ask godzilla pony

the-saga-of-spyro  asked:

Why DOES Godzilla always want to know what year it is? I would think the human concept of time holds no meaning to an ageless radioactive dinosaur.

well actually back when i was doing the comics for free, it was kinda just a joke based on the context of the situation

I was trying to think of what Godzilla could POSSIBLY do if he suddenly found himself in the world of MLP, and the best thing I could think of was just him looking around and being confused as to why there are no more humans 

its funny cus sometimes he’ll sleep for several thousand years and the world probably changes a hell of a lot when he wakes up, cus honestly if i woke up and there was nothing but flying magical horses I’d be freaked out too

after that it just became a running gag based on the context of the setting he was in

Nausica: movie takes place some thousand years after giants destroyed civilization and now the main characters live in a world full of giant bugs 

Cross Ange: humanity has evolved(?) to a point where everyone can do magic, but if you’re a ‘norma’ who cant do magic you’re sent to an uncharted island in the pacific where you have to fight interdimensional space dragons and HOLY SHIT WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD EVEN? IS THIS THE FUTURE OR IS THIS MODERN DAY? WHAT??

Monsters Inc: assuming the Pixar theory is true, Godzilla lives long enough to see the world overrun by monsters, so he applies for a job at Monsters Inc and his questions get him banished by being sent back to present day earth

ya know cus .. the lawyers at Disney will rip you a new one before they even begin to share their secrets, and blowing the cover on the Pixar theory is probably a huge liability for them 

but yeah hope that answers some questions .. I dont have a lot of running gags in my material, but im kinda proud of this one