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Doodle Pony Icons

A week back I was practicing drawing some ponies at my grandmothers house this is what came of the practice, I meant to add flying ponies but this is all I was able to draw before we had to go and I had forgoten my note book.

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three-tribes  asked:

Can we get a list of all the other blogs that are operating in canon with this one? The flutterdash and rarijack blogs for example!

Yes! When I get around to updating the website, these will all be linked under the bios.

@royalsketchbook [Equestria’s major side of the blog]

@rarijack-countrycouture [Rarijack, both sides but i think majorly in the mirror world(?)]

@dashofshyness [Flutterdash, mirror world]

@honeycrisp-tales [Honeycrisp & CadMac, mirror world] (EQG Moondancer/Blueblood added)

@triplestitch [FlashPommel, mirror world]

I THINK that’s everything? If I’m missing someone please let me know! I’ve also done fun crossovers with other blogs once or twice such as @ask-glittershell, but whether or not that counts as canon is up to the viewer ^^