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Hiro Hamada as a trainer? Has that been done?

Baymax has the pokemon battle chip…

Have any character you’d like to see as a trainer? Send it to us!

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Felix Imagine Request

“Can I request a felix (ouat) one that the reader is already a lost girl and she gets hurt and pan makes felix look after her and he’s not happy about it and she confronts him because he’s being rude and it turns out that he likes her or something?”  

Sure lol hope you enjoy, sorry if I’m not the best at Felix imagines guys :( I’m a Peter’s girl lol (:

“Ouch!” You scream as you brake a nail.

“Suck it up Lost girl.” Felix said as he walked by you.

“Hey! You would’ve been in pain too! Look I’m bleeding.” As you show him your finger

“So what? It’s just a little blood, don’t be such a girl.”

“For your information I am a girl and girls can be tough just like boys!” You snap at him.

“Haha in what world?”

“That’s enough you two.” You hear that one accent that you know to listen to right away so you turn to him and nod your head.

“I just don’t understand why you both can’t get along! Do you guys not appreciate everything I do for you? I give you food, I protect you, I make sure you have everything you all needed, so what am I doing wrong?”

You start to feel bad “ No Peter it’s not you it’s Felix, he is just a dumb boy-”

“Hey I am not you’re just a dumb girl”

“Enough! You guys will get along, even if I have to make you.”

He walks away and leaves you too alone.

You look at Felix and start to walk to your cabin.

You hate to admit it but Peter was right, he has done everything for you guys and you and Felix make it harder on him, you feel bad but Felix, he was so stupid and had something to say for every little thing you said and it wasn’t all your fault Felix shouldn’t be starting stuff with you every time, it was like he liked making you mad, but why ? 

“Okay that’s enough thinking for one night, you start to sleep.

Felix Point Of View

Ugh, she was feisty, and she always talked back to me, honestly I loved the fire in her, the way she took control and she fought for herself, it was sometimes breath taking. I liked her a lot, and arguing with her was the only way I knew how to talk to her, and if that was the only way I was going to continue to to that, because I really enjoyed her, the fire in her, it did something to me, and I wanted more.

Y/n Point Of View

I woke up, the smell of Neverland never gets old, it was always a refreshing smell, the smell of pine, and the cold mist runs through the window, it was always a home feeling smell, anyway you start to get ready.

“Sigh,I never look good anyway, I might as well just go outside.” 

You never really cared about how you looked, but it was fine , because you had natural beauty,your lashes were super long, your lips were big and perky, your eyes were always changing colors, Peter called it your super powers, you always laughed about it, he was always knew how to make yo laugh, he was your best friend.

You walk outside and see Peter talking to Felix, and you start to walk their way , you were trying to put your best foot forward.

“Hey guys, how are you?”

“Ah Y/n! We were just talking abuot you, guess who you’re working with today?” Peter smiled

You turn to Felix and your eyes open wide

“OH NO no no no no no! Peter, buddy Pan, Pan the man, listen here, uhm you see I know you want me and Felix to get along but this is NOT the right way TRUST me like haha TRUST me.” You said as you lean your arm on Peter’s shoulders.

Peter just gives you that look and you know just to agree with him because he wasn’t going to change his mind.

“Ugh okay Peter, So what are we doing today?”

“Hunting, and you two better behave, or there will be consequences.”

You rolled your eyes, you knew Peter meant well but damn, you wished he cut you some slack.

You guys eat breakfast, and everyone is pretty rowdy, you guys get hyper and crazy once you have food in your system, it was always fun.

Once everyone ate the food it was time to start hunting, it was nerve wrecking because you wanted to impress Felix and show him you can do pretty much anything boys can so he will shut up for good.

“Have fun you two” Peter winks at you and you roll your eyes but smile fakely and he just laughs.

You turn to Felix.

“Well, lets do this.” you say 

You guys go to the woods and start to look for food and what not, it was pretty boring because you had to search and not talk, and if you did talk you would argue, so it was just a not interesting day.

You guys start to walk back since you got everything you all needed, as you walked back you slipped and you fell down a hill.

“Y/N!” Felix yelled he tried to go after you but the hill was too deep, instead he ran back to the campsite and ran to Peter, he was talking to one of the older lost boys.


Peter turned around and he automatically knew something was wrong.

“What happen? I know that look What happen?”

“She fell down the hill!”

Peter flew and went down the hill, he was only one who could reach you so everyone stand still and waiting for their duties to be called.

Peter soon came back and gave everyone orders, some were in charge of getting band aids, potions, and ect, Peter asked Felix to stay with him.

Once Peter and Felix fixed you, you eventually woke up and were almost hit with the pain.

“Ughhhhhhhh my back, my legs, my arm, what happen?”

“You fell love.” Peter said.

“I fell down the hill huh? I think I remember..”

“Yeah, I’m just so glad you’re okay, well uhm, you’re gonna be with Felix, for a couple of days, maybe weeks, he is gnona take care of you.”

“Wait what?” Felixed asked

“Look I’d do it myself but I have a whole land to work on, I can’t take care of both, therefore you have to look after her for me.” Peter looked at Felix very serious, he needed his help.

“Ugh fine, for you Peter.” he walks away and gets the bed ready for you.

Peter picks you up like a princess and puts you on your bed.

“Take care of her Felix,, she’s my best friend.”

“Of course Pan.”

He leaves and closes the door, you turn to Felix and he gets up and starts to look around.

“What are you doing?”

“Why do you care? Go to sleep.”

“It’s only 5 in the afternoon, and don’t tell me what to do!”

“Oh gosh here we go again” Felix rolled his eyes

“Yeah here we go again.”you snapped at him, “Gosh even when I almost died you’re still an ass hole.”

Felix just laughs “You have no idea little girl, just go to sleep.”

“What’s wrong with you dude? You are so mean.”

“What;s wrong with me? I like you that’s whats wrong with me!”

Your face goes blank, and your mouth opens wide you were not expecting that.

“Iv’e liked you from the start hun, but you were too damn fun to argue with, and that was the only way to talk to you, you are beautiful babe, inside and out, you have courage like  no other, I like when I make fun of you, you scrunch up your face and your nose twitches so cutely, its adorable, hot, and sexy all at the same time, I’m sorry, I should just go.”


“What?” Felix asked

“Come here” you say with your finger

He came and sat next to you on the bed.

You kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey!” he backed away shocked, but touched his cheek and quickly started to smile.

You giggle. You figured out the next few days, or weeks, will turn out pretty fun.

closed @turbotheghostboy || Turbo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Modless was pretty sure he was suffering from hypothermia probably. The syrup that’d been cling to him since he left the sugary swamp had solidified to a worrying degree. His cheeks were burning which was off putting when  his nose, lips, arms and feet were entirely numb. 

He also had the problem of a strange thoughts that just wouldn’t go away, all involving Sugar Rush infanticide and smearing the teenage Turbo he’d met just days prior into a bloody paste against the sugary asphalt with his own kart.

I mean sure they were a bunch of nasty little cavities and each and every single one of them deserved to die and wait that wasn’t what he was originally going to think to himself. What was he thinking?

With a sneeze Modless grumbled and curled in tighter on himself. God. He hated this game with every inch of himself and what felt disturbingly like several inches of something that wasn’t him that kept prodding his train of thoughts in weird directions. This was stupid. He wanted to leave. He also wanted to burn this stupid candy kingdom and his entire arcade to the ground for not treating him with the proper resp-

“Thisth isth paranoia. He made me paranoid. Obviousthly.” The man rasped out to himself, his lisp particularly pronounced with how sick he’d gotten. So maybe he had a fever and it was getting worse. He wasn’t losing his mind, it was all that stupid little teenage son of a glitch’s fault and when he got his hands on him-

Okay. Maybe he should see a doctor about this. Or maybe just ask the local Fix-It. He remembered his counterpart mentioning that the Felix from this arcade had worked with his code. Fix-Its were by nature far too nice and this guy would probably help him despite being virtual strangers and being mean to his favorite little ankle biters. And if he didn’t then Modless was going to-

“Yeah, I needa sthtop thinking. And talking to mysthelf. I’m not crazthy.” He muttered as he got up and started to walk towards where he thought the road was when he last checked. Just needed to find this Fix-It and double check that it was just a fever. Cause that’s all that it was. He wasn’t crazy.