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You should post a pic of your super long snake!

Sadly, anon, because I don’t have a smaller snake to compare it to (I gave my others away in a stim kit I made) the impact isn’t quite the same. But I have taken a photo nonetheless! This snake (alternate link to an image that hasn’t been horribly blurred by Tumblr) includes the bodies from two yellow and two red snakes, the pieces taken apart and alternated:

[image description: a yellow and red plastic jointed snake lying in the chipbark mulch covering a garden bed. The snake has alternating yellow and red clip sections held together by plastic pegs. Each section has a yellow oval sticker on the top, the yellow oval holding a black spit and a red circle inside, giving it an eye-like look.]

However, if you really want to see a super snake, @cutearose commented on the snake review post, alerting me to Vi Hart’s How to Snakes video. (Short video, no background music. Transitions are quite quick, though!) Boxes and packets of snakes. Super snakes. Mini snakes. All the snakes. Snakes as scarves. Snake mathematics. I cannot possibly hope to compete with the snake awesomeness in this video and I don’t believe anyone should even try! Thank you so much for the link, @cutearose!



Legend of Zelda Asks!
  1. Favorite game in the series
  2. Least favorite game in the series
  3. Favorite character
  4. Least favorite character
  5. Favorite version of Link
  6. Favorite version of Zelda
  7. Favorite female character
  8. Favorite male character
  9. Favorite main character
  10. Favorite side character
  11. Favorite area (from any game)
  12. Favorite villain
  13. When did you get into the series? How did you find out about it?
  14. If you could develop the next Zelda game, what would it be like?
  15. What spin-off game would you like to see? (ex - Sports game, Party game, Racing game, etc.)
  16. What cross-over game would you like to see with Legend of Zelda? (ex Legend of Zelda + Mario)
  17. What character would you put in Hyrule Warriors that isn’t already in the game?
  18. If you could live in Hyrule, where would you live? What would you do for a living? (Be a little more imaginative than just “I wanna be the hero” or “I would be the princess of Hyrule”)
  19. We’ve sort of seen the beginnings of Hyrule - What do you think the endings would be?
  20. If you only had 3 days to live in Termina, what would you do? Assume you are not playing the role of Link.
  21. Which piece of the Triforce do you think best represents yourself?
  22. Draw yourself as a character from Hyrule (Don’t just put yourself in Link’s clothes, think about what the average citizens wear)
  23. If you had the full Triforce, what would you do with it?
  24. If you turned into a wolf or other form of beast/animal in the Twilight, what would you look like? Feel free to draw it.
  25. What’s one thing that you want to see the most from the series? (ex - Remake of your favorite game, a new style of game, new TV show or comic, etc.)
  26. What DLC pack would you make for Hyrule Warriors that hasn’t already been done?
  27. What do you think a Legend of Hilda game would be like?
  28. What character(s) or event would you like to see more backstory on?
  29. What’s your favorite part of Legend of Zelda games? (ex - Getting all the collectibles, exploring, doing dungeons, fighting bosses, story, etc.)
  30. If you could only play one Legend of Zelda game for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

luminosityblue replied to your video “After young party in Insomnia …older party in Altissia. I might cry, I…”

How do you do this glitch, if you dont mind me asking?

I’ll link to the video that explains how to do it but it’s easier if I also explain it here or people are gonna keep asking me. Now, if you have time to waste…



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I know we don't really have information if animagi get to decide in what animal they get to turn into but if we assume they don't and the animal reflects the wizard personality, what do you think Albus and Scorpius animal forms would hypothetically be?

Oh but we do! Pottermore says you cannot choose your Animagus form. It apparently is based on your personality. Unfortunately, while my understanding of their personalities is alright, my animal knowledge is absolutely dire. Even with Google. Saying that, I’m so set on Albus being a fennec fox and @plati-arts is 1000% to blame for this.

  • They’re the smallest fox in the entire world (b l e s s)
  • They’re really good jumpers which is great for someone who throws themselves off moving trains and viaducts so enthusiastically
  • Those ears make them exceptionally good listeners, *cough* stair listener Albus *cough* and instantly recognisable, which Albus relates to with that famous Potter hair and those green eyes
  • They love sleeping and hate waking up
  • They’re fiercely loyal and super protective of their mate, who they keep for life by the way
  • They live in large family packs which seems appropriate as the Potter-Weasley clan must be huuuge by now (and despite his difficulties with his dad in CC, that boy loves his family)
  • They can be so loud and whiny and I know Albus isn’t that bad, but he definitely has his moments and Scorpius “wow squeak” Malfoy would find humour in this…
  • …until he finds out these foxes eat scorpions : /

I’ve never been able to decide on an animal for Scorpius but since he seems rather fond of the floor, I’d love to see Scorpius as a fainting goat. Mostly for my own amusement. Draco would make it his mission in life to repeatedly make Scorpius ‘faint’. He’d hear him skipping down the hall in the Manor and he would not be able to stop himself from making him jump. (”Dad, you promised you wouldn’t do that anymore!” / “Sorry, I forgot! I’ll do better.” / *half an hour later* / “…BOO!” / *flailing goat noises*)

I know neither of these animals fit their personalities perfectly, but just imagine it. The tiniest fox that just wants to sleep and protect his mate, and a small goat that collapses every time he gets over excited or panicky. In theory, sounds like the worst duo ever, but in reality, actually kind of awesome. Scorbus to a T :’)

…Although I also like the idea of them being the same animal. Maybe Scorpius could be an arctic fox? Penguins! Scorpius’s bat like behaviour with his robes also makes me want to see him as a bat too though. Wait no, DOGS. Albus, the aloof, quiet, and loyal Chow Chow dog. His hair definitely has the same fluffy quality. Then Scorpius the intelligent, friendly, and active Pomeranian. Ohh the possibilities are endless. What does everyone else see them as?

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are you self taught?? if so what tutorials/videos did you read/watch, if any?? i love your art <333

I guess I am! ;o; (idkkk my entire family can draw and i think… it just runs in the family;; even though i’m pretty sure that’s not how genetics work ahaha) 

I’ve mentioned this before, but you should definitely, definitely check out Sycra! It’s a fairly small youtube channel but he has some anatomy videos (where he goes through the basic human anatomy) as well as drawing tutorials (like how to draw hands, interesting poses and etc.)! I just love him so much ;^;

[!] BTS Video Masterlist [!]

Hello, this is a new BTS update blog that has been running for a month now. The masterlist has been officially finished and can be viewed!

We have tried to find every BTS video (both RAW and ENG subbed) and organised them chronologically and put them under categories so videos can be found easier. (ex. bangtantv - bombs, vlogs, etc., tv shows, radio shows, interviews, vapp, dvd’s, etc.)

We are also in the middle of creating a bts twitter archive so that older tweets/photos/videos can be easier found.

This blog will be now concentrating on updating you on new BTS videos and we will be updating the masterlist regularly so it’s always up to date.

We would also be thankful if you could report broken links via our ask and submit missing videos (you can also tell us the date and name of the video and we will try our best to find it).

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hello! did u guys get my ask with the link to the video of jimin's speech in korean in são paulo? i'm not trying to rush you into translating or anything, but sometimes tumblr doesn't send my asks... have a good day ^^

We did receive it~ Sorry it took a while to get back to you. I was caught up with final exams. Christie translated it today though^^ [orig video]

Brazil! Everyone, I don’t know if you’ll be able to understand this, but I’ll say this in Korean. While doing our tour, I feel that having you all on the opposite side of the stage made this a very joyful and fun time. I think this was a very memorable concert and I’d like to say thank you all for sharing this with me and I love you! I love you (he says this in Brazilian Portuguese).
[T/N: The middle part of the second to last sentence might be slightly off cause it’s hard to hear him.]

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

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Also what Acid said about trixie can hardly be referred to as "attacking" she made a bad joke during a heavy moment get out of trixie ass my god

Anonymous said: People hating on Kennedy and Jasmine was definitely a race thing they made tat clear with the shit they said but that being said Katya had no right to say that shit about acid because she had many good moments on and off the show not counting looks. Acid betty was definitely not going to be a fan favorite based on the moments they showed but it’s not like every nice thing she did (like with Cynthia) was a publicity stunt Katya being a dick to seem even more woke was.

Well, first of all, Katya does have the right so I don’t know where you got that from. And second, I don’t think you’re getting her point at all. If you watched the whole video, Katya said that she’s met Acid and that she’s a good person. But what she was talking about was how differently people reacted to the actions between Acid and Jasmine. She’s not talking about what kind of people those two are now, but how they behaved during and a little bit after the show and how people responded to that. 

She’s made it clear that Jasmine is still “problematic as fuck” and that she gets along with Acid. She never said Acid being nice is a publicity stunt. I don’t know where you got that from as well so… 

why we love james wilson
  • james: i'm not doin' this shit are you kidding me
  • james, immediately after: i'm gonna try it once
  • james: just once
  • james: one time
  • james: maybe two
  • james: GOD DAMMIT-

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Lmaoooo yeah im SURE Julie doesn't really care about international fans at all. Yeah sure, the international fans that voted for Evak to win the poll that she was clearly so excited about, all the extra things we got (pictures from mari, the script for new years). Also one norwegian speaking for everyone out there? Excuse me but there's a lot of us who loved s3 and wanted more of Evak :)))) so yeah

Norwegian anon, my anons are mad at you lol.. i’m publishing only this one but there’s a long list. You asked for it 😂