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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga Live at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, April 26, 2015

I can’t believe she smiled at me!!!

(these are my photos please do not change the source, if you’d like to use any to edit please just shoot me an ask and I’ll send you the original photo in full size)


howdy everyone! ;) 

i’m opening up commissions over here on this tumblr dot com seeing as its the slow time right before the holidays and my hours are absolute trash rn LOL i just barely made the rent this month so YIKES ahah

i’m down with drawing pretty much anything! the only thing i ask is that if you want nsfw it stays at least marginally vanilla LOL;;

prices range from $5-40 USD, and details + examples are under the cut! 

edit: oopS apparently i accidentally ???? pasted a bunch of gibberish on top and didnt notice so. thats gone now. if theres a bunch of gibbrish still on top for anyone just. ignore it

edit 2: OOPS i totally forgot to mention that i take payment on PAYPAL! what kinda idiot forget tha-

also, this is probably 100% stupid of me but oh well you’re totally welcome to pay me after i’m done yeah;; just in case something happens/you don’t like something on the pic so i fix ect

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*x files theme plays*

don’t use w/out asking first. sorry this is such bad quality i don’t care enough, original sizes under cut

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