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Goal: Tag 9 people and get to know them better.

Relationship status: marriaged!

Favorite colors: Purple and red are tied for 1st, pink and blue are tied for 2nd. In terms of “colors I actually wear”, half my clothes are black.

Lipstick or chapstick: I have tinted chapstick. The “I want to wear this cute lipstick, but my lips are so chapped” days will never befall me again.

Last song: I was just playing a really dumb video game, so I had my pop playlist on. Let me check what song I paused it on.

“Despacito.” It’s paused on Despacito.

Last Movie: The last movie I watched was Layercake. The last movie I saw in a theater was Thor: Ragnarok (which was … good??? i like a marvel movie again??? what is this)

Top three shows: Fullmetal Alchemist, Jessica Jones, Hannibal (even though I’ve only seen the first 2 seasons)

Top three ships at the moment: Jedao/Kujen (don’t @ me), Lymond/Jerott (don’t @ me), Nicholas/Loppe (DON’T @ ME)

honorable mentions to:

  • Will Graham’s Dogs/Not Dying
  • Valkyrie/Hel, out of pure spite. if I am not given a decent F/F ship I will whole-cloth create one out of absolutely nothing
  • Gelis/Zurah, same reason
  • Marthe/piracy on the high seas
  • the hannibal ship. i’m so sorry

tagging, if you wanna, no pressure: @dirtybinary,  @physticuffs, @shadowetienne, @hartknyx, @madamehardy, @allyspock, @trashofvenice, @civilsmile, @salvamisandwich

The Paladins Proposing To You Would Include...


PROMPT?: How would Allura and her Paladins propose to their so?

A/N: allura will make a permanent appearance whenever it refers to all paladins ♥ also can you tell I ship Klance (I also loved writing this)

WARNINGS: gender neutral!!! marriage/proposal, slight cursing? klance mention

Shiro: Shiro is traditional and surprised you when you came back to your shared bedroom one night. There are rose petals scattered and he’s still in his paladin uniform, down on one knee and lights turned down. In all honesty, you probably can’t help but think of the Chandler/Monica proposal scene. But this one is all yours and that’s what makes it so great. Somehow, Lance leaks it but that’s okay because Shiro was pretty nervous about telling everyone regardless. Sure, he’s proud but he’s Dad™ and wth would his kids think about a new parent?? Regardless, you have the honor of receiving a royal Altean wedding and every thing goes off without a hitch. Keith and Lance hardly fought over who got the bouquet!

Pidge: You discussed the idea of getting married before the two of you even become “official.” It was a pretty life-changing decision for the both of you (despite having no real-world repercussions) but ultimately, you went for it. The engagement had more hype over it than expected and was supported 10 times over. Hunk won the bet between him and Lance about how soon it would take Pidge to get married. Hunk bet it would’ve taken less than ten years and Lance was never. You didn’t even want to know what he won out of it. You had a small “courthouse” wedding officiated by Shiro (who else) and it was more meaningful to the both of you than anything else you could’ve done.

Keith: You had never expected Keith to ever want to get married. (Unless it was to Lance but you weren’t EVER going to mention that) It wasn’t until a battle that almost killed Keith, that he realized he might lose you. He woke you up one night, took Red and flew you out to a distant planet and made his case. (He definitely cried and didn’t want ANYONE to know) You graciously accepted and space-eloped. No one even knew until Keith took off his ring for a shower a couple weeks later. Everyone was incredibly happy to hear that you were married and Lance only was a little mad he was the last to find out.

Lance: Leave it to Lance to embarrass the shit out of you. He made it the biggest effort to let the entire galaxy know that he proposed and didn’t even seem the smallest bit humble about his efforts. During a planet-wide celebration, Lance rigged Blue to vomit fireworks so that when they exploded, it spelled out “(y/n), will you marry me?” You couldn’t want to kill your husband more. Everyone else, however, was elated. Your wedding was huge and Lance demanded you take off his garter. He was your husband, and you were stuck with him for eternity. You couldn’t be happier.

Hunk: Hunk was afraid to ask you out, much less ask you to marry him. He dropped little hints like buying you white clothes or asking if you liked wearing rings. Eventually, you caught on and started teasing him. Saying stuff like “Geez, Hunk, stop acting like we’re married!” or “God, we’re gonna be that old married couple, huh?” and see him get flustered. At one point, he just straight out asks you a frenzy while you’re taunting him. You smile, and its history from then on. Everyone (especially Allura) was excited about the wedding and all of Shay’s family and everyone else you two met on your adventures showed. Hunk didn’t even throw up. Best night of your lives.

Allura: You saw it coming from a mile away. Despite her leaving the ring out, she tried to subtly ask you questions about your favorite type of jewelry and flowers. It didn’t even matter if you didn’t like either, she wanted an answer. So, you beat her to the punch, asking her before she could you, and she was happier than you could’ve imagined. She told all the paladins immeadiatly and asked them all to be the flower girls, much to their obligation. She planned the entire thing as an honor to her parents and her people. You were honored to be graced such a royal honor, and Allura couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

Hey guys! I know I’m kinda late on the whole halloween spirit thing, but as compensation, have a frenzied Snug!

(Sorry if it doesn’t look the best, my pens don’t layer well)

((A side note: I had to redo this post about 4 times before Tumblr would stop giving me an error and let me post it))

More Like a Father

Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: Sam is like a dad to you so you decide to do some things for Father’s Day
Reader’s Age: At least 13+
Word Count: 664

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: So my fren @fangirling-equestrian  helped with the last parts cause I couldn’t think of what to do next so she was a big help thANKS FREN! Anywho Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy!

Growing up with John Winchester as a father never really felt like you even had one. He tried his best, but he was never the father he could’ve been. So throughout the years, Sam felt like he had to take on this father role. He always took care of you from day one. Dean helped out, too, but not as much as Sam. Because of this, you wanted to do something special for this coming Father’s Day. Even though Sam is your brother, you will forever see him as a father.

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Hi, ya'll! I was wondering, what G1 mechs would try to dress up in goofy costumes and go trick or treating with their humans, who would stay home and hand out candy, and who would just go buy bags of it and give it to their human friends? Thank you guys so much for what you do! :D

Hi sweetspark, Silver here! Thanks for this ask! :D Since you pretty much left the chosen bots up for interpretation and this is a category ask (which means only 10 characters!), I picked the ones I figured would be most into the Halloween spirit so to speak. I had a lot of fun with this, and of course I couldn’t help but add one extra category because reasons you shall soon see! XD

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Chosen Bots: Jazz, Prowl, Bumblebee, Optimus, Wheeljack, Blaster, Ratchet, Rumble, Frenzy, Skywarp

Who would try to dress up: Jazz, Prowl, Bumblebee, Skywarp, Rumble and Frenzy

Jazz would somehow manage to convince/pester Prowl into joining in on the costumed fun. He dresses up as a ninja with a Transformer-sized pair of nun-chucks, while Prowl goes as a cop (though how he managed to convince the stubborn tactician no one knows).

Bumblebee would dress up as…a bee! Of all things! When questioned, he admits that he was dared by Spike. It’s okay though, because Bumblebee dared Spike to dress up as a flower instead of a cool 007-esque spy to get even!

Skywarp decides to go as a vampire, using his warping ability to appear behind unsuspecting bots shouting “I vant to suck your Energon!” in a corny Dracula voice before biting their neck-cables. Not only has he terrified/terrorized half the ship, but by the end of the night he has to hide away from some of the more murderous bots (no one knows whether he was very brave or incredibly stupid for trying to bite Soundwave, but the Communications Officer somehow knew he was going to appear and punched him in the face. How???).

Well of course Rumble and Frenzy are going to dress up for Halloween! Why would they ever pass up a chance to terrorize humans even more than usual and get away with it? They dress up as Freddy and Jason Voorhees, though for some reason they thought it would be a great idea to use real blades to terrorize the humans.

Who would hand out candy: Optimus, Wheeljack, Blaster, Ratchet

As much as Optimus doesn’t really dress up for the holiday, he is more than happy to pass out candy to the children and teenagers that come up to him. He loves seeing each costume and finds himself smiling at the adorable little ones that come running up to him with a chorus of “Trick-r-Treat!”

Wheeljack loves getting visitors, especially when those visitors are tiny humans dressed up in cool costumes! He doesn’t see too much of a point in dressing up, but he loves seeing the kids smile when he gives them candy and ADORES when he sees mini-scientists running up to him!

Blaster loves the spooky music aspect of Halloween, but he loves seeing his cassettes dress up and passing out candy to the humans. Look how adorable everyone is, he just wants to adopt them all!!!

Ratchet may be a grump most times, but even he can’t resist giving a warm smile whenever a child runs up to him and politely asks for treats and sweets. It warms his spark whenever he sees a child or two dressed up as a doctor or nurse (he rewards them with extra candy, but shhh don’t tell anyone!).

Who buys candy and gives it to their human friend: Jazz, Bumblebee, Prowl

As much as Jazz loves going around trick-r-treating with the others, he buys as much candy as he can to give to his closest human friends later. He always picks out their favorites and plays along as though they just so HAPPENED to come to him asking for treats, though the humans had better make sure they have a big enough bag, they’re going to need a wheelbarrow by the end of the night!

Prowl doesn’t do the whole “door-to-door” begging for candy deal, but he does end up making a bowl of mixed candy for the humans. For his closest human friend he’ll make sure there’s more of their favorite candy in the bowl for them, but he’ll deny it if it’s pointed out and claim it was a mere coincidence (shhh, it was totally intentional, shhh!).

Bumblebee adores the excitement of trick-r-treating even though he can’t eat the candy himself (he ends up giving most of it away to passing trick-r-treaters, bless this sweet yellow marshmallow!). But much like Jazz he’ll pick up the candy he knows his friends Spike and Carly like, and he’ll keep extra candy on hand whenever he meets any other human friend of his!

Who would steal all the candy: Rumble and Frenzy of course!

While none of the Autobots would ever dare attempt such a cruel act on the innocent children, Rumble and Frenzy have no such qualms. These two will jump out and scare all humans and hoard all the stolen candy into a giant pile grinning in triumph!…until they realize they have absolutely no clue what to do with it all once the night is over. Soundwave was not amused when he woke up the next morning with melted chocolate and sticky caramel in his chest compartment.


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Have you ever encountered an apex monster? Also, how do corrupted(frenzy and/or apex) monsters see you as?

Concerning the unfortunate mons who got afflicted with the Frenzy, it would probably have been great if they somehow showed signs of reverence towards us Magalas…

…But then this is the real world, and diseases respect nobody, especially if it has taken over their hosts’ body and mind. 

*sigh* This is one of the reasons, if not the main one, why I live a nomadic lifestyle, going from place to place.

But yes, about meeting an apex mon? Well… I met a Rajang once. I heard stories about them being reeeeally strong, and with him being in an empowered Apex state? (Yes, I was able to tell because of the sheer amounts of frenzy he emits, and not every corrupted mon can do that. I can’t believe my luck at that time.) 


I lived. Parts still intact too.

August 3rd is little Honoka’s birthday !

Just like last year’s event, she and all 17 of her friends were allowed into the biggest and most well-known amusement park there is.

She will enjoy all sorts of fun rides, from calming wagon tours to terrific roller coasters, there’s diffent types of fun for everyone ! Nuh-huh, there’s no “I think I’ll pass” allowed today ! Everyone goes in !!!

Let’s celebrate together !!!

The Next 3 Months of ScriptMedic

Hey all! I wanted to talk a bit about the next 3 months here on the ScriptMedic blog. 

As we all know, the last 3 months of the year are hectic for many of us, for a lot of reasons. We’ve got: 

October: Samhain/Halloween 

November: Thanksgiving 

December: Yule/Christmas/Hannukkah 

AKA: Holiday Stress 

But we writers have an entirely different set of challenges coming for us! 

October: NaNo Prep Month 

November: NaNoWriMo – Write All the Words! 

December: Oh Gods All the Edits

Originally posted by x-living-in-the-garden-of-evil-x

Plus, for me personally, I have the anniversary of ScriptMedic (October 23rd – my little baby has grown up so fast and she’s so big–) to fill me with proud joyful tears. 

I’m also launching a book in October (yes, Blood on the Page will be here in time for NaNo), and I have some fiction projects to work on. (More on this in a bit). 

So here’s how this blog is going to work for the next 3 months: 


Storm of asks. I was particularly bad in September about answering asks, and so I’m trying to get some done before the inbox opens tonight. (I may open a bit early since I’m sick and I might go to bed early.)

Seriously, I need to stop spiking fevers. 

I give myself a little leeway, was sick, was feeling burnt out, and because I published my very first book (!!!!!!!!), but I’m trying to get back to the focus: you guys. 


The priority will be on asks that are for NaNo prep. I’ll try to keep a decent schedule this month but no promises. 

It will help if your asks are: 
a) single questions, not multi-part
b) relatively quick so that I can get to as many of you as possible 
c) specifically for NaNo prep

I’ll also start posting some injury profiles, beginning as soon as I schedule them.

Remember when we said Blood on the Page was going to be blogged out in its entirety? There are a solid 40 chapters that are going to go out. I’ll try to post some good ones this month to help you with NaNo prep, and they’ll continue through the rest of the year to help you along. 


Ask Frenzy. Emphasis will be quantity and rapidness over quality or depth of answers. This is to help those asking for their NaNo projects. 

Ask box will cycle EVERY WEEK in November. Asks will come in on a specific day or two of the week, likely a Monday-Tuesday set, and be purged at the end of the week to make room for more current asks. 

This is because NaNo projects move very quickly and tend to change, and what can help in Week 1 can be useless in Week 3. So like I said: rapid cycling, rapid asks. 


Ask Box Will Be CLOSED in December. 

Yes, the whole month. No, I will not keep November asks into December.

(Yes, Patrons will still be able to ask questions, but turnaround might be a LONG time.) 

Frankly, I’ve been getting a little bit burned out with the pressure from the inbox, and I don’t expect that to be different following the rapid-fire work I’m going to try to get done in October and November. 

I’m also trying to finish at least one fiction book by the end of the year (current project: a lesbian Urban Fantasy/Mystery project, sort of Jessica Jones/Faith Lehane/Jack Reacher character gets blackmailed by angels into becoming a PI) and maybe even get it published by the holidays, though that part will remain to be seen. 

That means that on top of helping all of you, I’ll be doing my own NaNo project and also trying to get some personal things done. 

I’ll still be posting articles Monday/Wednesday/Friday throughout December, but a month off of asks will allow me to come back in the New Year fresh and mentally healthy, hopefully a successful Fiction Champion. 

I hope you all can understand that this blog (and your messages, reblogs, and kind “blog love” asks) means the world to me, and I’m not going anywhere, but between family stuff, full-time work, my own writing projects, and constantly feeling like I owe somebody something, I need the space to take a month off. 

The blog isn’t going anywhere, I’m just taking some space to recharge my batteries. 

Love you all, and start thinking of your awesome questions to send in! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

anonymous asked:

advice for a puppy that whines and pulls when he sees other dogs? He's friendly if given the opportunity to say hello, but I imagine other owners don't think he looks friendly. I'm looking into classes so he can get more socialization and training (none are starting soon), and I just don't know what to do in the moment when he gets nervous and loud

Teach him the proper behaviour! Decide what you’d like him to do when he sees another dog; would you like him to drop into a heel? Would you like him to look at you? Would you like him to sit? 

Start small. Ask for this behaviour at home, and reward generously. Then bring him to a public area (like a park or field), and any time you see a dog in the distance - BEFORE HE CAN WORK HIMSELF INTO A FRENZY - ask for your behaviour. Point out the dog that is far away, immediately say “heel/sit/look”, and then treat generously. Now is not the time to be stingy with your high-value treats. 

If he can’t focus, you’re starting too big. Take a break, move further away from the dogs, and try again. As he gets the idea, you can move closer slowly. This is a long process, but works very well for most dogs.

If you happen across another dog on the sidewalk when you’re not prepared, move as far off as possible and ask for your behaviour. Put your body between him and the other dog, or turn your dog so his back is to the other dog. If he doesn’t respond, then wait until the other dog has walked away, ask again, praise, and keep walking. 

If you let him say hello when he’s in this frenzy, you’re rewarding the bad behaviour. It’s hard to tell whether his behaviour is caused by leash reactivity, barrier frustration, or excitement but these steps should help regardless of the root cause. If it progresses to aggression or becomes something you don’t think you can handle, please seek out a trainer. 

Hope that helps! -C