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cloudfaiiry  asked:

omg i just saw your fandom post and im scREAMIN I LOVE SGT FROG , CAN U IMAGINE A OSO/SGT FROG CROSSOVER

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THAT FOR A WHILE TBH?? Particularly how Giroro and Choro are super similar and how Oso and Keroro are similar too despite being reversed colour scheme wise.

and now you’ve given me an excuse to draw it so HERE I GO.

aand a little bonus…

Keroro Gunsou Ask Meme
  • Keroro: What's your guilty pleasure?
  • Tamama: Do you have a favorite food?
  • Giroro: What's a trait of yours you hold pride in/an object you feel symbolizes something about you?
  • Kururu: What's your academic area of interest?
  • Dororo: Have you ever changed your motives after a fateful encounter/experience?
  • Fuyuki: What's your major interest at the moment?
  • Natsumi: Favorite author?
  • Momoka: What would you do for love?
  • Saburo: Who do you consider your best friend(s)?
  • Koyuki: Do you have a love?
  • Shin Keroro: What is your goal in life?
  • BlackStar: Do you have a rival?
  • Tomosu: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Myou: What is something you predict will happen in the future?
  • Garuru: Do you have any siblings?
  • Taruru: Who do you look up to?
  • Tororo: Do you like to mess with others?
  • Pururu: Do you like how your body looks?
  • Zoruru: Have you ever tried to make a friend, only to be ignored?
  • Shurara: Do you wish for revenge upon someone?
  • Gyororo: Were you ever shunned for your appearance?
  • Nuii: Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought you could trust?
  • Robobo: Do certain things repel you?
  • Yukiki: Do you like cool or warm colors?
  • Kagege: Are you more introverted or extroverted?
  • Giruru: If you had to capture an enemy, how would you go about doing so?
  • Dokuku: How do you communicate best? (Internet, in real life, over the phone, etc)
  • Putata: How do you best express your creativity?
  • Mekeke: Are there any aliases/other names you go by?
  • Joriri: What's your favorite quote?
  • Zeroyasha: Is there an old friend you'd like to meet up with again?
  • Meru: Have you ever felt extremely lonely?
  • Maru: Have you fallen in love with a best friend?
  • Terara: How in touch do you feel with your soul?
  • Shivava: Do you think highly of yourself?
  • Karara: Do you get crushes often?

anonymous asked:


Why I like them: I am convinced that Dororo is actually an angel sent to us by the heavens because he is the biggest Goodboy and has never done anything wrong in his life. He’s adorable, wise, badass, loves almost everyone including those that have wronged him in the past, and would most definitely take part in protests against climate change deniers. I would trust him with my life.

Why I don’t: It’s true that he can be a bit of a killjoy when it comes to some of the platoon’s schemes but it never bothered me that much. I do think it’s sort of lame that his anime character is quite a bit weaker than his manga counterpart, but it’s okay. I support all Dororos.

Favorite episode and/or movie scene: 189 (Jirara ep), despite the amount of heartache it caused me, was a damn good episode. I also liked the one towards the end of the series where he gets stuck to Tamama, and his debut ep is classic, of course. And Kikaka!! I almost forgot Kikaka. Additionally, I really enjoyed his fight scene at the beginning of movie 5, even though it was short.

Favorite season and/or movie: Early anime Dororo (like seasons 1-2 or so) did more I believe, but every Dororo appearance is good so I can’t really choose. I guess movies 3 and 5 would be his best overall, but tbh everyone was peak in movie 3.

Favorite line: Does the whole drawing song count? I love his drawing song sm. Sporks are evil.

Favorite outfit: “Hey, monkeyyy!” (And if it counts, baby Zeroro)

OTP: I’m partial to GiroDoro myself, Giroro’s like the nicest to him out of the whole platoon, plus was really protective of him when they were kids. KuruDoro’s nice too.

BroTP: Dororo and Koyuki of course, I mean they’re perfect partners. Dororo and Keroro also; despite all the awful things Keroro’s done to Dororo, they’re still like brothers and that’s really sweet.

Headcanon: Dororo will kick your ass at any board game. He’ll kick your brother’s ass. He’ll kick his own ass.

Unpopular opinion: I’m not sure how unpopular this is but I haaaate romantic KoyuDoro for the exact same reason I can’t stand GiroNatsu. Dororo is 30-40 in human years and Koyuki is 14 guys. Other than that I don’t think there really are any unpopular opinions about Dororo the whole fandom agrees he’s a good boy pretty much.

A wish: Dororo got left out of a lot of things in the anime and please stop doing this he belongs in everything.

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen: Dororo getting horribly betrayed by anyone (especially Koyuki). Please the guy’s been through enough ;-;

5 words to best describe them: The only trustworthy anime character

My nickname for them: 111111111111, because when my friends and I streamed the anime we had an overly large list of numbers that corresponded to stuff and 1 was our “love and appreciate Dororo” button. Naturally, we pressed 1 a lot.

In conclusion: I love Dororo

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ive been curious about your gijinka design for dororo, considering he has his ninja-esque hat on along with his mask. I see all the other members having unique hairstyles, but none for Dororo. Guessing that you designed them all, what would be your hairstyle design for him without his hat? That is, if you've planned one. (i do remember seeing a hint of it in that "Platoon Vice" set where he's all distressed and crying, but thats it)

Oooh, that’s a good question! I was wondering when people would ask this. Yes, I’ve been waiting for four years, don’t judge afsdgj.

So here’s Dororo without his hat!

You might be wondering why he looks pretty plain.

To be honest, I had a very difficult time figuring out his hairstyle. I’ve seen a lot of gijinka Dororo’s with awesome hair, such as those really thin and long ponytails, etc. But in the end, I wanted to keep to his gag where he is repeatedly forgotten….by giving him very plain hair. By doing so, he looks like any other average Joe on the block.

Sorry, Dororo. You’re still one of my favorite frogs, though. ;3;


((Just a lame short comic I thought of after seeing this post-  Also, I’ve been seeing a whole lot of Tororo on my dash lately so I wanted to draw him for practice.  ouo Enjoy.

Also, asks will resume in a few days! I have a few that have been piling up.))

dororo-and-kululu  asked:

wait wasnt his hat thrown away because ants were living in it??

hmm, all i know for sure was that Momo (the fan who was the first to find Bill) did say a colony of ants had made a home in Bill’s hat:

people on twitter are telling Alex that Reedsport PD still have the hat, but Alex has contacted the department, who told him a fan took the hat:

so! idk if the fans who took it decided to toss it but the man needs a hat. ∆