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Coding - VI

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“Just alter his code,” Virgil said.

“I still think this is a bad idea,” Patton whined. “What if you hurt him?”

Parker shook his head. “I’ve isolated the line of code responsible for speech. The worst that can happen is that he’ll temporarily lose his ability to speak, and even then I’ll be able to put it back.”

Patton frowned and looked at LOG-IN. “Are you okay with this?”

For a brief moment, LOG-IN looked uncomfortable as well, before the look faded and was replaced by his usual neutral expression. “That should be fine.”

Parker nodded and began typing away into the computer. “If something changes drastically, let us know and I’ll undo what I did, alright?” LOG-IN nodded. Parker typed away a bit, adjusting the code bit by bit. LOG-IN didn’t seem bothered as it was changed so Parker began adjusting more of the code at once.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Virgil cried, jumping to his feet. Parker and the others looked at LOG-IN. His eyes were blank again, glowing green, and a series of code were flying past the eyes like a computer that was crashing. “Parker what did you do?!”

“I didn’t change that much!” Parker replied, frantically typing away at the code. His computer changed as well, suddenly reflecting the same racing code, rendering Parker unable to write anything. “What the hell?!”

LOG-IN opened his mouth and everyone froze when familiar voices began to replay. “It might be a prototype learning AI. You know, it grows like a human does…We’re still seen as fugitives at the moment. We have to figure out a way to fix the records…You have very little faith in the lower Levels, don’t you?”

“Was he recording us?” Virgil shouted. “What the hell? Why was he recording us? He didn’t even tell us!”

“Virgil, calm down,” Patton said. “We have to stop this. Parker!”

“I’m trying—I’m trying!!” Parker typed away at his computer to force a shutdown, but it didn’t seem to be listening.

Suddenly LOG-IN’s recordings changed to an unfamiliar voice that none of them recognized. “The CRS is flawed. We all know it. Everyone’s seen it. Nobody wants to talk about it. That’s why I’m doing this. It’s going to solve everything. It will—”

Parker finished a piece of code and LOG-IN’s head slowly lowered, the recordings ceasing.

“…What did you do?” Roman asked softly.

“A soft reboot. I shut down the program and did a full restore of other code.” Parker typed up a few things into the new code. “I was thinking about this too complex. If he has a recording software, then I can just alter the playback slightly to create different pitches out of sound already loaded in his system.”

Virgil stared at LOG-IN. “What was that? The voice? The everything?”

Parker shook his head and shrugged. “I don’t know. I knew that it had recording capabilities, but I didn’t know it would be recording everything…What I don’t understand is that there wasn’t anything on his memory unit from before a day ago. That means that the last recording must have been embedded in his code or something…but I can’t find it.” Parker frowned.

“It…It doesn’t matter,” Virgil sighed. “We can figure it out another time. Just get him booted up again and fix the code without breaking him.”

Parker nodded, continuing to type away. LOG-IN slowly lifted his head again and blinked a few times. He looked kind of out of it, but he didn’t say anything.

uniqueness35  asked:

What did you like about the reboot timeliness? I know its obvious you hate it, considering you made this comic to continue the original timeline, but was there anything about the reboot that you genuinely enjoyed?

Whoa there, who said we hate the reboot?  Most of us enjoyed it just fine, some of us even more so than the original universe.  For sure, the writing was more consistent, Eggman’s army was far more interesting, and there were some very touching character moments.  This project isn’t being made out of spite for the reboot, we just want to continue a story that we felt was cut short.  

anonymous asked:

Did you watch the new trailer? They're making pokemon 2000 reboot.

All that points towards the second movie in that trailer is a few seconds of Lugia’s song, isn’t that way too little info to say they’re making a reboot of it as a fact?