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So, for future reference, if French is considered 'Old Noxian', what is the Demacian equivalent? Any other language parallels you can enlighten us on?

// Truth be told, I was not the one who officially pin-pointed French as being Noxus’ old language, but credits goes to generalswain in collaboration with matronoftheblackrose (reading their posts and RP’s, I eventually picked up their headcanon).

To be completely honest, I didn’t give this much thought, but if I were to go on a hunch … I believe that at some point in time, before the first Rune Wars, Demacia and Noxus was one super-state, else I can’t seem to explain the apparent similarities between the two (being the source of French-sounding names like DuCouteau/Leblanc for Noxus and Buvelle/Laurent + FIORA HAS A DAMN FRENCH ACCENT NEED I SAY MORE?)

To start off with a list, it would be something like:

Ancient Valorian (Encompassing the center of the continent, including Demacia+Noxus): Latin

Old Noxus: French

Old Demacian: This is … going to be difficult to pin-point accurately, but I am going with a hunch that it is one of the Romance languages (starting from Latin) and having to pick between Italian and Romanian … I feel I might go with the former. So Old Demacian is Italian, after my hunch. Don’t ask me why

Ancient Shurimani: Egyptian Hieroglyphs?

Common Shurimani: Arabic languages (I leave this to ask-sivir’s expertise)

Ancient Freljordian: Ancient Nordic Language?

Common Freljordian: I’m going to randomly throw out Dutch. 

Zaun: Russian?

Piltover: I’m going to go with English as well as variations/dialects, mostly because I -don’t- think Piltover has any kind of seniority compared to the other city-states to have established its own language (how old is Piltover? I don’t think it has more than 300 years of historical existence, compared to Valoran’s 5k+ age)

Common Valorian (the international language): English

Ionia: Depending on regions, it can vary between Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

This is just my hunches and first impressions, so anyone who has more substantial analysis and explanations to offer are free to do so.

Also pinging my trusty lore nerds for help. LORE RANGERS - UNITE!

generaldarius; generalswain; ask-sivir; sheriff-caitlyn; progenitorviktor; ask-summoner-rena halp plz

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( Hey! I hope this isn't rude of me, since we both have the same muse, but could you suggest some roleplayers to me? Since I was on my other League acc here a lot seem to have deactivated and finding people again is hard. ;w; )

( I definitely should be the last person you should ask me this mainly because I barely know anyone and if I do—I forget their URL haha OTL But let’s see what I can do… ; u ; SORRY IF I MISS OUT OTHERS—I’M JUST TYPING URLS THAT I CAN REMEMBER!

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Yeah… Those are all I can think of that I really like following or looking at their interactions with others ; u ; )

There was nothing to shield. In the back of Orianna’s mind, she knew that the Ball could not heal, only provide a rudimentary hextech shield to block most physical wounds. Still, as the blood continued to flow from the wound in Hand of Noxus’ chest, Orianna wondered why the bleeding just would not stop.

“It’ll be okay, it’s going to be okay, Janna or Soraka won’t be for long…” Orianna kept repeating as she grabbed at the cloth near his shoulders to bunch up over the flow of blood. Her hands were stained with dark red and maroon, and the stickiness was beginning to make her nauseous.

A faint movement caught her attention, and Orianna felt Darius reach up to grab her hand weakly. She started and looked at his face. The Noxian’s face was exhausted and covered in dirt and blood. “Little One,” he breathed out harshly, “There are others to help. Do not waste your time…and tell…tell her…I love her.”

Stunned, Orianna nodded and watched as Darius smiled before closing his eyes for the last time.