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srickeral  asked:

I have a request, can you make a short story about stiles and his bodyguard? It is interesting. thanks.

I’m not a writer but I wrote a little snippet of story when I was first drafting the description for the Bodyguard AU.

This is just a (very) brief draft of how I imagined it going when Stiles first found out about the photos that had been published of him and Derek. I couldn’t continue it from this point because I don’t really know how to but here’s the small scene I managed to write :) 

Derek surveyed Stiles form across the kitchen. There was a tension in his posture that Derek wasn’t used to seeing and his knuckles stood out white and stark from the tight hold he had on his smart phone. Derek knew what he was looking at. It was the same thing Derek had seen on his computer this morning. The same thing that had caused him to rush over to Stiles’ at 7am.

“I think they got my good side.” Derek’s attempt to lighten the mood was met by a resounding silence.

“Give it a few days and this will all have blown over. They’ll forget about this as soon as the next celebutant checks herself into rehab.” His attempt at reassurance also seemed to fall flat. Stiles was sat stock still, staring at the photos on his phone with a furrowed brow.

“You’re not reading the articles are you?” Derek asked. “It’s a load of bullshit, Stiles and you know it.” More silence.

“For God’s sake Stiles say something!” Derek snapped, “I normally can’t get you to shut up so can you please kick that big mouth into gear and tell me how you’re feeling about this.”

Finally Stiles turned to look at Derek. His face was blank but Derek had been working for him for two years and he could see the storm brewing behind his eyes. He bit his bottom lip and Derek had to hold in a groan. There was serious shit to be dealt with and now was not the time to be getting turned on. They should be focused on dealing with the pictures.

“I need to talk to Lydia.” Derek was relieved that Stiles seemed to have gotten over the shock. Lydia was Stiles’ publicist and manager and she was bound to know what to do about the photos. He was actually quite surprised that she hadn’t gotten wind of these photos and stopped them before they were published.  Derek’s seen much larger scandals than this disappear when Lydia works her magic.

“That’s a good idea. Let me give her a call and then I can escort you over to her offices so we can get this whole mess str-“

“I’ve already called her,” Stiles interrupted Derek. “She’s coming over here and I haven’t got any events tonight so I won’t need a bodyguard. You can have the day off Derek.”

Stiles’ tone was cold, almost robotic and it was putting Derek on edge.

“OK that’s fine, you don’t need me to be a bodyguard today, but don’t you think I should stick around talk to Lydia anyway. I mean I am pretty involved in this scandal.”

Anger flickered across Stiles’ face. “It’s not a sca-,” He cut himself off. “You know what? Just go home, Derek. I don’t need you here.”

Derek opened his mouth to protest, but Stiles had already stood up and swept out of the room.