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is it normal that our system has almost seamless switches most of the time? and more often than not we dont really get full memory loss, more like the person who switched out might remember what happened but not the details?

Well, anon, both me (Mod Firefly) and Admin Shiner experience this too. 

I can’t speak for them entirely, but I tend to switch rather quickly and it seems almost natural. People who know about my system usually can’t tell I’ve switched until whoever I switched with is “Hello, I’m not Firefly”. 

In short, yes, it’s normal! You’re definitely not the only one! 


I laughed real good and with such joy at this. Best ref ever.. One of my favorite Cayde-6 lines now.
I hope you all know the reference!! (most of you at least?).

ask-cayde-6 Heeeey! You never said you were a fan.

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My mom hasn't technically watched Voltron w/ me??like she was in the room with me while i watched it all in one day but she was on her phone or not really paying attention until it got to the point where she left the room because i refused to give her the remote.

lmaooo oh geez anon

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kaeli (its said like kaylee). fun fact i was named after a firefly character!

i don’t know any kaylees, bu– wait hold on how old is firefly.

oh ok wow. listen. i know that time is constantly marching on and i should cease to be surprised by younger generations but. i definitely thought firefly was more recent than that.

send me a name! but not tonight bc i need to sleep soon!

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Hey! Firefly! Didn't know you were one! Who was your favourite character? Mine was Shepherd Brook

One what? A firefly? Sadly, I am not. A browncoat? I mean, maybe? A Firefly fan, yes, I am one of those, I guess. I like my space westerns.

You know, when I first watched it many moons ago, I was all about Simon and I was fond of Kaylee, and I shipped the hell out of them. Now I have a deeper appreciation of Inara and the relationship between her and Mal. That’s probably my rapidly advancing age showing.

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Why the name neko-snicker. Also what's good?

OOh good question 

it all started when I was about 12,, I made my first Minecraft account. I called it Snicker432 (Snicker as in a laugh, not the candybar) That then became my name online (deviantart, steam, accounts here and there) Then, after a year or so of running Ask Firefly, I wanted to make a mod blog, but I didn’t like Snicker432 anymore, so I tossed snicker into some online unsername generator… and thus, NekoSnicker was born !! 

Fun fact: at the time, I had no idea ‘Neko’ meant cat, but it later inspired Neko’s cat hat !