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Gerita Headcanon #1

When they are together in bed, Ludwig will make sure Feliciano is snuggled close to his chest. When he is sure that his beloved is asleep, he’ll be singing Edelweiss. What Ludwig doesn’t know is that Feliciano will be pretending to sleep, and loves hearing Ludwig sing, for it is really cute!

kevv  asked:

i've always wanted a fic where HRE comes back and it's revealed that he isn't germany (to the shock of everyone). so italy, who has been buttering up to germany and the german having a clear crush on our italian, has to make a choice between him and holy rome. and then he picks neither and instead renews his vows to the adriatic sea and everyone is good friends the end.

Wow, that’s a lot of plot twists! It’d certainly make an interesting fanfiction!



((THATS WHAT MUN WAS BUSY WITH! :^ D Please enjoy watching it (EngLat included) and EAT SOME CAKE!!! >W< ))

katemarley  asked:

I'd love to read more canonverse fanfics and AUs with historical settings. There's one AU I've always wanted to read even though I don't even ship the pairing: Feli is the son of an Italian "guest worker" who has come to West Germany in the 1960s. He becomes friends with his classmate Ludwig who loves football, just like him. Then Ludwig tells Feli he feels more than friendship for him, and Feli doesn't know how to handle this ... also because same-sex activity is a crime by the law at the time.

I can tell you’ve really thought about the idea! Hopefully, a fan of the pairing sees this and wants to write it!


Carmen: Sí! Sometimes we go on a double date and it’s really funny even if these girls always end up fighting for everything ^ 7 `^U         …cute fights(?)

Headcanon: Since Italy was raised by Austria, he actually knows German really well. Sometimes when he’s talking with Germany, he’ll start speaking German all of a sudden, and to this day Germany is surprised whenever he does that (((and is trying to learn Italian so he can do the same c:))

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