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anonymous asked:

What's your favorite color? ^_^ have a nice day and sorry for this spontaneous message (I'm not weird sorry T_T)

You’re definitely not weird my friend haha :P purple has been my favorite color since I knew what a favorite color WAS, man

My day is ending soon, but I really appreciate your well wishes!! :0 i’ll try to have a great one tomorrow too *finger guns*

evaispan  asked:


Like where the fuck do I start with u? we had a Rocky™ relationship it was truly a ride but in the end everything that happened between us made u one of my closest friends Ever? like idk who else knows that much about me and despite us being so different I feel like ur my soul sister or smth like I genuinely don’t have to explain things to u coz u just Get It and it’s funny coz why the fuck where u born hundreds of miles away from me,,,,,,smh. No but really ur the weirdest and lamest person I know in the best and coolest way….beside me of course. U have like 65378 times a day when ur super annoying in a way that I wanna be like eVA!!! And then hug u but then I remember that ur not here and I’m like…..ok :( and tbh today u said that u forgot that we haven’t known each other for ages and I was like MOOD KIN SAME ME coz ur genuinely genuinely one of if not the closest person to me in my life an wow I’m literally rambling now I’m just gonna stop and call u a bitch bc I got too sappy. I love u bitch I ain’t never gon stop loving u biTCCH 💜💘💗💓💚💙💖💞❤️

Mutuals send me a ❤ and I’ll compliment you

daisysjohnson  asked:

:D hey isabelle :D do you wanna write some fs :D + them discussing their perfect /home/ :D :D :D




fitz, how do you feel about rooftop terraces?

(sent: 9:23am)




jemma, do you really think that house hunting is what the director wanted us to use these super secret, super serious new shield email addresses for? 

(sent: 9:36am)




but since you’re asking…i prefer balconies.

(sent: 9:37am)

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