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6 w 6 : Hi there! I’m Alfred, the prince of the Western Kingdom. I’m sort of new to this whole thing, but I’d love to answer my subjects’ questions, so please, ask!

^ J ^ : Nice to meet you! In the future? I am called Ivan, and I am guardian to Alfred. So I get to bite you if you make him sad~ I think…

6 w 6  : Ivan, I already told you, you don’t bite anyone, unless I tell you to… So don’t bite anyone!

^ J ^ : Mm, fine. Please ask anything you are wanting to~

Practical Decisions (usuk omegaverse)

based off the prompt @mayumisatosan sent me: “betrothed princes” and i made it omegaverse cuz nobody can stop me. it was supposed to be a drabble but i got carried away, ops

The agreement was made before Arthur was even born.

It was a political decision made between neighbor Kingdoms that were tired of fighting over a small piece of land that at some point both of them claimed to be theirs. So it was decided that the land would become their official trading point. And to unite the land it was agreed they should unite their families also, and that was where Arthur came in. He was to marry the second alpha in line for the throne of the Fenix Kingdom, and they’d move to the newly created Trading City of Qensport and they’d administrate it.  And as long as they did it right, the Fenix and Rosal Kingdoms would live in peace with each other.

Arthur was basically born for that. The Queen gave birth to an alpha girl and a beta boy before he, an omega, was finally born. And by that time his fiancé was already four years old.

Arthur grew up with his entire life planned in front of him. He didn’t have much to look forward to. He was going to study, he was going to marry an alpha named Alfred, he was going to administrate Qensport with Alfred, he was going to give Alfred children so they’d serve the Kingdoms as well, and then if he was lucky he was going to die peacefully when he was old.

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Going outside to see the stars is indeed one of our favourite activities, camping is even better- because it gives us the chance to just get away once in a while, away from our nation duties without having to worry about anything.But generally anything we can do together and that just requires the two of us is good (included frick frack B) ) We try to cook (which usually ends up in a fight either about what to do or us throwing food at each other..) and similar stuff… haha. Ivan likes to knit and read a book once in a while (totally boring!!) and I try to convince him playing video games. But in general, we try to spend the time we have together just with the two of us, since we have a lot to do, so it sometimes can be difficult meeting up!