ask gareki karneval

Please ask me how I’m doing
Fandom: Karneval
Pairing: Yogi/Gareki
Prompt: for yoreki week (firsts)

Yogi wakes up with his arm cramped under his body and with Gareki’s head tucked into his shoulder.

It’s a nice way to wake up, even though he can already feel his arm starting to complain about being squashed for so long; Gareki looks like he’s still sleeping, his dark eyelashes soft and still against his skin. And he can feel the warmth of his little exhales—it’s so cute that Yogi wishes Gareki would do this every night, wake up next to him closer than he was when he fell asleep. Sometimes, Yogi worries that he doesn’t really like him, that he somehow only likes the way Yogi kisses. But he’s here, with his hand curled loosely around the front of his shirt, shifting in sleep like he just wants to get closer. 

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