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Once again, another Tumblr Ask Blog managed to get into my custom radar. Ask Discord Whooves, a really bitter sweet kind of grim dark blog but sincerely well written got to me. And I really loved his monochrome design so I set about customizing him. 

I chose a pegasus body because despite him only occasionally getting them (though at this moment in time the blog has him with steadily growing wings) mostly cuz he’s Doctor Pomf.

He’s a Fluttershy base with the added bits and pieces. Personally I think he’s my best custom paint and sculpt wise, though mostly cuz I procrastinated painting him and hence being able to edit his sculpt and such. I also have been trying spraying sealer in between layers to help the paint stop shifting when I paint more layers and edit his shading better.

Any ways, I consider him the weird uncle no one trusts during family gatherings in my little Hooves family.

Check out his (NSFW) blog here:


Oh man so I’ve been following along with this blog since I was 13, as I’m 16 now, and man what a ride. It was so great to see what the story line turned into and I was not disappointed. I hope to see more and I can’t wait!

Could have Discorded Whooves been something else?

..I’m sorry to rant about Discorded Whooves (and No disrespect to Jitter) again but:

Why does he has to be an asswipe that beats up Derpy, fucks most of the characters, and my big peeve, why did he have to fuck Twilight Sparkle, dating her, and make her just as insane as the whole damn universe in the storyline?

Why couldn’t Whooves just be lonely and isolated like in ‘The Snowman’ or cold and smug like in 'The Waters of Mars’?

Now,I know that’s suppose to be the storyline, as Jitterbug had written,but I think it could have been done differently. As stated before, Whooves could have just isolated himself and became lonely like in 'The Snowman’ and Derpy just upset he’s no longer the same pony he is. Or HELL, He could have become 'Time Lord Victorious’ and began changing events in time and become smug and arrogant. But that’s just my think.

Does anybody else have their own thoughts of that?

My own way of Discorded Whooves.

So I talked to two friends of mine on how I would have planned Discorded Whooves, just since I figured it’d be an interesting thing. For what I came up with is similar to the events in the actual tumblr, but follow a different concept:


Whooves becomes Discorded by Discord during one of his travels, showing him…something (which I haven’t worked out just yet), which results with him decided to go into the TARDIS and not travel anywhere, deciding to seclude himself in Ponyville, during the Winter. Unlike the ‘canon’ Dissy, he doesn’t beat up Derpy or be cruel to her: In fact he lets her stay in the TARDIS and considers her ‘company’, because that’s the little bit of ‘Undiscordedness’ he still has left.

The beginning of the tumblr is just him sulking, interacting with the town of Ponyville, while trying his best to keep out of the events of the show, such as Nightmare Moon’s return and such (And no, he doesn’t get involved in the Discord incident since upon seeing who it is, he runs away and cowers from it, remembering what Discord did to him.

When the events of Canterlot Wedding occur however, he ends up taking the mantle after saving a filly and Carrot Top (as seen in the episode itself), which actually helps him battle his discordedness (which is something I really don’t see happen a lot in Discorded Whooves. Jitter says it happens, but I don’t really ever see it, it could be something I’m missing, but I never see it happen.

Now..this is where the actual story takes place: (since it doesn’t take so long just to get to the main story. Here, the pacing gives time to set the atmosphere with Dissy and Derpy, before moving to the actual story).

Like in the Dissyverse, Cupcakes does occur, but instead of Rainbow Dash dying and Pinkie getting her head cut off..Rainbow Dash survives, but she’s pretty traumatized by the whole encounter, and usually has her friends visit her at her home (or she stays at their homes, similar to the Rocket to Insanity: Alternative Ending fanfiction).

As for Pinkie Pie, she’s sent to a mental institution at Canterlot, as therapists try to find out what caused her to do this, what made her decided to do all these actions. While there, she’s constantly switching between ‘Pinkie’ and ‘Pinkamena’, both sides pleading for help..

Prompted by Derpy, Whooves reluctantly decides to find out what’s wrong with Pinkie, with the aid of the Mane Six. I haven’t fully established anything as to what adventures will occur for the group, but I will admit this:

They eventually find Discord, who had been hiding and jumping through different time periods in Equestria, and…we find out that he isn’t the one who screwed up Pinkie…or the one who discorded Doctor Whooves, but something else.


‘Discorded Whooves’

Whooves in this story has the similar appearance to the canon Dissy (which also becomes a Pegasus later on), but instead of being an alcoholic womanizer with self loathing problems and serious anger issues, he’s a depressive, isolated, and self loathing colt, while trying to keep a bit to his personality, which goes on and off. I took the elements that I’ve seen from the Doctors of the revived series of Doctor Who: I took the elements of the 10th and 11th Doctor’s emotional breakdowns, all while mixed a bit of 10th’s quirkiness and 11th’s child like humor, and also put elements of 9th’s snarkiness. What I always felt that Discorded Whooves could have been was to be all that we’ve seen of the Doctor when he’s pushed too far, such as in ‘Family of Blood’ when he’s shown his anger, and when he decided to become god in “The Waters of Mars” or when he become heavily depressed due to what he’s lost, as seen in the many episodes with the 10th Doctor and especially with the 11th Doctor when he loses Amy and Rory. I can understand Jitters has his reasons for writing Dissy this way, but it’s always been a sour taste for me.

'Derpy “Ditzy Doo” Hooves’

Derpy here has a more prominent role, being still the companion of the Doctor. She has a undying love for him, and can’t leave him, even if he tells her she’s wasting her time on him. Derpy spends time in the TARDIS keeping it clean and even talks to her to keep her company, especially the Doctor leaves into town. Here, she and the Doctor do slowly grow to have a relationship, which goes into NSFW standards as seen in the Dissy tumblr. Whooves however feels that she’s has Stockholm Syndrome, feeling that he’s restricting her from being out to live her life (even taking Dinky and Sparkle with them in the TARDIS), whereas Derpy sees it as a chance to help him, even over come his corruption.

'Twilight Sparkle’

Here’s the big one. One of my biggest critiques I have with Dissy is Twilight’s portrayal, which I would say “It’s for the story”, but just feels so wrong, taking all the traits Twilight has and completely ignoring him (plus let’s not get into the idea of her dating Dissy when she knows about all the bad actions he’s done (Nice idea of the stupid “All Girls Want Bad Boys!” trope). Here, despite what’s occurred, Twilight is still strong, determined, and adorkable as she is, but you could tell the incident has been pretty stressful on her. She takes interests in the Doctor due to his Time Lord biology, and finds herself drawn to him, which comes across as more of a ‘brother/sister-best friend’ relationship, similar to that of Donna Noble or Clara Oswald. She even has the traits of those two companions: She has Donna’s insecurities and abrasive nature to take ‘no’ for an answer, and she has Clara’s wide eye curiosity and care for the Doctor. Her interests and care for the Doctor is what drives Derpy jealous, seeing Twilight as a ‘block’ in her relationship with Whooves. No, Derpy isn’t going to be rude or flat out show bad behavior to her, it’s going to be sort of a rivalry between the two, which Whooves notes is just Derpy being paranoid over losing him, especially since he almost lost himself to his Discordedness once.

Final Notes

This is all I have so far, so I will be willing to add more later on if I feel it. This isn’t an attack to JitterBugJive’s ‘Discorded Whooves’, or am I criticizing it. This is solely from what I personally wish would have been seen in Discorded Whooves. Jitters has a right to post as he was, but this is just what I would have wished to be seen.

Please don’t attack me or yell or bash my idea, as it’s just a fan thing.

As I said, I may add more later on if I find more ideas.

Hope you guys enjoy, I suppose.