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Voltron Ask Meme!

Voltron: Which Lion do you think you would pilot? Why?

Shiro: If you were given the chance to change the past, would you?

Keith: Do you consider yourself an aggressive or passive person?

Lance: Are you a flirtatious person? Lance level flirting?

Hunk: Do you know how to cook/bake?

Pidge: Who are the people you value the most?

Allura: What would be the first thing you do if you wake up after 10,000 years?

Coran: What was your worst “phase”?

Zarkon: Do you think revenge is wrong?

Haggar: Are you obsessed over something? Someone?

Lotor: What would you be exiled for?

Galra Empire: Who is your favorite Galra character?

Blade of Marmora: Who has the best character design?

Matt Holt: Are you more “nerdy” or “sporty”?

Balmerans: Are you good at reading other peoples emotions?

Olkari: Do you have a close connection with nature?

Kuron: Would you want a clone of yourself? Why?

Honerva: Do you have any pets?

Alfor: What is your best friend like?

Weblum: What is your favorite Voltron episode?

Slav: What are your ships? No discourse allowed.

Sven: Would you sacrifice your life for someone you barely know?

Space Mice: What are your favorite animals?

KALTENECKER: Who is your favorite Voltron character?

Paladin: When did you start watching Voltron?

Feel free to drop one or some of these in my ask box! Other questions are welcome too! No discourse allowed.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a text between keith and hunk, like keith is asking hunk how to woo lance (aka hunk's bff) and hunk is being a good wingman?

yes, wingman!hunk is the best but it really makes his job easier when lance is already in love with keith lmfao

  • Lance, while scrolling through his phone: Apparently you can buy pet rocks online... I mean that's so crazy only idiots would spend $19.99 on-
  • Hunk: You bought one didn't you
  • Lance, with tears in his eyes: I bought five....

this lovely human was high af on wisdom teeth meds and forgot to hit anon 😂😂 so i am keeping their identity a secret (per their request haha) but i hope this is kind of what you’re looking for, my friend!! rest up and take care! 💜💜 

anonymous asked:

HI, as someone who would DIE for some co leadership klance, cab I ask for one in which keith tells lance that he is so thankful for him helping him, and "I teally need you with rn" and lance just. Freaks out. And starts screaming to hunk about it threw the chat.

listen my dude….. i would also die for coleadership klance omfg ilysm thank you for this 💜💜

i will definitely offer dreamworks my left kidney for coleadership klance though. don’t think i won’t because   I   AM    R E A D Y

blue-gold-demigod-clouds  asked:

Headcanons for Paladins and s/o sharing their first kiss please?

I had a lot of fun writing these  ✻


  • Their s/o is the one to instigate it and it’s a whole shock for poor Pidge
    the pair of them are sat on the floor with their backs to the wall and Pidge’s s/o has been talking for a straight hour
  • but they weren’t paying attention to their s/o, so when they motion for Pidge to look around they’re oblivious
  • it’s only a peck on the lips but it’s soft and innocent so when their s/o backs away, with eyes still on Pidge’s lips, they bump their glasses with their nose
  • when they are fully drawn back, Pidge is looking down through their eyelashes and slightly wonky glasses all blushy like “wow”


  • he’s been nervous about it for weeks so he plans it out as if it’s going to be that simple though
  • long story short his plans get scuppered when his s/o decides to have a food fight with him
  • flour is flying everywhere and Hunk has definitely thrown at least one egg but his s/o just flicks icing sugar in his face and it all comes to a halt because they’re laughing so hard it’s difficult to breathe
  • and then it just happens naturally, like him and his s/o are just drawn together and it tastes like icing sugar
  • its too pure and they’re all giggly afterward, still covered from head to toe in ingredients


  • you know this boy smooth talked his way to this point (or at least he thinks that - his s/o just finds him funny)
  • but for a change, it’s them half lidded and suggestive so all he can do is gulp
  • he basically becomes putty in his s/o’s hands, honestly, he’s like an innuendo away from becoming a puddle bless so they just grab his jacket collar and pull him in
  • he doesn’t react for a few seconds out of sheer shock but gets into it properly as they run out of breath
  • he’s smiling like a goof but boy is he ready to do that again and again and again


  • he’s a heat of the moment kind of guy
  • after the team get reunited (after haggar fucks up the wormhole) he’s desperate to see them, Shiro’s injured and the team are split up so when he actually gets back to the castle nothing holds him back
  • they go in for a hug but Keith catches he immediately by the lips with hands gently holding their jaw
  • he hums happily when they relax into him but when they break away they realize everyone!!! is!!! looking!!
  • they’re both a blushing mess after that but he’s just so god damn relieved that they are ok that he doesn’t really care


  • he’s a patient guy when it comes to relationships because he wants his s/o to be ready and such but even they have to admit he’s almost too patient
  • but when he does make the move he’s sooo nervous and he’s probably thought about it far too hard
  • his s/o runs their hands up his arms and probably has to reach up a lil bit to meet him half way with a giggle
  • it’s a slow and long kiss - he wraps his arms around their waist to bring them flush against him
  • it’s the most cliche thing but its perfect in every sense of the word