ask for an autograph and some pictures



I stood rather close to Odell as the restaurant was more packed than we both envisioned. It didn’t help that the scenery was dark and everybody was thundering with noises from each and every way possible. I felt stares on Odell and I as we walked through the crowd, making our way to the hostess. I stood still as some of his fans begged for autographs and pleaded for pictures.  

“Last name” the hostess asked me, as she herself looked at all the commotion Mr. Beckham had seemed to be causing, but paid it no mind. I’m pretty sure she’s used to it.  

“Beckham” I watched as she typed the name into the computer. I looked back to see Odell holding the most precious baby in his colossal hands. He smiled and posed, handing the baby back once the father took the picture.  

“Oh, we actually have a table set already for you guys” she smiled, as my face scrunched in confusion.  

“Oh okay, thanks” I hesitated, as Odell started to make his way over.  

“Follow me” this light skinned girl, with long curly ombre hair smiled as she carried our menus. I looked at people on the way to the table, as you could tell they were having so much fun. I guess I was looking a little too hard because I tripped and fell on my face.  

“Oop” I looked up to see Odell laughing dead smack in my face. I smacked my lips as he helped me up.  

“Shut up” I jokingly rolled my eyes as I noticed the waiter was standing at the table, unaware of my little hold up.  

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I’ve seen a lot of rumors flying about Misha on here so I want to clear some stuff up because I’m at MinnCon

(We asked one of the con coordinators) He apparently got mugged leaving a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis late last night

He is still doing his photo ops and autographs

I just finished my Mark/Misha photo op, he seemed kind of ok but one side of his face looked a little swollen, and his lip was split. He was doing a side angle in all of the pictures because one side of his face looked okay, but he couldn’t really smile all the way

I thanked him for coming (obvs he didn’t have to because he literally got beat up??) and he said “You’re so welcome” and he is so sweet and too precious for this world

Very rarely seen 1970s NBC videos of Stan Lee (1974) and Jack Kirby (1976) at signing events.

October 22, 1974: A celebration of the Publishing of a new book, The History of Marvel Comics. At a bookstore in Manhattan.
C/S: Various shots of children putting their head through holes in stand up models of comic strip characters for pictures and Spiderman signing autographs are seen. One writer says that rider comics are popular because the characters have fears and foibles like anyone else.

October 3, 1976: Furnell Chatman is at a North Hollywood comic book shop which is throwing a reception for noted comic book artist Jack Kirby. Kirby created"Captain America" in 1940 and it’s still going strong, in addition to others. Chatman will ask Kirby how American humor has changed, and he’ll show how some of the drawings have changed over the years.
(Unscreened film. Info from Burbank Story Plans.)


They played yesterday for the first time in Argentina, 22nd of August 2015. I was turning 22. 

They performed magically, they loved the intensity of the crowd and enjoyed. After some promises of returning soon, they left the stage. 

I waited outside, I had the chance to get their autographs and have a small chat with everyone but Jenny who was talking to everybody. I touched Stella who is an awesome drummer and Emily was about to take selfies with my phone but couldn’t because she made lots of silly faces before taking pictures and the phone blocked.

The best was Theresa. I try to touch her hand, she grabbed and kissed my knuckles before I could kiss her hand. I can’t ask for more.

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90s grunge Moe- moe congratulates Gold for being a good dad...Gold can't stop grinning.

I loved this prompt.

The four of them spent the morning on the family slopes, standing in line among the crowded slopes while a soft, fresh snow fell, ignoring the obvious stares of the people who recognized Gold underneath the layers of wool and Gore-Tex. Some people took pictures and a few were brave enough to ask for an autograph “for their cousin in the midwest, they love your music”, which Gold did with good nature and a rueful smile towards his son, who waited anxiously for his father to get back into the line for the inner tubes.

Gold barely left his son’s side, patiently waiting their turn down the hills, letting him steer them into the steep embankment of snow until they were nearly soaked through. They went back to the cottage for lunch and hot chocolate and a sorely needed nap after Bae had a meltdown after making a snowman just off their front porch.

Gold took it all in stride, keeping up with his son and, except for a few of the more eager fans back on the hill, his attention was focused solely on his son and their guests the entire day.

Belle and Moe were cleaning up the kitchen while he got Bae to sleep, keeping the clinking of the plates and glasses down so as not to disturb them.

“You know, Gold’s not at all like I would have expected given the posters you used to have up in your room,” Moe said, speaking softly.

Belle, fully knowing that she still had one or two on the walls of her bedroom back in Seattle, nearly dropped a plate on the floor. “Hm? How do you mean?”

“Well, he comes off as brooding and disturbed in the pictures. He’s not at all like that —he’s a good man.”

She stared at him, waiting for the rest of it. “Well, yeah, you can’t judge someone by how they look in a photoshoot right?”

“He’s a good father, too,” he continued, quietly “He’s the type of man that should be surrounded by kids all the time.”

She giggled and shook her head. “Maybe he can switch gears and make a children’s album. Give Raffi a run for his money.”

Moe chuckled alongside his daughter. “I think he’d be good at it. And should have about nine more kids. I like him.”

“Yeah, I do, too,” Belle wistfully before she remembered who she was talking to. She stayed quiet for a moment then said, “You’re right, he is a wonderful father.” She bumped her hip against his, playfully. “And so are you.” She gave him a bright smile before turning back to the sink. “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me, too, Sunshine,” Moe told her, gently. “Me, too.”

Gold, still in his woolen socks, quickly tiptoed away from the doorway. He hadn’t meant to overhear, he had just wanted to let Bae sleep for as long as possible before the went back out again so he crept towards the kitchen thinking to grab a snack and talk to Belle a bit while his son napped.

No one had ever told him he was a good person before. Not Milah, not the press, not even his own bandmates, but here were these two strangers who, after one day, decided he was not only a good man, but a good father to boot. It opened a wound he thought had calcified long ago and the tears came hot and heavy and painful before he knew what was happening.

[Walking through the festival grounds ever since his performance has been the same; people he was sure he didn’t know and some he did showing their love for him, giving him props and asking for pictures or autographs, hell after his talk with Gwyn he’d made a call to his mom to have a pre order link made and after his performance he already had a substantial amount of orders, only now he wasn’t having that same anxiety so much, nothing like a dope performance to get your confidence up again. When he made it back to his campsite, Kid plopped down, returning with a plate of gourmet cheese fries in his hand] Yo what’s good? I usually don’t eat like this, but fuck it. You tryin’ to get in on this breakfast of champions?

Ok, Buckle up, story time.
So Jo was part of my inspiration for my mowhawk. I saw how swag they are on both her and the lead singer of walk the moon and after seeing walk the moon in concert I was like “fuck it, Imma do it”
So I did and tweeted Jo about it. She favorited it and was like “that’s so cool”
Fast forward 5 weeks later and I’m sitting sideline at the Washington Spirit game. She’s signing for people, but only like some of us. Most of the spirit high tailed it out of there. She sees me and walks over and I asked her for an autograph and mentioned how she was part of my inspiration for the mowhawk, she’s like “yeah, I remember you from Twitter!” she shook my hand and asked me what my name was and was like “hi Erica, I’m Jo”. And I asked for a picture and she goes “of course, we’ve got to rock the Hawks!” Or something like that. We took the picture and she’s like “oh we look good!”
I thanked her and as she walked away she goes “be sure you tweet and insta that! I will retweet that, AND favorite, get posting girl!”

So long story short, I think this means Jo and I are best friends….


Of course, there’s been a shift in everything I do. But I remember when I would have given anything to walk into the grocery store and have someone ask for my autograph. Now, going to a party takes a lot more time than just stopping by and saying hello to some people. I end up taking a lot of pictures and signing napkins, but that’s what I asked for. I don’t want to give up the life I’ve chosen, so I just do things differently now.

What does having 3 million followers on social media have to do with anything?... 😕😕

Some people must have never heard/seen people follow certain people mostly celebrities just to be nosy. I don’t consider kae a celebrity but IJS. Chris has a lot of followers on social media sites and a bet a lot of them are haters being nosy.

They follow him on Twitter, Instagram and so on but in their status and in the comment section of these blog sites/pages they be shady towards him. Or when they be bashing him on social media but when they see him in public asking for a picture and autograph.

If social media followers really did matter then her YouTube show would have more views then I heard about.

Maybe if I write it down: trigger warning ahead.

So my dream, I was sitting on these steps watching all these famous people go by and I’m all dressed up. I was asked to go in and I said that I didn’t have a ticket. So some random guy and Chris Pine came up to me. The random guy “I let you have his autograph if you take a picture with me” I declined but he was pushy. Next thing I know we are going to his hotel room and Chris pine seems like he is drugged. The whole time I feel scared about this. We get in the room and I see two women tied up. I rush over yelling I knew it but when I got to them they were mannequins. Chris layed inbetween them and was staring at the wall. The other guy forced me into a different dress and told me to expose my breast. I tried to hit him with a wine bottle and we started fighting. It ended with him so severely beaten that his face was recognizable. I rushed out crying trying to get help and people kept refusing.i got to my dad and he did not believe me and that I was making it up.

That dream made me physically ill and i don’t want to sleep