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Here is a sort of late at night prompt but what if Percy accepted god hood on the condition that his friends (such as but not limited to ANNABETH grover and Nico Percabeth does happen....

Ok so this is an interesting prompt because personally I can’t see Percy accepting that much power, especially if he’s the age he is now but…

-Zeus offers Percy godhood once again after the battle against Gaea, and Percy contemplates it, however he insists that the Seven, Grover, Nico, and Reyna also be given the choice to become a god.

-Percy really struggles with the decision since he does not want that much power. He then decides, however, that if he can have the power to truly make a change in the world for the better, than he will.

-He then becomes the god of loyalty as well as a guardian over the abused, and is popular among the next generations of demigods. Percy visits the camps frequently, making a promise to help demigods as best as he can, unlike the other gods.

-Annabeth also accepts, however it is an easier decision for her, especially once Percy accepts. Annabeth becomes the goddess of quick, on the feet thinking, as well as the patron goddess of young demigods. She also visits the camps a lot, and is adored by many, but especially children of Athena.

-Hazel is…interesting. Personally I could see her denying the chance to become a goddess out of guilt, however I could also see her accepting it as a new possibility. I definitely believe that Hazel would the be goddess of second chances and new beginnings. Many different types of people/demigods pray to her, whether they are coming from a new country, or wishing to have a second chance.

-Frank would definitely be hesitant to accept the power, not believing he deserves it or is good enough. I can see Frank becoming the god of confidence, and many pray to him when in need of developing more love and confidence for/in themselves. 

-Nico would be the god of acceptance. Acceptance has always been an important part of Nico’s character, so I think he would be a god that everyone prays to when they are in need of acceptance of feel the need to be accepted.

-Jason would definitely accept being a god, and I believe he would become the god of family protection. Family, and finding it, was an important part of Jason’s story line, so I believe he would both be the god for finding family, as well as protecting it. Many demigods pray to him, whether it is to find out who their true parent is, and others pray to him to help preserve and save their family in times of turmoil.

-Piper would also take up on the gods’ offer and become the god of defying stereotypes and progression. She would be the god to pray to when one is trying to make a name for themselves or trying to go against society’s norms. She also spends a lot of time at the camps.

-I can see Reyna not accepting the position of being a god until after her time of being Praetor is done. I honestly think that Reyna would either be the goddess of sacrifices, (making so many for her people), but more likely the goddess of leadership, understanding what it truly means to lead. Praetors, for centuries, worship her and pray to her for guidance and help in leading.

-Grover, personally, I do not see becoming a god. Perhaps he would be granted immortality, however I do not think that being a god is something that Grover would ever desire. Grover would totally be content with just being able to continue his work in saving and preserving the planet, forever.

-I also do not see Leo accepting immortality since that is something that his lover, Calypso has lost, and he also sees what living forever has done to people. 


Sorry for answering like this 2mahnas and tchernobog, but I wanted to make sure the image was view-able. Anyway, RD’s wings are actually kinda small; short and narrow for speed purposes. If you wanna talk impressive wingspan, it’d be better to look to Fluttershy, who has the longest wings of the Mane 6. Twilight’s wings, when she still had them, weren’t as long but they’re the widest. She misses them dearly.

Just a really quick doodle to show off the wingspans, hence the lack of manes and very simplistic lines. Also, I’ll be doing a height chart of the Goddess!AU Mane 6 soonish, but for reference here: Twilight’s probably 5′11 in this AU, Shy’s 5′9 but she sometimes hunches to seem smaller that what she really is. And if course, Rainbow Dash’s 5′4, the short gal.

That said, to answer your immediate questions: RD’s wings are large enough to give Applejack a wing hug. They’re also very strong, so if RD were to pick AJ up and fly, she’d be able to fly without much of a problem, so instead of a glider Rainbow would actually be able to carry Applejack. Her size undermines the strength she carries in her body. o3o

Percy Jackson | son of Poseidon | I’m still growing up.

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Would you mind doing how everyone reacts if Nico encounters a homophobe

Nope not at all!

-So when Percy and Jason hears someone make a homophobic comment to Nico they literally bring hell to those people. They immediately shove them against a wall and start threatening them and would beat them up if Nico didn’t stop them. If it’s a camper they make sure to make their lives miserable.

-When Piper see’s someone being homophobic to Nico she puts her charmspeak to use and usually makes the person do something stupid like kiss an inanimate object or punch themselves and just make them look like a complete idiot.  

-Reyna and Annabeth will literally attack a homophobe and put a knife to their throat within seconds and whispers all sorts of things about how stupid they have to be to not accept Nico and that it is them that will go to hell and trust Annabeth, it’s not a fun place.If it’s a Roman camper, Reyna will make them to all sort of menial tasks, and if it’s a Greek one, Annabeth makes sure to pay them back during Capture the Flag.

-If it’s Leo, he will usually make some sort of contraption to mess with them, and he will mess with them for several weeks with these inventions.

-Frank will literally turn into an animal and mess with them anyway he can. Whether its turning into a bull and running straight into them, becoming a wolf and chasing them all over the place, or taking the form of a bird and waking them up at the break of dawn for weeks.

-But perhaps Hazel is the most scary. If you miss with her other, you will face her wrath and she has been know to almost make several homphobes go borderline crazy.

 So yeah, basically everyone protects Nico and punishes anyone who dares mess with him.

Who is the most powerful demigod?
  • Percy: NO
  • Jason: What Jackson? Afraid to get beaten?
  • Percy: Let me remind you that the last time someone tried to figure this out, I almost killed you.
  • Jason: Just let them answer!
  • Annabeth: Percy of course
  • Frank: I'm going to go with Percy too.
  • Hazel: Percy, sorry Jason.
  • Leo: I AM!
  • Frank: no, you're not.
  • Leo: fine, party pooper. Jase, your my best friend but Percy could kick your demigodly butt.
  • Camp Half-Blood: Percy is
  • Reyna and Camp Jupiter: Perseus. Though Jason has complementary powers.
  • Jason: Piper?
  • Piper: I love you Jason, I really do but....
  • Leo: here it comes. RE-JEC-TION
  • Piper: Shut up repair boy. Sweetie, I saw Percy almost kill you in a matter of seconds. I have to say he is.
  • Leo: That's gotta hurt.
  • Jason: I'll get you next time.
  • Percy: Sorry man, but it's hard to take a guy who writes in cursive seriously.
  • Annabeth: No fighting!
  • Percy: Yes ma'am
  • Leo: I'd like to change my vote to Annabeth!

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I’m not dead! you’re dead! not me. you, y-o-u.
—  eleven year old Nico trying to make a good comeback.

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percy getting all his friends to help him propose to annabeth?

Ok so this basically happens after the events of Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase and…

-Percy is basically done with everyone and all he knows is that he wants to be able to call Annabeth his wife.

-He enlists the help of Piper and Grover, however they tell the others and soon all of the Seven+ Reyna and Nico are helping them.

-Percy is freaking out because it needs to be perfect, and totally stresses over how to do it.

-He eventually decides he will do it on the anniversary of their first kiss. Piper said she’ll help him get ready and the others will make sure Annabeth isn’t suspicious. 

-That however fails, and someone *cough* Leo *cough* makes her suspicious big time and suddenly Annabeth storming over to Percy demanding to know what is up and why Leo is acting strange.

-Percy freezes on the spot, because this was so not the plan and he doesn’t know what to do.

-Piper just rolls her eyes and then gets Jason to make the wind blow them right into the lake, and suddenly Percy knows what to do.

-He just kinda blurts out “Annabeth we have been through hell and back, literally, ok that wasn’t funny, but anyways I was wondering if you wanted to marry me and it doesn’t have to be anytime soon but I couldn’t live without you and-”

-Then Annabeth just kisses him and he swears this is even better than the first kiss and he doesn’t know how thats possible.

-Once they break the kiss, Annabeth just smiles and says “Seaweed Brain, I was getting worried you were never going to ask.”

-The whole camp, when hearing Annabeth said yes, goes crazy and has a huge party, and let’s just say that 90% of camp has massive hangovers.

-The two of them get married within the next year.

PJO Headcanon

•Chiron has copies of Percy’s Greek Gods and Greek Heroes books that he gives to new campers that don’t know much about greek mythology.
•Some copies are translated to Ancient Greek so that the dyslexic kids can read them more comfortably.
•They weren’t Chiron’s first choice, but they seem to be the only books the campers don’t get bored reading.
•Soon, most campers seem to have a much more extended knowledge in what involves monsters, gods, and goddesses.
•Percy is very surprised when he goes to visit camp and is asked by some young demigods to sign their copies.
•Chiron had told him, but Percy had never thought his books would be that useful and appreciated.
•This is a way better reward for writing those books than pizza and blue candy, Percy thinks.

To all: If you could be a famous person, dead or alive, who would you be?
  • Leo: Abraham Lincoln. I'd be so tall! And who doesn't want a hot beard like that? Ladies love it!
  • Jason: I know who I would be.
  • Piper: Jason Grace, I would murder you if you say it.
  • Jason: Tristan Mc-
  • Frank: Aaaaand he's dead.
  • Hazel: It was nice knowing you, Jason.
  • Annabeth: Say hi so Cerberus for me!
  • Percy: Now we'll have to get a new Jason.
  • Annabeth: I hear Thalia's open for questing.
  • Leo: YESSSSS! And Jason won't be there to stop me from putting my Leo charm on his sister!
  • Thalia: Come near me and we'll need to find a Leo replacement.
  • Hazel: Okay, while Piper beats Jason up, back to the topic! I want to be Mother Theresa.
  • Percy: I want to be President!
  • Thalia: NO.
  • Frank: Yikes.
  • Annabeth: Don't worry. I'll be vice president and keep him in line and from taking over the world.
  • Percy: You guys are no fun.

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Hi! Here is a prompt: The seven (except for the ones who already know him) Reyna and Octavian meeting Grover Underwood

Sorry this took my so long to respond to but I honestly love this prompt, so here it goes…

-It’s right after the war with Gaea and Percy’s talking to some people when out of the corner of his eye he spots a familiar satyr. 

-He quickly excuses himself and literally starts sprinting towards Grover yelling “UNDERWOOD!”

-Grover turns around, surprised and when he realizes that it’s Percy that is running towards him he starts running as well and meets him halfway.

-The two hug, and then the rest of the Seven (excluding Leo for now) along with Reyna come and see what all the commotion is.

-Annabeth just smiles at Grover, and says “We found him.” and the two quickly reunite.

-When the three of them realize that the other demigods are there, Percy and Annabeth quickly introduce Grover to the rest of the gang.

-All of them quickly become friends.

-Frank and Grover are labeled the “clumsy duo” since whenever they are together something always seems to get knocked over and gets messed up.

-Jason and Grover, become friends as well, but they aren’t quite as close but they do respect each other and are friendly with one another. 

-Piper and Grover are pretty close, and they usually discuss how careless and inconsiderate some people can be to animals and the environment.

-Hazel and Grover also become close, especially after Hazel tells Grover about her ability to obtain materials underground and Grover trying to help her understand her power more.

-When Leo returns, he sees Percy and Grover hanging out and the two meet. Though Leo definitely likes to mess with Grover once in a while, the two are friendly. 

-Reyna and Grover become friendly with each other when Grover starts to advocate and speak on behalf of the satyrs. At first Grover was petrified of Reyna, however he soon learns that she’s not too scary after all.

BONUS: Though Grover never really met Octavian in Percy he absolutely hated on him, and him and Reyna bond off of that.

Diego sprawled out at a cafe table, various layers of winter clothing and pages of notes scattered around him on the extra chairs and table space he didn’t need.  He wasn’t used to the weather, he wasn’t a fan of the weather, and he was very unhappy that the weather in Crossroads was nothing like Dallas.  Bitterly, he text his father about it.  How could Zeus, with all the gifts he had already given, not give a resistance–or, at least, higher tolerance–of the bitter cold?  It didn’t take long to receive a response, just a simple shrugging emoticon.  Diego inhaled sharply, instinct taking over as he chucked his phone in anger.  “Ay, pendejo!”

Percy: What's your opinion on Sadie Kane considering she's similar to Annabeth?
  • Percy: Sadie Kane? Who's that?
  • Carter: She's my sister, you haven't met her.
  • Percy: Oh OK, well if she's anything like Annabeth I'm sure she's awesome.
  • Anubis: Indeed, Sadie is a remarkable person.
  • Percy: Nico? When did you get here?
  • Anubis: I'm not Nico. I am Anubis, God of Funerals.
  • Percy: Yeah right, c'mon Nico quit messing around.
  • Nico: Percy, I'm over here
  • Percy: WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!
  • Nico: Yeah, we're trying to figure it out too.