ask fluttershy and pinkie pie

[ Photo taken by me / Ponies also drawn by me ]

盤緣馬系列01 最近想拿以前照片來畫,所以可能會有其他張XD


Applejack: “Ah admit that ah was just a bit cautious at first… But Pinkie and Twi seem happy together, so who am ah ta say no to ‘em? Plus, it’s nice ta have some friendly competition in eatin’ contests!~”

Rainbow Dash: “Oh, Pinkie and Twilight? Well, Twilight wasn’t exactly the best athlete to begin with, but she and Pinkie seem okay with it. And hey, I could always use Twilight as a weight for exercising.”

Rarity: “Aren’t they simply marvelous together? Such a breathtaking image of a young couple happily in love~ I certainly get a lot of tailoring and sewing done between their wardrobes!”

Fluttershy: “…They’re certainly nice to go out to dinner with…~”


#003: Q:  So what pronouns do you and your friends prefer? Just so we know when addressing you (つ˵•́ω•̀˵)つ I love your hair by the way =o

A: Everyone has their own pronouns…! I hope this is a clear enough way to tell. (Also, thank you! <3)

//ooc: aaaaah i’m so sorry asks have been slow to nonexistant, IRL busy stuff sort of took over for a while. i hope these help make up for it! if you want ones for your blog, feel free to ask for ponies with different pronouns or coloured text for your own blog!! ;v;


I wonder how Twilight’s doing.

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(( Sorry if this is out of character >_< Let’s just say she’s dreaming, alright? XD Anyway, I tried to emulate Hot Blooded pinkie’s style for this update, just for fun. :3 Also, I have no idea how many more of these “CottonFluff as…” asks I can do @_@ I might just do a few more of the interesting ones, and then chose a winner from there. Next style to try and emulate: askfluttershyandpinkiepie ))