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Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Thank you @did-you-reboot for sending me this :3 I took awhile to think about what I wanted to write so here we go:

1) I hate the color pink. I know, hate is a strong word but in my weird brain pink was always a fake cover for red, which symbolizes strong emotions such as passion or anger. Like an imposter waiting to spring and destroy you. It didn’t help that one person I really do not like’s favorite color is pink. The weird part though is that I will always notice the color pink first when reaching for something. Not sure why but it happens…

2) I love animals. It has been my dream to be a veterinarian since I was seven, and even though I got super distracted in college with research, any time I shadowed a veterinarian or volunteered at an animal shelter, there was something satisfying about it that research didn’t fulfill. The best part of my research was working with lizards and rabbits. So I guess I’m going to be pursuing this dream now wish me luck!

3) I’m an inconsistent workaholic. Meaning when I don’t feel like doing something it really takes a lot of dragging my feet and stern talking to get me moving. But when I am in the zone I am 100% in and will not stop for anything. For example, when I was in grad school, especially when my research was involved I’d be in lab from 7am to midnight for up to a week at a time. I take a similar mentality when I get immersed into hobbies like playing video games or cosplay.

4) I had a pet chicken named Ji Shang growing up. Bantam black cochin who turned out to be a flamboyant rooster. He really changed my opinion about poultry because he was super intelligent. He knew when to crow in the morning to wake us up for work/school, could mimic the garage door closing, knew how to break out of his pen to come home for the evening. He was one of the sweetest pets I have ever had, and while he loved my mom the best, he liked me the next best. My fondest memories of him were when I would open the door of my room to the backyard, and he could come and sit on the little gate we put in front of the door to keep the dogs out of the house. While I scribbled away, he would sit there and preen his feathers and then take a nap. I will never forget the last time I got to see him. It was right before CMAT and my sister video cammed is (he was sick at the time.) The minute he heard my voice he tried his best to perk up and walk around the table looking into the laptop. He then proceeded to eat a little food and drink some water, which was a great improvement. After I came home from Cal, my mom let me know he had passed away and I think I spent a good day crying over his grave. My grandpa, the silent stoic man he is, came by and told me in Chinese that Ji Shang was a good chicken. This small rooster brought me so much joy to my life, and I will never forget him.

5) I love pasta. My favorite is an Alfredo fettuccine with peas, mushrooms, and prosciutto (called a Marco Polo) from Pasta Bene. In terms of sauce, cream sauce first, then pesto, then olive oil, then tomato sauce.

6) It is really hard for me to hold a grudge against someone I have personally interacted with because my brain naturally tries to humanize them or justify why they are an asshole. Even if I don’t want to, my brain will always try and see the good in people. Which in turn has caused me a lot of grief at the end of the day (because I am not good at having mixed feelings about people). But I’m slowly starting to accept that it is just a part of my core island of my personality/identity, and the more I fight it the more I struggle with myself.

7) Not sure if this is a fact about me, but I love my friends, the cosplay ones, the Berkeley ones, the ones from home and a few from abroad. Or rather I always want to do good by them and make them proud. It’s weird because though I have lost contact with quite a few of them, I will not hesitate to reconnect if the other person wants to. For me, friends are such a special blessing in my life, and I never want to take for granted their presence in my life.

8) I love planning events. I never really thought much about it, but I was reminded that I was always planning surprise parties and activities for friends. Nowadays it is a little more challenging because I’m a little more scatterbrained, but it was never a difficult thing to say, “Oh! It’s so and so’s birthday, let’s surprise them with a party!” My best/most memorable accomplishment was planning a whole day surprise birthday party event for my friend Alan. Most memorable because of all the people who were kind enough to let me drag them into helping make this the best adventure yet.

9) I am athletic but somewhat uninspired. I like the idea of working out and getting buff and being strong, but I didn’t realize how important it was for me to be also mentally stimulated while exercising. Growing up, PE was my favorite school subject because I got to run around and play games. Even in high school I played tennis and ran track. Once I got to Cal, it was wushu wushu wushu. I feel like my recent restlessness is because I just don’t get out as much anymore. Going to try and change that but we will see what happens with my schedule haha.

10) I have a double degree in Integrative Biology and Scandinavian Studies. The year I graduated was the largest undergrad class my department had (3 graduates!) in over a decade, and one of the first with a student of non-Scandinavian descent. I focused on Viking history and Scandinavian/Nordic folklore, and to this day I still feel like obtaining this major was one of the best things about my time at Cal. If I could do it again, I would have traveled to Denmark to study abroad and really learned dansk.

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PLEASE SHOW ME THE PROCESS, IN WHICH YOU DRAW PERF HANDS AND FEET. please. (I just- hands are not my forté. neither are feet. or ears. or nOSES NNGH I SUCK) :D;;;

Haha…sorry, I don’t really have much of a process. I don’t make guide lines or preliminary shapes or anything…I just kinda draw the hands. They’re still not very good, but a good way to learn is to look at how your own hands look, examine comics and drawings of people with a lot of skill (I tend to pay a lot of attention to hands when I read manga), and maybe find one of those tutorials that shows hands from different angles, just so you can see how the fingers and stuff fit together.

Hope that helps a little. : )