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Safe Vore Prompts/Starters

-{ “Relax… Please relax…”

-{ “Let me hear your voice so I can know you’re alright…”

-{ “How much longer until you can spit me out, again?”

-{ “It means a lot to me that you’re willing to go through with this…”

-{ “Hey- stop that! It tickles!”

-{ “Er… How do I taste, exactly?”

-{ “I’m impressed you went that far to protect me…”

-{ “That was… Something…”

-{ “Comfortable in there?”

-{ “Just tell me when you want out.”

-{ “You’re so cute when you get all snuggled up in there…”

-{ “Do you need anything?”

-{ “You’re not really… Gonna hurt me, right?”

-{ “So, uh… You’re saying I’ll be alright in there?”

-{ “It’s surprisingly comfortable in here.”

-{ “Just hush, and make yourself comfortable. It’ll be alright.”

-{ “I swear to god you’re going to be fine- you’ve just gotta trust me.”

-{ “I’m fine just staying in your mouth for a little while, actually.”

-{ “I know this is out of nowhere, but… The insides of your cheeks are pretty comfy.”

-{ “What’s this like from your perspective?”

-{ “It’s… So soft and warm…”

-{ “Now what are you drooling over?”

-{ “Hey! Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean you can just swallow me up out of the blue!”

-{ “A little warning would be nice…”

-{ “Would you be okay with…? So you can be somewhere soft until I can find something… Digestible?”

-{ “I could probably take care of that hungry ache in your belly, long as you promise not to digest.”

-{ “Could we… Do this again sometime?”


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I’m so, SO sorry this is such a long post! I would have put the images 2x2 only the dialogue was harder to read that way (even when you clicked on the damn things to view them in Tumblr’s lightbox). And OMG OF COURSE YOU CAN!

Bree is absolutely awful at chess. She needs all the help she can get tbqh. 


all the things I’ve tried to do today instead of drawing what I should be drawing


percy and annabeth pixels! cuz I’m bored af


original sizes under the cut

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bet on it | min yoongi

pairing: yoongi + you
genre: fluff, college!au, basketball!au
words: 1.8k+
a/n: lmao i know the title sucks,,, this lowkey gives me high school musical troy vibes idk ???/ anywho, enjoy!



your blood was bubbling with it.

you didn’t know which part of you decided that it was a good idea to accept the challenge that your college’s star basketball player had proposed, but you did know that you were on fire, ready to take him down and completely destroy him to give him a taste of his own medicine. it was only a one-on-one game, easy as pie, you thought.

you didn’t like min yoongi, in fact, you hated him. despised him. disliked him to that extent that even if someone were to mention the y of his name, you wouldn’t hesitate for a second and walk out. it was what they called rivalry that had sparked the moment you met the only person who could beat you at your own game.

without basketball, you felt incomplete. it was the game you were the most passionate about, the most enthusiastic about and the most knowledgeable about. you’d started to play when you were just a young girl in elementary school and your passion followed you throughout high school and now college.

yoongi and you had gotten a basketball scholarship, obviously, into the college you two were in right now. however, you’d never played against him in an actual match, but you did like to play for fun, or for the sake of telling him who’s the real champion.
no one dared to challenge you nor yoongi, and maybe you figured that’s why you’d become enemies in the first place.

sweat trickled down your forehead as you dribbled the ball forward, trying your best to defend and offend against yoongi at the same time. being team caption of the girl’s basketball team, you’d had just about enough experience dealing with difficulties on court. yoongi had the habit of using his hands to block his opponents from moving. knowing this, you tried going higher, bringing the ball out of his reach and urged forward.

you reached your net and aimed for a second and before yoongi could get his impatient hands on the ball, you scored a perfect 3-pointer. and you won.

“i just let you win,” yoongi didn’t even make eye contact with you while and after shaking hands with you. “you’re welcome,” his sarcastic remarks left you wondering if he’s really worthy of being your rival or not.

“yeah, okay. sure,” you rolled your eyes and went back to your friends who’d been cheering for you ever so supportively.

“are you sure he’s not into you? i mean getting challenged by the b-ball god himself is a huge honour y/n.. i know you’re, like, ‘enemies’ and all but have you ever thought–!”

“ew! no! why would he like me? now can you please tone it down a bit, if he hears this he’ll tease me forever and i’d have to hear his obnoxious voice for the rest of eternity,” you chided your friend who just didn’t know when to shut it.

she raised her hand in defence and whispered, “alright! alright, I’m sorry.”

just as you were about to walk out of the indoor court with your friends, you felt a slight tap on your shoulder. instinctively, you turned around to see who it was.

“y/n! hey, wait. i wanna ask you something,” yoongi said with a small smile adorning his features.

“what is it? come to insult me 'cus i won the game, min?” you crossed your arms on your chest and stood up straight.

“no… i was thinking, since you won.. how about I treat you to, I don’t know, ice cream or something? we made a bet didn’t we?”

“oh,” you dropped your hands to the side. “well,i don’t know-!”

“i’ll have you know, when i made the bet, i didn’t think you’d win.. that’s kind of why i made the bet- you see-”

you gaped in shock, unable to believe your ears, “go away, min.” yes, he was always mean to you but that was too low, even for the a cockiest guy on the planet. why was he so full of himself?

“i don’t need your stupid ice cream,” you turned around to face your friends again. why would you even believe for a second that he would be nice to you? your friends, however, were really enjoying the scene unfold in front of them.

“no! wait-y/n- listen, i- i- uh..” he stuttered out, and it took everything for you to keep walking and not stop and turn around to hear him out. instead, you walked a little slower, still having your friends by your side, who were now giving you looks and giving yoongi the same looks at the same time. why were they your friends again?

“i didn’t mean it like that, y/n, you know that. i know how much basketball means to you.. i just didn’t think a great player like you would take a stupid one-on-one match seriously; and, besides, you won,” he spoke slowly, well aware that you’d slow down.

the gym room walls seemed to be closing in as his words replaced all the previous thoughts that had been running through your mind. the air stilled and you watched as your friends walked away leaving you alone in the empty court with yoongi, who your back was facing.

oh, you were so going to kill them later.

you turned around, a bit surprised to see yoongi so close to you, your feet barely a meter apart. “why’d you make said stupid bet with me in the first place?” you asked out of sheer curiosity. sure, you didn’t think it through when you gladly accepted the challenge he had ever so kindly proposed it at lunch:

“ 'sup, y/l/n,” yoongi grinned as he walked closer to your table situated at the back of the cafeteria, with his minions, as you liked to call them, hoseok and namjoon, by his side.

“nothin’ much, just trying not to throw up whatever i’ve eaten now that i’ve been greeted by your ever-so-lovely presence,” you sneered as your friends let out oohs and woahs.

“aw, it’s okay sweetie, i’m sure your generous friends will be there to hold back your hair, right?” he mocked.

before you could fire back another witty remark on how short he was or how his only friends are his minions who follow him around with no objection whatsoever; the possibilities were endless; he spoke up again. “let’s say we settle this on court?”

it’s like the whole world stopped. what did he just say? he wanted to play? basketball? with you?

you raised an eyebrow, “and why would i play with you? i might just crush you in a second, effortlessly.”

“save the trash talk for the game, y/l/n. i’ll assume you’re in then?” he tilted his head, still not sure if you’re in or out.

“game on, min.”

“oh, but on one condition.” he smirked.

“and that is?”

“loser treats winner to… anything.”

“whatever. you’re so on.”

which brought you back to the present.

“why’d you make said stupid bet with me in the first place?”

he shifted a bit, moving his weight from side to side, as if, if he answered, he’ll end up falling. “well, like i said, i didn’t think you’d win, to say the least, i didn’t think that one through. but, if i won, you’d take me out, as in- uh- treat me, yeah, treat me. so i might as well figured, 'why not?’ ”

you rolled your eyes at his stupid yet convincing answer. “if you wanted to go out, you could’ve just asked me, stupid.” his eyes widened ten times their original size. and to be completely honest, you didn’t think of the consequences. did you really just say that he could ask you out on a date anytime and you would say yes? do you like him? do you–

“huh? what do you mean?” he said, unable to believe his ears and what they had just heard. were you saying that if he wanted to ask you out, you would easily say yes? and give no sassy remarks whatsoever?

“you heard me, but then again, i don’t know if you’d want to go out with me in the first place,” you put special emphasis on 'want’ and shrugged. you’d be lying if you said that winning against the one person who could kick your ass didn’t boost your confidence. now, this is what your friends would call 'to play hard to get’. you couldn’t deny it though, you had to be the only person who had the ability to make yoongi nervous, judging by the way he acted around you these days: stuttering when he’d run out of comeback lines, going wide-eyed when you’d bring up a touchy subject for him, which you knew a lot about as you’d known him since a very tender age.

it wasn’t like yoongi was not confident; it’s maybe just the fact that his heart did little loopty-loops when you were around. although, he tried not to let your cute laugh or high ponytail or your perfume or your black high tops or anything along those lines get to him. keyword being tried.

“who said i want to go out with you?” yoongi mustered up with all his guts.

you didn’t say anything for a moment. until he spoke up again, “but it wouldn’t hurt the both of us if we just stick to the bet, now would it?” he shoved his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants, an action which you prayed to all the gods out there to make it not replay in your head over and over again. but it did; again, again and again, goddamnit.

“good point. let’s say, we put our little feud aside and–”

“i’ll take you out for ice cream?” yoongi finished your sentence.

“that’ll be great,” you couldn’t help but smile. little did you know, that smile left him questioning everything. and his cute expression left you wondering if he was the same person who was ready to kick your ass a decent ten minutes ago.

maybe you did like him, after all.

and maybe he liked you squared.

( “yoongi i’m freezing, hurry up,” you say, whilst rolling your eyes of course, over the phone. you didn’t expect it to be so breezy and cold in the middle of september, yet here you are, standing outside the ice cream parlor, waiting for the oh-so-fashionably late min yoongi, with one hand shoved in the safety of your hoodie pocket and the other attached to your ear, your beanie tugged just above your eyebrows. “turn around, babe,” his voice audible from behind you, and you do. )


So, this is my Christmas present for my dear friend @mikaisabottom who is the sweetest sinamon roll in this world and deserves all the best <3 But I’m a horrible friend and took an eternity to post it -.- I thought I’d be faster doing this and ended up delaying everything <strike>as usual

She said she wanted either guremika or seraph!Mika and thought why not both? I guess you can say this is some sort of AU where Guren does to Mika the same experimentation he did on Yuu, but it goes terribly wrong, as you can see. HEHEHE

Well, Karla baby, I hope you like it! And that you had and amazing xmas and got lots of cool gifts #covers you in flowers# Love ya~

anonymous asked:

mccree, hanzo, and soldier (plus genji if you can!) reacting to their smol male s/o who is sweet and caring inside and out but has the ability to turn into a HUGE werewolf when angered or threatend (though they can turn whenever they want to). thanks a ton!

yeeEEeeessSSss, smol male s/o’s make me happy. Also secretly badass smol male s/o’s.



  • He’s a fucking furry
  • You’re his partner during missions (of course) but in dire situations, you bet your ass he throws you behind him to protect you
  • After all, he can take more hits than you can
  • So, when you knock him out of the way, he flips out a little bit and tries to stop you
  • But then you turn into a big-ass wolf-man and he’s just kind “oh okay, i’ll just stay put right here, got it”
  • Inner monologue: Oh look, there goes my boyfriend who is apparently a werewolf going all out attacking people I should not be attracted but look at him go
  • Then you come over, back to normal and in the buff (you'd need magic clothing to stay in tact during a shift like that), acting like you didn’t just turn into a huge-ass bipedal wolf-guy
  • You ask for Jesse’s serape to cover yourself for the time being, which he gives, then you fuss over him while he just kinda stares at you
  • Like “yup that’s a thing that just happened he’s back to being small and pink I just watched him transform back too”
  • Lord help him
  • Bombards you with questions when you guys get back to safety, like does it hurt and where do your clothes go (they explode off your body after you grow three times your original size, obviously)
  • He might ask you to transform for him just to see it up close (luckily the room y’all are in is big)
  • If you agree, the evening is spent with your head on his lap while he scratches your ears and asks you questions
  • “One tail wag for yes, two for no”


  • Also a fucking furry
  • Nah, he actually isn’t but he’s hella fascinated
  • He didn’t know werewolves existed so he’s quite curious
  • So many questions but only if you’re comfortable with answering them
  • He totally does want to you show him your transformation (again, if you’re comfortable) and feel the texture of your fur though
  • He’s so interested in if you were born with the ability or if werewolf bites are truly a determining factor and if you knew any other werewolves yourself
  • He stops underestimating you as smaller and thus less capable, and he finally allows you to fight side by side with him
  • In dog-man form, he often teases you about playing fetch; little does he know that you’re actually quite interested in doing so
  • The dragons are even more interested in you as a werewolf
  • They are often seen snuggling with you when you’re sleeping in furry beast mode

Soldier 76

  • Werewolves are a thing that exist??
  • Hella surprised that his precious smol boyfrand can turn into that huge beast
  • I mean, he’s seen weirder but it’s still strange
  • It takes him seeing the concept of your changing a few different times to process that it is an actual thing that’s happening
  • Like Jesse, he bombards you with questions
  • The biggest ones being how you do such a thing and why you’ve never told him about it before now
  • He starts pushing you to train up in werewolf form, as it’s a great feature and weapon in combat
  • He’s so curious about the science of it
  • He’s also very impressed and apologizes for thinking of you being less capable than you really are
  • He especially feels really bad about that and tries to make it up to you somehow, whether it be a date or along-ass winded apology
  • Like, if you don’t stop and/or reassure him, he’ll never quit


  • Tbh, he never underestimated you in any way, shape, or form
  • He knew you had a powerful air about you; he just had to wait for you to show why it was there
  • And then you did
  • He was not disappointed
  • He actually nerds out a bit
  • Like, boy, check out his bomb little boyfriend turning to a big-ass beast during combat, look at his sweet boy go
  • Very proud of you
  • So many questions, like you have to cover his mouth to make him stop
  • Wants to feel your fur if you’re okay with it
  • Cuddles with his werewolf boyfriend during lazy days becomes a common tradition
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(Pref 18 was posted on another account but was written by me) :)

Hi, my name is Red. I haven’t been active as an artist online since my tablet broke three or four years ago (and I haven’t had a scanner for longer) so I would like to apologize for the cruddy low-def photos from my phone.

I’m a comic book artist, and I’ll save you the whole sob story about why I’m broke, but I just moved out and lost my job, got a new job that didn’t work out (or pay me), and am still looking for a new new job. So I thought I would open commissions to the general public, rather than just friends, for the first time.

All of my artwork is traditional, and my prices include shipping. I can draw all animals, people, animal people, you name it, and I have a knack for freehand Celtic knotwork. I specialize in pen and ink, but I can also paint acceptably with watercolors. (Additionally, I can do photo-realist portraits with graphite, and hand-embroider custom patches, but I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in that.)

The first image is 4 in x 6 in, hand painted and inked. For a sketch that size, my price is $4, inked is $7, and painted is $12. (If it is only inked, it will be shaded and textured more like in the lower images, if that makes sense.)

For a full size, complete, original comic page, I’m asking $125. They are 20.75 in x 14.75 in, twice the size of a standard printed page, plus a border that is meant to be trimmed (for printing, which is industry standard for comics.) They take me at least 15 hours total, to make. If you would like more examples of complete pages, I can definitely provide them, I just didn’t want to make this post crazy long with big image files. If you want a less complete page, I can do that too (Sketch: $30, flat lines: $50)

And if you want something different, we can work out a price, I’m not devoted to only these two things. My email is (also my Paypal.)

Thank you for reading! Anything at all is appreciated, I have three beautiful cats, and I’m worried about them going hungry.


More -almost- empty toy shelves!

And included the last two pics are the pain… ones.  Originally I asked the medium sized space, with no middle spaces (for any adult pony) and the carpenter changed them to big, medium and small spaces ¬¬X  (I can understand the “middle” spaces ‘cause the rest have them, even if I really don’t like them!).  But the different sizes?! That’s what I can’t stand!  Even with shy pose ponies have to put them a little tilted so they don’t fall out!  (And with CP Mexicans… don’t ask… remember some Mexicans have their back legs way longer than the front ones and in that spaces they fall out a lot, that size is only appropriate for a baby pony).

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I have been trying to express how great u are but i didn't like the words i used cause they were insufficient so i deleted three ask drafts and started again i think that says a lot about how great u are ur great beyond words


Did you know that my heart grows to ten times its original size with asks like this????????????????????????????? DId u know that i love you, also beyond words??????????????????? im speechless andi cna’t. i can’t think right now what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!