ask for an autograph and some pictures


Got an autograph from every City player that came out there (as well as Marta and Ali Riley later) on this tiny precious football and took some pictures with my favourite City players, they were all so lovely

Also, the lady behind me had a little girl and she asked to take pictures with Izzy, Steph and Karen, where they would hold her. Izzy and Steph were super cute and adorable with the little girl but KB said something like “oh no, I don’t want that responsibility” and then as she left after taking the picture she was saying something about working at Disneyland, made me laugh

I had a dream osomatsu san was really popular even in America and there were giant pictures of them in front of this mall to promote their merch. And Joel Robinson was there for some reason but I didn’t ask for an autograph or something bc I didn’t wanna bother him :(

apparently a couple of years ago some turkish soap star was vacationing on the croatian coast and she couldn’t believe how many people recognized her on the street and approached her to gush about what huge fans they were and ask for pictures/autographs

the turkish soap opera craze has probably done more to help foreign relations between turks and ex-yu people than the last 100 years of diplomacy combined tbqh (at least until the refugee crisis happened and things started going to hell again)