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  • Aoki Shion as Ayatsuki Mei
  • Hashimoto Shohei as Hishida Shunsou
  • Asato Yuuya as Charlie
  • Araki Hirofumi as Mori Ougai
  • Asuma Kousuke as Kawakami Otojirou
  • Akazawa Tomoru as Izumi Kyouka
  • Shiozaki Airu as Yakumo Koizumi/Patrick Lafcadio Hearn
  • Yoshioka Yuu as Fujita Gorou
  • Kurose Chizuko as Shirayuki


  3. Caps, gifs, or video cuts are completely okay
  4. If your friend interested in this musical, please direct them to this page
  5. Enjoy the musical^^

Send me ask/message off anon for the download link^^

i can be what i wanna be, it’s the 90s. listen on 8tracks!
50 songs from my 90s playlist on itunes that needed to be shared with everyone.
obligatory ‘its the 90s’ compilation to get you in the mood.

tracklist: gettin‘ jiggy with it - will smith, livin’ la vida loca - ricky martin, smells like teen spirit - nirvana, hypnotize - notorious b.i.g., seal - kiss from a rose, the sign - ace of base, nuthin’ but a g thang - dr dre, bye bye bye - nsync, blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65, it’s all about me - mya, you oughta know - alanis morissette, i only wanna be with you - hootie and the blowfish, believe - cher, creep - radiohead, creep - tlc, my all - mariah carey, boombastic - shaggy, mama said knock you out - ll cool j, kiss me - sixpence none the richer, breathe - prodigy, genie in a bottle - christina aguilera, … baby one more time - britney spears, moving on - mya, everybody - backstreet boys, nookie - limp bizkit, pony - ginuwine, wannabe - spice girls, the boy is mine - brandy & monica, sex and candy - marcy playground, i want it that way - backstreet boys, 1979 - the smashing pumpkins, loser - beck, the humpty dance - digital underground, c.r.e.a.m. - wu-tang clan, bittersweet symphony - the verve, good vibrations - marky mark and the funky bunch, frozen - madonna, no scrubs - tlc, don’t speak - no doubt, barbie girl - aqua, men in black - will smith, i’m too sexy - right said fred, nobody’s supposed to be here - deborah cox, no diggity - blackstreet, it was a good day - ice cube, wonderwall - oasis, waterfalls - tlc, closer - nin, baby got back - sit mix-a-lot, poison - bel biv devoe

murmurdove  asked:

OK, you piqued my interest in this skam show & its queer representation, can I just start season 3 without seeing the earlier ones?

you can, as each season is focused on a particular character and more or less makes sense on its own 

BUT i strongly recommend that you start from the beginning, as 1) the first two seasons are Wonderful 2) you get to know the characters more. their motivations, personalities, etc 3) although s3 makes sense on its own, it’s so much better when watched with the knowledge of the previous seasons. you notice the subtle things 

so yes s3 does work by itself but watch all 3 for maximum effect & Superior experience. plus it doesn’t take that much time at all 


The old version was bugged and required the original one to work. Now you can have just the toddler version! Sorry about that guys.

I ask you all to download the updated version here (the link in the original post is updated too) (spread this so that everyone who had already downloaded can fix it)


Hi guys! I decided to make another psd pack to share, so here they are. Of course you have to adjust them for  certain scenes, and you can always ask me if something won’t work for a certain scene. Please like or reblog this post if you save them, then send me an ask off anon for the download link of the psd you want (just mention the name like ‘arrow 1′). I hope you like them! (click on the names for examples)

agents of shield / the 100 / quantico / shadowhunters / legends of tomorrow / daredevil / arrow / teen wolf

* some of the psds will look different because of tiny adjusments, but these adjustments were mostly brightness or color balance!

I was like huh I don’t want to watch the whole thing but I want to watch the ridiculous highlights I could either ask someone for a link OR google “the final problem leaked download” I mean *GOB BLUTH WHEN THE IRAQI PRISON IS TRYING TO LET HIM ESCAPE VOICE* COME ON!!!!!!

musuki317  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you had a streaming or download link to the tsukipro live 2016 in nakano?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Anyways to answer your question I have found this one link for the Tsukipro live 2016 in Nakano event but I don’t think it’s the full version (it’s 34mins and 30sec)  . I also managed to find performances from Solids in a separate video (36min 46sec). I’ll just give you the links here! If you’re interested!

Tsukipro Live in Nakano 2016

Solids live performances during the Tsukipro Live in Nakano 2016

But if anybody has any other information regarding this and is willing to share it publicly, please do! This user and myself will be thankful towards you! Thank you very much! 

anonymous asked:

Do you use kmplayer to download videos? Are there any other good sites too? Sorry if I'm being annoying😓 Thank you for helping me!

don’t worry bb!! I’m more than happy to help!! ^^

I haven’t tried any of these, but itsphotoshop listed some alternatives and reviewed them here ^^

hope that helps! ^^


                                  English Cottage  for Download

I did this cottage for our weeklysimbration and even though no one asked for it, I figured I would make it CC free and put it up for download.  Since no one asked, I didn’t make a secondary link, but it is available in the gallery.  

(Some of the images show CC, these are the pics I put up for the simblration.  They have been removed.  Seemed silly to take more pics since it was a total of 5 peices!)

Three Bedrooms Two full baths

Lots of flowers, bbq area, large natural pond.

No CC - I do have all Ep’s SP’s and downloads

Available on the gallery by searching Selaronosims or English Cottage (#englishcottage)

Tray Files Download SimFileShare

anonymous asked:

Hey, just asking, do you know where I can get a download link of Doll in the Dark/The Melancholy Fantastic from? I love your gifs from it. Thanks

thank you! :) and i bought it from here: 
but you can also rent it, it’s a bit cheaper! and you can pay via paypal too :) sadly i don’t know if it’s up on netflix/amazon (in germany it isn’t) but i hope this helped!