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I'm thinking, Descole with his magnificent cape, Luke tucked under his right arm like Descole is kidnapping him, Flora by his left side, and Layton in the background. Just to make it clear, Descole's cape is all-encompassing, so both Luke, Descole and Flora (NOT LAYTON) are shrouded under it, and the cape is like billowing outways behind him (him being Descole). Make sense? (I TOLD YOU IT WAS A CHALLENGE!!)


What a fine morning to kidnap babysit your brother’s kids in a random field outside of London

Professor Layton Themed Asks!

I tried to include as many characters in this as I could! Also, some of these are kind of personal, so only answer ones you feel comfortable answering! ^-^

Herschel Layton: What’s something you’d consider yourself an expert at? Or what’s something you’re good at?

Luke: What’s your favorite animal?

Flora: Do you like cooking? What are your favorite foods?

Emmy: Do you consider yourself to be a good fighter?

Don Paolo: Have you ever really loved someone who didn’t love you back?

Mr. Whistler: Can you play any instruments?

Janice: What kind of bands/artists do you listen to?

Melina: Is there anybody who you would give your life for?

Nina: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

Inspector Grosky: What’s your dream job?

Dr. Schrader: If you’re in college, what are you studying? If not, what do you plan to study? If you’re not currently in school, what’s your favorite subject to learn about?

Amelia: If you had the chance at eternal life, would you take it?

Descole: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Raymond: Have you ever flown in an airplane?

Granny Riddleton: Do you like collecting things?

Inspector Chelmey: Are you a more serious or laid-back kind of person?

Barton: Have you ever gotten in trouble with the police?

Sammy Thunder: Do you like your job (if you have one)?

Beluga: Have you ever ridden on a train?

Anton: Do you believe in vampires?

Katia: Are you close with your grandparents, or where you close with them?

Sofia: What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made?

Bill Hawks: Who is the most horrible person you have ever met?

Claire: If you could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be?

Clive: Do you try to get revenge against people who have wronged you, or do you try to let things go?

Beasly: Are you afraid of bugs?

Arianna: Has anyone ever spread a rumor about you?

Clark: If you could become mayor of your city and make one law, what would it be?

Brenda: Do you want to have kids someday?

Doland: Have you ever worked as a butler or maid?

Tony: Do you have any siblings?

Crow: Ever been to a bazaar or street market?

Randall: Do you ever feel like you “wear a mask” in your everyday life?

Angela: Do you currently have a significant other?

Henry: Was there ever a time when you felt heroic?

Alphonse: Do people often misjudge your personality?

Aurora: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Bronev: How far would you go to achieve your goals?

Espella: Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do?

Eve: How long have you known your best friend, and how did you meet them?

Storyteller: Do you enjoy writing?

Ridelle: Do you enjoy reading?

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The character thing for Des?..

003 | Give me a character & I will tell you

  • How I feel about this character: I was genuinely glad he survived AL, and that surprised me because he’s pretty awful prior to that. But, y’know, I think he’s probably suffered enough.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: ………nobody?
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: Probably Raymond AKA Unofficial Dad. I also have fun sometimes imagining what it would take to get Descole and Luke semi-voluntarily cooperating. (”I saved your life that one time!” “You kidnapped my mum!” …I said voluntary, not congenial. (; )
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: *glances up and down at all the blank OTP slots* …also, I got slammed once for saying I thought he was bisexual in a chat room that overwhelmingly hc’d him as gay.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Give the poor man better foreshadowing! And it would have been fun, too, if LMJ had given us a hint about what he’s up to these days.
  • My OTP: N/A
  • My OT3: N/A

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POLL QUESTION - How do you pronounce Descole?

@nowhere-dawn-death-phan: Ha! :) Oh boy. Before I saw Eternal Diva, I assumed it was pronounced in French (forgive the stupid way to write the pronounciation): Des-coal. I took French in high school, and newsflash Jean buddy, if you want your last name to be pronounced Des-co-lay, you have to put an accent over the last E. It would be Descolé.  

Anyway, I pronounce it “Des-co-lay” now. That jerk. He’s not even French. 

Villain Motivations

There’s been a lot of controversy about liking Clive recently, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in. Please feel free to reply, but please let’s keep it like the last Emmy post, where it was more like a ‘debate’ and less like an argument. The last thing I want to do is widen a rift in the a fandom. I just want to discuss a few things. I hope that’s ok. If this post does upset people, I promise I’ll delete it.

Long story short, it’s perfectly fine to hate Clive, and hope he never gets released from prison. But please be aware that there are other villains deserving of your distaste for similar reasons. Share the distaste, guys!  

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Professor Layton for the ask meme :)

send me a fandom and i’ll say:

  • fav character: Emmy, for sure. Luke is probably a close second. :)

  • least favourite character: In a love-to-hate sense, Bronev. I’m probably never going to forgive him for how sad Emmy gets post-reveal, and he’s a flipping terrible parent figure (for her and for his biological sons!).

    For simple annoyance factor, though, Puzzlette. (I’m not too fond of Beasley, either. I think hearing sudden voiced dialogue every time you check the puzzle shack put me off of both of them; I find it very jarring.)

  • otp: Hershel/Claire. *shrugs* They make each other so happy.

  • brotp: Luke and Emmy are my favorite puzzle siblings forever and ever. I would also love to see Emmy and Flora being puzzle sisters.

  • notp: Several, but let’s go with Emmy/Descole. I love the idea that they’d be snarky kinda-friends if they crossed paths post-AL, but shipping is super squicky for me at best.