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Yeah, it’s kinda long for being a battle cry.

This was the surprise for today! Some extra Flutterknight for you!

Now, some updates about my work. The next update won’t be tomorrow, I’ll have to work on the last panel a lot more than expected, so it will take a while. No more answers will be given before the update is out.

Don’t leave yet! I just wanted to thank you all for the positive feedback I received about Flutterknight in the form of likes, reblogs (so many!) and new followers. I also received after yesterday’s update a lot of new questions for the Princess, Flutterknight and Rarity, and some worried questions for our Damsel. Oh, and how can I forget our Princess Big Mac? He also received his share of mail to answer! Questions are always appreciated, so keep them going!

Thank you all, see you in the next update! :D