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Kakavege, Anyone?


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His tail waving in slow motions behind him, Goku walked towards that one office he readed about so many times, calm and for once in his base form. the saiyan really wanted to know what made the man so special for the admin to start drawing him everywhere instead of him, plus he'd lie if he didn't mentionned being plainly curious. decided to talk, not aware people could see the intrusion as weird, he opened the door.

Miles Edgeworth was sitting at his desk at the time, unaware that he was going to encounter a visitor. “Err… Can I help you?” he asked, standing up upon seeing the unusual guest. Usually, when someone entered his office unannounced, it was bad news. 

“Were you looking for something?”

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((oh also i started looking at the edgequill tag and I'm very happy it's really cute I just found how I will waste my day thank you but I actualy beat you at that game. I have a crackier pair. Klavier and Simon. BYE))


hey speaking of klavgav/blackquack, i like that pairing too!!! and the fandom writes them really well!!! here are two of my fav fics for them, the first one is romantic and the second one is platonic but they’re both really sweet

Contrary by greengartersnakes on ao3 (this author writes their dialogue especially well!)

That Not So Empty Space by metallic_sweet on ao3 (features edgeworth being a bro too)

sorry if you’ve read these already but i’m gonna publish this ask just in case other people are interested too *_*