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Gerita Headcanon #1

When they are together in bed, Ludwig will make sure Feliciano is snuggled close to his chest. When he is sure that his beloved is asleep, he’ll be singing Edelweiss. What Ludwig doesn’t know is that Feliciano will be pretending to sleep, and loves hearing Ludwig sing, for it is really cute!

“Happy Valentine’s Day, also, I love your shirt. Pink suits you well, especially when it’s this revealing.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts because I’m putting something else on now.” 

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Hi!!! If you're accepting asks for the Draw your OTP thing, could you please do GerIta in 1 B? Thank you so much!!! Love your blog btw ;)

I hope you like the outcome, Anon! That was so much fun to do! And thank you so SO much for your nice comment ♥ I hope you have a great day!

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C4 gerita please~!

Ah, che bellezza!
Ah, che dolore!

Così che va la vita, così che va l’amore!


I’m weak for tall, blond, serious men getting all fluffy for their tiny bfs.

And Germany is a tall, blond, serious man that gets all fluffy for his tiny bf. <3

(( (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Requests are still open!))

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A works at a 50's style soda shop/diner and B is a transfer student trying to figure out the town

(Ahhhh the 50s is my favorite time period

Fans of Pink Poodle Skirts and Black Leather Jackets: -breathing heavily on my neck-)


The malt shop was popping, for a Sunday it was great turn out. Ludwig was behind the counter, his rag smashed into a glass cup, wiping it clean so he could see a sparkle. He had been working at this little corner shop since high school, he needed the money to buy a car.

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