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Safe Vore Prompts/Starters

-{ “Relax… Please relax…”

-{ “Let me hear your voice so I can know you’re alright…”

-{ “How much longer until you can spit me out, again?”

-{ “It means a lot to me that you’re willing to go through with this…”

-{ “Hey- stop that! It tickles!”

-{ “Er… How do I taste, exactly?”

-{ “I’m impressed you went that far to protect me…”

-{ “That was… Something…”

-{ “Comfortable in there?”

-{ “Just tell me when you want out.”

-{ “You’re so cute when you get all snuggled up in there…”

-{ “Do you need anything?”

-{ “You’re not really… Gonna hurt me, right?”

-{ “So, uh… You’re saying I’ll be alright in there?”

-{ “It’s surprisingly comfortable in here.”

-{ “Just hush, and make yourself comfortable. It’ll be alright.”

-{ “I swear to god you’re going to be fine- you’ve just gotta trust me.”

-{ “I’m fine just staying in your mouth for a little while, actually.”

-{ “I know this is out of nowhere, but… The insides of your cheeks are pretty comfy.”

-{ “What’s this like from your perspective?”

-{ “It’s… So soft and warm…”

-{ “Now what are you drooling over?”

-{ “Hey! Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you can just swallow me up out of the blue!”

-{ “A little warning would be nice…”

-{ “Would you be okay with…? So you can be somewhere soft until I can find something… Digestible?”

-{ “I could probably take care of that hungry ache in your belly, long as you promise not to digest.”

-{ “Could we… Do this again sometime?”


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I’m so, SO sorry this is such a long post! I would have put the images 2x2 only the dialogue was harder to read that way (even when you clicked on the damn things to view them in Tumblr’s lightbox). And OMG OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Bree is absolutely awful at chess. She needs all the help she can get tbqh. 


So, this is my Christmas present for my dear friend @mikaisabottom who is the sweetest sinamon roll in this world and deserves all the best <3 But I’m a horrible friend and took an eternity to post it -.- I thought I’d be faster doing this and ended up delaying everything <strike>as usual

She said she wanted either guremika or seraph!Mika and thought why not both? I guess you can say this is some sort of AU where Guren does to Mika the same experimentation he did on Yuu, but it goes terribly wrong, as you can see. HEHEHE

Well, Karla baby, I hope you like it! And that you had and amazing xmas and got lots of cool gifts #covers you in flowers# Love ya~

Hi, my name is Red. I haven’t been active as an artist online since my tablet broke three or four years ago (and I haven’t had a scanner for longer) so I would like to apologize for the cruddy low-def photos from my phone.

I’m a comic book artist, and I’ll save you the whole sob story about why I’m broke, but I just moved out and lost my job, got a new job that didn’t work out (or pay me), and am still looking for a new new job. So I thought I would open commissions to the general public, rather than just friends, for the first time.

All of my artwork is traditional, and my prices include shipping. I can draw all animals, people, animal people, you name it, and I have a knack for freehand Celtic knotwork. I specialize in pen and ink, but I can also paint acceptably with watercolors. (Additionally, I can do photo-realist portraits with graphite, and hand-embroider custom patches, but I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in that.)

The first image is 4 in x 6 in, hand painted and inked. For a sketch that size, my price is $4, inked is $7, and painted is $12. (If it is only inked, it will be shaded and textured more like in the lower images, if that makes sense.)

For a full size, complete, original comic page, I’m asking $125. They are 20.75 in x 14.75 in, twice the size of a standard printed page, plus a border that is meant to be trimmed (for printing, which is industry standard for comics.) They take me at least 15 hours total, to make. If you would like more examples of complete pages, I can definitely provide them, I just didn’t want to make this post crazy long with big image files. If you want a less complete page, I can do that too (Sketch: $30, flat lines: $50)

And if you want something different, we can work out a price, I’m not devoted to only these two things. My email is (also my Paypal.)

Thank you for reading! Anything at all is appreciated, I have three beautiful cats, and I’m worried about them going hungry.

Rebloggable Masterlist

Friendly reminder that I am NOT taking requests atm

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Telling Him You’re Pregnant

Telling His Family

Twitter Announcement (Visual)

Model Series

VS Angel

He’s Teased for Your Modelling (Visual)


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(Requested) Move Heaven and Earth (Angel Series P3)

(Requested) What He Needed to Prove (What He Couldn’t Have Continuation - Smut)

Louis One Shots

(Requested) Tough and Tender (Smut & Fluff)

BoyxBoy One Shots

Jolene (Lirry Smut)

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(AKA Frat!Niall Series)

Fallen Angel (Smut)

Back to Heaven (Smut)

Move Heaven and Earth


(Pref 18 was posted on another account but was written by me) :)


Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Live at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, April 26, 2015

I can’t believe she smiled at me!!!

(these are my photos please do not change the source, if you’d like to use any to edit please just shoot me an ask and I’ll send you the original photo in full size)

Mischievous Mikey with the Gendo Ikari pose is now one of my new favorite things. XD 

Photoshop CS5. Based on that screenshot from Of Rats and Men because I just love his devious face! 75% original size. Just ask if you want the bigger one or Mikey’s head by itself! :D

tentativelytitled  asked:

Hi Jillian, One of the things I admire the most about your work (specifically comic work) is how you arrange textures,line drawings, tonal work and black spotting together so well. In comics, it's very rare to see someone pull off all those things together on one one page and you do it beautifully. So my question is, if it isn't too much, how do you approach a page with such a range of options to choose from and make it not look chaotic?Does it come naturally? Or do you have to fight with it?


The long, unsatisfying answer is, of course, draw lots of lots of comic pages then eventually some of them stop looking like poop.

Shorter answers include:

- always thumbnail (if it doesn’t work as a thumbnail, it won’t work at full-size, blah, blah, blah)

- thumbnail as a spread, if it’s a book

- view the page and spread as a whole, not just individual panels

-here is the tonal study assignment that I link to every few years. Markers are currently not in vogue, but I do think they can be helpful if you’re trying to learn to use tone more effectively. Hope it’s helpful for some of you.

Also, some people asked about the size of the This One Summer original art I posted a few days ago. The paper you see is 11x17, generally. It’s at about 115% of the final print size.


*x files theme plays*

don’t use w/out asking first. sorry this is such bad quality i don’t care enough, original sizes under cut

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howdy everyone! ;) 

i’m opening up commissions over here on this tumblr dot com seeing as its the slow time right before the holidays and my hours are absolute trash rn LOL i just barely made the rent this month so YIKES ahah

i’m down with drawing pretty much anything! the only thing i ask is that if you want nsfw it stays at least marginally vanilla LOL;;

prices range from $5-40 USD, and details + examples are under the cut! 

edit: oopS apparently i accidentally ???? pasted a bunch of gibberish on top and didnt notice so. thats gone now. if theres a bunch of gibbrish still on top for anyone just. ignore it

edit 2: OOPS i totally forgot to mention that i take payment on PAYPAL! what kinda idiot forget tha-

also, this is probably 100% stupid of me but oh well you’re totally welcome to pay me after i’m done yeah;; just in case something happens/you don’t like something on the pic so i fix ect

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