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Okay so since I deal with pain like an idiot, here is a thing that happened to me in my actual life that’s actually prime sickfic fodder

So I had a fever and headache and stiff neck for like 3 weeks last year and my doctor made me get a spinal tap. The ER doc asked if I needed a note to get out of school and work, and I said I’d be fine, and he was like
“Let me rephrase
We just stuck a needle into your sacrum and pulled out fluid
You’re not going to school and work”

But I had a test the next day

So I was determined to go. But literally half an hour before, the pain was so bad that I couldn’t sit up without passing out. I emailed my professor but she didn’t get it, so I fucking went to school and was halfway through the test (without saying anything to her)

When she ROCKETED out of her seat having just checked her email for the first time
and ran to my desk like HOLY SHIT WHY ARE YOU HERE

and I was like “I just want to finish this and go home”

And that’s what I did

But with one small break to pull over and dry heave in a grocery store parking lot

And then I went to work the next day like an even BIGGER fucking moron

And passed out waiting on a customer

And had the same “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE” conversation with my boss

It was a wild time and spinal taps fucking hurt and I am not good at self preservation

I also am a science student and I couldn’t get out of chemistry lab either so my lab partners (an adorable engaged couple) were freaking out like “DONT MOVE I WILL GET THE FLASK AND HES GONNA GET THE ETHANOL PLEASE JUST SIT DOWN AND STOP TRYING TO HELP YOURE GONNA MAKE IT WORSE”
Imagine You're a Doctor with a Special Patient

By Cyrille

Imagine you’re a doctor. A late-30’s man with an established reputation. A new male patient comes in for a physical. You make chit-chat but there’s nothing significant about him. He seems a bit on edge and you tell him to relax. You go through every procedure as you’ve always done, but as time goes on you begin to feel strange. This man had an aura of…fascination about him. You couldn’t quite place what you were feeling. Eventually you ask him to drop his pants and he obliges. You go to check for hernias, but suddenly you freeze and stare absentmindedly at his cock.

This was unusual, you always made the best efforts to remain completely professional, and you were more than used to seeing genitals. The feeling of fascination towards the man flared to new heights. It was almost overwhelming.

“Everything ok doc?” He asked with dread.

“I-yeah, everything is fine”

You eventually gather the strength to grab the man’s genitals and do your job. You ask him to cough, but don’t manage to proceed further in the exam. His balls in your hand, you suddenly come to a realization. This “fascination” had a specific name: attraction.

But that was impossible, you had never been attracted to men in your life! You were as straight as can be for as long as you knew. But now that you had properly defined your feelings, they were undeniable. You wanted nothing more than to shove the man’s cock in your mouth. You placed your hand from his balls to his shaft and did just that.

“Damn” he muttered in a resigned tone.

It took you only a few moments to come to your senses and you threw yourself back onto the floor.

“I-I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me. This never happens I-”

“Its not your fault.”


“I should’ve told you. I have a condition. I don’t know how I got it, but I release these pheromones. They make certain people lust after me. I can’t help it and neither can they. Its about one in thirty people I’ve learned. It only takes a few minutes before they can’t control themselves.”

You were speechless, not only because of your shock at this revelation, but also because of a pressure that was building in your groin.

There was no way such a ridiculous condition could exist, yet you yourself were the proof. A highly esteemed doctor who had just thrown all professionalism out the window. You could be fired for what you just did. Should be fired, unless his story was true.

The pressure in your groin increased, your hand shooting to grab it. It was the weirdest feeling you’d ever experienced.

“Sorry, really I am. I wish I could help. This next part is…interesting.”

As the pressure continued to build you awkwardly removed your own trousers and lifted your underwear to see what was happening to you. You gasped as you saw, and quickly cast off your undies entirely to get a better view.

Your cock was pulsing, literally. It would lengthen out, and then suddenly constrict, with your shaft seemingly going back into your body with each pulse. Each time it pulsed, less of the shaft came back out. It also seemed to be getting skinnier.

You yelped as a new pressure arose from right under your cock. You pulled it back and saw a small indent. It was at this point that you also realized one of your balls had disappeared. As you observed it, the other ball also disappeared, seemingly getting sucked up and away by something underneath your skin.

You turned your attention back to your penis, the pulsing had mostly subsided, but it was now much, much smaller. It was barely a small nub. You were a physician, so you knew exactly what it was, but you didn’t want to believe it. Your cock was now a clit.

You returned your attention to the indent below your new clit to see that it had grown, it was no longer an indent but a proper hole. Lips developed on either side of it. You knew what it was before it finished forming; a vagina. You now had a complete set of female genitalia.

You turned your head to look at the man again, desperate for some kind of explanation. You immediately regretted it, as the desires which your transformation had distracted you from now hit you with full force once more.

“This…condition I have,” he explained. “Its about fertility. I’m the perfect breeder. Not only do these pheromones cause attraction, but for anyone’s who’s affected, well, the pheromones cause their body to adapt. But uhh, you can probably see that…”

Unable to avert your gaze but curious about the changes you’d experienced, you began to use your hands to feel your new parts. You began to examine them as you would any female patient. Everything was exactly as it would be on a woman. You were extremely wet from your desire, which was a new and uncomfortable feeling.

Eventually your hands found their way to your clit. You couldn’t believe it. It was at least three times more sensitive! It only took a few rubs for your desire to consume you. You picked yourself up off the floor and began kissing the man passionately.

He returned the kisses and picked you up, placing you squarely on the exam table. You spread your legs wide, with one part of your mind telling you to close them immediately and get some help. This wasn’t normal, you couldn’t allow this to continue happening. But another part of your mind wanted nothing more than this man inside of you, and unfortunately your body listened to that part.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do this to you, I really can’t help it. But now the only way to get you back to normal is to give in.”

He expertly positioned himself and entered you. Your loose pussy eagerly welcomed him and immediately tightened as he began thrusting. The rational part of your mind went over his words as this happened.

“Fertility? Breeding? But that means…”

“Wait!” you said out loud. “If this is all for breeding purposes then-”

“Yeah, sorry.” he replied sheepishly, stopping his thrusting for a moment. “There’s just no way around it. I’ve tried. This one girl hounded me for a week without stopping when I tried to get her to resist her urges. Even when I wasn’t around for her to get exposed to the pheromones she still felt their effects. Said she couldn’t sleep, eat, or breathe without thinking of me. Said it was torturous.”

“But I-” you started, before the hungry part of your mind took over.

“I don’t want to-to get pregnant!“ your rational self thought.

"Yes you do, you want his seed. You want to be big. You want his children”

“No!” you exclaimed in your head. But there was no use. No matter how much your mind protested you were a slave to the pheromones. You tried to convince your body to shove him off of you. Instead you started to move in rhythm to his thrusts. Eventually even your mind grew tired. Some little part of your logical self remained, but it grew quieter and quieter as you soon experienced the unique bliss of the female orgasm. By the time you came the second time, then the third, your pleas of resistance barely amounted to a whisper in your mind.

You were taken by surprise when the man let out a low grunt, apparently having trained himself to do this quietly. He himself had finally come, and you were filled with the seed you wanted so badly. He lingered for only a moment, and then removed himself from you. He quickly got to washing himself in the nearby sink and used some paper towels to clean up the mess.

You remained on the exam table, frozen. The experience of being filled was not one you had ever expected to feel. And now that your desires had been satisfied you began to think clearly again. But as soon as your mind became clear you wished it was clouded again, because the realization of what had just occurred was dawning over you.

“I know all the questions you’ll ask.” the man stated, already redressing himself. “Yes, you’re definitely pregnant; the special pheromones make you crazy fertile. Yes, you’ll get your old genitalia back, but not until after the birth. No, the changes aren’t actually done. Unfortunately over the next few months your hips will widen and your breasts will swell. Anything related to the birth or pregnancy will adapt accordingly, but everything else about you will remain male.”

Remain male? That hardly seemed male at all!

“Here” he said, throwing your pants and underwear at you. He checked the door and found that it wasn’t locked the entire time. He frowned and quickly locked it. “Guess we’re lucky, no harm done.”

“No harm-” you started, hands immediately shooting to grasp your stomach. It was of course, unchanged. But you knew that it now held something inside. Something that would grow bigger and bigger…

“Good news is you don’t have to wait too long. Part of the change is that everything is sped up, you’ll only be pregnant for a third of the time as normal. Each trimester is only about a month long.”

Three months! As a doctor you were more than aware that that meant you only had about a month before you started showing.

“This can’t be happening…” you said out loud.

“I know, I’m sorry.” The man replied. He quickly removed a small card from his pocket and gave it to you. It had his name and number on it.

“You probably need some space, and to finish to rest of your work day. I can tell you more about it later.”

There was an awkward pause.

“So uhh. Guess we should finish the physical?”

You only stared blankly at the man, he looked so normal as he sat, asking about his physical as if nothing had happened. He looked so average sitting there; nothing like the object of lust he was only a few minutes before.

“Yeah uhh, you umm, you’re fine” you said. Finally getting off of the exam table and putting your clothes back on.

“Alright then” he said as he put his jacket on. “I’ll talk to you later.”

He turned to open the door.

“Sorry, again.”

You had no reply for him.

He opened the door and sauntered out.

Immediately you heard the voice of your receptionist: “Ready for your next patient?”

You were so stunned you didn’t even realize you had affirmed her question until the patient walked in. You tried to give him a standard examination, but you couldn’t shake the weirdness that permeated your entire being by having a pussy between your thighs instead of your familiar cock.

And the entire time you couldn’t help but rub your stomach, mind racing over thoughts of what was inside.

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three favourite Gasters?


yeah turns out I couldn’t narrow it down so here are just a few of my favorites~
if you wanna recommend any other good ones tho my thirsty little heart will thank you
(I don’t wanna tag anyone over a shitty doodle LMAO… idk if links tag? but gotta give credit yo– be aware some of these are NSFW)

G/Lich!Gaster is AllocateAloe’s
Voidster is DirtySkellyLover’s (haha look at him trying to pick a fight with the only actual god in the room)
Omnipotent!Gaster is The-Noise-Maker’s
Alien!Gaster is WdGadget’s
Slimester is Maximum-Overboner’s
“Salty” (not actually his name I know) is Gasteritis’ 
Doc is Pornojalka’s
RoyalGuard!Gaster is Demorrtis’
Flux!Gaster is xxdhxx’s (wanted to include @Devon-Aster’s G as well, but I ran out of room OTL)

The signs as TV shows

Aries: Orange Is The New Black

Taurus: Fairly Odd Parents

Gemini: The Simpsons

Cancer: Spongebob Squarepants

Leo: Doc McStuffins

Virgo: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Libra: Say Yes to the Dress

Scorpio: Game of Thrones

Sagittarius: Honey Boo Boo

Capricorn: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Aquarius: Shark Tank

Pisces: iCarly

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Hi! For the emoji ask... 📚

📚 share 3 books that you love and your favourite quote from them.

okay! Woo.

1. Perks of Being Wallflower:

“I think that if I ever have kids, and they are upset, I won’t tell them that people are starving in China or anything like that because it wouldn’t change the fact that they were upset. And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have. Good and bad.”

2. The Glass Castle

“Whoever coined the phrase ‘a man’s got to play the hand that was dealt him’ was most certainly one piss-poor bluffer.”

3. Here’s one from my favorite fanfic, The Chosen End

“America breathed steadily for a while. “So, do you just not have discretion over here, or…”

Russia subtly mimicked his pose. “Discretion is an English invention, America. And at any rate, what he calls discretion, the rest of us call dishonesty.”

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hi i love your theories : ) and i was just wondering if you've ever posted your thoughts or opinions on what you believe lead to john and paul 'breaking up' or drifting apart?

Hi thanks! My theory on the breakup is pretty complicated so bear with me lol

So I think John and Paul were more or less living together in the Cavendish during 1967, George Martin and the apple scruffs have both said that John was spending the night at Paul’s house very often during this time, and Jane was on a long theater tour this year. So I think it’s possible that Paul asked John if he wanted to take their relationship to the next level, meaning Paul dump Jane and John dump Cyn and they live together full time, but John held out. Since John wasn’t into it, Paul decided to propose to Jane, which made John insecure, thinking that Paul would become a proper family man and forget all about him. So Paul’s engagement, mixed in with some leftover conflict from 65/66 that was never properly resolved (which is a whole other story), made John start feeling pretty insecure about Paul’s loyalty to him. And as we all know, John and Yoko started corresponding around September of 1967, so after the engagement in December, John started gravitating even more towards Yoko. 

When they went to India in February, John was feeling insecure about his relationship with Paul and about his bisexuality, not to mention he was feeling stifled in his marriage to Cyn, so he went to the Maharishi for advice, and the Maharishi told John that he needed a woman. I say this because in the original lyrics to ‘I’m So Tired,’ which he wrote in India, he sings “When I hold you in my arms, when you show each one of your charms, I wonder should I get up, and go to the funny farm.” This to me sounds like John was starting to feel like he was sick in the head for being with Paul, a man. And in John’s ‘Happy Rishikesh Song’ demo, he sings, “The magic in the mantra will give you the answer…could it be you need a woman?” So after this encounter with the Maharishi and just generally having too much time to think and reflect on things while in India, John made a half-hearted attempt to breakup with Paul, and there was an interaction between them similar to the lyrics of ‘Girl,’ “When I think of all the times I’ve tried to leave her, she will turn to me and start to cry, and she promises the earth to me, and I believe her, after all these times I don’t know why.” So basically, John tried to break it off with Paul, Paul freaked out, promised John he would do better and never leave him, and John took it back and they stayed together. Because there was obviously some conflict in India, considering that Paul wrote ‘Junk’ here and when they came back Paul was very quiet and reserved. But they were obviously still together considering that when they went to NYC in May, they still seemed to be a unit, going to a gay club together and everything. 

But halfway through the NYC trip, Paul ran into Linda, who brought Heather, and they hung out, and seeing Paul looking cozy with a ready-made family had to have made John think that Paul was for sure going to leave him. So out of fear of being abandoned by Paul, John dumped him for good this time (when John broke this to Paul I don’t know), and he went on to consummate his relationship with Yoko and make the Two Virgins album not even a week after the Apple trip. 

So yeah, in short, I think that the breakup can be attributed to John’s insecurities, Paul unknowingly feeding into John’s insecurities, and a lack of communication. I don’t think that Paul had any intention whatsoever of leaving John, in fact I think this was the furthest thing from his mind. But since John was becoming more and more insecure about Paul’s love for him, John started projecting these insecurities on to Paul and taking every small thing Paul did and using it as proof that he was going to leave him any minute.
Trans Resources - Undies & Swimwear

I’ve partially put together a drafted masterlist of trans-specific undergarment resources. 

Right now it only contains links to online shops, two in-person stores, and a few article guides for trans folks learning how to tuck or make your own binder. I did my best to make it readable, and colour-coded some of it. That said, if there’s any way to make this more accessible for you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

This doc is shareable via link, so feel free to post it on Facebook, in group chats, send it to your friends, whatever. 

If you run your own database, website, youth group, whatever, you are also welcome to link this as well. Whatever gets this info out there to people who need it!

I should be updating it in the future so the contents of the doc are subject to change without notice.

Signal boosting by all, including cis people is welcome.
(No T/ERFs though they can go 2 heck.)


G E N E R A T I O N   K I L L   A U   |   T h e   M a r t i a n

         ↳ meet the crew

  • CDR. Nathaniel Fick; Fick graduated with honors from the US Naval Academy. He will be the youngest commander to lead a mission to Mars.
  • Brad Colbert; Colbert graduated high school at sixteen, and won NASA’s largest hackathon at seventeen before moving on to MIT for dual undergraduate degrees in math and computer science. 
  • Ray Person; Person applied to the NASA Astronaut Candidate Program and was selected for his outstanding academic accomplishments, dedication and service to community, and an exemplary record of professional achievements.
  • Walt Hasser; Hasser holds a master’s degree in both chemistry and astrophysics as well as a doctorate in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. A noted scientist and experience astronaut, he will serve as the navigtor on the Hermes.
  • Antonio Espera; Espera earned a bachelor of science in astronautical engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He now joins the Ares 3 crew as pilot after eleven decorated years of service in the United States Air Force.
  • DR. Timothy Bryan; Bryan graduated cum laude from the Yale School of Medicine. Since joining NASA, Timothy Bryan has made two trips to SpaceXStation and completed five spacewalks (EVAs.)