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Who's your best internet friend!

That’s literally such a cruel question and instead I’m gonna answer this with one thing why each gay avenger is my best internet friend coz I’m makin the rules here
@itsskylerblue coz we literally can go from screaming gay shit at each other to The Deepest Talks I Had In My Life
@everytimeiopenmyeyes coz we can talk anytime and I don’t get tired of it ever
@doddlepoddle coz she’s the nicest person I know but a memey fuck at the same time
@fangirlinaonesie coz her laugh can actually make flowers grow (there are Deep things I love her for too but this was the first thing that came into my mind)
@fairylightfluff coz she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met and we can scream about music together
@literalvampire coz she’s literally the person I wanna be when I grow up
@shook-asfook coz how talented is she?????and how punny?!!
@dotsandstars coz she can make me laugh even when I’m at my lowest

isak, responsibility, & mental illness

ok since i promised to do more metas! here’s a s3 parallel i haven’t seen anyone mention but i think is a really important indicator of isak’s character development/educating himself about depression/mental illness:

in episode 3, when vilde approaches isak about the invites for the rave pregame and he tries to come up with an excuse to get out of hosting, he uses linn as that excuse because of her depression. i don’t know how well isak and linn really know each other or get along, but i think his instinct to blame her is deeply related to the way he’s used to using his mom’s illness as a burden and an excuse. we’ve all seen isak do it in s1, deflecting responsibility for telling the school about eva and p chris by using his mom’s episode, and he also does it to excuse his blowing off the boy squad and emma’s pregame earlier in ep 3. this isn’t to say that isak doesn’t care about his mom - he clearly does, and her health obviously makes life stressful and complicated for him. but, rather than being there for her, educating himself, trying to understand, he victimizes himself.

and that mentality manifests in other moments.

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:D hey isabelle :D do you wanna write some fs :D + them discussing their perfect /home/ :D :D :D




fitz, how do you feel about rooftop terraces?

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jemma, do you really think that house hunting is what the director wanted us to use these super secret, super serious new shield email addresses for? 

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but since you’re asking…i prefer balconies.

(sent: 9:37am)

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If i wasn’t deeply afraid of writing for a new fandom and getting voices wrong (i am still afraid of that for les mis and i’ve been writing them for four years..), I would so, SO write a fix-it fic for Skam with so.much.more.eva. 

Look, what was so absurdly lovely in season 1 of Skam was girl friendship (among other things), and Eva was the main at this point - so I would love to write a fic with Eva, where everything goes better - Eva struggling with the pepsi girls involvement, being both happy and slightly scared of getting close to Ingrid and Sara again – Eva catching that’s something’s wrong with Sana, and seeking her out, because Eva hesitates but she’s brave, deep down, and she asks things. Eva saying to Sana “They’re all gonna tell you to be something; you don’t have to be anything they want, you don’t have to be someone and stick to it, you are, and that’s it, that’s good enough.” 

Eva telling off Sarah when she learns. Eva telling off Ingrid (”Haven’t we reached something? I thought you’d understood, what’s the point of fighting, what’s the point of being mean like that -” “We have nothing against you” would say the two others. “If you have something against Sana, you have something against all of us” she’ll retort) 

Eva and Chris loving to party and Eva and Chris loving to hang out at Sana’s, once they get closer too, because the two things are not polar opposites; Eva being amazed, and just a tad jealous, of Sana’s home life, with her parents; 

and yeah okay also Eva being good friends again with Jonas and Isak because. Because. BUT YOU KNOW. Mostly, mostly just Eva and Sana, AND HEALTHY TEENAGE GIRL FRIENDSHIP. 

fangirlinaonesie  asked:


•has eyebrows that were carefully crafted by god herself and doesn’t like them???
• genuinely has the face of a model and never uploads pictures wyd
• has the cutest laugh ever
• so gay :////// like when she talks about girls I’m like ‘that’s kinda gay ://////’
•is actually bi and gets crushes on boys who don’t deserve her
• has four (4) cats and still complains about life ??????
• is always there for me and I love her????