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Fun Fact:

Queen Elizabeth I, though known as the virgin queen, had many suitors and lovers. One of them being Francis, the Duke of Anjou. Of all her lovers, Queen Elizabeth was most fond of Francis and actually planned on marrying him at one point. Though, having second thoughts, she refused his proposal and shortly after ended their relationship. She may have refused their marriage, but when Francis left for France, she was actually quite upset. She wrote the poem “On Monsieur’s Departure” for him.

Queen Elizabeth often used unflattering slang names for her closest friends, such as “pygmy” for Robert Cecil, and “frog” for Francis.  Some believe this nickname was given to him because of the frog-shaped earring Francis had given her. 

Headcannon: Arthur, who was extremely impressed by his queen and looked up to her, sees the blooming romance between the couple. He notices the nickname she gives him and picks up on it. 

He starts calling France this, believing that the term is endearing. But France just ends up taking offense to it to England’s confusion. (The term also being rather derogatory at the time) Though Arthur may still use this phrase when frustrated with Francis, this nickname is nonetheless affectionate.

2p’s as quotes me or my friends said (pt 2)
  • 2p Italy: "If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would"
  • 2p Germany: “I have Hitler blood.”
  • 2p America: “I want him to ride his big green tractor up my ass!”
  • 2p Russia: “I couldn’t care less about other people’s problems.”
  • 2p China: Is that Marijuana? Spare me some of that weed shit fam!"
  • 2p England: “Oh my jesus! You're not gonna butter me up with those words! I already have enough bread in my basket thank you very much!"
  • 2p France: "I don't even know half of children's names, I'm way behind in child support."
  • 2p Canada: *puts toilet paper into the cart* "Here, for all your bullshit."
  • 2p Romano: “Take you’re sass and put it in your ass.”
  • 2p Prussia: “Why isolate the variable when you can isolate yourself?”
  • 2p Japan: “I can’t see my damn Hentai!”
  • 2p Austria: “I have a list of people who sold their soul to me.”
Axis+Allies as animated text (aka: I should post something to show I’m not dead)

America/Alfred F. Jones

England/Arthur Kirkland

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China/Yao Wang

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Russia/Ivan Braginski

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France/Francis Bonnefoy

Canada: Matthew Williams

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Germany/ Ludwig Beilshmdit

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Italy: Feliciano Vargas

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Japan/Honda Kiku

Romano/Lovino Vargas

Prussia/Gilbert Beilshmdit

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