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170305 Peter live IG:
Today during live when ppl asked if Donghae has a girlfriend he said not that he knows of.
Then they asked about marriage, he said he doesn’t think Donghae is thinking/worried about marriage right now…
Then ppl asked if he will marry Hyukjae (including my friend & me)
& he said these words:

“Donghae is married to Hyukjae”


*unfortunately I couldn’t record this part 😔

Ahh Young Love...Hopefully Not Too Young (Heechul)

Type: Fluff 

 Summary: He finds the perfect girl. Can handle who he is. Deal with a group of boys. But she’s 19.

You were one of the new trainees, someone who instantly caught his eyes. You were sweet, innocent, and a good listener something he could appreciate. The thing about a decent portion of trainees was that they were pretty young. You were no exception. And it was sad to say you were the oldest at 19 the youngest was 15. 

You smiled everytime you passed Super Junior, or any other group. “You see she smiles at me everyday” Heechul said “she smiles at us all” Eunhyuk “why would you care if a barely legal girl smiles at you?” Donghae asked. “Fans are fans-” but then he was tapped on the shoulder which made him turn to see you standing there giving him another one of your famous smiles. “H-i” he said with a stutter and secretly hating himself for it. “My group would like to know if you all would like to join us for a meal. Also I could use the help managing a group of teens” you say “I-I-I” “we would love to” Leeteuk said for him. 

“Oh thank you” you bowed happily before skipping off to tell the other members “everyone will love to see you stumble over your own words while you try to score your future bride” Kyuhyun said. Heechul glared at him before taking out his phone and proceeding to check himself out to make sure he looked his best. Soon Heechul saw you and your group dressed and ready to go “hello” he said “hi” you waved. 

Heechul thought this was his moment “have I ever told you about my time as a trainee?” he said “wasn’t that like a 1,000 years ago?” you teased “now now now Y/N respect your elders” he defended. 

“No you haven’t” you said going back to his question “good because it’s the best one you’ll ever hear” he said wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “She just ditched us” one of your group members said. “Don’t worry we’re going to go somewhere different to eat, so those two can have their time together” Siwon said hinting that you two were kinda sorta on a date now.

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Do you know where I can watch super junior m guest house with english subs?

Hi dear anon-nom ^^  here you go~  have fun!


141027  Episode 1
141103  Episode 2
141110  Episode 3
141116  Episode 4  [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
141123  Episode 5 
141201  Episode 6  [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]
141208  Episode 7  [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4]
141215  Episode 8
141222  Episode 9
141229  Episode 10
150105  Episode 11
150112  Episode 12 (final)


141027  Donghae and Eunhyuk’s Phonecall to Sehun
141027  Henry’s Phonecall to Sunny
141102  You Who Came From the Stars by Donghae & Eunhyuk
150105  Suho and Chen Cut
150112  Suho and Chen Cut  


140721  All Members Teaser
141011  Eunhyuk and Donghae Preview
141012  Kyuhyun and Ryeowook Preview  
141012  Ryeowook’s Sharp Tongue   


Part 1 - Auditions with Zhou Mi #1 (Henry fan)
Part 2 - Auditions with Zhou Mi #2 (Donghae fan)
Part 3 - Auditions with Zhou Mi #3 (Sungmin fanboy)
Part 4 - Auditions with Zhou Mi #4 (Sungmin fangirl)
Part 5 - Auditions with Zhou Mi #5 (Donghae fan 2)  


Zhou Mi’s message to his fans
Eunhae fighting each other
Eunhae + Kyuhyun
Sungmin and Henry eating contest
Kyuhyun made ramen… with no soup
Eunhyuk Promoting Fried Rice
Zhou Mi’s video letter to his mother
Eunhyuk and Zhoumi chatting in the car
Sky Park with Zhoumi
Donghae talks about Eunhyuk
Donghae & Eunhyuk Basketball Challenge  [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
Shortest and Tallest Member Ryeowook and Zhoumi
Ryeowook teasing Sungmin’s fan
Ryeowook’s Spelling Test
Donghae and Eunhyuk Sleeping
Who is the Master Chef?
Eunhyuk or Donghae farted? (lol)
Henry And Kyuhyun bickering
Ryeowook’s Poison Tongue
BTS with Eunhyuk and Donghae
Eunhyuk and PD teasing Donghae (A war between the dumb and the dumber) 


140714  Youku Press Conference
140728  Tudou Full Interview
140903  Youku Interview with Zhoumi
Interview with Zhou Mi and audition highlights 

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Subbed by: SJESubs | Silverising  | mi heexp  |  Miko H.  | RYEO mashita | melf day |  Sunshine Zhou Mi |  haehyuk8693 | Just HaeHyukengsub | mykikiikyu7 | feli1992YT

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Cafe Corner

This is for the anon who asked for a scenario where you’ve been dating Heechul for two and a half years (it appears to be a popular number) and you have a cute date in a cafe and fans overhear you having a really cute/weird/funny conversation, and you get teased for it.

 I hope I haven’t taken too long to get to your request! Enjoy!


“Okay, but I’m fairly sure you look better in my underwear than I do,” you tell Heechul as you plop down at a little booth table in the corner of the cafe.

He jokingly flicks his hair, smirking. “Of course. I am handsomer than any man. Prettier than any woman.”

You roll your eyes and pat the seat next to you. “See, this is why you can’t get any girlfriends, Heechul. Nobody wants to date someone with a superiority complex.”

He sits down, putting his arm around your shoulders. “I know. I’ve asked you so many times to help me find a date, but instead you keep taking me for dates. Two and a half years of being dragged around on dates with you. How did I end up like this?” he asks, playing with your hair.

“You told me to find you a date. I found you one. You never told me I had to introduce you to anyone.”

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SUJU Reaction: When you (idol girlfriend) compose a song about your sad past.

Sorry for the wait, I’ll try to do this requests faster. Thank you for the awesome request! -X

Leetuek: *When you perform the song, he can’t help but cry*Heechul: *He would be sad and hurt that you didn’t tell him* 

Yesung: “You shouldn’t have gone through that alone, just know I’m here for you no matter what. I love Y/N and you deserve the best.”

Kangin: *He hates the fact that you had to go through it alone, and that he couldn’t be there for you*

Shindong: “Jagiya why didn’t you tell me?”

Sungmin: *Knows there’s no way to fix the past so he does everything to cheer you up and to make sure that you have a better future* 

Eunhyuk: *Frustrated and mad at himself for not asking before*

Donghae: *After you sing the song you guys have a long talk and tell each other everything* 

Siwon: *Becomes your guardian and protector whose always by your side, he’s always checking up on you and taking extra care of you* 

Ryeowook: *He always tells you he loves you and showers you with gifts and kisses to remind you how special you are to him* 

Kyuhyun: *Wants to cry but he stays strong for you, because he knows you need his comfort* 

Zhou Mi: *Feels useless, because he couldn’t be there for you* 

Henry: *Gives you a long hug after you perform the song, and he tells you how much you mean to him* “Y/N you’re perfect and you shouldn’t have gone through that.”


A Brief Interruption (Donghae Smut)

Okay, down to work! This scenario is for an anon who requested “when you and your husband Donghae are in your sexy time and your little boy of 3 years appears in your room.”

This is the first of the many scenarios I should be putting out in a relatively short time period. I hope you enjoy!


With a husband as ridiculously adorable and sexy at the same time as Lee Donghae, it’s easy to see why you’ll never be able to get enough.

“Is he asleep?” he asks as you shut the bedroom door behind yourself. You love the way his eyes sweep over your body, his gaze caressing the skin under your lingerie, even though you haven’t yet crossed the room towards him.

You nod, smiling, letting a lock of hair fall into your face. “Why aren’t you?” you tease. You know exactly why he isn’t.

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Eunhae in 2014 - To every Eunhae fans ♥

1. Hyukjae started an IG account, and immediately followed Donghae. But Donghae didn’t follow him back, and finally he did, and he said :“He has begged me for total 4 hours!!!”

2. Donghae’s IG was hacked twice. The first time was when they were in Japan, and right after hae’s IG was hacked, there was a new account dongdonglee. Even though Donghae said the name was chosen himself, it matched so well with haohaohyuk! Hyukjae not only helped his little pabo to promote his new account, but also proudly said,“ Should I follow this account? I always told you to be nicer to me your little pabo!” And of course Hyukjae finally followed the new account of his little pabo!! The second time was during Christmas, Hyukjae uploaded the photo which the hacker dm him and said in a direct and blunt way : WHO ARE YOU!“

3. 2012 Donghae during Oppa Oppa FM said he wanted to go to Tokyo Tower, and wanted to kiss on the top of the Tower, Hyukjae replied then go. 2014 after recording a show, they went together to the Tower, and made it happen, makes us wonder if they kissed on the top of the Tower!!!

4. London Film Festival, a fan asked why Hyukjae came with hae, why can’t Donghae came himself? Donghae replied:” He looks so miserable so I took him along, without me he can’t do anything!“

5. Eunhae went to London together and spent the night before Hyukjae joined his family for his family trip in Paris. The next few days they simultaneously IG like telling each other they were fine. The last one Donghae IG : See You, and not long after, Hyukjae IG a video with his lips saying: Donghae, see…you!”

6. KTR, Hyukjae called Donghae, and during the conversation, Donghae asked for a song, but there was not enough time, Hyukjae said he would bring it back for Donghae to listen at home. Hyukjae then IG a kkt photo of his conversation with Donghae, with Donghae saying : I LOVE YOU MAN and a kissy dog face!

7. The next day, Hyukjae went to TLJ as part-time worker, fans asked Hyukjae where his necklace had gone, Hyukjae kept saying that he threw it away. He was asked twice and he said twice he still gave the same answer. Until a fan showed him the photo Donghae IG that morning, Hyukjae then said I threw it to Donghae….

8. Hyukjae called Donghae during the time he was in TLJ, at the end Donghae bobo fans, but Hyukjae bobo to the screen of his phone to Donghae!! Donghae was so cute with a pony-tail on his head! 

To be continued..