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Fedora, Harry with a fedora. Think about it?

I’m too biased I’m afraid, ngl fedoras give me a very dudebro/brony m’lady vibe and I just can’t at this point

but I do love top hats and bowler hats and all different sorts of hats so I definitely will consider those!

Just a Dream.... (Patrick Stump SMUT)

anon said: PLEASE can I have a story you and Patrick are put together for a school project and you go to his place and somehow you bang

Heres the story! enjoy the terrible smut! Hope you don’t mind the humor, my best friend helped

“________! you’re with Patrick! Work on your music projects about the history of stoner rock! it’s due next friday!” My teacher, Mr. stefan, yelled at us with a smile as we made an escape out of the small classroom.

“Hey you wanna go to my place to work on the project?” Patrick stump, the cute kid with the fedora asked with a swing of his hips. and chuckled. “Like right now?”

“Sure, i have nowhere else to be anyways”

We walked to his house with pizza in hand. I got myself comfy on his bed, getting ready to start on the project. He sat next to me, gazing into my eyes, asking where i wanted to start….

“What about studying the subgenres that influenced stoner rock?” He got closer and looked at my laptop and said “Here let’s research that first”

He reached out to the keyboard, and touched my hand. I jumped a little, but i didn’t move. He looked and smirked. I blushed.
“Sorry love” the atmosphere was awkward by the second. I moved my hand. We chuckled and i handed him my laptop. Fearing that he would see my porn filled history. He misspelled and a porn site suggestion came up. I started to curl up in a ball laughing in embarrassment.
“Oh look that’s my favorite site. I didn’t know you were into that.” he laughed as he blushed and scratched his head.

I blushed as i said, “I really like you and your fedora.” I say as i stole his fedora.

“I really like girls in fedoras. So hot. Care for me to shove it up your ass? ((IF YOU KNOW THIS FOB REFERENCE, I LOVE YOU FOREVER))

I smirked as i pull my collar down, exposing my black bra strap, I snapped on it. I winced the pain.
“You’re too cute to be sexy.” he smirked. “i play guitar…… my fingers can go really fast.” he says as he strokes my thigh.

“Show me then….” I bit my lip as he came in closer and straddled me.

He lifted my chin and kissed my forehead.
“Are you sure you want this?” he continued to rub my inner thigh.
“yes…” i whispered and bucked my hips, moaning as we kissed deeper. he slipped his tongue in  my mouth. We start to unbutton our clothes until we strip down to our skeletons- i mean underwear.
He picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist. He bites my soft spot and i moaned softly.
“You like that?” he moaned as he sets me down on the floor. He rubbed his cock at my entrance.

“stop teasing me” i moaned. “do it already!”

“so eager are we?” He entered and starting moving slowly.

“Go faster damn it!” i moaned as i dug my nails into his back.

“bien chienne!” (fine bitch) He growled as he started going faster.

“were you speaking french? that so turns me on”

“I’m almost there…”

“Hold on baby, let’s do it together!”

“When?” i moaned loudly as i tried to hold it in. My heart started beating faster. Our moans filled the awkward atmosphere.

“N-now!” We came together. It was filled with bliss. It was like riding a unicorn and sleeping in a marshmallow cloud.
We rolled onto the bed, exausted, out of breath.

“That was….amazing!”

“I love you…” i whispered as he kissed my forehead. We passed out.

Then I woke up…

“________! you’re with patrick!”

damn it…… it was just a dream. 

“Wanna come over to work on the project?” 

maybe a dream come true

the signs as fuckboys
  • Aries: wears socks with Nike slippers
  • Taurus: makes women in the kitchen jokes
  • Gemini: is a "sapiosexual"
  • Cancer: that disembodied penis you see on omegle
  • Leo: won't eat a girl out because it's "nasty" but expects to get head
  • Virgo: the meninist
  • Libra: asks for nudes every time you talk
  • Scorpio: "no homo bro"
  • Sagittarius: the brony
  • Capricorn: wears basketball shorts in the winter
  • Aquarius: against feminism because he can't hit women
  • Pisces: touches your butt without asking