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2p’s as quotes me or my friends said (pt 2)
  • 2p Italy: "If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would"
  • 2p Germany: “I have Hitler blood.”
  • 2p America: “I want him to ride his big green tractor up my ass!”
  • 2p Russia: “I couldn’t care less about other people’s problems.”
  • 2p China: Is that Marijuana? Spare me some of that weed shit fam!"
  • 2p England: “Oh my jesus! You're not gonna butter me up with those words! I already have enough bread in my basket thank you very much!"
  • 2p France: "I don't even know half of children's names, I'm way behind in child support."
  • 2p Canada: *puts toilet paper into the cart* "Here, for all your bullshit."
  • 2p Romano: “Take you’re sass and put it in your ass.”
  • 2p Prussia: “Why isolate the variable when you can isolate yourself?”
  • 2p Japan: “I can’t see my damn Hentai!”
  • 2p Austria: “I have a list of people who sold their soul to me.”

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(Beast event) "Bonjour Papa, I was needing to talk with you abou-" *cuts himself off and stares at France, alarmed at first, then squints, frowning in disapproval* "... Francis? Is that you under all that hair? I don't know Papa, I don't think this look suits you at all, you look like a beast- you actually scared me for a moment." *suddenly thoughtful* "Wait, are you testing out your Halloween costume? Because it is rather impressive. You'll make Alfred cry." *grins*

M!A Beast: 3/?

Axis+Allies as animated text (aka: I should post something to show I’m not dead)

America/Alfred F. Jones

England/Arthur Kirkland

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China/Yao Wang

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Russia/Ivan Braginski

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France/Francis Bonnefoy

Canada: Matthew Williams

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Germany/ Ludwig Beilshmdit

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Italy: Feliciano Vargas

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Japan/Honda Kiku

Romano/Lovino Vargas

Prussia/Gilbert Beilshmdit

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