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Hi! Regarding the sungmin issue, even though it was predictable, it still is really heartbreaking to see sungmin not be included in the comeback, esp when he talked about looking foward to it everyday while in the army T.T however, i understand the decision label sj had to make and honestly i would rather have sungmin not participate instead of him having to personally see all the hate.. sorry for the rant!!

Their label didn’t make Sungmin leave. In his apology letter he says he wanted this come back for a very long time, but he’s stepping away due to all the hate. He doesn’t want to bring the rest of the group down and make them fail.

But that isn’t the point.

Super Junior isn’t Super Junior without Sungmin. It’s not SJ without Kangin either. I agree Kangin needs to get some help and fix his alcohol problems before he gets hurt or hurts someone else, but I still love him. Sungmin can be a happily married man and I still love him. Him being married is no excuse for him to have to step down.

I love the fact that their label is letting Sungmin choose what he has to do. It’s surprising to me and very respectable of the label. And I thank them for allowing Sungmin to make his choice.

What I don’t like is that K-E.L.F made it so bad that this had to happen. They ripped apart our family. It may have gotten hate from fake E.L.F, but real E.L.F would have supported it with all their hearts. Real E.L.F support Sungmin and Kangin. If you think this comeback is better without Sungmin, you aren’t a true E.L.F and there is no place for you in our family.

Sungmin and Kangin are family. Our Ever Lasting Friends. Super Junior isn’t Super Junior without them. End of story.

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oh my god yes he did, it took a while to dig them all up and i had to translate a few myself but here they are. there’s three real ones and one that’s like idk maybe. the three i definitely can confirm are relatively recent and all from his instagram:

1. heechul x female reader: from his 140925 instagram post (deleted when he changed his url), just thrown in the middle of some other rambling

This is a photo where one side of my suspenders came loose.. He turned down the lights of the room and approached the girl who is lying down with the moonlight in her eyes, and started to loosen one side of his suspenders. Slowly.. Really slowly.. He is walking slowly. One step.. Two steps.. [and then he starts talking about yesung lmao] (cr

2. heechul x leeteuk: from his 140817 instagram post (also deleted, sigh), this is the whole thing:

Teukie and I have completely opposite personalities. Teukie who always keeps things in and me who always yells and lets things out right away. Slightly timid? Teukie and slightly shitty? me. Teukie who decorated his room in white and me who decorated my room in red. Teukie who says let’s look back on yesterday, me who says let’s think about tomorrow’s business.. Then a few years ago, some things happened that made me think “Ah, I should always be on Teukie’s side,” and even though I wouldn’t obey the company or the managers, whenever Teukie would ask for something, even if I didn’t understand, I wouldn’t ask the reason and just follow Teukie’s opinion. In this way the relationship between the two of us deepened and our eyes were drawn to each other. Then finally Heechul, panting roughly, started to stroke Teukie’s face…..?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #fanfic #83 #inspiration/oldmen [it’s the same word idk] (my trans)

3. heechul x min kyunghoon: from his 160429 instagram post (once again, deleted…stop changing ur url kid). this was from when they were filming knowing brother with ioi so it’s gender swapped ssamja x heemi:

Heemi knew she was pretty and always arrogantly did as she pleased, but to her childhood friend Ssamja, she was always an aegyo young kid. The brave and kind Ssamja never saw this [arrogant] Heemi as anything but cute 😍😍 #fanfic (my trans, somewhat rough)

4. eunsihae: this one is apocryphal but i personally choose to believe it really is heechul’s just for the lols. it supposedly comes from his cyworld which would date it between 2005-2009 sometime. the format is certainly like his cyworld posts with a lot of line breaks:

DongHae and Eunhyuk were lovers
They loved each other so much, everyone was jealous.

But one day,
Donghae told Eunhyuk-ee, let’s break up.
But Eunhyuk-ee loved Donghae so much
So he wasn’t able to say a word

Wasn’t able to say ‘Don’t go.’
Donghae just turned around and was leaving
And Eunhyuk wasn’t able to say anything.

Eunhyuk just followed Donghae, no plans of what to do.
And saw Donghae meet up with Siwon-ee.

Eunhyuk-ee hid, and watched the two
He was shocked but,

“I broke up with Eunhyuk-ee. Don’t touch him every again, and don’t bother him.”

“I don’t want to. How can I believe you? If you date me, I’ll believe that.”

“I only have Eunhyuk-ee”

Then, Siwon-ee grabbed some gasoline
And poured it on Donghae’s body.
Siwon-ee grew angry and
“The only ways I can believe that you broke up with Lee Hyukjae is that you date me, or die by my hands.”

Donghae said “I will die”

Then, before Siwon-ee turned on the lighter
He asked Donghae if he has any final words
Do you know what Donghae said?

“Eunhyuk-ah, close your eyes.”

It’s said Heenim just copied something that’s online, only replaced the names xD (trans found here, idk the source)

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so kinda new to sj but do they just.... casually drop gay jokes all the time? and is donghae purposely saying all these heavily implied things towards eunhyuk or is he just clueless

lmao good question, anon. super junior actually do drop a lot of gay jokes but i’d say it’s mostly because they’re so close and comfortable with each other that they’re alright with making those kinds of jokes. if you’ve watched videos of their pepero game in super camp, leeteuk and heechul are so comfortable with each other they have no problems gaying it up. heechul’s also happened to kiss most - if not all - super junior members on the lips on stage before. and they used to take fanservice really far, especially 86line (donghae, eunhyuk, siwon). they’ve toned it down quite a bit in recent years, though.

and for donghae… i have to say that even though ELFs make fun of him by calling him a dork or endearingly call him dumb or an idiot, donghae’s actually a lot smarter than we give him credit for. the man knows what he’s doing and he knows what riles fans up, especially the eunhae shippers. both donghae and eunhyuk actually say/do a lot of those heavily implied things you’re talking about (i’m assuming you’re referring to donghae’s “if you keep talking about eunhyukkie, i’m going to get jealous” line on the rm teaser) quite a bit, be it on a show, in things they post, in a concert or in a livestream.

after you’ve followed them for a bit, at some point you’re able to tell if the things they say/do are actually meant to be misleading, or if it just came out that way. there are moments like donghae randomly starting ig lives (while both he and eunhyuk were still enlisted) to show that he’s hanging out with eunhyuk that are clearly meant to make fans lose their minds, but in my honest opinion, i really think donghae didn’t mean to say what he did on the running man teaser in the way that he did. he probably meant for it to be a line expressing “interest” in somin (which is how the editors and probably everyone on the show interpreted it), but instead came out with a surprisingly unexpected meaning instead (that he was referring to him being jealous of somin “taking away” eunhyuk).

if you’re new to SJ i highly suggest you watch some clips of donghae and eunhyuk’s moments. they have a habit of taking things really far in unexpected ways. as for the rest of super junior, they gay it up without minding it - one of the biggest examples would probably the SJ minidrama series way back in the days. thanks for stopping by to ask a question, anon! i hope you get into super junior, new fans are always welcome!

  • super junior: we're gonna tell you all of our secrets
  • hyukjae: I once forgot to brush my teeth for five weeks
  • heechul: I didn't actually sell my last car, I just forgot where I parked it
  • siwon: I don't know who Al Gore is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
  • donghae: when they say 2% milk I don't know what the other 98% is
  • kangin: when I was a baby my head was so big that scientists did experiments on me
  • kyuhyun: i once threw a beer at a swan and then it attacked my niece

170305 Peter live IG:
Today during live when ppl asked if Donghae has a girlfriend he said not that he knows of.
Then they asked about marriage, he said he doesn’t think Donghae is thinking/worried about marriage right now…
Then ppl asked if he will marry Hyukjae (including my friend & me)
& he said these words:

“Donghae is married to Hyukjae”


*unfortunately I couldn’t record this part 😔