ask filly twilight

Cadance: Hiissssssssss Crystals! LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twily: Hee hee I’m evil and I can fly!!

*Had to join the Uber Cadance fanart crew. It was fun rendering Sombra and Coffee Talk into my own style. But… it took forever. Enjoy Ask King Sombra readers and of course to the Wiggles-Sempai! *

Emotional fillies are the worst, you know <3

Nightmare Night  Luna Eclipsed

It was  that Time of the Year Nightmare Night Where everypony Dress up  and Have Fun    as Twilight opens the Door and sees some Fillies .

Twilight asked “ Awww You all look so Adorable in your Costumes what are you all sapose to be ?”

Pipsquak said “ I’m A pirate Pony I like your Costume Spike and Twilight what are you two sapose to be ?”

Twilight said “ I’m Starswirl the bearded ”