ask egderp and cool kid


EB: back off.

TG: whoa there john so much hostility 

TG: these humans obviously want to ask me questions not you

(( OoC: sorry it took so long I’m working on things still but like I said before Demonstuck event is in effect till August since I hit 800 followers

ps: dave is wearing a choker necklace not a collar just a heads up and his other wing is a bloodied nub on his back))


Stridbertsprite: I have a strong desire to watch and then burn every matthew mcconaughey movie I own. and all i want to do is bone! fuck now im i am rhyming! fuck make it stop!

((OoC: this, this right here was a brilliant ask. also I like your ask blog, everyone go give some love to askerisoltroll cause I’m not going to lie it’s one of my favorite ask blogs now))


((OoC: I finished the Halloween Ball designs and to help people out on the masks, I made ((they should be)) a separate transparent file to show what the patterns on the masks are suppose to look like. As I said earlier in the week john and dave are still dateless and I’m only going to accept 5 dance requests because i take forever  u.u and please let me know if you’re okay to send requests to because I only know about 3 blogs attending at the moment and i know some blogs don’t accept multiple character blogs. I might also upload a break down of these two because john has a bunny tail that’s not visible in the drawing  )) 


TG: egbert sometimes loses control of himself when he leaves the hive or when highbloods threaten him 

EB: a pap session usually calms me down but sometimes i can get dave to hold me for a while. that is pretty much the closest dave lets me get to him at the moment.

((OoC: also there are still 8 slots left for TMI day with human John questions, the ask box is still open for those questions and mun questions ONLY others will be deleted because I’m not taking regular asks till troll asks are done and troll asks are no longer being taken)) 

((OoC: Second set of stickers I’ll be handing out at Otakon is tricksters, done in the livestream. They’re transparent but I watermarked them because I’m giving them away to people who find me.

dave i played with his design cause I like a lot of little elements from different designs and most of the food choices I don’t like….I almost want to change dave to apple juice but idk caramel apple seems okay for him and if anyone’s wondering I really liked that dirk’s hat changed when he went trickster so I changed Dave’s Symbol to a broken cassette tape during trickster I have a full view of it then but yeah I know someone is going to ask about it so I’m addressing it now. Anyway tired and it’s 5:30am here so goodnight)) 


EB: i have not really ever seen one unless i summon them. 

EB: i guess they could probably also just return to their own realm.

((OoC: I also am starting a nepeta blog within the week cause I want to practice female anatomy a bit, and I think a little more variety from john and dave will give me more motivation to draw them. ))


TG: harley is a smart girl she knows what she wants and she doesnt put up with shit

TG: she just can make my heart flutter i guess whatever…

TG: johns pretty much the same way but he knows me better hes easier to live with

TG: of course weve been moirails for a while so that makes sense

TG: they both just work for me and it is extremely hard to only choose one especially when you know they both have some sort of flushed feelings for you