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Weeeell, according to this chart I found in the “How to Survive a Zombie Pony Apocalypse” at the library, I need these certain team members. Now, if I could choose anyone I wanted~…

Naturally I’ll be in charge. I picked the team, I get to lead right? Plus I’ve dealt with zombies before in TONS of videogames. I know my stuff. Double tap, double take, double up.

A Brawler? Gotta be Princess Luna. She should have lots of experience like me for videogame zombies, plus she’s gotta have wicked power being a princess. Pluuuus, it would be totally awesome getting to talk to my idol and all, heehee~!

Weapons Expert, huh. I can pick anyone right? Ruby Rose, duh! She made a sniper rifle into a scythe! How cool is that? Not to mention handy in a zombie apocalypse. Melee weapons don’t run out of ammo.

My dad’s the brains of this family. He’s really smart and a quick thinker…sometimes. When it counts. He always helps out with my homework whenever I’m having trouble…no problem can stump him!

Momma’s always there for me whenever I hurt myself playing or practicing flying. She’s so caring, just like a momma should be~ I’m sure she’d care for everyone else just as much.

…I don’t know anypony who’s a scientist. Heh…whoops. Need to look into that.

Guuuurl, Viola can hook me up wit’ some wheels, yo! Or at least, maybe the pony with the paper bag could…ok, maybe she’s not the best getaway driver, I just want her on my team, k? She’s just awesome and most likely would have the same kind of knowledge as me. Plus hey, gotta have a friend to play games with after the zombies are done.

I bet AppleGloom would be an excellent morale booster! I can see it now! “Ya’ll can do it everypony! Git your flank into gear! Don’t end up like ma’ Granny Smi-”…that just took a dark turn.

I doubt there’s anypony faster than Rainbow Dash! So why not have a Pirate Dash to be the perfect speed fighter! Swashbucklin’ them zombies like there’s no tomorrow!…literally!

My daddy’s old friend Firebloom would be an excellent demolitionist. Who better than a Pegasus that can set fire to things…WITH THEIR MIND?! I still think he hides matches up his sleeves…if he wore any. Gotta rethink that theory.

My adorable little Nuna would be the perfect mascot~, yes you are~! Who’s the best mascot in the whole wide Equestria~? You are~, yes you are~!

…sacrificing a member of the team? NOT. AN. OPTION. SOLDIER! Nopony gets left behind! Nopony dies! Except the zombies. Technically they’re already dead, or is it “undead”? Can they do that? Can they die twice? Whatever. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!

That’s my zombie team! The best of the best! Even if two are fictional characters…and one’s a princess who’ll probably be guarded instead of in a rag-tag group…and two alternate-dimensional ponies…but hey, zombies are definitely not likely to happen anyway, right?

Mod note: Phew, that took a day or two to finish. To pick I just went through some of the blogs that follow me and ones that I follow. And just picked accordingly to where I thought they would fit. Sucks I couldn’t think of one for the scientist though. And Gamer Pony was added on a whim. AppleGloom an ironic joke to the morale boost, lol. And I technically cheated on four (six if you count the text) by reusing poses from other pictures. But I still like how this came out nonetheless! Gotta include this though, the blogs I included:


Brains: (<- Mod blog in reality)


Get-away Driver:

Morale Booster:

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