ask frostiron

A new ask game

Tony: “Well, seeing Reindeer games and I have some time to spare, we’re open for asks again and we’ll answer in gifs. So ask us whatever you want until Friday (31 March) morning and we will reply. Stay friendly, though or I won’t hold our little dramaqueen back like last time ;)”

It’s like Adele went “This is for all the OTPs that are going through something right now!” When she chose the song All I Ask.

Seriously. All I see is Destiel and Rickyl and Stucky…and like everything else.

Sorry for not being around to answer questions! Loki’s been busy traveling between the realms causing mischeif, and Tony’s had a bit of clean up to deal with in terms of the Avengers. But things have calmed back down and the boys are here to answer more questions!

The ask box will be closed for now while they catch up on some old questions, but stick around, because there’s lots to come!

‘Hello peasants,“

"Loki, be nice to them.”

“Hush, Anthony. I am introducing us.”

“The least you could do is do it nicely. They are going to be giving us their attention in the future.”

“Very well. Hello.. Mortals. I am Loki, best referred to as your future king.”

“I’m not going to get anything less, am I?”

“… Here with Anthony. To those of you who are aware of my being, I am certain the same does not apply to him.”

“Hey! I’m more popular on Earth than you!”

“Oh please, that is foolish talk!”

“I can show you foolish talk. Go talk to Clint.”

“Anyways. We are here to fulfill your questions or desires on the both of us.”

“Not all desires, mind you.”

“Oh yes, of course not. How could I forget?”

“Anyway, send us stuff, ask us stuff, love us, hate us, whatever. We’re going to keep on living no matter what you all do.”

“Yes, as he said. Are we done now? I have my own matters to tend to”

“What matters?”

“Matters that are none of your concern and do not involve this odd technology.”

“You’re the one who wanted to start this! And what matters?!”

“Are we finished yet?”

“Not until you tell me what you’re doing!”

“I will! Later.”

“Why not now?!”

“Because.. Ask us anything darlings, and I can assure an answer, unless it is simply repulsive. Farewell for now.”

“Loki! I wasn’t done!”