ask gary oak

anonymous asked:

Hey Gary, could you ever see yourself being in a romantic relationship with Ash?


“Well…no. Pretty sure Ash is asexual…possibly to the point of no return.”

“…I…guess it’s a nice thought, though. We have a lot in common, so…we wouldn’t be bored. So I guess would I like to? Maybe. Do I see it actually happening? Definitely not.”

So, I spent all my time today finishing up the silly ask for Gary. ouob But tomorrow, expect the one for Roland!

But in the meantime:

10. Standing on their hands.

P.S. If you saw this post earlier and wondered why it disappeared, you can thank tumblr for blurring my lineart. uvu

And the bonus panel:

Edit: I’m going to reblog this tomrrow, since this was a horrible time to post things, but I was was so stubborn about getting the tumblr size dimensions right that I wasn’t going to quit until it was fixed. ouo;