one opened, he knocked again. Louder this time. The third time was when you woke up, startled. Your hair was a mess and, honestly, you looked absolutely exhausted.

“Who’s there?” You asked, cautiously ; because who would be knocking so loudly at your door at one in the morning?


You could recognize that voice from miles away. Once you gasped in realization, Mark giggled sweetly, and you thought you would go into cardiac arrest. You spent a few seconds in front of the door, completely shocked. You had doubts that it was actually him. But when he spoke again, you couldn’t question it much more.

“Y/N~” he sang.

You practically broke the door open and ran into his arms. The two melted into a honey kiss, one both of you had been waiting for a long time. You almost couldn’t believe that he was there : that your hands were actually touching him, and that his arms were wrapped around you so securely. Oh boy, Mark had longed for this contact since you two last saw each other.

“I missed you so much, I think I’m gonna cry.” You laughed.

“Me too,” He replied, planting a kiss on your cheek.

He laughed as he struggled to get you off him. The rest of the night was spent cuddling, exchanging cute kisses and talking about their day. You knew that when you woke up, you would plan all the places you loved in New York that you could visit together, what you would eat, what you would wear… But for now, your mind was focused on the smell of cologne beside you and the sound of your boyfriend’s soft breathing against your neck, and you loved it that way.

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Hugs, Bambi 💕

Questions~Admin Jewels

1. When Did I First Start Listening To Kpop?     About a year and half ago.

2. First Group I Listened To/Liked?     VIXX

8. Top 3 Groups?     iKON, Winner, and BTS

10. Fave Kpop Happy Song?    I’m Different - Hi Suhyun ft. Bobby

11. Fave Kpop Sad Song?     Save Me - BTS

12. Fave Kpop Smut Song?     Mommae - Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck/Eureka - Zico ft. Zion.T

13. Fave Kpop Song of 2016?    Stronger by EXO/Very Nice - Seventeen

20. Bias Group?     iKON or VIXX

21. Ult. Bias?     Bobby (iKON), Jackson (Got7), J-Hope (BTS)

22. Fave Ult. Bias gifs?

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23. Fave pics of Ult. Bias?

24. Why They Are My Ult.

Bobby- Well, I grew up near where Bobby is from, so I felt kinda connected to him, of that makes sense. Plus HOLY WOW HE IS HANDSOME. He is really talented and I love he is so confident in himself and iKON.

Jackson- I love how he is always so cheerful. He always seems to find a way to make people laugh and just make the atmosphere light up. He walksin a room and the joy just follows him.

J-Hope- We all know his “I’m your Hope, Your angel, J-Hope!” line, but this line may have saved my life. I wanna open up to you guys about this. You guys know I suffer from headaches, these headaches are so bad, I have missed a WHOLE WEEK of school because of them. I have been to the Emergency Room several times due to them. Doctors think they know what is wrong with me, but still, I suffer them. I have been given medicine that makes me paranoid, feel like my throat is swelling, burning through my whole body and much worse. I would cry all the time because I felt like no one was helping me. I still feel like that sometimes. I hate that my whole life revolves around these headaches. I would I became depressed and had suicidal thoughts. But I would say this line to help me cheer up. I was very lucky to get to go to KCON NY. My mother wasn’t going to let me go due to my headaches. But I was able to go when my doctor thought it was okay. I went and I saw BTS perform it was a dream. When J-Hope introduced himself, he said “I’m your hope! You are my hope! I’m J-Hope!” I cried, I sobbed so much. That made me so happy I got to hear that. I cried and cried, my friend she cried with me. I screamed thank yous to them even though they couldn’t hear me. I want to thank J-Hope for saving my life. My other friend held me while I cried. So, my whole story is, don’t ever give up. You may get to see your bias one day. I got to see mine (even though he was far away).

Thank You Hobi<3

25. Were They My Bias From The Start? All of them were, except for Hobi! Strange huh?

26. Top 10 Biases: 

TOP (Big Bang)

Sanha (Astro)

Joshua (Seventeen)

Solar (Mamamoo)

D.O. (EXO)

Zico (Block B)


Ravi (VIXX)

Yooa (Oh My Girl)

Bom (2NE1)

27. Have you switched biases more than 3 times?     YEs.

28. What Group and members?     Seventeen: Vernon, Woozi, and now to Joshua. 

32. Who do you end up liking in the group?    The Rappers.

34. How would you feel if your bias came out as gay/lesbian/ bi/ etc?     I would be happy that they were coming out instead of keeping it a secret. You know? It wouldn’t upset me at all :)

35. Do I think there are gay/lesbian/bi/etc idols?     I mean I’m sure there are.

36. If so who?     I have no clue tbh. Like I am sure there are gay/lesbian/bi/etc idols but idk because I don’t know them personally.

38.fave kpop blog?    I love @ikonis I always have their notifications on. :)

39. fave kpop sencario blog?    @remembeo Check out her Aus! They rock!

40. kpop smut blog?    I honestly don’t read enough smut to answer this. Sorry!

43.Saying Oppa or being called Noona? I have no clue because no one calls me Noona, so I guess saying Oppa.

45. Bang Bang Bang or We Like 2 Party?      BANG BANG BANG!!!

48. Save Me or Fire?     Hmmmm…. Proabably Save Me beacuse my mom likes that song a lot.

49. Monster or Growl?     MonSTER.

51.Ice Cream Cake or Up & Down?     Up & Down

52 . Crazy or Hate?     OOOOO That is so hard but Imma have to say Hate!

54 Just Right or Fly?     Just Right, I love the positive message it gives girls.

55. Borders or Insane?        THIS IS SO HARD BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH MY GIRL CRUSHES. Borders.

60. Her or Toy?      HER.

63. Very Nice or Adore U?       ADORE U

65. Who You or Eyes Nose Lips?       Who You. I am G-Dragon trASH

66 . Most Beautiful Moments in Life series or Dark & Wild?                   Most Beautiful Moments in life

68. A or M?      M because Bae Bae is my jam.

71. EX’ACT or Love Me Right?    EX’ACT

74. EXO or BTS?    Both.

78. Seventeen or Got7?     Got7.


82. Jungook or Jimin?      Jungkook

83. Xiumin or Chanyeol?    Xiumin

84. Taeyeon or Ailee?   AILEE SLAY

85. Jay Park or Dean?   Jay Park

86.G-Dragon or Taeyang?   G-Dragon

87. Amber or Henry?   Amber

94. Vkook or Jikook?   Vkook.

I seriously need to go to bed lol, Here is mine @jimins-thighs I hope you like it! I have work tomorrow. I’m sorry I didn’t get much done today, I won’t get a whole lot done tomorrow either, I’m sorry guys 


-Admin Jewels

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Tallyia what going on with got7??

on bambam saying nigga, i’m taking a quote from a piece i’ve just seen in the got7 tag that i’ll also link, because it’s really important:  

As a celebrity with large followings in countries all over the world,it’s important to be aware of other cultures and the sensitive topics that should not be broached. The N-word is one of them. And considering that there have already been several controversies surrounding the N-word within K-Pop, most of these idols should be aware that this word should be immediately black-listed from their vocabulary. He could have used any other word in the English dictionary to address Mark while they were taking pictures, but he chose that one and I am extremely disappointed that he did. I can’t imagine how African-American IGOT7s and Bambam-stans must be feeling, to have this racial slur tossed around by someone they look up to and admire.

  • yugyeom got drunk, which is a non-issue in my eyes since he’s legal s. korea and, i simply can’t see that much of a problem with controlled and safe drinking, around people he trusts. my problem is the way it was filmed in what was supposed to be a private space, with ppl (ie, the “”friends””) who fully understand the impact that can have on a celeb’s image - esp with the pristine, shiny-and-good-and-can-do-no-wrong image the idol world likes to perpetuate. and a ton of people are calling him (and I think jb, from what they saw of him in the background of a video) fat, because they’re sad empty-hearted people who like to try and make others feel like nothing by implying that anything aside from tight abs and a ken-doll figure are disgusting
  • youngjae full on disappeared. my precious baby boy did a ghost on got7′s raggedy wild selves so he’s now part of got4, made up of jinyoung, jb, jackson and his angel self and they’ll be the newest group debuting under jyp sometime in the near future once they’re done discarding of everyone else’s bodies
  • bam bam gon’ get his ass whooped and i hope n pray jackson’s salty ass films it
  • t HE MEMES
GOT7: Compatibility

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I decided to just compile all of these in one place for anyone who was curious.

Compatibility IS NOT and ideal types. This is who I think the members would match with the best. Sometimes compatibility and ideals coincide, however sometimes they can contradict each other as well.

Also keep in mind, this is my speculations and opinions, not facts.


  • Someone who is more introverted than extroverted but isn’t shy or nervous around people.
  • Someone with a warm smile and gentle touch who has a soft, charismatic aura about them.
  • Someone who is more of a listener than a talker but can still take charge of a conversation.
  • Someone passionate about everything they care about, from people to hobbies.
  • Someone who prefers hugs over kisses and cuddles over make out sessions.
  • Someone who is independent and doesn’t need to be taken care of by others.
  • Someone who has a positive outlook on life and tries to see the silver lining of bad situations.


  • Someone who likes being taken care of and isn’t afraid to depend on him.
  • Someone who will make him delicious food since he can’t cook.
  • Someone who lets him take charge most of the time but sometimes steps up to take control themselves.
  • Someone who showers him in love but will still put him in his place.
  • Someone who will act cute to try and cheer him up after a stressful day.
  • Someone who doesn’t let him get too hard on himself and reminds him of his talents and positive qualities.
  • Someone who can be stubborn sometimes and doesn’t let people walk over them.
  • Someone bright who can make him feel at ease with your presence alone. 


  • Someone who can keep up with his energy and constant excitement.
  • Someone with a dry and sarcastic sense of humour.
  • Someone who will give him compliments when he deserves them but will also take him down a peg when he gets arrogant.
  • Someone who will let him spoil them with attention, affection, and material things.
  • Someone who doesn’t mind being super cliche and cheesy with him.
  • Someone who loves him deeply and always reminds him. He just likes hearing it.
  • Someone who encourages him to work hard but will also remind him that it’s important to rest.
  • Someone who will tease him constantly and can handle being teased back. 


  • Someone with an overall kind and gentle personality who cares deeply for others.
  • Someone who likes taking care of people and likes being taken care of but isn’t dependent.
  • Someone who is attractive in a subtle way rather than eye-catching.
  • Someone with quiet hobbies like reading, writing, or drawing.
  • Someone who is affectionate but not overly so and not clingy.
  • Someone who likes cooking even if they aren’t necessarily good at it.
  • Someone who is intelligent and can hold an intellectual conversation.
  • Someone who doesn’t get jealous easily and is very understanding of his job. 


  • Someone kinda awkward and dorky but with a bright personality that outshines almost everyone in the room.
  • Someone who is forward because he’s kind of oblivious and won’t know how you’re feeling unless if you tell him.
  • Someone passionate, especially about music. Someone who genuinely loves music.
  • Someone who shares the same sense of humour as him.
  • Someone who is cheerful and kind hearted who makes friends easily.
  • Someone who is affectionate but knows when to leave him alone and when it’s okay to be super touchy.
  • Someone who always reminds him of his good qualities because he’s hard on himself.
  • Someone who doesn’t get jealous easily and is understanding of his career. 


  • Someone who is blunt and will be brutally honest about their opinions.
  • Someone who is slightly mischievous with just a little bit of sass.
  • Someone who is neither introverted nor extroverted and rather somewhere in between.
  • Someone who likes and values fashion and takes their time perfecting their personal style.
  • Someone talkative that he can go back and forth with forever.
  • Someone with a multitude of secret charms that only he knows about.
  • Someone who tries to act cool but is actually a total dork on the inside who gets excited over the silliest things.
  • Someone who isn’t shy about their love for him and is okay with showing off your relationship. 


  • Someone shy at first who becomes brighter and more open as they grow comfortable.
  • Someone who is open minded to trying new things.
  • Someone who is shorter than him and can handle the fact he’ll constantly tease you about it.
  • Someone with a wide variety of charms, talents, and hobbies.
  • Someone who isn’t very affectionate in public, but super touchy in private.
  • Someone who will lean on him for support and simultaneously support him.
  • Someone who can cook and clean, since although he tries he’s not good at either.
  • Someone who loves him genuinely and usually shows it through actions rather than words. 

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Oh my god I'm still reeling over Jaebum's letter to Youngjae. His VOOOOOOICE GETS SO FUCKING SOOOOOOFT AND YOU CAN HEAR HIS SMILE AS HE'S SPEAKING and at tHe end I literally had the I love you on repeat because his voice gets ESPECIALLY soft when he says that and you can like feel how heartfelt it is and honestly 2jae are something else. They really fucking are. There is something special about these two. Holy shit.

My precious anon,

I haven’t even been able to reblog the clip yet because every time I try to start tagging, I get so emotional and my tags turn into an essay and I HONESTLY CANNOT HANDLE THESE EMOTIONS. Mine are overwhelming enough, but then Jaebum!?! Oh goodness, anon. I’m honestly shaking right now because the softness and the emotions in his voice are too real and too powerful. I mean,

A video posted by Marshmallow Bum (@marshmallow0106) on Jul 15, 2016 at 7:01am PDT

You really, truly can hear it in his voice how real this is!! Like, if you’re familiar with the way he talks, you can hear when he starts smiling at “Our Youngjae.” (The first line!! And he’s already smiling!!) And then, THEN, when he mentions “Youngjae who shared a bed with me,” you can hear that little pinched thing in his voice that happens when he gets shy?? And you can tell that this fact, the fact that Youngjae shared a bed with him is so important to him??? I’m actually screaming inside. 

And then it just keeps getting more real, and I know that everything he mentions has significance because his voice is just too shy through the entire thing for it to just be casual!! And the other boys know it because they start trying to distract from it by making it a joke and making it more into fan service (I think it’s Bambam who’s like: “oohh!” and then Jinyoung making a joke about how loud Youngjae’s voice is to distract from all the emotion!!

But Jaebum’s voice is still so shy and happy and soft, and then gets even softer when he THANKS YOUNGJAE LIKE THREE TIMES FOR BEING WITH THEM!!! I have this video on repeat in the background while I write this and I’m a mess. And I’m still bad at listening comprehension, and I can’t read Jaebum’s handwriting here, but I’m nearly positive that one of his thank you phrases uses the word heart, and I just. There’s no attempt to even disguise his love for Youngjae even before his tone gets even more shy and soft and YOU CAN HEAR THAT SHY LITTLE SMILE HE DOES WHEN HE

I’m sobbing, my precious anon. His voice just is so soft and tender when he confesses his love, especially on Youngjae’s name, and the emotion is so real?? And can I just point out:

Do you see the way Jaebum is biting his lip while they listen??? And how emotional Youngjae looks??? With Bambam just sitting over there with that proud smile but even he looks a little overwhelmed?? Like, they all know that this is something real… And then when Youngjae turns to speak at the end, he looks really emotionally overwhelmed. Youngjae. The one who doesn’t like to show emotions. 

And we’re not even talking about how shy and soft and precious Youngjae’s voice and smile were when they both said “I love you” here:

I can’t tell if they were actually intentionally saying it to each other, but… YOUNGJAE LOOKS AT JAEBUM WHEN HE SAYS IT. And his voice is so soft, and his smile is so shy, and just look at how happy his eyes are!! It’s like… I’ve always felt that they take little moments to sneak their true affections into their stage behavior, but… my precious anon, these moments here are the most beautiful and overwhelming instances of doing so that I’ve seen in so long.

I’m… I don’t even have the right words for how emotional this all makes me. I apologize to all of you who are used to my formatted and thought out responses because this is just a keyboard smash of emotions I’M STILL SHAKING FROM HAPPINESS AS I TYPE, but this is just too beautiful and overwhelming. Because this is not only the visual evidence that we usually rely on for 2jae’s love for each other… this is in their own words. 

I am always reluctant to say that any ship is actually real, however much I talk about it and believe it, and I still stand by my claim that 2jae could just be friends, but… there is clearly SOMETHING between them (I mean, just contrast this with Jaebum’s letter to Mark??), and it’s something so special and real and powerful, and it makes me so happy to see. They love each other so incredibly much, regardless of the nature of that love, and their love fills me with so much joy and peace and happiness.

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If you do smut reactions can you do a bts and got7 reaction to you wanting to do more kinky stuff in the bedroom?

Ooooh~ I see you, anon. I see you *wink wink* ;3 Let’s see what I can do for you *already knows I am starting my descent to hell with the smut about GOT7 because they debuted to ruin my existence*


Mark - with him things could two ways: 1) I think he might be shy and feel flustered the moment you ask him about take it up a notch in bed; 2) The quiet ones are sometimes the most kinky ones in disguise. He might be all shy in public, but behind closed doors…. ;))))))) He would give you that sexy smirk and letting you know that he has been thinking the same as you did and that in fact you should try it right away ;))

Originally posted by infinitblaq

JB: Lord almighty, save me D: If he is not your bias, he is your bias ruiner because this boy is fiiiiine ♥ He would like to try something new as well, different from the usual vanilla sex. And we all know he is daddy status. As soon as you mention spicing it up in the bedroom, he closes the door and melts you with his intense gaze.
“Well, what a coincidence. I was thinking the same. I didn’t know my kitten was this naughty. Why don’t you go ahead and show daddy what you had in mind ;)”

Originally posted by defwang

Jackson: Here comes the hard part for me because I LOVE THIS MAN TO A LEVEL THAT IT IS NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE D:
I think he would tease you, wanting to hear exactly what you want to do even though he knows exactly what you mean. The little bastard just wants to hear it from you and then his playful self would be out the door because Mr. Wild and Sexy has showed up and wants to play ;) I feel like he would be into trying a lot of different positions to find out which one gives the most pleasure. And lucky for you, boy has stamina ;)))))

Originally posted by wangmins

Jinyoung: he has this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde vibe to him. One moment he is all calm and romantic, but with the right input, he turns into a savage. He would get caught off guard at first when you first mention wanting to do more dirty stuff in the bedroom. But after giving it some thought, he would consider your offer and definitely not deny you.

Originally posted by junior-park

Youngjae: Oh Lord, this cinnamon roll would get so flustered at the mention of some extra sexiness in bed. He has nothing against it, he would actually love to try, but I feel like he would get very self conscious about not being able to satisfy you. But, he gives it a try anyway after you reassure him that you just want to experiment and that you will love anything he will do.

Originally posted by cookey-jar

Bambam: It has already been established that Bambam has his head in the gutter 4 times out 5. He actually has already tried to seduce you into doing more than just vanilla sex, but he didn’t want to push until you were completely ready. He just kept teasing you and now that you are actually asking for it, you are serving the opportunity on a silver platter to him.

Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Yugyeom: First of all, when I was first told he is the maknae in Got7 I thought I was getting lied to because look at that giant baby! Now that I know he is an overgrown child, whenever I see him do naughty stuff I’m just like: “BOY IF YOU DON’T–” and JB seems to agree with me.
Now, when it comes to the dirty deed, he is probably all for it after an initial moment of shyness. He would love to explore and discover new things with you, letting things happen naturally and following his naughty instincts ;)

Originally posted by krulemoon

(I will add BTS to this list tomorrow because right now it is past 2am and I have to wake up at 7am by idk what miracle, but I hope you enjoyed so far ;D)

[INFO] Jackson advanced to the next round of Top 10 Handsome MenClick here to vote. In this round celebrities who placed high in Korean celebrities poll and Chinese celebrities poll are grouped together. The voting is rumored to last until October. That’s why it’s better to bookmark it and just vote whether we have time. To vote you have to press the heart under Jackson’s photo and then type the confirmation code that appears and button under the code to confirm. You can vote every 15min.

It is said to be an important poll because it’s organized by famous Chinese media such as Sina, CCTV, Baidu.. etc

GOT7 as Things I Have Said.
  • JB:"You know what? gO FUCK A DAMN LOG AND GET SPLINTERS YOU PRICK" *3 seconds later* "Anyways, I really like the pink teddy bear"
  • Jinyoung:"Serg broke my damn ruler and he hasn't replaced it. Wtf I have gave him and returned his shit like the least he could do is replace my ruler"
  • Mark:"I don't know, he's my friend and all but hE'S SO DAMN CLINGY" ... "WHY DOES NO ONE HUG ME"
  • Jackson:"I could model if I wanted to, but I don't want anyone to feel bad, JK I'M CUTE NOT HOT"
  • BamBam:"Do you know how many people would cringe if I even tried to dab? Unborn babies would even cringe, I'm not putting you guys through that"
  • Yugyeom:"Let me go in first" "What why?" "Because I'm the youngest out of all us" "And?" "aND THAT MEANS YOU NEED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS AKA MEEE"
  • Youngaje:"Dogs are better than people~ PEOPLE ARE COLD AND HEARTLESS WHILE ANIMALS LOVE YOU~" "I think I just found out why you're single" "MOM OH MY GOD"
  • Because I have been gone. I had to look at old texts to do this.

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I honestly couldn't give a fuck if he made his half assed apology without permission or not. And I'm sure as hell not going to feel sorry for him. He fucked up, he can deal with the consequences ✌🏻️

i can’t get my head around why he’s getting so much sympathy and praise for the slightest thing.. bts got a shit storm of hate from other fandoms when they said the n word a couple of years ago, and yet when it happens in your bias group y'all are either pleading ignorant or excusing his behaviour because he said sorry, he still did it when he obviously know he shouldn’t have. Let him deal with the consequences like the big boy he thinks he is. Anyone else would. 

I got two similar asks while I was sleeping, so I’m going to combine them here. I understand that what I’m saying will probably be unpopular with everyone, but I think it needs to be said. If you want to talk to me about my opinions, I am here to do so.

My dear anons,

You’re right. Bambam fucked up. He needs to face the consequences of that. He hurt a lot of people, and even if he didn’t understand the full situation, he should have known better. He should feel bad. He should feel guilty. He should feel regret. But he should not feel like he deserves to die or be threatened with violence.

No matter how bad his actions, I do not believe that threats and volatile hatred are ever a justified result. Threats the way he HAD been getting are not the kind of consequences he deserves to be facing. That is where my defense of him comes in. 

But I do not think that he should be cleared of all wrong doing. Honestly, I have been largely avoiding most of the fandom currently because… it’s a mess around here, my lovelies, and it hurts my heart. It’s saddening to me when the anger is almost more justified than some of the defense…

Because the Bambam defending is going too far, my dears. I have only heard an inkling of something called the #ThankYouBambam tag and I don’t fully understand it, but… My dears. He is not done. That IG apology shows that he feels bad. It shows that he knows he was wrong. It shows that people have a right to be upset, and it shows that Bambam knows that he has a hell of a lot more explaining and apologizing to do in order to make up for the hurt he caused, even unintentionally. And the fandom needs to realize that too. It is insensitive to the people hurt to dismiss this so easily, and even Bam understands that. This is where my request for patience comes in because he has promised more of an apology when he can make one. Which is a timeline currently up to the company.

For many people it is, in fact, enough that he apologized in that comment, and I am so happy for that! For me, it’s enough for my heart to know that he’s genuinely apologetic because I know that he did not intend to cause so much hurt, and there was a level of ignorance. But that is not the end of this, nor should it be. A quick message buried in the IG comments is not enough. He needs to, and I’m sure will, make a full and detailed apology. He needs to be held accountable, and he needs to realize the full extent of how much he hurt and disappointed a large number of people. He needs to see how serious this is so that he learns from this situation. He does not need to be protected from the severity of his mistake.

But I will now and always protect him from threats against his well being. Death, physical harm, and horrible insults and hatred are not valid consequences, and the fact that he was getting those things… I understand the fandom’s rush to defend him, and I stand by all that I have said in his defense. I would defend anyone getting that sort of attack if I was there to do so. 

But we need to recognize the difference between defending him, and defending his actions. Because Bambam deserves to be protected, but his actions deserve consequences, and those hurt deserve to be acknowledged, considered, and fully apologized to.

Again, I know that this is going to upset people, but please understand that I say this with all the love in my heart for Bambam, for those hurt, and for the fandom. I just want us all to stop hurting each other. 


7.13.16 + 12:34 pm ─

Finally settled back in after returning from my trip! Spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out my room and closet and adding some new things to my desk. ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

Listening to: All of GOT7 on repeat. Not ashamed.