ask equius


finally finished all the crackship requests!! gosh these were all actually super fun to do

@american-ninja @meowerrific @space-in-paradox @wcender @ kandeekorn thank you all so much for the requests !! 88D

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D –> I could have done several things however I doubt that it would matter
D –> At the time that the highb100d had wrapped the bow string around my neck I am unsure what came over me

D –> If I had known of Nepeta’s actions after my death, I would have fought back

D –> I would have stood up to the highb100d for the sake of my moirail
D –> For Nepeta

D –> I could do an e%quisite amount of damage to the highb100d
D –> I could have won the battle
D –> However after conversing with my other selves in the dream bubbles, I had learned something important
D –> Something that makes victory only a short lived sensation

D –> You cannot bring down the clown

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